Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) Premieres New Song “Let’s Get The Party Started” Featuring Bring Me The Horizon

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has premiered a new song titled “Let’s Get The Party Started.” This track features Bring Me The Horizon and it will appear on the guitarist’s new album, “The Atlas Underground Fire,“ which is set to be released on October 15.

Morello commented:

“Bring Me The Horizon is really the current standard-bearer of hard rock/metal today, and thank God for them for that. I had a couple of huge riffs and we just started mashing it up with Zakk Cervini, who has worked with them before. This song was written on three continents — Oli [Sykes] was in Brazil, Jordan [Fish] was in England and then I was here in L.A. It was a real United Nations of metal coming together to produce this song, which really feels to me like it captures the angst and the frustration of the pandemic boiling over into an all-time mosh pit. This song also has one of my favorite guitar solos that I’ve played in quite a while, as I was really digging deep to make a solo as devastating as the track.”

Nandi Bushell Writes New Song With Tom Morello And His Son

Nandi Bushell, the music prodigy who defeated Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl in a drum battle and scored Tom Morello’s guitar after sharing a cover of Rage Against The Machine‘s “Guerilla Radio,” has written a new song with Morello and his son Roman. The sessions for the track took place during her recent trip to the U.S. and it is expected to surface soon. Aside from that, Bushell has also shared some other highlights from her trip, which included joining Foo Fighters onstage and hanging out with members of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N’ Roses, Incubus, etc.

Bushell said the following:

“#USA!!! My time here has been #AMAZING!!! The past few weeks have been so much fun, but it’s time for me to go back #home to #Ipswich #England.

Here are some #highlights from my trip!

Jamming with legendary #guitarist @tommorello (from @rageagainstthemachine / #audioslave) and is #incredible son, Roman! We have written an #Epic song together (not the one you hear in our sweet improvisational jam). Our new song is going to be released soon!!! I can’t wait for you all to hear it! Thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful family!

Jamming with @chadsmithofficial and @greggdrums at @drumchannel.

Meeting @themelissareese (from @gunsnroses) and Brain (from #primus) who are both incredible music #producers. We had fun on our special project! Coming Soon! Also watch @themelissareese play live with @gunsnroses! You Rock @themelissareese!

I also had a lot of fun meeting @josepasillasii (from @incubusofficial) Jose is an amazing #drummer!!! So lovely to meet you!

Meeting @tobymorse (from punk band #h20) and chatting on his podcast @onelifeonechancepodcast. We had such a nice time 🙌🏽

Hanging out with awesome photographer @brianbowensmith and his family, @sheabowensmith and @jonasurfs – thank for the sticks Jona! I used when when I played with the @foofighters

Meeting really, really lovely people @nudeanimalcigars, @currently_out_of_the_office

And of course!!! Meeting @davestruestories / @taylorhawkinsofficial and all the @foofighters! Jamming with you guys at the @theforum was just… #EPIC!!!!

#USA – I have had so much #FUN. Hope to see you all again soon but I need to go back to #school now! #PEACE and #LOVE.

Nandi ❤️”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Seeks Help To Get Female Guitar Students Out Of Afghanistan

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello is currently seeking help to get young female musicians from Girl With A Guitar out of Afghanistan. The guitarist penned an open letter to the music industry asking for assistance and guitar teacher Lanny Cordola has since shared it with Billboard.

Morello said the following:

“I’m writing on behalf of some very special girls in Afghanistan who are in grave danger. [Girl With A Guitar] takes in street orphans and other girls that have endured significant trauma and uses music as a rehabilitation tool and means of working through their problems, their histories, and their hopes.

I’ve had the honor of collaborating with these wonderful kids. Since the Taliban takeover their school has been destroyed and the girls are in hiding. They are at extreme risk because they are widely known to have performed Western music and have been educated by a male American teacher. Anything you could do to help save their lives would be much appreciated.”

Cordola, who is currently trying to get 12 of the students and their families out of Kabul, added:

“We’re trying to investigate if getting them to the Pakistan border is a possibility. We’ve been talking to a lot of different people, rescue organizations. We need to get them out of Afghanistan to start a new life somewhere.”

Tom Morello Premieres New Song “Driving To Texas” Featuring Phantogram

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has premiered a new song titled “Driving To Texas.” This track features Phantogram and it will appear on the guitarist’s new album, “The Atlas Underground Fire,“ which is set to be released on October 15. Morello commented:

“‘Driving To Texas‘ (feat. Phantogram) is a dark journey, a struggle for a tortured soul. The vocals, the sound textures, even the guitar solo evoke a terrifying counter reality where the road to the abyss beckons sweetly. I’d worked with Josh on the 2018 Atlas Underground album and was thrilled when Phantogram reached out to collaborate again. Sarah’s voice is haunting and beautiful and Josh’s production is so fresh and eerie.”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Teams Up With Bruce Springsteen & Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder For Cover Of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello has released a new cover of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell.” The track, which features Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, will appear on Morello’s new album, “The Atlas Underground Fire,” which is set to be released on October 15.

Morello said the following about the cover:

“Our version of ‘Highway To Hell’ pays homage to AC/DC but with Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder, bringing this legendary song into the future. One of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll songs of all time sung by two of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll singers of all time. And then I drop a shredding guitar solo. Thank you and good night.”

He also added the following about the new album:

“During lockdown I had no access to an engineer so I had to record all of the guitar parts on the voice memo of my phone. This seemed like an outrageous idea but it lead to a freedom in creativity in that I could not overthink any of the guitar parts and just had to trust my instincts.

This record was a life raft in a difficult time that allowed me to find new ways of creating new global artistic connections that helped transform a time of fear and anxiety into one of musical expression and rocking jams.”

“The Atlas Underground Fire” Track Listing:

01. “Harlem Hellfighter”
02. “Highway To Hell” (featuring Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder)
03. “Let’s Get The Party Started” (featuring Bring Me The Horizon)
04. “Driving To Texas” (featuring Phantogram)
05. “The War Inside” (featuring Chris Stapleton)
06. “Hold The Line” (featuring Grandson)
07. “Naraka” (featuring Mike Posner)
08. “The Achilles List” (featuring Damian Marley)
09. “Night Witch” (featuring Phem)
10. “Charmed I’m Sure” (featuring Protohype)
11. “Save Our Souls” (featuring Dennis Lyxzén of Refused)
12. “On The Shore Of Eternity” (featuring Sama’ Abdulhadi)

Alex Lifeson (Rush) Says He Contributed To A New Track With Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & Kirk Hammett (Metallica)

It looks like Alex Lifeson (Rush) and Kirk Hammett (Metallica) will be featured on a new track from Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine). Lifeson recently revealed the news during an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

Lifeson said the following:

“I think this is a project that [Morello]’s working on with a bunch of different musicians. I don’t really know what the future holds for it, but I really loved doing it.”

“He said, Put whatever you want on it — the more, the merrier. He was going to give it to Kirk Hammett, and Kirk was going to do the same thing.”

He also added:

“Being the contrarian, I did all of [these other styles], not just heavy rock stuff. We were all talking to each other while we were doing it, and we just had such a riot. I sent my stuff in and it went to Kirk then, and he sent his stuff in.”

Lifeson also revealed that he has already listened to an early mix of the track:

“It’s really some fun music. It’s so Tom Morello, his parts. I just smiled the whole way through listening to it. I thought it was really, really cool the way it turned out.”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) And The Bloody Beetroots Announce New Collaborative EP “The Catastrophists”, Premiere “Radium Girls” Video

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has joined forces with The Bloody Beetroots for a new EP titled “The Catastrophists.” The effort will be released on June 18 and a video for the effort’s latest single “Radium Girls“ can be found below. That track features Pussy Riot‘s Nadya Tolokonnikova, The Interrupters‘ Aimee Interrupter, White Lung‘s Mish Way, and The Last Internationale‘s Delila Paz.

Morello said the following about “Radium Girls”:

“Four extraordinary women (Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, The Interrupters’ Aimee Interrupter, White Lung’s Mish Way, The Last Internationle’s Delila Paz) and the ferocious production of The Bloody Beetroots breathe life into the true story of the Radium Girls, young Illinois factory workers who were the victims of one of the most heinous crimes in US industrial history.

I spent every summer as a kid near Ottawa, Illinois where these doomed girls used deadly radium laced paint to make glow in the dark watches. They were encouraged to lick the paintbrushes to a point to increase productivity and profit and in the end their bones literally fell apart from cancer and they were so toxic they had to be buried in lead lined coffins.

The resulting court cases and publicity led to historic nationwide labor protection legislation. Every year I place flowers at the small monument to these quiet heroes and this song is dedicated to their memory.”

The Bloody Beetroots added:

“‘Radium Girls‘ is what happens when two punks go off to battle; each with his weapon of choice.”

“The Catastrophists” Track Listing:

01. “The Devil’s Infantry”
02. “Radium Girls” (feat. Nadya Tolokonnikova, Aimee Interrupter, Mish Way, & Delila Paz)
03. “Lightning Over Mexico” (feat. Ana Tijoux)
04. “Keep Going”
05. “Weather Strike” (The Bloody Beetroots remix) (feat. Pussy Riot)
06. “Field Of Tigers”
07. “Mary Celeste”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Guests On New K.Flay Song “TGIF”

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello is featured on K.Flay‘s new song “TGIF.“ This track is from K.Flay‘s new EP “Inside Voices,“ which will be released on June 11. She said the following about the song:

“It’s so gnarly you might barf when the chorus hits.”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & Pussy Riot Team Up For New Song “Weather Strike”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) and Pussy Riot have teamed up for a new song titled “Weather Strike.” You can check out that track below:

Morello commented:

“Pussy Riot is one of the most radical and important activist musical groups of all time. Their fearless blending of art and confrontation is a constant inspiration and it’s an honor to combine forces on this powerful, revolutionary track ‘Weather Strike‘.”

Pussy Riot‘s Nadya Tolokonnikova added:

“Both for Tom and me politics have been always closely intertwined with our music, like two sides of a Möbius strip. It’s an honor to collaborate and be friends with Tom. I feel strong, empowered, supported, seen, respected, when I work with Tom, I feel that we’re forming a good part of a revolutionary art army together, true allies and comrades.

‘Weather Strike‘ is a dreamy, utopian track for me, we loudly proclaim the future we want to see: alternative systems of public safety where police violence is no longer an issue, an ultimate joy of rebellion and rejecting injustice, and also I sing about my dream to turn the main FSB (ex-KGB) building into an immersive museum where we’re going to learn about dark moments of Russian history – I’ll make it happen when Putin is no longer in power.”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello To Serve As Executive Music Producer On Netflix’s “Metal Lords” Film

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello has been recruited as the executive music producer of the new Netflix coming-of-age comedy “Metal Lords.” That movie was written by D.B. Weiss, who will also serve as a producer alongside Greg Shapiro. Weiss’ fellow “Game Of Thrones” showrunner David Benioff will be an executive producer on the film as well. Jaeden Martell (“Knives Out”, “It”), Isis Hainsworth (“Misbehaviour”, “Emma”) and Adrian Greensmith will star in the film, which is being directed by Peter Sollett (“Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist”). A short synopsis described the project as a movie about “two kids [who] want to start a heavy metal band in a high school where exactly two kids care about heavy metal.”