Tom Morello: “Meg White Is One Of The Greatest Drummers In The History Of Rock N Roll”

Journalist Lachlan Markay recently stirred up some controversy after insulting Meg White (The White Stripes) by calling her a “terrible” drummer. As such, a number of people have been coming her defense, including Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, who referred to her as “one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock n roll.”

Morello said the following:

“I hear there’s some controversy on this matter lately so let me set fools straight: #MegWhite is one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock n roll. It’s not even a debate. There are a HANDFUL of drummers EVER who are INSTANTLY recognizable rocking their MANY HIT SONGS with Flavor, Fire & Flair. She’s on that list, bruh. Does she do a lot a complicated tom tom fills? No, THANK GOD. She has style and swag and personality and oomph and taste and awesomeness that’s off the charts and a vibe that’s untouchable by all you boring-ass skin beaters who think we care about your ‘tight’ syncopated para-diddles. She is a FORCE and her records are forever step-stones on how to do it your own way while rocking the damn planet. @officialjackwhite knows too, so show some respect.”

Notably, Jack White also defended her with a new poem:

“To be born in another time,
any era but our own would’ve been fine.
100 years from now,
1000 years from now,
some other distant, different, time.
one without demons, cowards and vampires out for blood,
one with the positive inspiration to foster what is good.
an empty field where no tall red poppies are cut down,
where we could lay all day, every day, on the warm and subtle ground,
and know just what to say and what to play to conjure our own sounds.
and be one with the others all around us,
and even still the ones who came before,
and help ourselves to all their love,
and pass it on again once more.
to have bliss upon bliss upon bliss,
to be without fear, negativity or pain,
and to get up every morning, and be happy to do it all again.”

Following the much deserved backlash, Markay has decided to walk back on his comments:

“By now you’ve probably seen an ill-advised (and since-deleted) tweet I sent out yesterday about the White Stripes and Meg White. It was an over-the-top take on TWS and White as a drummer, and was, let’s face it, just truly awful in every way. Petty, obnoxious, just plain wrong.”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello To Receive “Spirit Of John Brown Freedom Award”

According to Billboard, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) will be presented with the “Spirit of John Brown Freedom Award” during a ceremony at the John Brown Farm State Historic Site in Essex County, NY on May 14. Choreographer Tiffany Rea-Fisher and visual artist Karen Davidson Seward will also be receiving the honor.

Martha Swan, the executive director of the historic site’s friends group, commented:

“The Spirit of John Brown Freedom Award was created by the freedom education and human rights project John Brown Lives! to honor individuals and organizations whose work invokes the passion and commitment of the 19th-century abolitionist who dedicated his life to the cause of liberation and full human equality.”

She also added the following about Morello:

“[He’s] a troubadour and political activist who deploys his art and energy on behalf of freedom fighters everywhere, from striking nurses and teachers, to domestic workers and Black Lives Matter organizers, to veterans against war — he extends his solidarity to every impulse toward peace and justice.”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & X Ambassadors Release Cover Of Tom Waits’ “Come On Up To The House” As Part Of Spotify Singles Series

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has teamed up with X Ambassadors for a cover of Tom Waits’ “Come On Up To The House.” The track is currently available on Spotify as part of their Spotify Singles series. Notably, the single also includes an alternate version of Morello and Ben Harper’s “Raising Hell.”

Listen To “Machinery Of Torment” From Upcoming Netflix Movie “Metal Lords”

A new song, titled “Machinery Of Torment,” from the new coming-of-age metal comedy “Metal Lords” is now available to stream. That track was composed by the film’s executive producer Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine). As previously reported, “Metal Lords” will hit Netflix on April 8.

Watch Trailer For New Netflix Movie “Metal Lords”

A new trailer has been released for the new Netflix movie “Metal Lords,” which is set to debut on April 8. The coming-of-age metal comedy was written by D.B. Weiss, who produced the film alongside Greg Shapiro. Weiss’ fellow “Game Of Thrones” showrunner David Benioff and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello also served as executive producers on the film. The movie was directed by Peter Sollett (“Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) and it stars Jaeden Martell (“Knives Out”, “It”), Isis Hainsworth (“Misbehaviour”, “Emma”), and Adrian Greensmith.

Morello told Billboard the following:

“I grew up in a small, cloistered, conservative suburb where my musical tastes ran against the grain of almost everybody else in school and certainly all of the teachers, so this is something I can very much relate to. It’s a story of kids trying to get their first band together and having a dream, but perhaps not having the technical ability or the artistic vision to make that dream real. Or do they?

For me, it harmonizes in a lot of ways with the real story of so many kids who are locked in these suburban hells and the key to get out is an electric guitar or drums or rock and roll music. The music shows a way to transcend this stifled daily existence, to try to be something better, be something more authentic and true than what’s handed to you by your surroundings.”

Listen To Tom Morello’s New Album “The Atlas Underground Flood”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has officially released his new album “The Atlas Underground Flood.“ The effort, which features members of Metallica, Rush, Idles, X Ambassadors, and more, can be streamed below:

Tom Morello Premieres New Song “The Maze” Featuring Andrew McMahon

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) has premiered a new song titled “The Maze.” This track features Andrew McMahon and it will appear on Morello’s new solo album “The Atlas Underground Flood” (out December 3).

Tom Morello To Release New Album “The Atlas Underground Flood” In December, Shares Three New Songs

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) will be releasing a new album, titled “The Atlas Underground Flood,” on December 3. The effort will feature a number of guests including members of Metallica, Rush, Idles, X Ambassadors, and more.

“The Atlas Underground Flood” Track Listing:

01. “A Radical In The Family” (feat. San Holo)
02. “Human” (feat. Barns Courtney)
03. “Hard Times” (feat. Nathaniel Rateliff, Jim Jones, and Chipotle Joe)
04. “You’ll Get Yours” (feat. X Ambassadors)
05. “I Have Seen The Way” (feat. Alex Lifeson, Kirk Hammett, and Dr. Fresch)
06. “The Lost Cause” (feat. Manchester Orchestra)
07. “The Maze” (feat. Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness)
08. “Ride At Dawn” (feat. BreakCode)
09. “Raising Hell” (feat. Ben Harper)
10. “The Bachelor” (feat. Idles)
11. “Parallels” (feat. Jim James)
12. “Warrior Spirit” (feat. Rodrigo y Gabriela)

Morello commented:

“‘The Atlas Underground Flood’ finishes what ‘The Atlas Underground Fire’ started. ‘Fire and Flood’ are my ‘London Calling.’ Admiring The Clash at their apex moment, I sought to make a double album where artistic intent supersedes genre. I aimed to forge a central curated vision to tie together a sonically fearless, wild, and wide-ranging musical ambition with a tremendous cast of collaborators. And of course, there are many guitar solos.”

Three tracks from the record, “Human” (feat. Barns Courtney), “Raising Hell” (feat. Ben Harper), and “Hard Times” (feat. Nathaniel Rateliff, Jim Jones, and Chipotle Joe), can be found below:

Watch Tom Morello & Grandson Perform “Hold The Line” On “The Tonight Show”

Last night (November 16), Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) and Grandson performed their collaborative track, “Hold The Line,” live on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” You can see footage of that below. The track is from Morello‘s latest album “The Atlas Underground Fire.“

Tom Morello & Grandson To Perform On “The Tonight Show” Next Week

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) and Grandson will be teaming up for a live performance of “Hold The Line” on the November 16 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” That track appears on Morello‘s latest album “The Atlas Underground Fire.“