System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan To Release His Own Comic Book

System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan is reportedly planning to release a new comic book called “Ascencia” in April. The drummer told The Pulse Of Radio the following [via Blabbermouth]:

“It’s about the choices one would make if given the opportunity to live in a place that keeps you immortal. Like, who would you betray? Who would you screw over? It would test your moral fiber and it tests who you are as a person, make you question everything about yourself. It’s a sci-fi epic that I’m putting out as a monthly series. I’m self-publishing it, so I’m very proud of it.”

Metal Church To Release “From The Vault” In April

Metal Church will be releasing a new compilation album titled “From The Vault” on April 10. The effort will feature a number of previously unreleased tracks and can be pre-ordered HERE. Vocalist Mike Howe commented:

“This album is for the fans and has some really cool unreleased tracks on it, I think METAL CHURCH fans everywhere will really enjoy it.”

“From The Vault” Track Listing (Deluxe USA Version):

New Studio Tracks:

01. “Dead On The Vine”
02. “For No Reason”
03. “Conductor” (redux)
04. “Above The Madness”

B-Sides From The “Damned If You Do” Sessions:

05. “Mind Thief”
06. “Tell Lie Vision”
07. “False Flag”
08. “Insta Mental”
09. “432hz”

Cover Songs:

10. “Please Don’t Judas Me” (Nazareth cover)
11. “Green Eyed Lady” (Sugarloaf cover)
12. “Black Betty” (Ram Jam cover)

Live Tracks:

13. “Agent Green” (Live In Japan(
14. “Anthem To The Estranged” (Live In Japan)

Bonus Tracks:

15. “Killing Your Time” (Wizard mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
16. “Needle & Suture” (Metal mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
17. “The Enemy Mind” (“XI” bonus track) [digital download version only]
18. “The Coward” (“XI” bonus track) [digital download version only]

In other news, the band have also launched pre-orders for a limited edition comic book called “Return Of The Fake Healer.” The book contains artwork from Andrew Owens and it also comes with a bonus compilation CD featuring a mix of “XI” and “Damned If You Do” tracks as well as two previously unreleased mixes of “Killing Your Time” and “Needle & Suture.”

Graphic Novel Inspired By Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?” In The Works

Jack Mangan is working on a new graphic novel inspired by Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?.” You can contribute to the project HERE.

Here’s a description of the book:

“Whether it’s Metallica’s iconic cover, or Diamond Head’s groundbreaking original, “Am I Evil?” is the perfect Heavy Metal song, a thrilling 8-minute journey into a world of violence, bloodshed, dark magic, beauty, and vengeance.

“Am I Evil? The Graphic Novel” takes us deep into the story of the song, from the fiery execution of the young anti-hero’s mother, on through his madness, his assassin’s training under The Prince, his connection to the mysterious “sweet and timely whore,” and ultimately, his bloody quest for vengeance.

Join us in visualizing this storytelling journey that began 40 years ago in Stourbridge, England, then leapt from Lars Ulrich’s garage to the largest stages in the world.

How does our anti-hero carry out his revenge? Who are the twenty-seven who killed his mother? Was she really a witch? Find the meaning of the “bodies on the ice” and the “sweet and timely whore” in the pages of the “Am I Evil?” Graphic Novel.”

Lacuna Coil Featured On Cover Of Upcoming Batman Comic

Lacuna Coil are featured on the cover of an upcoming Batman comic. The issue will be available on October 21 in Italy. The band commented [translated from Italian]:

“We are proud to have been designed by Giovanni Timpano-Comic Book Artist for the cover of #batman68! Our full interview and many extra content will be available soon. Meanwhile enjoy this exclusive image of Batman’s multiverse metal. From 21 October in all newsstands and comic. Don’t miss it! 🤘🏻”

Ghoul Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New Comic Book

Ghoul have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new comic book called “Ghoul: Born To Kill.” The book, which was illustrated by Ross Sewage (Exhumed, etc.), is a “horror comic recounting tales from Ghoul’s homeland, the very real and spooky country of Creepsylvania.”

Sewage commented:

“I love Ghoul‘s music and I love their very real, very true backstory. I thought comic books would be a great medium to get more tales from Creepsylvania into the hands of their rabid fans. Kickstarter seemed like the perfect place to let those rabid fans take part in bringing it to life. If this goes well, hopefully there’ll be more to come!”

Ghoul’s Cremator added:

“Ross who? Oh yeah, that guy who got me super drunk that one night. He pumped me for some stories about home. I guess he drew a comic book or something.”

Megadeth Team Up With Heavy Metal For “Death By Design” 35th Anniversary Graphic Novel

Megadeth have announced that they will be releasing a 350-page graphic anthology titled “Death By Design.” The book, which was curated by Dave Mustaine and Heavy Metal, will be available in four different editions at comic stores on June 5 and it will feature various stories inspired by songs on the group’s new greatest hits compilation “Warheads On Foreheads” (out March 22).

Mustaine commented:

“I have always fantasized about Megadeth doing something this gloriously electrifying and gruesome. I hope everyone will enjoy the graphic novel as much as I enjoyed working with Heavy Metal to put it together for you.”

Jeff Krelitz, CEO of Heavy Metal, added:

“Since I was old enough to buy records, Megadeth has been one of my favorite bands, not only for the great storytelling in the music, but the world building imagery on the album covers. This opportunity to meld the two worlds together and tell stories inspired by their songs is a privilege that we are excited to present to the fans.”

Songs, Writers, & Artists:

* “Rattlehead”: Dan Fogler & Andy Belanger
* “Mechanix”: Ben Meares & DAF
* “Killing Is My Business”: Alex de Campi & Mack Chater
* “The Conjuring”: Llexi Leon & Kevin West
* “Wake Up Dead”: Tony Lee & Gyula Nemeth
* “Devils Island”: Sebastian Girmer & Esau Escorza
* “Good Mourning / Black Friday”: Leah Moore, John Reppion & Ben Templesmith
* “Set The World Afire”: Diego Agrimbau & Agustín Alessio
* “In My Darkest Hour”: David Baille & Conor Boyle
* “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due”: Tim Seeley & Ignacio Calero
* “Hangar 18”: Brendon Small & Belén Ortega
* “Tornado Of Souls”: Patrick Kindlon & Marco Turini
* “Rust In Peace…Polaris”: Hector Lima & Garrie Gastonny
* “Five Magics”: Johnathan LaMantia
* “Take No Prisoners”: ML Miller & Carlos Granda
* “Skin O’ My Teeth”: PM Buchan & John Pearson
* “Angry Again”: Homero Rios & Anton Kokarev
* “Symphony Of Destruction”: Justin Jordan & John Bivens
* “Sweating Bullets”: Sean Lewis & Axel Medellin
* “A Tout Le Monde”: Llexi Leon & Richard Friend
* “Train Of Consequences”: James Harvey
* “Reckoning Day”: Jeff Burandt & Jason Gongour
* “Trust”: Frazer Irving
* “She-Wolf”: Curtis Pires & Antonio Fuso
* “Wanderlust”: Abraham Martínez & Patricio Delpeche
* “Dread and the Fugitive Mind”: Jonathan Land & Andrea Mutti
* “Blackmail The Universe”: Haylar García & Abel
* “Washington Is Next!”: Haylar García & Kevin Enhart
* “Head Crusher”: R.G. Llarena & Danijel Zezelj
* “Public Enemy No. 1”: John Ostrander & Miguel Mora
* “Kingmaker”: Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchielli
* “The Threat Is Real”: Joe Keatinge & Anand Radhakrishnan
* “Poisonous Shadows”: Chistine Larsen
* “Death From Within”: Alex de Campi & Wilfredo Torres
* “Dystopia”: David Baille & Simeon Aston

[via Blabbermouth]

Skillet To Release “Eden” Graphic Novel

Skillet have teamed up with Z2 Comics to create “Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel.” The book is based on an original story by frontman John Cooper and it will be released in late summer. The singer is working on the book with writers Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters and artist Chris Hunt.

Cooper commented:

“I am beyond thrilled about ‘Eden.’ It has always been a dream of mine to create a comic. Comics are still an important part of my life today and I can now share that love with my children with the release of this book. In many ways, this graphic novel is a natural extension of SKILLET’s career. It is about perseverance, unlikely heroes, and faith in what you believe. I hope that the fans love it.”

Josh Frankel, CEO of Z2 Comics, added

“We are very excited to join forces with John Cooper and the entire SKILLET team to create ‘Eden.’ This unique story idea and John’s innate love of comics made this a natural partnership for us. We can’t wait to share this with the world. This further cements Z2 Comics’ reputation as the premier home for artists, musicians and their exclusive graphic novel projects.”

Here’s a description of the comic:

“The story of “Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel” follows the two main characters of John and Korey (based on the real-life Coopers). To save their family and town, they must uncover the mystery of what lies behind the dreams of a prophecy that threaten to consume them. They set out on a quest that will take them through the barren wastelands and gleaming cities of a near-future Tennessee. Bandmates Seth Morrison and Jen Ledger are also focal characters in the story about survival, determination and strength of personal beliefs.”

“Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel” will be available as a standard edition and as a deluxe edition. The deluxe version, which is limited to 1000 copies, is autographed by Cooper and it will come as a large, coffee table bound edition with four exclusive prints.