Demon Hunter Stream Acoustic Version Of “Loneliness”

Demon Hunter have shared their acoustic version of “Loneliness.” This track is from the band’s new acoustic album “Songs Of Death And Resurrection,” which will be released on March 5. Ryan Clark commented:

“When we played this song live in 2019—during the acoustic portion of the night—we pushed the limits of how slow we could do it. The slower we got, the more bleak it felt, and this only added to the vibe. After all, we were trying to channel a feeling of despair, allowing the song to truly embody its namesake. On the studio version of this ‘Resurrected’ track, you’ll hear my mom sing with me. My mom is my inspiration for singing in the first place, so it was very heartwarming to finally capture our voices together on a Demon Hunter record.”

Demon Hunter Release Acoustic Versions Of “I Will Fail You” & “Dead Flowers”

Demon Hunter have released new acoustic versions of “I Will Fail You” and “Dead Flowers.” Both tracks will appear on the band’s new acoustic album “Songs Of Death And Resurrection,” which is set to be released on March 5. More details on that effort can be found HERE.

Demon Hunter Share New Live Video For Their Acoustic Version Of “I Am A Stone”

Demon Hunter have shared a new live video for an acoustic version of “I Am A Stone.” The footage is taken from the band’s November 20 livestream concert in which they performed their new acoustic album “Songs Of Death And Resurrection” (out March 5) in full at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN.

Demon Hunter To Release New Acoustic Album “Songs Of Death And Resurrection” In March

Demon Hunter will be releasing a new acoustic album titled “Songs Of Death And Resurrection“ on March 5. The effort will feature twelve re-recorded tracks including new versions of “Dead Flowers” and “Loneliness,“ which feature frontman Ryan Clark‘s mother Peggy. The record will also feature additional vocals and piano from Joanna Ott and strings from Chris Carmichael.

“Songs Of Death And Resurrection” Track Listing:

01. “My Throat Is An Open Grave (Resurrected)”
02. “Dead Flowers (Resurrected)”
03. “The Heart Of A Graveyard (Resurrected)”
04. “Praise The Void (Resurrected)”
05. “Blood In The Tears (Resurrected)”
06. “Loneliness (Resurrected)”
07. “I Will Fail You (Resurrected)”
08. “I Am A Stone (Resurrected)”
09. “Deteriorate (Resurrected)”
10. “Carry Me Down (Resurrected)”
11. “The Tide Began To Rise (Resurrected)”
12. “My Heartstrings Come Undone (Resurrected)“

Ryan Clark commented:

“The Demon Hunter ballad has been a defining aspect of our band since our very first album. My brother and I knew that if we wanted the freedom to pursue more somber, more melodic moments of creativity, we had to set that precedent from the beginning. What we didn’t realize then was just how important these songs would become to both the band and our fans.

The concept of an acoustic record is something we’ve been considering—and encouraged to pursue by fans—for many years. After ten studio albums, and a tour cycle that included a full acoustic set, it felt like the right time to actualize this idea. What we didn’t want to do is something we had done before. Though we’ve played many of these songs in acoustic fashion over the years, we’ve never done so with such a level of care and attention. We hope that comes across in these recordings.”

In other news, the group will also be performing the album in full during a livestream concert at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN. The virtual event will be held on November 20 and tickets can be purchased HERE.

Demon Hunter Premiere “The Negative” Music Video

Demon Hunter have premiered a new video for their song “The Negative.” This track is from the band’s album “War,” which was released earlier this year along with another album called “Peace.”

Ryan Clark said the following:

“The video for ‘The Negative‘ was directed and edited by Oleg Masnyy. Oleg and I shot a variety of vignettes—including myself singing the song—as well as a number of moving objects to create texture and diversity.

We paired our shots with found footage, and edited the entire thing in a highly-crushed monochromatic style, utilizing only stark black, white, and red. Our goal was to create something that felt gritty and punk —like the song itself— influenced by ’90s DIY show posters and silkscreen shirt graphics.

The images, scenes, and objects themselves tie into the theme of the song, which is—to put it simply—the consistency of humankind’s failure.”

Demon Hunter Announce Summer Tour

Demon Hunter have announced a tour that will find them playing over two hours of live music spanning their whole career. The concerts will include a full electric show and acoustic sets with no openers.

Ryan Clark commented:

“We’re building a show that’s unlike anything we’ve done before. We’ll have video installations, created specifically for this tour, during set changes. We are planning the biggest lighting/staging production we’ve ever done, surpassing even the Stronger Than Hell tour we did back in the day.”

Tour Dates:

08/07 Seattle, WA – Neumos
08/08 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
08/09 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
08/10 Pomona, CA – Glass House
08/11 San Diego, CA – House of Blues
09/24 Birmingham, AL – Iron City
09/25 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
09/26 Dallas, TX – Trees
09/27 Tulsa, OK – The Vanguard
09/28 Sauget, IL – Pop’s
09/29 Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life Festival

Demon Hunter Premiere “More Than Bones” Music Video

Demon Hunter have premiered a new video for their song “More Than Bones.” This track is from the band’s album “Peace,” which was released earlier this year along with another album called “War.”

Ryan Clark told Kerrang! the following:

“I was thinking of what an amazing thing music is, and the idea of preserving someone’s life beyond their death. There have been a lot of musicians’ deaths over the last few years that I’d started thinking about, whether that was Bowie or Prince or Waylon or Chris Cornell, and I thought, despite how tragic it is to lose those people, how awesome it is to have this catalog of music from each of those people.

There might be people generations from now who listen to this music, and it really helps them and changes their life in some positive way. So ‘More Than Bones‘ is basically saying that when I leave this earth, I’ll leave you more than bones—I’ll leave you all of my thoughts, and all of my hopes and dreams and my desire to connect and resonate with people through this music.”

Demon Hunter Premiere New Song “Ash”

Demon Hunter have premiered a new song titled “Ash.” This track is from the band’s new album “War,” which will be released on March 1 along with another new album titled “Peace.”

Ryan Clark told Loudwire the following:

“‘Ash’ is a no frills, anthemic onslaught, berating our infatuation with fleeting possessions. It’s a reminder to myself as much as anyone else. I collect pretty much everything I couldn’t afford as a kid: skateboards, shoes, artwork, antiques… you name it. And I love this stuff. Still, I know I can’t ‘take it with me’ as they say.

In classic Demon Hunter fashion, we wanted to ensure that War had at least one faster thrash number in the vein of ‘Storm the Gates of Hell,’ ‘Crucifix,’ or ‘The World Is a Thorn.’ ‘Ash’ is the resident barn burner track for this album. This was the last song that we’d written for the heavier of these two records, and is the only song written by Patrick, Jeremiah and myself.”