Melechesh Frontman Ashmedi To Star In New Graphic Novel “Emissary Of The Anunnaki: The Tale of the Fire King”

Melechesh frontman Ashmedi has teamed up with Metal Depot for a new interactive graphic novel called “Emissary of the Anunnaki: The Tale of the Fire King.” Ashmedi will serve as the protagonist in the 130-page book, which features Melechesh and Sumerian myths. It will be available on July 1 and more information can be found HERE.


Carnifex’s Scott Ian Lewis Writes New Graphic Novel “Death Dreamer”

Carnifex’s Scott Ian Lewis has written a new graphic novel called “Death Dreamer.” The book is 54 pages long and it features illustrations by Christian DiBari. More information is expected to surface at

[via The PRP]

Babymetal To Release New Graphic Novel “Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal”

After previously posting a teaser, Babymetal have revealed that they will be releasing a new graphic novel called “Apocrypha: The Legend Of Babymetal.” The book is a collaboration between Kobametal, Amuse Group USA, and Z2 Comics, and it is expected to be released in October.

Here’s a description of the book:

“Discover the myth of the worldwide music sensation BABYMETAL. Tasked with defeating the forces of darkness and division, the metal spirits must travel through a variety of eras of time, assuming different forms and identities. What we are seeing is not the BABYMETAL of the present. It’s the original story based on BABYMETAL you’ve never heard before. The long-hidden metal spirit’s apocrypha of the METAL RESISTANCE will emerge.”

On another note, The Hollywood Reporter are also reporting that Amuse Inc. and Warner Bros. have teamed up to develop a cartoon based on the band as well.

Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe, Sixx:A.M.) Announces “The Heroin Diaries” Graphic Novel

Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe, Sixx:A.M.) has revealed that he is joining forces with Heavy Metal to create a graphic novel adaptation of his autobiography “The Heroin Diaries.” The book will be a part of Heavy Metal’s new 12 x 12 imprint, which features music-themed art books/graphic novels that focus on songs and musicians. Fans can preview “The Heroin Diaries” graphic novel at Heavy Metal’s San Diego Comic Con booth (booth #1529).

Sixx commented:

“The Heroin Diaries has always been deeply personal to me. So when the idea came up for a graphic novel based on the story, who better to partner with than the iconic HEAVY METAL brand? I grew up reading their magazine as a kid. This is really a passion project and I’ve been intimately involved in every step along the way, from the storyline to the look and feel of the art. Working with Jeff, Rantz and their team has been an inspiring experience and I think we came up with a really unique spin on The Heroin Diaries that tells the story from a different angle. It is meant to be a treat for fans of The Heroin Diaries, old and new, and I hope everyone will enjoy the graphic novel as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.”

Heavy Metal CEO, Jeff Krelitzsays added:

“I’ve been the biggest fan of Mötley Crüe since the release of Too Fast for Love, and have nothing but the greatest respect for Nikki and his songwriting, so for us to be able to collaborate with him on bringing this tragedy-to-triumph to a new audience in a powerful way is a dream come true.”

If that’s not enough for you, keep an eye out for the 10th anniversary editions of “The Heroin Diaries” book and the SIXX:A.M. album of the same name, as well as the upcoming “The Heroin Diaries” play.