Les Claypool’s Bastard Jazz Band Announce New Year’s Eve Concerts

Les Claypool (Primus) will be celebrating New Year’s Eve by playing some shows with his “Bastard Jazz” band this year. The concerts will find the vocalist/bassist joined by percussionist Mike Dillon (Critters Buggin), saxophonist Skerik (Critters Buggin), and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Sting). Here’s the dates:

12/30 Napa, CA – JaM Cellars Ballroom
12/31 Napa, CA – JaM Cellars Ballroom

Watch Primus, Ween, & Rush Perform At “South Park” 25th Anniversary Shows

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the iconic series with two special concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. The shows found the duo joined by Primus and Ween as they ran through various “South Park” songs and tracks from both bands’ catalogs. Notably, Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson also took the stage for a performance of “Closer To The Heart.” Some fan-filmed footage from the shows can be found below. Pro-shot footage from the concerts will also air on Comedy Central on August 13, before hitting Paramount+ the next day.

Primus Premiere “Follow The Fool” Music Video

Primus have premiered a new video for their song “Follow The Fool.” This track is from the band’s latest EP “Conspiranoid.” Les Claypool commented:

“‘Fool that Follows the Fool‘ seems frighteningly poignant at this particular time in history. Directed by my son Cage Claypool, the video took on a life of its own, as we see ranting lunatics spewing irrational perspectives onto the eager masses looking for answers and scapegoats for the shortcomings of their lives. Cage paints the picture of these lost creatures blindly following their leader, like glossy-eyed lemmings, to their ultimate downfall. I puff my chest like a proud papa as I watch my son develop into a truly insightful artist.”

Primus To Release New 7 Inch Vinyl Set “The Revenant Juke: A Collection Of Fables And Farce”

Primus are planning to release a new 7 inch vinyl box set, titled “The Revenant Juke: A Collection Of Fables And Farce,“ as part of Third Man Records’ “Vault Package” series. The effort will include six discs with individual sleeve artwork housed in a custom telescoping box. Fans that want the set will have to sign up HERE before midnight CST on July 31. Here’s the contents:

  • Disc 1: “John The Fisherman” b/w “Too Many Puppies” (on soft purple vinyl)
  • Disc 2: “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” b/w “Tommy The Cat” (on bitter lime vinyl)
  • Disc 3: “My Name Is Mud” b/w “Mr. Krinkle” (on fermented orange vinyl)
  • Disc 4: “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” b/w “Southbound Pachyderm” (on bruised peach vinyl)
  • Disc 5: “Shake Hands With Beef” b/w “Over The Falls” (on ducky yellow vinyl)
  • Disc 6: “The Antipop” b/w “Coattails Of A Dead Man” (on generic turquoise vinyl)

Primus Cancel European/UK Leg Of “A Tribute To Kings” Tour

Primus have cancelled the European/UK leg of their “A Tribute To Kings” tour. The band commented:

“We are very sorry to announce that due to unavoidable logistical challenges, Primus has cancelled the upcoming European tour dates scheduled for the Fall of 2022. We apologize to our fans who were planning to attend and look forward to performing in Europe again soon. Ticket refunds will be available at the original point of purchase.”

Rush’s Geddy Lee And Alex Lifeson Watched Primus Perform “A Farewell To Kings” In Full In Toronto, ON

Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson were among the attendees at Primus’ May 13 show in Toronto, ON. The concert was part of the band’s “A Tribute To Kings” tour in which they have been performing Rush’s “A Farewell To Kings” in full. Lee said the following about the show:

“On Friday night we had the joyful experience of reuniting with our grand pals from Primus… Les, Ler, Herb and their gang… We sat side stage as they immaculately worked through a cool selection of classic Primus tunes which brought back fond memories of our touring together back in the early 90’s and then we were treated to the weird and wonderful experience of watching them perform our music: ‘A Farewell to Kings’ in it’s entirety. Totally nailed it! They did us proud and we thank them deeply for the tribute and the lasting friendship.”

Primus, Gogol Bordello, Etc. Members Release New Ukrainian Benefit Single “Zelensky: The Man With The Iron Balls”

Les Claypool (Primus) and Eugene Hütz (Gogol Bordello) have teamed up for a new Ukrainian benefit single titled “Zelensky: The Man With The Iron Balls.” The track, which also includes contributions from Stewart Copeland (The Police), Sean Lennon (The Claypool Lennon Delirium), Sergey Ryabtsev (Gogol Bordello), and Billy Strings, was released to raise money for Nova Ukraine.

Hütz told Rolling Stone the following:

“As soon as Russian aggression broke out, Les and I connected to address the catastrophe ASAP. We jumped on creating affirmative music that calls for unity and pays respect to the real doers in Ukrainian defense, such as President Zelensky, who demonstrated previously unheard of stamina and heroism. It is our way to show that heavyweights like Les, Stewart, Billy, and Sean stand with the people of Ukraine and the country’s sovereignty from the very start of Russian-led terror.”

Claypool went on to say that he contacted Hütz after finding out about the Russian invasion during a meal with some of his Polish friends:

“In that vodka-laced dialogue, we started mutually praising Zelensky for his surprisingly epic display of courage. ‘Zelensky has balls of steel!’ we agreed. It was then that we decided that some freaky ‘East meets West’ art needed to be thrown that way.”

He also added that the track “is not intended to be a song of condemnation” and that it is supposed to stand for “unity” :

“We now have a recording to help rally support for a bullied country, and a David versus Goliath-type man who stood up for their liberty, freedom, and homeland… [We’re] giving praise to a man who stepped up for his people beyond anything I’ve seen in my tenure on this planet. This unlikely fellow has grabbed the reins of leadership and held fast in such a way that the world is now galvanized in support.”

In addition to the single, the musicians will also be teaming up with Fandiem to raise more money for Nova Ukraine. Those that donate on April 22 will have a chance to win a trip to the “South Park” 25th anniversary concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO on August 10. Fans are also encouraged to submit footage of themselves clapping along to the song to ironballs@primusville.com.

Les Claypool’s Bastard Jazz Band Announce West Coast Tour

Les Claypool (Primus) will be taking his “Bastard Jazz” band on the road this summer. The trek will find the frontman performing with drummer Stanton Moore (Galactic), percussionist Mike Dillon (Critters Buggin), and saxophonist Skerik (Critters Buggin). Here’s the dates:

07/25 Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s
07/26 Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s
07/28 Menlo Park, CA – The Guild Theatre
07/29 Los Angeles, CA – John Anson Ford Amphitheatre
07/30 Pioneertown, CA – Pappy + Harriet’s
08/01 Big Sur, CA – Henry Miller Memorial Library
08/02 Petaluma, CA – Lagunitas Amphitheater
08/05 Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
08/06 Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre

Primus Premiere New Song “Conspiranoia”

Primus have premiered a new song titled “Conspiranoia.” The nearly 12-minute long track is from the band’s new EP “Conspiranoid,“ which will be released on April 22. That effort will also feature two more songs titled “Follow The Fool” and “Erin On The Side Of Caution.“

Les Claypool told Consequence the following:

“‘Conspiranoia‘ was sprouted from a seed I had planted in my notebook a year or so ago — a few lines commenting on the mental state of the contemporary world. I watched the distrust and divide grow between friends, colleagues, relatives, and the general population because of the consumption and digesting of disinformation, misinformation, warped information, and flat-out fairy tales being perpetuated by anyone with a slight hint of web design aptitude. I was compelled to shed light on the ridiculousness of many of these perspectives and the lack of rational thought that was being applied in the interpretation of many such entities and theories.

Because the single “Conspiranoia” is of such length, I realized that for a B-side of the vinyl, we would need at least two tunes to fill out the real estate of the actual 12-inch disc. I had the song ‘Follow The Fool‘ in the chamber and we fleshed it out. Larry Lalonde had the riff for the song that became ‘Erin On The Side Of Caution‘, which I supplied the lyrics for by again pulling from my notebook of notions. Because all three songs were bred in an odd time of divide, confusion, angst, frustration, and social senility, the title Conspiranoid seemed like an appropriate moniker for the EP.”

Les Claypool (Primus) Announces Oakland “Bastard Jazz” Shows

Primus frontman Les Claypool has announced two more “Les Claypool’s Bastard Jazz” shows with drummer Stanton Moore (Galactic), percussionist Mike Dillon (Critters Buggin), and saxophonist Skerik (Critters Buggin). Here’s their updated schedule:

04/28 New Orleans, LA – Orpheum Theater
07/26 Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s (8:00pm show)
07/26 Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s (10:00pm show)