Guns N’ Roses Announce First-Ever Hawaiian Show

Guns N’ Roses have announced that they will be performing in Hawaii for the first time ever on December 8 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. Tickets will go on sale October 12 at 10:00 a.m. HST and there will also be a pre-sale for Citi cardmembers starting October 8 at 10:00 a.m. HST.


Slash On The Possibility Of New Guns N’ Roses Music: “It’s Definitely On My Mind”

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Slash was asked about new Guns N’ Roses music once again. He responded with the following:

“I don’t want to say anything that’s going to make people start thinking something [is happening], because there’s nothing set up. But it’s definitely on my mind; I know it’s on Axl’s mind; and I know it’s on Duff’s mind. It’s one of those things that you don’t want to put a timeline or a deadline on. You just let it be, and it will happen when it happens.”

Slash Says Axl Rose Has “A Ton Of Shit” Recorded For Possible New Guns N’ Roses Album

Slash has revealed that Axl Rose actually already has a “ton” of new material recorded that can be used for a possible new Guns N’ Roses album. He told Classic Rock magazine the following:

“Now that we’ve actually mended fences and gotten back together and done this, we’re going to keep it together. Because all the bullshit we’d had that sort of caused all of the shit back in the ’90s, there was a lot of outside influence on that, so now that that’s sort of eliminated, we’re just left to our own devices. We get along fucking great.”

“I think we’re going to go well on into the future. I mean, Axl’s got a ton of shit that he recorded already, so we’re going to get in there and just start getting into that thing, and then if we do a record and then do a tour, I could see that cycle going on endlessly.”

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Slash Says “There’s No Shortage Of Ideas” For Possible New Guns N’ Roses Music

During an interview with Classic Rock, Slash was asked if he has started writing new material for Guns N’ Roses. He responded with the following:

“Well, it’s not been announced because there’s nothing official, so there’s nothing to talk about. I think everybody thinks it’s a good idea, and everybody would like to do it. There’s no shortage of ideas from everybody involved, but we’ve been so busy on the road there hasn’t really been time to go in and sit down and go, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a record.’”

This news comes after he made similar comments and after Axl Rose was asked about the possibility of new Guns N’ Roses music and responded with “you never know.”

Slash On The Possibility Of New Guns N’ Roses Music: “I Think Everybody Wants To Do It, And We’ll Just See What Happens”

During an appearance on “Trunk Nation LA Invasion: Live From The Rainbow Bar & Grill” on SiriusXM, Slash was asked if Guns N’ Roses have considered hitting the studio for new music. He responded with the following: “It’s been talked about. I think everybody wants to do it, and we’ll just see what happens. We’ve been busy doing this running around the planet.” This news comes after Axl Rose was recently asked a similar question and responded with “you never know.”

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Axl Rose On The Possibility Of New Guns N’ Roses Music: “You Never Know”

During an interview with Iceland Magazine, Axl Rose was asked if he has considered working on new music with the current Guns N’ Roses lineup. He responded with the following: “Right now our focus is on touring and the shows, but everyone seems to be getting along, so you never know.”

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Guns N’ Roses Share Lyric Video For Acoustic Version Of “Move To The City”

Guns N’ Roses have shared a lyric video for their 1988 acoustic version of “Move To The City.” This track is one of the rarities included in the band’s recently released “Appetite For Destruction – Locked N’ Loaded” box set.