Watch Trailer For New Film “Blast Beat”

A new trailer has been released for the new film “Blast Beat,” which is set to be released on May 21. The movie, which stars Mateo Arias, Moises Arias, Daniel Dae Kim, Wilmer Valderama, Diane Guerrero etc., was directed by Esteban Arango and it is being described as a “metal-fueled coming-of-age story.” Here’s a synopsis:

“When a family leaves their native Colombia for the United States in the summer of ‘99, a metalhead science prodigy and his aimless younger brother struggle to align the American Dream with their new reality.”

Pete Davidson To Play Joey Ramone In Upcoming Netflix Biopic

Netflix and STXfilms have teamed up to develop and produce a new biopic focusing on late Ramones frontman Joey Ramone. The film is called “I Slept With Joey Ramone” and it will be based on the book of the same name, which was written by the musician’s brother Mickey Leigh. The movie is set to be directed by Jason Orley and it will star Pete Davidson (“Saturday Night Live”).

Adam Fogelson, chairman of STXfilms, commented:

“When you share a bed with someone — and not just a bed, but a childhood, a family, and a lifetime — you know that person better than anybody else. Mickey Leigh not only collaborated with his big brother’s band — he has irreplaceable memories of and insights into Joey Ramone, having supported him when no one else would and witnessed him overcome adversity in the most dramatic way.”

He also added:

“‘I Slept With Joey Ramone’ is a great rock anthem that will make an equally great rock biopic, set apart by a universal story of family.

Pete is perfect for this role and we’re excited he and Jason will be bringing this icon of rock to life and thrilled to be collaborating once again with our friends at Netflix.”

The film is being made in cooperation with Joey Ramone’s estate and Leigh will serve as an executive producer. Release details are still pending.

Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust) Appears In New Movie “Manipulated”

Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon and members of his family appear in a new movie called “Manipulated.” That film was directed by Witherspoon‘s friend Matt Berman and it stars Kelly Perine, Chase Masterson, Traci Lords, and more. A teaser trailer for the movie can be found HERE and a description from Berman can be read below:

“‘Manipulated‘ is a taut Drama, Mystery, Whodunnit with an ensemble cast. Diane Conrad, district attorney, is under extreme pressure to resolve a case that has politicians as well as the local community on edge. The clock is ticking and the stakes and emotions are running high. Can anyone trust what they see or hear? Why is Detective Scott Keating taking the biggest gamble of his career ? With evidence in short supply, and the personal and professional lives of all concerned unraveling, can you believe anything anyone says? It’s game on.”

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Corey Taylor Says His New Film “Zombie Versus Ninja” Will Begin Shooting This Year

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) has confirmed that his new film “Zombie Versus Ninja” will begin shooting this year. As previously reported, the movie is one of five that the frontman recently wrote.

Taylor told Frightmare HQ the following::

“One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is create a movie — write a movie and then see it from soup to nuts; from pre-pro to walking the red carpet. That’s been one of my biggest dreams. And I’ve had the opportunity to really be put in touch with some great producers. And I’m talking to potential directors right now, actually. It is going to shoot this year.”

He continued when asked if would be interested in directing the film himself:

“It’s not that I’m not interested; it’s that I know that’s not my forte. I’m honest enough with myself to realize that if I had wanted to be a director, I would have started learning a long time ago. And I know a lot of people with the kind of ego that they would step in and go, ‘Well, it’s mine. Blah blah blah.’ I’m not that guy. I want it to be good. I want [people] to enjoy what I’m making, because I wanna enjoy it too. And sometimes it’s the collaboration that creates something amazing.”

“You have to be flexible enough to realize, like, ‘I don’t have the chops to do this.’ However, that doesn’t mean there’s somebody out there that does. So, for me, as the writer and the producer, now I can find the right person to bring it to fruition and walk with them every step of the way as a collab. Let them do their thing, but also know that, in my mind, there’s this idea of what I want it to be. And it’s a gonzo horror comedy — it’s the kind of fucking movie that I’ve always loved, and it’s the kind of movie that I’ve always wanted to make. And if it goes off, man, it’s the beginning of something rad.”

“I don’t wanna make Oscar winners. I wanna make fun, crazy cult classics. That’s all I care about.”

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Lizzy Borden Appears In New Horror Film “Die Influencers Die”, Premieres “My Midnight Things” Soundtrack Video

Lizzy Borden has made his feature film acting debut in the new film “Die Influencers Die.” The movie, which is described as “a blood-splattering, heavy metal-fueled, social media spoofing, feature-length horror film,” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. With this news, Borden has also premiered a new soundtrack video for his song “My Midnight Things.” You can check that out below. Borden commented:

“I had a blast on the set of this twisted little movie. I grew up on low budget splatter flicks from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, and ‘Die Influencers Die’ had that feel. My character has no name, and he seemingly comes out of nowhere, and that made playing him so much fun. I just held on and let him spit his venom.”

Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson’s Award-Winning Horror Film “Dwellers” To Receive Home Release In October

Ellefson Films, the film production company ran by Megadeth’s David Ellefson and music/film producer and industry exec Thom Hazaert, have announced that their award-winning horror film “Dwellers” will be released on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital on October 12. The movie, which was written and directed by musician, filmmaker, and actor Drew Fortier, will also be screened virtually on March 20 as part of the HorrorHound Film Festival’s “Midnight Madness” feature. That event will also include a Q&A with members of the cast. More info can be found HERE and the film’s plot can be found below:

“While shooting a documentary on the suspicious disappearances within the homeless community, a filmmaker and his crew go missing while uncovering a terrifying and vicious secret below the city’s surface.”

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello To Serve As Executive Music Producer On Netflix’s “Metal Lords” Film

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello has been recruited as the executive music producer of the new Netflix coming-of-age comedy “Metal Lords.” That movie was written by D.B. Weiss, who will also serve as a producer alongside Greg Shapiro. Weiss’ fellow “Game Of Thrones” showrunner David Benioff will be an executive producer on the film as well. Jaeden Martell (“Knives Out”, “It”), Isis Hainsworth (“Misbehaviour”, “Emma”) and Adrian Greensmith will star in the film, which is being directed by Peter Sollett (“Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist”). A short synopsis described the project as a movie about “two kids [who] want to start a heavy metal band in a high school where exactly two kids care about heavy metal.”

New “Beavis And Butt-Head” Movie Coming To Paramount+

It has been revealed that a new “Beavis And Butt-Head” movie is currently in the works. The film has yet to receive a release date, but it has been confirmed that it will debut on Paramount+. This news comes after Comedy Central previously reached a deal with Mike Judge to reimagine “Beavis And Butt-Head” for at least two new seasons of the series. The new version is expected to be updated for modern times with meta-themes relatable to new and old fans.

First Trailer Released For Glenn Danzig’s New Film “Death Rider In The House Of Vampires”

Glenn Danzig has released the first trailer for his new movie, “Death Rider In The House Of Vampires,” via You can check that out HERE. The film, which is described as a “vampire spaghetti western,” will star Devon Sawa as the “Death Rider,” Julian Sands as “Count Holliday,” Kim Director “Carmilla Joe,” Eli Roth “Drac Cassidy,” Ashley Wisdom as “Mina Belle,” Victor DiMattia as “Kid Vlad,” and Danny Trejo as “Bela Latigo.” Danzig will also make a cameo as “Bad Bathory.” Here’s a description of the movie:

“Death Rider in the House of Vampires‘ follows the Death Rider, who travels to the desert Vampire Sanctuary, ruled by Count Holliday. The price of admission… one untouched virgin.”

Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth To Appear In Upcoming Horror Film “Baphomet”

Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth is set to appear in the upcoming horror film “Baphomet.” The movie, which was directed by Matthan Harris, will be released on June 8 and it will find Filth playing an occultist expert named “Lon Carlson.” Here’s an official synopsis for the film:

“The Richardson family celebrates their 28-year-old daughter’s pregnancy in Northern California. The celebration is interrupted when a Satanic cult member, Aksel Brandr, pays them an unexpected visit. Aksel, on behalf of the cult’s leader Henrik Brandr, offers to pay the family a large sum for ownership of their land. Jacob Richardson, the father, rejects the offer due to the priceless sentimental value of their home. Henrik and his cult, displeased, begin to put devastating curses on the Richardsons, trying to force them off their land – even if it means murdering them. After suffering unexplainable tragedies, the Richardsons seek help from Marybeth, a white witch high priestess. They soon discover a terrible secret about their home, revealing why it is so valuable to the cult. They realize they must protect their property from the cult at all costs, and a violent battle between good and evil ensues.”