Dieth (Ex-Megadeth, Ex-Decapitated, Etc.) Sign With Napalm Records

Dieth, the project featuring David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.), and Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated), have signed a new deal with Napalm Records. The band’s debut album will be released through the label on 2023.

Dieth commented:

“We are stoked to announce that we’ve signed a multi-album international record deal with Napalm Records, who will release our debut album in 2023. Their approach to music and devotion to metal made Napalm the perfect, most suitable place for us and our music. Last but not least, we would like to thank each one of you that are giving us this massive support. More info and details about the album will follow soon. Stay tuned!”

Sebastian Münch, A&R at Napalm, added:

“The term ‘supergroup’ feels overused nowadays, but with the formation of Dieth, it correctly and justifiably describes the coming together of these three extremely talented musicians. The first single, ‘In The Hall Of The Hanging Serpents’, underlines that the debut album could become a death-thrash metal masterpiece. Napalm Records is pleased and proud to partner with Dieth, to establish the band and make the new album a success. Personally, as a lifelong Megadeth fan, this signing is a dream come true.”

Megadeth’s Dirk Verbeuren Joins Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation As “Shark Free” Ambassador

Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren has become an ambassador for The Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation’s “Shark Free” campaign. That initiative seeks to “protect sharks by advocating for the removal of shark ingredients from consumer products.” Verbeuren commented:

“The plight of sharks is one we should all be touched by. These wonderful apex predators, incredibly vital to our oceans, are being hurled towards extinction by humans in the most disgraceful ways. Rob Stewart’s eye-opening documentary affected me deeply, and today I am proud to join The Sharkwater Foundation as an ambassador. I want to help spread a message of conservation and care toward sharks and all the other sentient creatures we share our planet with. We need them around. Humanity can do much better, and if we all work together, I firmly believe we will succeed in creating a better future for Mother Earth and its inhabitants.”

Megadeth Announce “Rattleheads” Generative NFT Collection

Megadeth have announced a new generative NFT collection, which they are calling “Rattleheads.” The digital pieces were produced by Five To One Collective in partnership with Upper Echelon Studios.

Here’s a description of the NFTs:

“‘Rattleheads’ is a generative art collection by the Grammy Award winning, thrash metal pioneers Megadeth. Pulling from nearly 40 years of iconic themes and imagery, the collection is based off of Megadeth’s skeletal mascot Vic Rattlehead, an otherworldly being born in a dungeon of torment and pain. With eyes covered by a riveted-on visor, his mouth clamped shut, and ears closed with metal caps, Vic embodies the phrase ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’ Inspired by Megadeth’s long-standing Cyber Army fan club, these militaristic NFTs will include unique mission deployment mechanics alongside vast additional utility to be announced soon.”

Dave Mustaine added:

“As long as Megadeth has been a band, I’ve ensured that we were leading the charge. Our first album set the standard for thrash metal. We were the first band to have a web site. Our fan club Cyber Army was started in 1994. Our 2016 album ‘Dystopia’ came with a full Virtual Reality experience. And now with the rise of Web3 technology and its ability to directly connect us with our fans — this moment is perfect for Megadeth. It allows the ultimate connection with our community and with none other than the almighty Vic Rattlehead as our standard-bearer.”

Former Megadeth Members Discuss Upcoming Kings Of Thrash Shows

As previously reported, Kings Of Thrash, the project featuring bassist/vocalist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), guitarist Jeff Young (ex-Megadeth), guitarist/vocalist Chaz Leon, and drummer Fred Aching, will be performing Megadeth’s “Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!” and “So Far, So Good… So What!“ in full during some October shows with guest guitarist Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth). Now, the band have shared a new video in which Ellefson, Young, and Poland share their thoughts on the upcoming concerts. You can check that out below. Here’s the group’s current dates:

10/12 San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
10/13 Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
10/14 Las Vegas, NV – The Space
10/15 West Hollywood, CA – The Whisky a Go-Go

Former Metallica Bassist Ron McGovney On Dave Mustaine’s “Alpha Male” Claims: “That’s Not How I Remember Those Days”

As previously reported, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently made headlines after saying that he was the “alpha male” in Metallica prior to his 1983 departure. Now, the band’s former bassist, Ron McGovney has disputed those claims. He said the following via Twitter:

“Dave talked to the promoters? Collected the cash? James didn’t play guitar before Metallica? That’s not how I remember those days. Just the opposite actually.”

Dave Mustaine’s Oncologist Contributed Lyrics To Megadeth’s “Dogs Of Chernobyl”

During an interview with the Nashville Tennessean, Anthony Cmelak, the radiation oncologist who assisted with Dave Mustaine’s cancer treatment, opened up about contributing lyrics to Megadeth’s “Dogs Of Chernobyl.” Mustaine reportedly asked Cmelak to share his radiology experience on the track. The doctor said the following about that:

“I think [Mustaine] wanted descriptive terminology on how your bodily functions would change after exposure to massive doses of radiation. He also wanted a flair of someone being left behind … I geared toward that and it came around very quickly.”

“Dogs Of Chernobyl” appears on Megadeth’s latest album “The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Says He Was “The Alpha Male” In Metallica

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Dave Mustaine talked a bit about his 1983 departure from Metallica. The Megadeth frontman also claimed that he used to be “the alpha male” in the band.

Mustaine said the following after the interviewer called Metallica’s James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich alpha males:

“Oh no. I am clearly the alpha male between the three of us. Why did I have to do everything when I was in the band? Why did they always ask me talk to the promoters and collect the cash? Why was I the one who had to do the fighting? Why did I have to talk in between songs?”

He continued when asked about the bitterness he harbored:

“How can you expect a boy who’s twenty and the guitar player in one of the biggest new things in the world to have a grasp on reality? Everything from that point forward was a fucking feud. Everywhere I went it was: ‘So, how’s everything going with Meta… er, Megadeth?’”

He also added the following when asked if it was difficult to talk about Metallica:

“No. I really don’t give a fuck. And you know what? I love those guys. I sent a text message to James just a couple of days ago after he’d said that he was insecure about his playing. I said: “James, I love you and I really like your playing.” He didn’t answer. Of course not. Why would he? The point is I wanted him to know that I’ve had those feelings too, but I don’t now.

I must remind you that when I joined Metallica, James did not play guitar. He just picked it up and started playing when I was in the band. But let’s be honest, James is one of the best metal guitar players in the world. So for him to have those feelings, that’s a lie, because he’s a mind-blowingly talented guy. So I just felt I needed to say something to him. I didn’t tweet it. I didn’t want anybody to know what I said. But I’m telling you because, hey, you brought it up!”

Watch Megadeth’s Recent Three-Song Set On SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation L.A. Invasion”

Megadeth recently performed “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,” “We’ll Be Back,” and “Symphony Of Destruction” on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation L.A. Invasion.” You can see footage of that below:

David Ellefson On Getting Fired From Megadeth: “I Feel Like I Got Kicked Out Of Hell”

During a recent appearance on the “2020-d Podcast,” David Ellefson further opened up about his departure from Megadeth, saying that it felt like he “got kicked out of hell.” As previously reported, the bassist was ultimately fired from the band due to a sex video scandal involving him masturbating with a young woman online.

Ellefson had the following to say after Dave Mustaine accused him of making a “pathetic” attempt to “poach” the band’s song “Kingmaker“:

“The record [‘Super Collider’] was done, or at least my bass parts were. And Dave, at the end of the session, at the end of the day, he said to me, he said, ‘Hey, man. If you wanna go through the record, if there’s anything you wanna add or tweak or change, blah blah blah blah,’ giving me free license to do so, ’cause he had signed off on everything.

So [I said], ‘All right. No problem.’ So after he left, me and [then-Megadeth guitarist] Chris Broderick and Johnny K sat in the studio and I said, ‘You know, I do have this one little bit, this little thing,’ and I showed it to them, and Broderick goes, ‘Dude, that would be really cool at the beginning of ‘Kingmaker‘.’ And I said, ‘Huh. Interesting idea.’ And in my opinion, I think ‘Kingmaker‘ is probably the better song on the record, just off the top for me.

Johnny liked it. We sat and we worked on it and put it together. And we were all excited. Dave walks in the next day in a much different mood — grumpy, I might add [laughs] and not feeling so joyous as the night before. And I think either me or Johnny said, ‘Hey, I’ve got something I want you to listen to that we worked on last night.’ And there was this kind of disapproving look.

And Johnny plays it for him, all excited. ‘Cause I think the three of us [Johnny, Chris and me] all heard the same thing: ‘Hey, if you wanna add anything, if you wanna work on anything, please do.’ Well, Dave didn’t seem to maybe remember that conversation. And so what he walked into was, ‘Why the hell are you messing with my song?’ And I think he pulled Broderick aside and said, ‘Don’t you dare add David Ellefson‘s stuff to my songs.’”

Ellefson went on to discuss the band’s songwriting dynamic:

“I remember when I first came back to the band in 2010, we’d done a year of [touring in celebration of the 20th anniversary of] ‘Rust In Peace‘. We had about 10 weeks to write the thirteenth record, the record that would become ‘Th1rt3en‘. And I said, ‘Well, look, we’re all gonna be at NAMM in Anaheim. Why don’t we just go down to [Mustaine‘s then-studio] Vic’s Garage?’, which was down in kind of by San Diego, Fallbrook area, north of San Diego.

I said, ‘Why don’t we just get in a room and fire some ideas and see where we’re at with everything?’ And I swear to God, the first day we played… It took a couple of days ’cause we were listening to stuff. They wanted to listen to everybody’s ideas. And [Dave] acknowledged everybody had a couple of things that he liked.

And so we get in a room, guitars on, saddle up, and we started playing on something. And keep in mind, I hadn’t been in this environment for almost 10 years now. ‘Cause this was 2011, and the last time we worked on a record together was ‘The World Needs A Hero‘ in 2001, so literally 10 years [earlier].

And I’d been working with all kinds of other people where it’s, like, ‘Hey, killer idea. How about this? How about that?’ You know — collaborative; you’re having musical conversations in the room. And knowing how things had been in the past, Dave will start with something, bring in an idea, and maybe someone says, ‘Hey, that’s cool. How about we add this little bit here? Or maybe that riff goes with this riff.’

And so I said, ‘Hey, I’ve got something that might go with that.’ Dave immediately took his guitar off, walked in the office. I looked at [then-Megadeth drummer] Shawn Drover, and Shawn and Chris are just shaking their heads. I said, ‘What the hell was that all about?’ He goes, ‘Dude, trust me. The days of collaborating are long gone. That Megadeth that you were in, that’s way over.’

So [I spoke to Dave] in the office, and Dave, he was furious, but yet we didn’t want our newfound friendship to deteriorate, so I said, ‘What’s the deal?’ And he said, ‘Don’t try to put your ideas into my songs.’ I said, ‘No problem.’ I said, ‘All good. Today is day one. No worries.’ And that was the last we ever jammed together. Everything after that, on every other Megadeth record after that, it was just Dave writing the songs, doing his thing.”

He also added the following about “The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!” sessions:

“In 2019, we were in the room together [working on music]. Actually, Dave was doing his thing, and then he was off taking care of his medical stuff at the time. And so [the engineer] Chris Rakestraw said to me, Kiko [Loureiro, Megadeth‘s current guitarist] and Dirk [Verbeuren, Megadeth‘s current drummer], ‘Look, you guys are here. We need to write a record. We’ve got the beginnings of five songs,’ and we were supposed to have been working on this record for a year and a half. ‘Get in a room. Let’s go.’

So we saddled up and started riffing on stuff. In fact, I remember there’s one song — it might have been that first one that they put out; I can’t remember; it was one of ’em — but I remember we kind of modeled it after ‘Black Friday‘ and just kind of took the sort of mellow intro into a full-on ripping part… So we went down, and I remember Dave came in [and was] furious that we were working on stuff without him. And Rakestraw took the bullet and said, ‘Hey, it was my idea. These guys are here. Everybody’s here to work. We need to get a record done.’

And [Dave said], ‘I wanna know who wrote what part where.’ I could see it coming. I knew he was gonna see what parts I wrote and take ’em out, which he did — he took all my parts off the record, of which there were several, and either re-wrote ’em or changed them, just to make sure that I wouldn’t have any writing on the record.

And I just saw it coming. I rolled my eyes and [went], ‘Whatever.’ So I was there [at the studio in Nashville] for about five weeks and then I went home for Father’s Day and I just never went back. [Laughs] I was just, like, ‘Whatever.’ I went back a year later to record bass, and all of sudden all of my parts are off the record, all of my writing contributions.”

Ellefson then went on to discuss his termination from the band:

“I kind of saw the events of last year as just the perfect opportunity to choose box office over brotherhood. I look back at it now and I feel like I got kicked out of hell. So, whatever… It was abusive, for sure. It was just abusive. It was unnecessary. … Dave even said he had a resentment toward me that he couldn’t let go, and I didn’t know what it was.”

“He’s fighting with himself. He’s in a game of tug of war with himself. I’m not fighting with him. I’ve just moved on. I remember we talked about that after he jammed with Metallica and the ‘Big Four’. I said, ‘How was that last night playing ‘Am I Evil?’?’

And he said, he goes, ‘You know, those guys kicked me out of the band and they just moved on. I held on to the resentment for all these years.’ It’s like the same thing for me. It’s, like, why is he resenting me? He got rid of me. Supposedly the problem should have gone away if he got rid of me. But the problem still seems to be there.”

[via Blabbermouth]