Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Officially Announces Partnership With Gibson

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has officially announced a new partnership with Gibson. This news comes after the legendary musician previously spent 13 years with Dean Guitars.

Gibson commented:

“Gibson is proud to officially announce a new partnership with Dave Mustaine, the legendary guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and GRAMMY®-winning founder and leader of Megadeth who joins Gibson as a Brand Ambassador. The new Dave Mustaine Collection will span acoustic and electric guitars across Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer.

Dave will join the Gibson Artist Alliance -a forum which includes legendary musicians, innovative movers and shakers, and new talent – to share in thought leadership, research & development, mentorship of the next generation of players, as well as philanthropic endeavors. In addition to the Dave Mustaine Collection, Dave will be featured in original content and special projects across Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer.”

Mustaine continued:

“One of first albums I ever bought was Kiss Alive. On the back of that LP was the Gibson logo, followed by ‘Kiss uses Gibson Guitars because they want the best’. Period,” says Dave Mustaine. “Years later, I’m still that same fan, but now I’ve been playing, touring, writing, and performing around the world myself, and I can say that I could not agree more with that statement. As I was looking for a change in my guitars, I met with Cesar and got his perspective on the vision and direction Gibson is taking. I saw passion, respect for the instruments, a focus on quality and a company that is led by guitar players. I feel I am finally at home with Gibson and I am proud of what we’re building together. I can’t wait for the world to get their hands on the new Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer Dave Mustaine Collection guitars. This is a dream come true for me, don’t #@!# wake me up.”

Cesar Gueikian of Gibson Brands added:

“It’s an honor to welcome icon, pioneer and visionary musician Dave Mustaine to the Gibson family as our brand ambassador. Dave is one of the most influential metal icons and riff lords of all time, having paved the way for multiple generations of players to carry the flag for hard rock and heavy metal, from riff writers to shredders and everyone in between. Working with Dave is especially gratifying because he is a guitar nerd like me, who gets involved in every aspect of the development of the concepts and ideas we have been designing with him at the Gibson Lab. When I was as kid learning how to play guitar, I aspired to play Dave’s riffs and I was one of the fortunate fans who attended their Youthanasia Tour concert at Estadio Obras Sanitarias in 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the ‘Aguante Megadeth’ chant was born over the song Symphony of Destruction. That was an epic night that I will never forget. I look forward to bringing this partnership to life and unveiling the first stages of the Dave Mustaine Collection to the world.”

Dave Mustaine Back In The Studio Recording Vocals For New Megadeth Album

Dave Mustaine has returned to the studio to continue working on the new Megadeth album. The frontman’s son Justis shared a photo of his father tracking vocals, along with the caption: “Vocals are being laid down and they sound KILLER! Quiet when recording please… #MEGADETH.” This news comes after bassist David Ellefson recently said that the band may wait to release the record until they are able to tour again.

David Ellefson Says Megadeth Might Wait To Release Their New Album Until They Can Tour: “It Doesn’t Make Sense To Drop A Brand New Record In The Middle Of A Pandemic”

During a recent interview with TotalRock Radio, Megadeth’s David Ellefson offered an update on the band’s new album. He says the group are currently finishing up the effort, but they may wait to release it until they can tour again.

Ellefson had the following to say about the new record and the group’s touring plans:

“We’re working on album number sixteen, and just finishing it up now. We’ve got a big year of touring lined up — festivals in Europe; the big ‘The Metal Tour Of The Year‘ is rescheduled for July and August this year; Rock In Rio in Brazil in September. And it’s all confirmed, but it depends on what — COVID has a say in this matter, unfortunately.

So there’s this undecided third factor spinning over there with the pandemic that we’re just all doing the best we can to play around that. And the same with the MEGADETH release schedule, being able to put things out. We’re gonna wanna be able to get on the road and promote it. It doesn’t make sense to drop a brand new record in the middle of a pandemic and not be able to support that. And so if that means we have to push things back a little bit so that it can be the most effective to tour it and support it, then I’m sure those are decisions that are being made… Quite honestly, those are decisions that get updated pretty much weekly inside the MEGADETH camp.”

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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Earns Purple Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

According to the Jiu-Jitsu Times, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has officially earned his purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The 59-year-old musician was promoted by Reggie Almeida of Gracie Barra Spring Hill in Tennessee. Almeida commented:

“After 2 years as a blue belt and hard training and lots of ups and downs today I had the honor to promote Mr @davemustaine to his well deserved purple belt! Congratulations kid!!!”

Dave Mustaine Reveals Tentative Title For New Megadeth Album

During an appearance at the recent Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp masterclass, Dave Mustaine revealed that the new Megadeth album might be called “The Sick, The Dying And The Dead.” He also played a clip of new music. You can check that out on Reddit. Mustaine said the following about the title:

“The tentative album title we have right now is called ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead’. We may change that, because there’s some other titles, and I usually change the titles four or five times before I settle on anything.”

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Listen To Previously Unreleased Live Jam From Ex-Megadeth Members Nick Menza, Chris Poland, & James LoMenzo

Audio of a previously unreleased live jam from ex-Megadeth members Nick Menza, Chris Poland, and James LoMenzo has been shared online. The rehearsal was recorded two years before Menza died in 2016. The trio’s unnamed project will be discussed in the upcoming Nick Menza documentary “This Was My Life – The Story of Nick Menza.”

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Screaming Butterfly Entertainment Announce New Documentary On Late Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza

Screaming Butterfly Entertainment have announced a new documentary focusing on late Megadeth drummer Nick Menza. The film is titled “This Was My Life” and more details regarding release plans will be revealed soon.

Here’s a description of the documentary:

“‘This Was My Life’: The official Nick Menza documentary film is an unflinching exploration into the life of one of the most successful thrash-metal drummers of all time, authorized by the Menza family. From his childhood all the way through to the end of his life including a true blow-by-blow account of the repeated failed attempts of the classic Rust In Peace Lineup.

This Was My Life: Will also feature rare and never before seen photos and video footage from Nick’s personal archived VHS tape collection, personally filmed by Nick Menza himself from 1988 through 1991 – Featuring exclusive content showcasing Nick working at the studio, personal home movies, casual time and party time with his fellow band members, as well as other well-known bands of the era that Nick toured with.”

Menza’s longtime personal manger Robert Bolger also commented:

“I am very excited to be working with Screaming Butterfly Entertainment on Nick’s official documentary. There’s a lot of published misinformation out there about Nick that isn’t true and I am very happy to bring the truth forth. Nick loved his fans and always said without the fans none this would be possible. I really think Nick’s fans will enjoy this journey through his life.”

Executive producer Holly Mollohan from Screaming Butterfly Entertainment added:

“As both a filmmaker, and fellow metalhead who deeply values the metal community, I am honored and excited to go on this journey alongside all of you.”

Dave Mustaine On New Megadeth Album: It’s “Probably One Of The Most Ferocious Records We’ve Done Since ‘Rust In Peace'”

During a recent interview on “The Five Count” radio show, Dave Mustaine talked a bit about the new Megadeth album. According to him, the effort is “probably one of the most ferocious records [they’ve] done since ‘Rust In Peace'”

Mustaine said the following when asked about his health following his battle with throat cancer:

“I’m a little tired, but I think that comes with the territory. When we started this record, I was sick and I didn’t know it. But I’d been going through a lot of stuff. And then, during the course of the [making of] the record, we did a brief tour where I went out and did the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and that’s when we found out I had cancer. And I did my treatment, beat it, got it behind me. There were a couple of other places that they found the cancer, and they cut it out. So I’m fine right now. I’m back to training and back to playing. And we’ve got, I think, probably one of the most ferocious records we’ve done since ‘Rust In Peace’. David Ellefson, he’s a pretty good barometer of things, and when he did his bass parts, he [went], ‘Man, my arm is killing me. I can’t believe this.'”

He also added:

“We set out to do this last record because we’re all kind of getting a little older and we’re set in our ways and our families and stuff. One guy [Dirk Verbeuren] lives in California, another guy [Mustaine] lives in Tennessee, another guy [Ellefson] lives in Arizona, and Kiko [Loureiro] lives in fucking Finland. I mean, not ‘fucking Finland,’ but in Finland. Excuse me for the language there. I’m a little bit bothered about having to fly my guitar player from Finland. Anyway, so we figured when we got together, what are we gonna do? ‘We’ve got one record left that we owe the record label. And let’s just go in there and write.’ So we wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. And then I got the all-clear from the doctors, and today, I’m actually going over to start getting vocals down, because I’m getting ready to start singing.”

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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Announces Virtual Book Tour

As previously reported, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine will be releasing a new book on the making of the band’s 1990 album “Rust In Peace” on September 8. Now, the frontman has announced that he will be celebrating the release with a virtual book tour. The following was said about that:

“Join Dave Mustaine for a RUST IN PEACE VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR starting Wednesday, September 9. Dave will be discussing his new autobiography and the iconic album, as well as taking your questions. Get tickets now before they’re gone!”

Dirk Verbeuren On New Megadeth Album: “It’s Heavy”

During a recent appearance on “Todd Nief’s Show,” Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren offered an update on the band’s new album. According to him, the effort will have “a lot of heavy stuff.”

Verbeuren said the following:

“We had to push things back a little bit, but at the end of May, both David Ellefson [bass] and myself went to Nashville to go in the studio there with Dave [Mustaine], and we recorded drum and bass tracks for the record, which we’d been working on about a year and a half or so prior — we started, with Dave, working on song ideas and riffs. So the foundation for the album is done. Dave Mustaine is currently recording all the guitars — all the rhythm guitars. Kiko [Loureiro, lead guitar], at some point — he’s in Europe at the moment — is gonna come over and work with him on all the stuff. So it’s in progress.

We recorded, actually, a lot of songs, and I’m pretty sure not all of them are gonna be on the album. But the overall direction of the record is definitely — it’s gonna be a thrash album, it’s gonna be a metal album. It’s heavy — there’s a lot of heavy stuff. So I’m very excited about it.

Old MEGADETH is kind of what I grew up with — and that’s not to discredit anything they did in their career, but that’s the stuff that touches me the most — so I wanted to bring that energy. And I was able to, because Dave being the frontman he is, let me try stuff, let me do stuff — he was actually encouraging me to go crazy in some parts and stuff. And I think that was a very exhilarating time to be able to do that. It was pretty surreal, actually, to be in the studio with those guys.”

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