Dino Cazares Says Fear Factory Are “Talking About” Doing A World Tour With Static-X

During an interview with Overdrive, Dino Cazares revealed that Fear Factory and Static-X are “talking about” doing a world tour together. He said the following about that:

“We’re hoping we get to do a world tour and Tony [Campos] can do ‘double duty’ for each show. We’re hoping to work things out and take this package tour around the world. At the moment, we’re talking about it, so no promises just yet, but it’s definitely something that I think the fans would really want to see. It would be a dream to make this happen. If Tony couldn’t do it and was tied up with Static-X, then we would have a cool fill-in. I spoke to Matt DeVries [Chimaira], and hopefully he’ll be able to fill in. Matt toured with us before in the past during ‘The Industrialist’ era. He’s a really great guy.”

Static-X Guitarist Koichi Fukuda Is Promoting Far-Right Conspiracy Theories On Social Media

It looks like Static-X’s Koichi Fukuda is a Trump supporter, who has been sharing far-right conspiracy theories related to the treasonous insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. MetalSucks have shared some screenshots from the guitarist’s Facebook, which you can see below. It’s also worth noting that Koichi has sinced joined Parler.

Static-X’s 2009 Cover Of Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill” Surfaces On Streaming Services

Static-X’s cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill” is now available on streaming services. That track was previously only available on the special edition of the band’s 2009 album “Cult Of Static.”

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Watch Static-X, Soulfly, Etc. Members Cover Sepultura’s “Manifest”

Matt Dalberth (Revival), Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, etc.), Brian “Mitts” Daniels (ex-Madball, etc.), Tony Campos (Static-X, etc.), and Walter “Monsta” Ryan (ex-D.R.I., etc.) have joined forces for a quarantine cover of Sepultura’s “Manifest.” This version of the track includes new lyrics focusing on police brutality in the U.S., specifically the Breonna Taylor case.

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Static-X Premiere “Dead Souls” Music Video

Static-X have premiered a new video for their song “Dead Souls.“ The track, which features Ministry‘s Al Jourgensen, is from the band’s latest album “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1.“ Tony Campos commented:

“This song has become one of my favorite tracks on the record. We had no intention on doing a video for it initially, but it came out so good, we had to do it. I’m so grateful to Al Jourgensen for singing on the track with Wayne. Ministry was a big influence on us, and I know Wayne would’ve been just as stoked as I am to have Al sing on one of our records. I think the video fits the song really well. It’s dark, creepy, with just a touch of humor.”

Tony Campos On The Possibility Of Static-X Continuing After The “Project Regeneration” Cycle: “It’s Up To The Fans”

During a recent appearance on the “Thunder Underground” podcast, bassist Tony Campos was asked if Static-X would consider recording more new music after the “Project Regeneration” cycle. He responded with the following:

“I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m not opposed to it. I still wanna go do other things. I’d love to work with MINISTRY again. I’d love to play with the Cavalera brothers [Max and Igor] again. I’m working on an ASESINO record. It’s up to the fans. If they wanna see us continue on as doing this with Xer0, then yeah. It’s up to them.”

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Pitchshifter Release “EFKD 2020” EP

Pitchshifter have released a new EP titled “EFKD 2020.“ The effort, which can be purchased HERE, features several new versions of “Everything’s Fucked“ featuring members of Static-X, Fear Factory, Bullet For My Valentine, etc.

JS Clayden commented:

“I thought that everything was as messed up as it was going to get in the year 2000 when we originally released the ‘Everything’s F**ked’ single; but we’re two decades down the road and the lyrics are still applicable. We’re living in a slow-motion apocalypse. What better way to finally jockey clown ship earth off the bluffs than a re-issue of a 20-year-old tune lamenting the madness with a bunch of like-minded deviant provocateurs, and some live dates?”

Here’s the various guests:

– Tony Campos (Static-X)
– Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory)
– Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine)
– Arya Goggin (Skindred)
– Zak Tell (Clawfinger)
– Patrik Wiren (Misery Loves Company)
– Frank Turner
– Mikee Goodman (SikTh)
– Jot Maxi (Hacktivist)
– Adam Frakes-Sime (Stamping Ground)
– Karl Middleton (Earthtone9)
– Paul Fletcher (Romeo Must Die)
– Dan Cook (Raging Speedhorn)
– Frank Regan (Raging Speedhorn)
– Kit Conrad (Seething Akira)
– Charlie Bowes (Seething Akira)

Here’s the band’s 2021 dates:

11/29 Wolverhampton, UK – KK’s Steel Mill
11/30 Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
12/01 Bristol, UK – SWX (with Raging Speedhorn)
12/02 London, UK – Highbury Garage
12/03 London, UK – Highbury Garage (with Hangman Hill)
12/04 Nottingham, UK – Rock City (with Raging Speedhorn)
12/05 Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms

Here’s Better Footage Of The Crowd From The Festival Formerly Known As “Herd Immunity Fest”

Last weekend, Static-X, Dope, Adelitas Way, Flaw, and more performed as part of a three-day mini-festival at the Q&Z Expo Center in Ringle, WI amid the coronavirus pandemic. Tickets for the event were limited and some of the bands encouraged fans to wear masks and engage in social distancing. However, more footage from the show has surfaced and it appears that those in attendance weren’t completely following those suggestions.

[via The PRP]

Static-X’s “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1” Debuts In Top 50 Of Billboard 200 Chart

Static-X‘s “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1” debuted at No. 48 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band earned the ranking with 12,500 albums sold.

Watch Static-X And Dope Perform In Ringle, WI Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Yesterday (July 18), Static-X and Dope performed as part of a three-day mini-festival at the Q&Z Expo Center in Ringle, WI amid the coronavirus pandemic. You can see footage of that below. Tickets for the event were limited and the bands encouraged fans to wear masks and engage in social distancing. This news comes after the organizers of the festival received backlash for its original name, “Herd Immunity Fest.” That moniker was ultimately changed, but a number of artists, including Nonpoint, Royal Bliss, Kaleido and Blacktop Mojo, decided to cancel their performances.

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We are excited to return to the stage this weekend for what will be our first show since March. Obviously, over the last few months a lot has changed in the world, so it is of the utmost importance that we EACH do our part to make this as safe as possible for everyone. While your community leaders have deemed this to be a safe and acceptable gathering, we would still like to personally ask for each and every one of you to go the extra mile to help everyone remain safe… We are asking everyone to MASK UP & BACK UP. DISTANCING: The promoter has advised that the OUTDOOR site is huge. It can accommodate 10,000 people, but they have capped ticket sales at 2,000. This was a huge factor for us agreeing to play. This means that there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out and be safe. There are strictly enforcing a NO MOSHING rule and we are in full support of this for obvious reasons. We are asking that everyone please be respectful of everyone else’s personal space. We ask that you are conscious of this while watching the show, standing in lines for food, drinks and bathrooms, etc. WEAR A MASK! This is a simple request and it will help to ensure your safety, the safety of those around you, and also those at home. Wearing a mask demonstrates that you respect yourself, and it also demonstrates that you respect others. We will all be wearing masks and we ask that you all do the same. Please wash your hands, try not to touch your face and use hand sanitizer. We have been informed that hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the site. We all want live shows to return and for things to get back to “NORMAL”. We want to reiterate that this upcoming show does not fall under the definition of what any of us would consider to be “NORMAL”. This is a baby step and in many ways this is also a test. We want you to remember that most places in America are not yet able to have this type of concert experience. Let’s all go above and beyond, in order to help ensure the health and safety of everyone involved, as well as everyone at home. #MASKUP & #BACKUP! Sincerely, Static-X #StaticX

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