Edsel Dope: “There Should Never Be Another Singer Of Static-X That’s A Person”

Dope’s Edsel Dope, who is all but confirmed to be Static-X’s mysterious frontman “Xer0,” has further commented on the band’s decision to keep his identity a “secret.” He says “there should never be another singer of Static-X that’s a person.”

Dope told Blabbermouth the following:

“The motive behind it is that I, Edsel Dope, have zero interest in being the frontman, face or [being] known as the singer of Static-X. I feel like as long as we never put another face to Static-X, Wayne will always be the face of Static-X. It’s appropriate. That was the number one most important thing. I’ll help my friends.

This all started in 2014. In 2014, I moved to L.A. I was working on the Drama Club project and I really, really wanted to produce another band and make a great record without me being in the band. I just wanted to move the controls, do what I do and help another band sound great. I had done it with a couple of other bands that I produced, but I wanted to do it with a band of note.

When I got to L.A., the first thing I did was a short West Coast tour with Dope and Wayne Static. I purposely did this because I wanted to reconnect with Wayne and start the conversation with him about — I’m a businessman and energy guy. It made no sense to me that Wayne Static was on tour celebrating the anniversary of ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘, playing the album in its entirety as Wayne Static to small crowds.

Sadly, even though it’s Wayne Static playing Static-X songs, it’s not the same as Static-X. The amount of people showing up to see Wayne Static was infantile to what would have been if it was Static-X. I started having those conversations with Wayne on that tour. They went really well. I didn’t understand at the time the depth of addiction that Wayne was under.

I thought there was a ‘Yoko Ono’ that was what I was going to have to worry about. I can handle ‘Yoko Ono’, but the drug addiction and the fog were what I realized when I was out there with him was this was going to be the biggest challenge. ‘I’m not sure without rehab it will be possible.’ I really felt like it was because I’m a big believer that if somebody wants it, they can do it. Long story short, obviously, we know what happened. Six or eight weeks after that, Wayne passed away. That idea disappeared.”

He also added:

“When it came time to put it on stage and take it on tour, it was, ‘There should never be another singer of Static-X that’s a person.’ The entity idea became where it was, ‘Let’s put a mask out there.’ A lot of it was predicated on the 20th anniversary of ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘. We want people to come and have a ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘ experience.

How can you do that without the dude in the middle’s hair standing up? I couldn’t imagine people in the crowd hearing those songs and not getting that. What are you going to do? If it were me or if it were some guy named ‘Steve,’ are you going to walk on stage with your hair standing straight up? It’s stupid. The mask allowed it to have anonymity.

It’s also funny because that guy standing in the middle of the stage, playing guitar, singing all those parts and in many ways, the entire thing is reliant on that dude doing a great job, but at the same time, it’s like, ‘Pay no attention to the guy in the middle holding it together. But if that guy sucks or fucks it up, this whole thing is going to sink.’”

Edsel Dope: “’We Found A Very Unique Way To Allow Static-X To Continue To Live”

Dope’s Edsel Dope, who is all but confirmed to be Static-X’s mysterious frontman “Xer0,” recently reflected on the band’s return. He says he believes the group “found a very unique way to allow Static-X to continue to live”

Dope said the following during a recent appearance on the “Battleline Podcast“:

“When Wayne [Static] passed away, let’s just say that he wasn’t on top. Let’s just say that when me and him were playing those little club shows, he was struggling. And the fans knew it. And that’s why he was playing to small crowds; people, in a lot of ways, had sort of checked out. But after us bringing STATIC-X back and doing that 20-year-anniversary memorial to Wayne Static and making [2020’s] ‘Project Regeneration’ and releasing that album to people, I believe that he’s on the minds and in the hearts of the fans more than he’s ever been, and he’s a legend in a different way.

He went out not in the best, but we brought him back and we propped him up and made people remember him for the best of him, which was the work that he did in that nine years of STATIC-X. And then what he left behind for us to then help finish and to go out across the world and celebrate with his spirit and the fans and his family and the original ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ band, it’s pretty remarkable to think, like, if you were Wayne looking down and going, like, ‘Dude, you mean to tell me that I died and three years later, my original band got back together, went on tour, didn’t try to replace me with some new singer, didn’t try to move on from me, but instead found a way to represent me and keep me involved in it and make the fans celebrate my legacy and remember Wayne Static.’

While remembering STATIC-X, of course, because no one person was bigger than STATIC-X; it was an amazing recipe that four guys made, but we all recognize that Wayne was the engine of it. But if he was looking down at that, dude, you couldn’t do anything except for be absolutely blown away and honored by the amount of love and admiration and the amount of work that myself and the band and his family put into orchestrating all that. And if you saw those shows, or even if you just find them online, the amount of production and time and money that was invested… Anybody saying, ‘Oh, look at these guys with their cash grab,’ it’s, like, ‘Bro, you wanna see the fucking bill from production and from touring?’

This was not a bunch of guys going, ‘Oh, we found our way to get to the top financially.’ No. This was a way for us to go out and do something really fucking cool creatively, artistically that came from all the right places in our hearts. And I, as a huge STATIC-X fan, am grateful that it took place because I miss the band and I know the fans miss the band. And now STATIC-X is on tour with ROB fucking ZOMBIE and MUDVAYNE playing to 20 thousand people a night — right where they would be if Wayne was still here. And that’s all you need to say.

The music was bigger than everything else; the connection that the band had was bigger than anything else. And I think we found a very unique way to allow STATIC-X to continue to live while not making an attempt to move it into the future and exist on the future without Wayne. It’s more about that it’s a legacy act, and it always will be. And it’s just a very creative way to allow the band to continue to be part of those big, cool experiences.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Edsel Dope: “The Last Thing That I’m Ever Interested In Seeing Is Edsel Dope Being The Vocalist Of Static-X”

During a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio, Dope’s Edsel Dope discussed the all but confirmed “rumors” suggesting that he is Static-X’s mysterious frontman “Xer0.” He says “the last thing that [he is] ever interested in seeing is Edsel Dope being the vocalist of Static-X.”

Dope said the following:

“This is a fun question, and I can answer it for you like this. I would say that I’m certainly involved with Static-X. I produced the record and I’m in the process of producing another one for them right now. I kind of like to consider myself to be the creative director for Static-X, because there was a big void left by Wayne [Static], and somebody sort of needed to step in that has that sort of capability.

But as far as who’s singing for Static-X under the mask, I think that it’s important for me or for us to say that the goal was that for there always to only ever be one living, breathing singer of Static-X, and that’s Wayne Static. And as long as we don’t put another face to Static-X, then Wayne will always be the face of Static-X, and I think that that is ultimately the goal.”

He also added:

“The idea was to create an entity, for lack of better words, a masked entity that could allow Static-X to live on and to go out and perform while keeping the focus on the three guys that helped start the band with Wayne and somebody there to represent Wayne as opposed to replace Wayne. So, I’m definitely involved with Static-X. They’re my friends, and I’m here for them. But the last thing that I’m ever interested in seeing is Edsel Dope being the vocalist of Static-X. That’s not something I’d be interested in being. So, Edsel Dope is not the singer of Static-X.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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Static-X Announce Summer Headlining Shows

Static-X have booked some headlining shows around their upcoming tour with Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, and Powerman 5000. Here’s the dates:

07/18 Wichita, KS – Temple Live (feat. GFM)
07/19 Ft. Smith, AR – Temple Live (feat. GFM)
07/22 Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom (feat. GFM)
08/09 Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater (feat. The Dead Rabbitts)
08/15 Tucson, AZ – Encore (feat. The Dead Rabbitts)
08/17 El Paso, TX – Rockhouse Dive Bar (feat. The Dead Rabbitts)

Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Static-X, & Powerman 5000 Announce U.S. Tour

Rob Zombie and Mudvayne have announced a co-headlining U.S. tour. Static-X and Powerman 5000 will open.

Tour Dates:

07/20 Maryland Heights, MO – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
07/21 Noblesville, IN – Ruoff Music Centre
07/23 Bristow, VA – Jiffy Lube Live
07/24 Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion
07/26 Tampa, FL – MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
07/27 Atlanta, GA – Ameris Bank Amphitheatre
07/29 Camden, NJ – Waterfront Music Pavilion
07/30 Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center
07/31 Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts
08/02 Burgettstown, PA – The Pavilion at Star Lake
08/03 Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Blossom Music Center
08/05 Tinley Park, IL – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
08/06 Council Bluffs, IA – Westfair Amphitheater
08/10 Salt Lake City, UT – USANA Amphitheatre
08/12 Irvine, CA – FivePoint Amphitheatre
08/13 Las Vegas, NV – Michelob ULTRA Arena
08/14 Chula Vista, CA – North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre
08/16 Albuquerque, NM – Isleta Amphitheater
08/18 Del Valle, TX – Germania Insurance Amphitheater
08/20 Fort Worth, TX – Dickies Arena
08/21 The Woodlands, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Static-X Cancel 2022 European Tour

Static-X have cancelled their upcoming European tour. The band issued the following statement:

“Due to the ongoing situation in Europe and Russia, Static-X is canceling all of our summer and fall overseas touring plans for 2022. We look forward to seeing all of you in 2023 when we will officially be celebrating the 20th anniversary of machine with you all around the world.”

Static-X Postpone “Rise Of The Machine” North American Tour With Fear Factory, Dope, Etc.

Static-X have postponed their “Rise Of The Machine” tour with Fear Factory and Dope. The trek will now take place in 2023 with Mushroomhead, Twiztid, Society 1, and Cultus Black set to appear on select dates.

2023 Tour Dates:

02/25 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
02/27 Portland, OR – Roseland
02/28 Seattle, WA – Showbox
03/01 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
03/02 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
03/03 Boise, ID – Revolution Concert Hall
03/04 Reno, NV – Virginia Street Brewhouse
03/05 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
03/07 Phoenix, AZ – Van Buren (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/08 Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theater (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/09 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/10 Dallas, TX – House of Blues (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/11 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theater (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/12 Houston, TX – House Of Blues (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/14 Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theater (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/15 Orlando, FL – Plaza Live (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/16 Charlotte, NC – Underground (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/17 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/18 Philadelphia, PA – T.L.A. (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/19 New York, NY – Irving Plaza (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/21 Boston, MA – Big Night Live (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/22 New Haven, CT – Toad’s (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/23 Montreal, QC – Corona (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/24 Toronto, ON – Phoenix (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/25 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/26 Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
03/28 Pittsburgh, PA – Roxian (feat. Twiztid)
03/29 Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts (feat. Twiztid)
03/30 Columbus, OH – The King of Clubs (feat. Twiztid)
03/31 Ft. Wayne, IN – The Clyde (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/01 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/02 Green Bay, WI – Epic Event Center (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/04 Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/05 St. Louis, MO – Del Mar Hall (feat. Twiztid)
04/06 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue (feat. Twiztid)
04/07 Chicago, IL – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
04/08 Minneapolis, MN – The Fillmore (feat. Twiztid)
04/09 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theater (feat. Twiztid)
04/11 Denver, CO – The Summit (feat. Twiztid)
04/13 Las Vegas, NH – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
04/14 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
04/15 Los Angeles, CA – Belasco Theater (feat. Twiztid)

Static-X commented:

“Static-X postpone Rise of The Machine North American Tour feat. Fear Factory, + DOPE +, Mushroomhead & Twiztid til 2023 to ensure that ALL shows will play.

Tour package and previously announced cities remain fully intact, while 4 additional cities have been added.

On the surface, we are incredibly disappointed to share this news with our fans. However, considering how infrequently Static-X, Fear Factory, and Dope have each toured over the last 10 years, we felt that the priority was to ensure that ALL of these 20th anniversary shows are ultimately able to play.

With all of the uncertainty around travel restrictions, the extreme rise in current cases, as well as the quarantine mandates for those who test positive, we believe that attempting to play these dates in the coming weeks would likely result in a number of last-minute cancelations and lead to a much greater level of disappointment.

The good news is that we were able to keep the entire touring lineup intact. Static-X, Fear Factory, Dope, Mushroomhead, & Twiztid will each perform in their previously scheduled cities, and due to the excitement around the tour and exceptional ticket sales, we also added four additional cities to the tour.

Further, we highly value having an up close and personal meet and greet experience with our fans. We take extreme joy in shaking hands, giving hugs, taking photos, and we look forward to doing all of this without having to socially distance, wear masks etc. We are certain that by pushing things back, these experiences will be significantly more enjoyable and memorable for all of us.

In addition, Static-X, Fear Factory, and Dope are all scheduled to complete new albums in 2022, which will lead to each band having brand new music to share with the fans, as we lead into these newly rescheduled tour dates.

As we stated previously, we are so excited to finally get back out on the road and hang out with you all. We plan to play most of the songs off of both Machine and Wisconsin Death Trip, as well a number of nice surprises that are being incorporated into the set list. We appreciate our friends in Fear Factory, Dope, Mushroomhead and Twizted making themselves available to share in all of this nostalgic insanity next year. We can’t wait to celebrate all of the good times that we had with Wayne and to share it live and loud with all of our fans night after night.

All previously sold tickets and meet and greets will be honored and more information on tickets, meet & greets and other VIP experiences for the Rise Of The Machine tour can be found at: Static-X.com.”

Static-X Premiere “Terminator Oscillator” Music Video

Static-X have premiered a new video for their song “Terminator Oscillator.“ The Godzilla-inspired clip was co-directed by Edsel Dope and Matt Zane. The track appears on the band’s latest album “Project Regeneration, Vol. 1.“ The group commented:

“We wanted to do something outside of what you would generally expect to see from a metal band music video. The video really captures the quirky, sci-fi spirit of STATIC-X and is unlike anything that we’ve ever seen from bands in our genre.”

Static-X Announce “Rise Of The Machine” North American Tour With Fear Factory, Dope, Etc.

Static-X have announced the dates for their “Rise Of The Machine” tour with Fear Factory and Dope. All three bands will be celebrating anniversaries on that run with Static-X set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Machine,” Fear Factory set to celebrate their 30th anniversary, and Dope set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Life.“ Mushroomhead and Twiztid will open on select dates.

Tour Dates:

02/21 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
02/22 Seattle, WA – Showbox
02/23 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
02/24 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
02/25 Boise, ID – Revolution Concert Hall
02/26 Reno, NV – Virginia Street Brewhouse
02/27 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades

With Mushroomhead:

03/01 Phoenix, AZ – Van Buren
03/02 Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theater
03/03 Oklahoma City, OK – Whiskey Nights
03/04 Dallas, TX – House of Blues
03/05 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theater
03/06 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
03/08 Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theater
03/09 Orlando, FL – Plaza Live
03/10 Charlotte, NC – Underground
03/11 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
03/12 Boston, MA – Big Night Live
03/13 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
03/15 Montreal, QC – Corona
03/16 Toronto, ON – Phoenix
03/17 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall
03/18 Ft. Wayne, IN – The Clyde
03/19 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
03/20 Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection

With Twiztid:

03/22 Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues
03/23 Philadelphia, PA – T.L.A.
03/24 Pittsburgh, PA – Roxian
03/25 Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts
03/26 Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
03/27 Minneapolis, MN – The Fillmore
03/28 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theater
03/29 Denver, CO – The Summit
03/31 Las Vegas, NV – House Of Blues
04/01 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues
04/02 Los Angeles, CA – Belasco Theater
04/03 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore

Static-X commented:

“We are so excited to finally get back out on the road. We plan to play most of the songs off of both ‘Machine‘ and ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘, as well a number of nice surprises that are being incorporated into the set list. It is going to be awesome to have Fear Factory, Dope, & Mushroomhead back out on the road with us to share in all of this nostalgic insanity.

All in all, this package is going to be one for the ages and we can’t wait to get out there and celebrate 20 years of our ‘Machine‘ record, while we continue to remember all of the good times that we had with Wayne and to share it live and loud with all of our fans night after night.”

Fear Factory‘s Dino Cazares continued:

“I’m beyond excited to finally turn the Fear Factory machine back on and start crushing stages alongside our longtime friends in Static-X.”

Dope‘s Edsel Dope added:

“We are honored to be part of this tour. Static-X, Fear Factory, & Dope toured together back in 1999. It was the first time that we all met, and it laid the foundation for all of the tours that Dope and Static have done together. I can’t wait to get back out there and get crazy with all the fans!”

In other news, Static-X will also be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of “Machine“ on February 18. The effort has been remastered by Ulrich Wild and it will feature three bonus tracks: “I’m With Stupid” (Live 2019 Regeneration), “Wisconsin Death Trip” (Live 2019 Regeneration), and “Sweat Of The Bud” (Live 2019 Xer0).