Failure Announce Dates And Cities For Upcoming North American Tour

Failure have announced the dates and cities for their upcoming North American tour. Venues are still pending. Notably, the band also revealed that each show will open with a preview of their new documentary.

Tour Dates:

06/02 – San Diego, CA
06/03 – Pioneertown, CA
06/04 – Las Vegas, NV
06/05 – Phoenix, AZ
06/07 – Albuquerque, NM
06/08 – Denver, CO
06/09 – Omaha, NE
06/10 – Lawrence, KS
06/11 – St. Louis, MO
06/12 – Dallas, TX
06/14 – Austin, TX
06/15 – San Antonio, TX
06/16 – New Orleans, LA
06/17 – Nashville, TN
06/18 – Birmingham, AL
06/19 – Atlanta, GA
06/21 – Raleigh, NC
06/22 – Baltimore, MD
06/23 – Philadelphia, PA
06/24 – New York, NY
06/25 – Boston, MA
06/26 – Toronto, ON
06/28 – Detroit, MI
06/29 – Pittsburgh, PA
06/30 – Cleveland, OH
07/01 – Chicago, IL
07/02 – St. Paul, MN
07/05 – Seattle, WA
07/06 – Portland, OR
07/07 – San Francisco, CA
07/08 – Los Angeles, CA

Failure Premiere New Song “Submarines”

Failure have premiered a new song titled “Submarines.” This track is from the band’s new album “Wild Type Droid,” which will be released on December 3. Greg Edwards commented:

“The main riff appeared spontaneously during an endless jam, but ‘Submarines’ sounds like a song we’ve been waiting to write for years. These were the first lyrics written for the record, after the initial wave of Covid confusion and uncertainty. It’s a song about coming back to the surface, putting away your armor, ignoring willful idiocy, and getting back to life after a trauma. We’ve collectively lost our innocence with this plague and we need to fight the reflex to close-up and sink like a stone when risk and threat and fear seem to be everywhere.”

Failure Premiere New Song “Headstand”, Reveal Details For New Album “Wild Type Droid”

Failure have premiered a new song titled “Headstand.” This track is from the band’s new album “Wild Type Droid,” which will be released on December 3.

Ken Andrews said the following about the new song:

“The lyrics come from my earliest memory of spacing-out in my room when I was seven, trying to conceive of infinity and watching the dust falling through the bars of sunlight pouring through my blinds. I had heard that a lot of that dust was made up of skin cells and that really stuck with me. It’s kind of a love song to those bizarre innocent moments of solitude.”

He also added the following about the album:

“To me, it captures a lot of the new musical approaches and techniques we were going for on this album, but somehow is still quintessential Failure. We’ve been together long enough to know that some of our best ideas come directly from these experimental sessions.

For this album, we simply cultivated that methodology for a much longer time than we have in the past. It brought out the trio aspect of the band. There was a feeling we could really push the individual parts further away from each other and let the more interesting and challenging combinations take center stage.”

Greg Edwards also discussed the cover art, which was created by digital artist Beeple:

“This feels like a good place and time to abandon the space iconography and theme once and for all. In a lot of ways, this album feels like a return to earth. All minds have been called back to their bodies. There’s a lot to attend to right in front of us.”

“Wild Type Droid” Track Listing:

01. “Water With Hands”
02. “Headstand”
03. “Lifetime Of Joy”
04. “Submarines”
05. “Bring Back The Sound”
06. “Mercury Mouth”
07. “Undecided”
08. “Long Division”
09. “Bad Translation”
10. “Half Moon”

Failure, Zao, Shai Hulud, Etc. To Be Featured On Fugazi Tribute Album “Silence Is A Dangerous Sound“

Ripcord Records will be releasing a new Fugazi tribute album, titled “Silence Is A Dangerous Sound,“ on October 1. The effort will feature 43 songs and proceeds from it will benefit the Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland. Pre-orders can be found on Bandcamp.

“Silence Is A Dangerous Sound” Track Listing:

01. Authority Zero – “Bad Mouth”
02. The Darling Fire – “Reclamation”
03. Dowsing – “KYEO”
04. Belvedere – “Styrofoam”
05. The Last Gang – “Blueprint”
06. Shai Hulud – “Great Cop”
07. Crazy Arm – “Epic Problem”
08. Batteries – “Target”
09. Teenage Halloween – “Reprovisional”
10. La Dispute – “Strangelight”
11. Tsunami Bomb – “Walken’s Syndrome”
12. Taking Meds – “Burning”
13. USA Nails – “Caustic Acrostic”
14. Haggard Cat – “Life And Limb”
15. Direct Hit – “Burning Too”
16. Pet Symmetry – “Public Witness Program”
17. Place Position – “Place Position”
18. Chamberlain – “Runaway Return”
19. Viva Belgrado – “Repeater”
20. Frauds – “Cashout”
21. Seas, Starry – “Brendan #1”
22. Couch Slut – “Full Disclosure”
23. Failure – “Waiting Room”
24. Nathan Gray – “Bed For The Scraping”
25. GILT – “No Surprise”
26. Swain – “The Argument”
27. The Hostiles – “Turnover”
28. This Is Hell – “Sieve-Fisted Find”
29. Into It. Over It. – “Instrument”
30. LIFE – “And The Same”
31. Big Ups – “Do You Like Me”
32. Zao – “Guilford Fall”
33. Jonah Matranga – “Suggestion”
34. Heart Attack Man – “Bulldog Front”
35. Sounds Of Swami – “Merchandise”
36. S. T. Manville – “Long Division”
37. Bodega – “Provisional”
38. Braidedveins – “Oh”
39. STORM(O) – “Break”
40. Wojtek – “Fell, Destroyed”
41. West Thebarton – “Margin Walker”
42. Snapped Ankles – “Give Me The Cure”
43. Before Stories – “Dear Justice Letter“

Paramore’s Hayley Williams Shares Acoustic Cover Of Failure’s “The Nurse Who Loved Me”

Paramore’s Hayley Williams recently shared a partial acoustic cover of Failure‘s “The Nurse Who Loved Me” on social media. You can check that out below. Williams commented:

“the sun is out, the laundry is drying so… one of my favorite songs of all time on one of my favorite albums of ever. go listen to the real thing— @failurebandig “The Nurse Who Loved Me” left my cringey ending in there bc thats showbiz baby”

Ken Andrews (Failure) Releases New EP “What’s Coming”, Premieres “Sword And Shield” Video

Ken Andrews (Failure) has released a new EP titled “What’s Coming.” The effort features five tracks including “Sword And Shield,” “What’s Coming,” “Crow’s Eye,” “Too Many Thoughts,” and “How Will You Know.” You can find an official video for “Sword And Shield” below. Andrews said the following about that track:

“This song has two firsts for me, one is that it is the first overtly political song I have ever written, and two, I wrote the video concept and the song at the same time. Making this video was something I simply had to do. Thankfully, my friend and amazing actor, David Dastmalchian, who was as motivated as I was, took the video to another level with his performance.”

Failure Release 2020 Version Of Their Cover Of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”

Failure have released a new version of their cover of Depeche Mode‘s “Enjoy The Silence.“ Ken Andrews said the following about that:

“We originally recorded a cover of ‘Enjoy The Silence‘ for the 1998 Depeche Mode tribute, ‘For The Masses‘. That album has all but disappeared, no longer in print and not available via streaming platforms but we as a band are proud of our take on that song and had wanted to re-record it for some time. With the blessing of both Martin Gore and Depeche Mode, we re-addressed our version and came up with this new version for 2020.”

Failure Frontman Ken Andrews Says Drummer Kelli Scott Is “Recovering Well From His Cancer Surgery”

Failure frontman Ken Andrews has offered an update on drummer Kelli Scott’s battle with colon cancer. He said the following in a new video that he launched for his creative and recording techniques:

“I’m happy to report that Kelli Scott, the drummer of the band Failure, is totally recovering well from his cancer surgery. So in my world, everything’s very upside down with schedules and what we can do, but we’re all healthy so that’s the main thing.”

Scott himself previously commented on his illness earlier this year:

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