Failure To Release New Album “In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind” On Friday

Failure will officially release their new album “In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind” on Friday (November 16). That effort will feature the band’s recent series of EPs as well as some extra songs. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Track Listing:

01. “Dark Speed”
02. “Paralytic Flow”
03. “Pennies”
04. “Segue 10”
05. “No One Left”
06. “Solar Eyes”
07. “What Makes It Easy”
08. “Segue 11”
09. “Found A Way”
10. “Distorted Fields”
11. “Segue 12”
12. “Heavy And Blind”
13. “Another Post Human Dream”
14. “Apocalypse Blooms”
15. “Force Fed Rainbow”
16. “The Pineal Electorate”

[via The PRP]


Failure Release New EP “The Furthest Thing”

Failure have released the third EP in their ongoing series. The effort is titled “The Furthest Thing” and it can be streamed below. The full series is expect to feature four EPs that will be compiled into an album with a title created using the names of each EP. So far, it reads as “In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing.” You can also head over to Revolver to read an interview with Ken Andrews to find more info on the band’s decision to release new music this way.

Failure Release New EP “Your Body Will Be”

Failure have officially released the second EP in their ongoing series. The effort, which is titled “Your Body Will Be,” features the following tracks: “No One Left“, “Solar Eyes“, “What Makes It Easy” and “Segue 11.“ You can stream it on Spotify and purchase it on Apple Music and Amazon.

Failure Reportedly Planning To Release New EP This Week

According to The PRP, some PledgeMusic based ads have surfaced with details regarding the second EP in Failure’s ongoing series. The effort, which is reportedly titled “Your Body Will Be,” is expected to be released on Friday (May 25). The band’s EP series will eventually lead to a full album.

Failure Seeking 1990s Live Footage For New Documentary

Failure are currently seeking 1990s live footage for a new documentary. If fans have any clips they wish to contribute, they can send them to The band commented:

“As most of you know we are hard a work on our next album while simultaneously there is a documentary being made about the band. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of vintage 90’s footage of the band, LA scene, bars, the city, etc.. basically anything 90’s and Los Angeles, so we have an ask for you guys. If anyone has any footage that fits this description could you please send a copy to us. It is important to document our surroundings back then in this film. Thank you in advance and thank you for all of your support for the band. (send it to”

Failure Premiere “Dark Speed” Video

Failure have premiered a new video for their new song “Dark Speed.” This track is from their new EP “In The Future,” which was released today (March 30). That effort is the first in a series of three new EPs. A new full-length album will follow the series in the fall. The video was directed by the band’s own Ken Andrews and it stars David Dastmalchian.

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Failure To Release “In The Future” EP In This Month

Failure have announced that they will release a new EP titled “In The Future” on March 30. That effort will be the first in a series of three new EPs. A new full-length album will follow the series in the fall.

“In The Future” Track Listing:

01. “Dark Speed”
02. “Paralytic Flow”
03. “Pennies”
04. “Segue 10“

Bassist Greg Edwards commented:

“Living inside a screen seems like absolute freedom sometimes, but It’s more like a kind of psychic decapitation. We have made aliens of our bodies. We exist in an era where the most primitive structures in our brains are being rewarded and controlled, almost constantly, by extremely sophisticated, interconnected, and self-perpetuating technologies.

There seems to be no imaginable way, or real desire, to moderate this. Artificial Intelligence may be creating itself right beneath our noses and using our bodies as unaware hosts. Everything is talking to everything else but there’s no communication anymore. Only divisions and their promotion.

The surrogate reality of the internet sucks us out of our own bodies and puts us in a space where we can imagine we have less and less resemblance to the creatures we actually are. The forthcoming three eps and full-length album, explore the ambivalence inspired by this dislocation.”