Manowar Film Hell & Heaven Metal Fest Performance For New DVD/Blu-Ray Release

According to Summa Inferno, Manowar’s March 14 set at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico City was recorded for a new Blu-ray/DVD. Release plans for that effort have yet to be revealed.

Manowar performed the following songs at the aforementioned festival:

01. “Manowar
02. “Brothers Of Metal Pt. 1”
03. “Blood Of My Enemies”
04. “Call To Arms”
05. “Hand Of Doom”
06. “Sons Of Odin”
07. “Swords In The Wind”
08. “Bass Solo”
09. “Battle Hymn”
10. “Thor (The Powerhead)”
11. “Kings Of Metal”
12. “Fighting The World”
13. “Hail And Kill”
14. “House Of Death”
15. “King Of Kings”


16. “Joey’s Speech”
17. “Warriors Of The World”
18. “Black Wind, Fire And Steel”

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Kreator To Release “London Apocalypticon – Live At The Roundhouse” Blu-ray/DVD In February

Kreator will be releasing a new live Blu-ray/DVD titled “London Apocalypticon – Live At The Roundhouse” on February 14. The effort was recorded during the band’s December 16, 2018 show at The Roundhouse in London, England. You can find a live video for “Satan Is Real” from that set below. Mille Petrozza commented:

“Hordes! Welcome to London Apocalypticon! This is the culmination of a long and epic touring cycle in support of Gods Of Violence – over 150 shows, 5 continents and many amazing memories made! We’re very proud to share this amazing piece of Kreator history with you; 3 professionally shot shows, plus professionally mixed and mastered audio; all of which has been meticulously laboured over to produce the best ever Kreator live release! But if this is still not enough for you…you can witness the real thing this spring when we embark on the State of Unrest tour with the mighty Lamb Of God and Power Trip! Respect!”

Watch Preview For Suicide Silence’s “Live Life Hard” DVD

Suicide Silence have shared a preview for their new film “Live Life Hard.“ The teaser clip was posted on the seventh anniversary of Mitch Lucker’s tragic death (November 1) and it can be seen below. A release date is still pending, but the film will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digitally. Pre-orders will launch during the group’s November 30 show at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.

“Lords Of Chaos” To Receive Blu-Ray/DVD Release In May

“Lords Of Chaos” will officially receive a Blu-Ray/DVD release on May 28. The movie is based on Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind’s 1998 book “Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground,” which focuses on the early Norwegian black metal scene, especially Mayhem. It was directed by Jonas Åkerlund (ex-Bathory) and it stars Rory Culkin, Sky Ferreira, Jack Kilmer, etc. The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack will come with the unrated version of the film and various bonus features, while the single DVD will come with the rated version and no bonus features.

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Kittie Launch Pre-Orders For Blu-ray/DVD Versions Of “Kittie: Live At The London Music Hall’

Kittie have launched pre-orders for the Blu-ray and DVD versions of their new live film “Kittie: Live At The London Music Hall“ via Amazon. That effort will be released on March 26 and it will feature the band’s October 27, 2017 20th anniversary show at the London Music Hall in London, ON. A number of former members joined the group onstage that night including: Ivy Vujic, Jennifer Arroyo, Jeff Phillips, Fallon Bowman, and Tanya Candler.

Delain To Release “Hunter’s Moon” In February

Delain have announced that their “Hunter’s Moon” release will be available on February 22. The effort will include four new tracks, ten live songs, and a Blu-ray that was shot at Utrecht Tivoli. That set featured Nightwish’s Marco Hietala and other guests.

“Hunter’s Moon” Track Listing:

01. “Masters Of Destiny”
02. “Hunter’s Moon”
03. “This Silence Is Mine”
04. “Art Kills”
05. “Hands Of Gold” – Live (feat. George Oosthoek)
06. “Danse Macabre” – Live
07. “Scarlet” – Live
08. “Your Body Is A Battleground” – Live (feat. Marco Hietala)
09. “Nothing Left” – Live (feat. Marco Hietala)
10. “Control The Storm” – Live (feat. Marco Hietala)
11. “Sing To Me” – Live (feat. Marco Hietala)
12. “Not Enough” – Live
13. “Scandal” – Live (feat. Marco Hietala)
14. “The Gathering” – Live (feat. Marco Hietala)

The band said the following about the new songs:

“Along with the live Blu-ray are four new studio tracks. Two of these offer a preview of what we are working on for our new full-length studio album, which we expect to release in 2019. ‘Masters Of Destiny’ is a dramatic, cinematic track that we’re excited to shoot an equally dramatic video for this week. The title track, ‘Hunter’s Moon’, has more of a catchy feel and will hopefully appeal to our fans featuring heavy riffs, orchestrations, a large chorus and as a novel feature, Timo’s screams. Our guitarists stepped to the forefront on this release in writing ‘This Silence Is Mine’ (Timo Somers) and ‘Art Kills’ (Merel Bechtold). With fond live memories, classic and new sounds we’re excited to present ‘Hunter’s Moon’ to the world!”

They also added the following about the Blu-ray:

“The ‘Moonbathers’ tour has been a hell of a ride and the ‘Danse Macabre’ shows were an absolute highlight. We are excited to share the footage of our show at Tivoli Vredenburg with you on this brand new Blu-ray. It was great to finally perform all of our collaborations with Marco live, something our fans have been asking for for such a long time! Also gracing the stage were George Oosthoek, who gave his signature sound to ‘Hands Of Gold’, and Elianne Anemaat, who adorned ‘Scarlet’ with her beautiful cello tones. The Tivoli show had such an amazing atmosphere and was one of the highlights of our career. Plus a home match for some of us! We are thrilled to have this Blu-ray as a physical souvenir of the night and we hope that our fans will enjoy it as much as we did.”

Hietala commented as well:

“I was really pleased to do the tour, because it gave me a chance to challenge myself in different surroundings and band dynamics. In the end, it comes down to the same old but great thing. I love doing good shows with good people for good audiences. All for one and one for all!”

King Diamond To Release “Songs For The Dead Live” Blu-ray/DVD In January

King Diamond‘s new Blu-ray/DVD “Songs For The Dead Live“ will officially be released on January 25. The effort will feature his June 17, 2016 set at Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium and his November 25, 2015 show at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA. Those concerts saw the singer performing “Abigail” in full along with other tracks.

Pre-orders can be found HERE in the following formats:

  • 2DVD/CD 6-Panel Digipak
  • Blu-ray (includes audio digital download of Philadelphia Show)
  • special edition box set with 5 discs (2DVD, 2CD, 1 Blu-ray) plus poster, flier, laminate, setlist, ticket, sticker, and guitar pick (limited to 3000 copies)
  • opaque blue with white splatter vinyl (U.S. retail exclusive – limited to 600 copies)
  • opaque red with black splatter vinyl (U.S. webstore exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
  • opaque white with black splatter vinyl (U.S. webstore exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
  • 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
  • transparent amber marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 700 copies)
  • clear ghost white vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
  • orange-brown/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
  • black/purple melt vinyl (Nuclear Blast exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
  • orange/red marbled vinyl (Napalm exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
  • clear lavender marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
  • clear ash grey marbled vinyl (Bengan exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
  • pink blue marbled vinyl (Ebay exclusive – limited to 200 copies)

Track Listing:

Graspop Metal Meeting:

01. “Out From The Asylum”
02. “Welcome Home”
03. “Sleepless Nights”
04. “Halloween”
05. “Eye Of The Witch”
06. “Melissa”
07. “Come To The Sabbath”
08. “Them”
09. “Funeral”
10. “Arrival”
11. “A Mansion On Darkness”
12. “The Family Ghost”
13. “The 7th Day Of July 1777”
14. “Omens”
15. “The Possession”
16. “Abigail”
17. “Black Horsemen”
18. “Insanity”

The Fillmore:

01. “Out From The Asylum”
02. “Welcome Home”
03. “Sleepless Nights”
04. “Eye Of The Witch”
05. “Halloween”
06. “Melissa”
07. “Come To The Sabbath”
08. “Them”
09. “Funeral”
10. “Arrival”
11. “A Mansion In Darkness”
12. “The Family Ghost”
13. “The 7th Day Of July 1777”
14. “Omens”
15. “The Possession”
16. “Abigail”
17. “Black Horsemen”
18. “Insanity”

You can check out live footage of “Sleepless Nights” from the DVD below: