Manowar Share Mini-Documentary On 2019 Show In Svalbard, Norway

Manowar have released a new mini-documentary focusing on their 2019 show in Svalbard, Norway. You can check that out below:

The following was said about the clip:

“On April 16, 2019 MANOWAR played as the first major heavy metal band in Longyearbyen on the archipelago of Svalbard (Norway).

Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost settlement with a population greater than 1,000, meaning nobody lives closer to the Arctic Circle year round than the people of Longyearbyen.

Residents from almost 53 different countries live here, making it the perfect location for a gathering of Manowarriors from around the world.

In April 2019 MANOWAR fans from Norway and many nations around the globe came to this magical, remote location for a celebration of true metal.

This mini documentary commemorates this special event and takes you behind the scenes of an unforgettable moment in MANOWAR and metal history.

Hail to our Norwegian fans and to all our Warriors Of The World!”

Manowar Tease New Song

Manowar have shared a tease of a new song that they have in the works. You can check that out below. The track is expected to appear on the band’s upcoming album.

Manowar Recruit Guitarist Michael Angelo Batio For 2023 Tour

Manowar have recruited guitarist Michael Angelo Batio for next year’s “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal” anniversary tour. He will be filling in for E.V. Martel, who is currently taking a break from live shows due to “personal reasons.”

Martel commented:

“MANOWAR, their crew, along with all the Manowarriors around the world have been really great to me from the moment I came onboard. I could not be more thankful for the good times we have shared.”

Bassist Joey DeMaio continued:

“We love and respect E.V. and support his decision. He is a true brother, and we’ll forever share unforgettable memories like playing near the Arctic Circle or in Mexico for the first time!”

“We’ve known Michael for many years and have always admired his work. His technique is astounding, When we invited him to come and jam with us we played together at the speed of light. Everything fell into place immediately. We’re ready for a killer tour!”

Batio added:

“I could not be more excited! I love metal more than anything, and it doesn’t get more metal than MANOWAR! I can’t wait to get on stage and play for the MANOWAR fans!”

Former Manowar Guitarist Karl Logan Sentenced To Five And A Half Years In Prison For Downloading Child Porn

According to the Charlotte Observer, Karl Logan (ex-Manowar) has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for downloading child pornography. The guitarist will be required to self-report to the big house as soon as he receives his cell assignment. This news comes after he previously pleaded guilty to two counts of child pornography possession in 2020. Logan was originally arrested and charged with six counts of third-degree exploitation of a minor in 2018 after it was discovered that he had a number of disturbing videos with girls between the ages of four and 12 engaging in sexual acts with unidentified men.

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Manowar Release New EP “The Revenge Of Odysseus (Highlights)”

Manowar have digitally released a new EP titled “The Revenge Of Odysseus (Highlights).” You can find the cover art and track listing for that effort below:

“The Revenge Of Odysseus (Highlights)” Track Listing:

01. “Athena’s Theme”
02. “Telemachus – Part I” (with Konstantinos Kazakos and Sakis Tolis) (Ancient Greek)
03. “Where Eagles Fly” (with Chiara Tricarico)
04. “Odysseus And Calypso – The Island Of Ogygia” (with Kostas Kazakos) (Ancient Greek)
05. “Immortal”

The following was said about the EP [via Blabbermouth]:

“For this project, which is based on “The Odyssey”, Homer’s tale of the great hero Odysseus and his long and perilous quest to return to his wife and son, MANOWAR went to great lengths: bassist/leader Joey DeMaio traveled to Athens to record a narration with father-and-son team Kostas and Konstantinos Kazakos. Kostas, hailed in Greece for his participation in many movies and as an accomplished theater actor and writer, and his son Kostantinos, who is also a talented actor, narrated a touching dialogue between Odysseus and his son Telemachus. And to honor the historic source material, they did so in Ancient Greek, translated from English by Sakis Tolis of Greek metal band ROTTING CHRIST.”

Joey DeMaio added:

“It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Kostas and Konstantinos, Sakis and everyone else who was involved in this narration. I call Kostas ‘the Greek Orson Welles’, not only because these two giants share many remarkable talents and outstanding voices, but also for being equally passionate to deliver a perfect narration while being humble and kind at the same time! We can’t wait to share everything with our fans.”

Manowar Recruit Drummer Dave Chedrick For Upcoming Live Shows

Manowar have recruited drummer Dave Chedrick for their upcoming shows. He will be filling in for Anders Johannson, who will be sitting out the band’s “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour” due to “family commitments.”

Johannson said the following:

“Hello friends. Family commitments make it necessary that I remain as close as possible to my home in Sweden at this time. I will therefore not be able to perform on MANOWAR’s upcoming tour.

The support from MANOWAR, their crew and fans has been overwhelming from the beginning. Everyone involved has welcomed me into their hearts without hesitation, and I have made friends for life.

Thank you all for the great times.

Hail and Kill!”

Bassist Joey DeMaio also commented:

“Anders is a rare combination of intelligence, kindness, humor and talent. It has been a pleasure working with him. He is part of our brotherhood, now and forever! We support his commitment to his family.”

“Dave’s drumming is a combination of speed, power and the spirit of true metal that we believe our fans will enjoy.”

Chedrick added:

“The Manowarriors are legendary. I am honored that I will be playing for the greatest fans in the world!”

[via Blabbermouth]

Manowar Premiere “Hand Of Doom” Live Video

Manowar have premiered a new live video for their song “Hand Of Doom.” The footage was captured during the band’s April 5, 2019 show at Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany. The track appears on their 2002 album “Warriors Of The World.”

Manowar To Celebrate Six Album Anniversaries On 2022 “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal” Tour

Manowar will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Battle Hymns,” the 35th anniversary of “Fighting The World,” the 30th anniversary of “The Triumph Of Steel,” the 20th anniversary of “Warriors Of The World,” the 15th anniversary of “Gods Of War,” and the 10th anniversary of “The Lord Of Steel” on a special tour next year. The following dates have been confirmed:

04/12 Rotterdam, Netherlands – Ahoy
04/13 Bremen, Germany – ÖVB-Arena – Halle 7
04/14 Berlin, Germany – Velodrom
04/16 Oberhausen, Germany – König Pilsener Arena
04/17 Zwickau, Germany – Stadthalle
04/21 Nurnberg, Germany – Arena Nürnberg Versicherung
04/22 Neu-Ulm, Germany – Ratiopharm Arena
04/23 Mannheim, Germany – SAP Arena
06/30 Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain – Rock Fest Barcelona
07/04 Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Hills Of Rock

Manowar Working On “The Final Battle II” EP, Putting Finishing Touches On DVD/Blu-Ray Featuring Mexico Show

During a recent interview with The Metal Circus, Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio offered an update on the band’s current plans. He said the following:

“We are currently completing a DVD and Blu-ray of our first-ever show in Mexico with an amazing 8K video production. We’re in the studio recording songs for the next EP, ‘The Final Battle II’, and we are already preparing the massive production for our 40th-anniversary tour that will kick off in spring 2021.”

[via Blabbermouth]