Sabaton To Release “The Great Show” And “The 20th Anniversary Show” This Month

Sabaton will be releasing two new limited edition DVDs/Blu-rays on November 19. They include “The Great Show,” which was recorded at the O2 Arena in Prague, CZE on January 26, 2020, and “The 20th Anniversary Show,” which was recorded at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival on August 1, 2019. Fans can purchase the films individually or as a “Great Show Stage Collector’s Edition” box set with a building bricks version of the band’s stage.

“The Great Show” Track Listing:

01. “Ghost Division”
02. “Great War”
03. “The Attack Of The Dead Men”
04. “Seven Pillars Of Wisdom”
05. “The Los Battalion”
06. “The Red Baron”
07. “The Last Stand”
08. “Far From The Flame”
09. “Night Witches”
10. “Angels Calling” (with Apocalyptica)
11. “The Price Of A Mile” (with Apocalyptica)
12. “The Lion From The North” (with Apocalyptica)
13. “Carolus Rex” (with Apocalyptica)
14. “Primo Victoria”
15. “Bismarck”
16. “Swedish Pagans”
17. “To Hell And Back”

“The 20th Anniversary Show” Track Listing:

01. “Ghost Division”
02. “Winged Hussars”
03. “Resist And Bite”
04. “Fields Of Verdun” (with Thobbe Englund)
05. “Shiroyama” (with Thobbe Englund)
06. “The Red Baron”
07. “The Price Of A Mile”
08. “Bismarck”
09. “The Lion From The North”
10. “Carolus Rex”
11. “40:1”
12. “The Last Stand”
13. “The Lost Battalion”
14. “Drum Battle” (Hannes Van Dahl vs. Daniel Mullback)
15. “Far From The Flame”
16. “Panzerkampf”
17. “Night Witches”
18. “The Art of War”
19. “82nd All The Way”
20. “Great War”
21. “Attero Dominatus”
22. “Primo Victoria”
23. “Swedish Pagans” (with Tina Guo)
24. “To Hell And Back” (with Tina Guo)

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