Sabaton Premiere New “World Of Tanks” Music Video For “Primo Victoria”

Sabaton have joined forces with the MMO game “World Of Tanks” to create a new video for “Primo Victoria.” Check that out below:

Director Zoran Bihac commented:

“Understanding the setting of World of Tanks, I can easily say that this game is about history and its importance, but to be honest: also about fun. It awakens the inner child in you; it’s how I feel about my work, and it resonates with Sabaton’s style. I wanted to keep the feeling of the game, and especially of their trailers, which look like real, historically accurate movies. This had to be combined with the song and our performance. To create a story, I came up with the setting of a normal performance video, where the tanks come alive, and start to hunt and shoot each other.”

World Of Tanks marketing director, Maxim Chuvalov also added:

“Working closely with talented musicians like Sabaton was an awesome experience for us. One of the challenges we faced was that the band was constantly on tour, preforming shows all over the world almost every day. We had to find a slot in their tight schedule to bring the idea to life. Thankfully, the guys were very energetic and flexible, as well as really hardworking, so the project took shape. We’re really proud to have such talented musicians in our community and super excited to present the tank metal video to our fans.”


Sabaton’s Hannes Van Dahl To Miss Upcoming European Shows

Hannes Van Dahl will be missing Sabaton’s upcoming European tour. During his absence, Daniel Sjögren (Twilight Force, Bloodbound) will be handling drumming duties. Van Dahl made the following Instagram post:

Message from Hannes: Hello Everyone! Time has come for me to travel homewards for a short while to be with and for my family, home in the north. My family on the road will have the miles pass underneath the busses and trucks as usual and the show will go on! So, I hereby introduce you to a dear friend of ours: Daniel Sjögren! He is the sweetest of dudes and an excellent drummer! He was kind enough to help us out and will sit on my drum throne for a few shows until I’m back with my road family, brothers and sisters all over the world again! Daniel has been rehearsing with Me and the Band for the last four weeks. I’m a bit jealous of all you guys who’s going to see him kill it every night:) Please give him your awesome warm “Sabaton Battalion” support, have fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon again! Yours truly, The Vandahl

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Sabaton Announce 2017 North American Tour

Sabaton have announced a headlining North American tour. Check out the dates below.


Tour Dates:

04/20 – The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
04/21 – Playstation Theatre – New York, NY
04/23 – Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY
04/25 – Club Soda – Montreal, QUE, Canada
04/26 – Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QUE, Canada
04/27 – Opera House – Toronto, ON, Canada
04/28 – Agora Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
04/30 – Diamond Pub and Billiards -Louisville, KY
05/01 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
05/02 – The Cabooze – Minneapolis, MN
05/03 – Park Theatre – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
05/05 – Union Hall – Edmonton, AB, Canada
05/06 – The Palace – Calgary, AB, Canada
05/07 – Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC, Canada
05/08 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
05/10 – Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
05/11 – City National Grove – Anaheim, CA
05/12 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ
05/14 – Gothic Theater – Englewood. CO
05/16 – Trees – Dallas, CA
05/17 – Alamo Music Hall – San Antonio, TX
05/18 – Scout Bar – Houston, TX
05/20 – Orpheum – Tampa, FL
05/21 – The Underground – Charlotte, NC
05/22 – The Filmore – Silver Spring, MD

Sabaton Premiere “Sparta” Lyric Video

Sabaton have premiered a lyric video for their song “Sparta.” This song is from the band’s new album, “The Last Stand,” which is available now.

The band said the following about the lyrics:

“The battle of Thermopylae is in many ways one of the most iconic last stands in history. King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans were certainly not as alone as portrayed in the famous movie ‘300’, but in the end it was their sacrifice that would be remembered by the world to come. An amazing story of the Greek nation states which would rather die than lose their freedom.”

Sabaton Welcome New Guitarist Tommy Johansson

Sabaton have announced Tommy Johansson as their new guitarist. He will be taking over for Thobbe Englund, who recently exited the band.


The band said the following:

“Thank you Thobbe, Welcome Tommy!

Our guitarplayer Thobbe did his final concert with us on the last nights very emotional show at the Sabaton Open Air festival. Celebrating the release of our new album while saying goodbye to a great friend is lot of mixed feelings.

But the future is bright since this was not nearly our last stand, from now on you will see Tommy Johansson playing guitars with Sabaton and we all look forward to see you on the road!”

Johansson also commented:

“For me to be a part of the Sabaton family is a huge honour and I couldn’t be happier! The guys are awesome and among the nicest people you can meet. I’ve been following Sabaton since 2005 when I saw them live for the first time and I have loved the band ever since, so when they asked me to join there were no hesitation.

Although, they did ask me already back in 2012 but for many personal reasons it was not a good time for me to hit the road and give everything that was needed to the band. So I declined, but we have stayed in touch since then. I also wanna say that Thobbe is a great guitarist and such a wonderful guy!! My job is not to replace him, it’s to contribute to the band with my own style of guitarplaying but of course also to keep his fans happy by playing his wonderful solos with pride. I look foward to meet you all on tour and to do what I love the most in life – to play heavy metal!”

Sabaton Premiere “Shiroyama” Lyric Video

Sabaton have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Shiroyama.” This song is from the band’s new album, “The Last Stand,” which will be released on August 19.

The band said the following about the lyrics:

“It’s the nature of time and history that the old ways must give in to the new ways and the modern age. The battle of Shiroyama in 1877 marks the end of an era and is the last stand of the legendary Samurai. Led by Saigo Takamori, the Samurai was down to 500 warriors at the end of the rebellion when they made their last stand on Mount Shiroyama. At the end of the battle there were only 40 samurai left. They drew their swords and plunged downhill toward the enemy positions until the last of them was mowed down.”

Sabaton Part Ways With Thobbe Englund

Sabaton have parted ways with Thobbe Englund. The guitarist will perform with the band for the last time on August 20 in Falun, Sweden.


The band said the following:

“We wish him nothing but success and good luck in the future, and we salute him for all the good years and the fantastic moments we shared both on and off the stage!”

Englund also issued his own statement:

“Today I have decided to announce my leave from Sabaton. Why? …many may ask.

There is this thing that I truly believe in, and that is that one should always follow the heart.

I have in recent years become more aware of what would make me feel real happiness and content, and that is to expand my own creativeness in combination with a somewhat stiller life, where I will not tour all year round at the speed of light.

Unfortunately, as a consequence, I will not be able to meet all of you wonderful people out there, which is sad, and I’m really gonna miss you all.

But I will still be making music, of course, and as I am writing this I am making plans for the future.

During the many years of touring with Sabaton, we have become like brothers. Together with the best crew in the world, we’ve had a true blast and there is a bond between all of us that cannot be broken. Therefore I find no reason to be sentimental, because brothers and sisters are friends for life, and the future is bright!”