Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Guests On Emigrate’s Cover Of “Always On My Mind”

Emigrate, the project featuring Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, have shared a cover of “Always On My Mind,” a song made famous by Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, etc. This track features Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and it will appear on the band’s new album “The Persistence Of Memory,“ which is set to be released on November 5.

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Detained & Questioned In Russia

According to BBC, Rammstein’s Till Lindemann was recently arrested in Russia. The frontman was taken into custody and questioned by authorities after he was scheduled to perform at the “Maklarin For The Motherland” festival in Tver, Russia. Lindemann‘s detainment was related to restrictions that were placed on large gathering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

RIA said the following:

“The department informed the organizers of the festival, a representative of the invited artist Till Lindemann – Reyband A.R., that holding the festival without observing the above restrictions is categorically unacceptable, since it would pose a threat to the life and health of citizens.”

The event’s organizer Maxim Larin also commented:

“The festival in full, as we tried to organize, we are unable to do it due to the decision and physical obstacle of the authorities. Today and yesterday we were shown this.”

He also told BBC that authorities took issue with the festival’s name and that he believes the cancellation was political:

“It is a pity that the holding’s anniversary and mine were enveloped in politics and everything was destroyed.”

Summa Inferno are also reporting that Lindemann’s manager Anar Reiband was accused of pretending to be a tourist to enter the country. Authorities believe he was involved in organizing the festival. As a result, he could get deported and possibly banned from Russia.

Aside from this issue, Lindemann is also in trouble for selling the “Lubimiy Gorod” music video that he filmed at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia as a NFT. According to DW, he had permission to film the clip, but didn’t have permission to sell it. The museum said the following:

“The use of images of objects from the museum’s collection and furnishings in the collection […] was not agreed with the museum.”

“Mr. Lindemann personally signed a contract with the Hermitage allowing him to use images of the Hermitage and all prepared materials exclusively for the music video.”

Rammstein Was An Answer On “Jeopardy!” Last Night

Rammstein was one of the answers on last night’s (July 22) episode of “Jeopardy!.” That question said: “Till Lindemann is the frontman of this metal band that doubles the “M” of a U.S. Air Force base in Germany” and the contestant answered it correctly.

Till Lindemann (Rammstein) To Release New Solo Single “Ich Hasse Kinder”

Till Lindemann (Rammstein) has announced that he will be releasing a new solo single, titled “Ich Hasse Kinder” (“I Hate Kids” in English), on June 1. A teaser for the track’s official music video can be found below:

Lindemann (Rammstein) Share Footage Of “Stef Auf” From “Live In Moscow” Blu-ray

Lindemann have shared footage of “Stef Auf” from their new Blu-ray “Live In Moscow.” That effort features the band’s March 15, 2020 show at VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia and it was officially released today (May 21).

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Shares New Video For Orchestral Version Of “Lubimiy Gorod”

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has shared a new video for an orchestral version of “Lubimiy Gorod.” The Russian-language track was recorded for the new film “Devyatayev,” which was released in Russia on April 29. The song, which was composed by Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky and Nikita Bogoslovsky, was originally performed by Mark Bernes in 1939.

Lindemann (Rammstein) Share Footage Of “Home Sweet Home” From “Live In Moscow” Blu-ray

Lindemann have shared footage of “Home Sweet Home” from their upcoming Blu-ray “Live In Moscow.” That effort features the band’s March 15, 2020 show at VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia and it will be available on May 21. It will also be screened in select theaters on May 20.

Lindemann (Rammstein) Share Footage Of “Blut” From “Live In Moscow” Blu-ray

As previously reported, Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann will be releasing a new Blu-ray/live album, titled “Live In Moscow,” from his Lindemann project on May 21. Now, footage of “Blut” from the effort has been shared online. You can check that out below. The Blu-ray was filmed during the band’s March 15, 2020 show at VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia and its release comes after it was revealed that Lindemann will be moving forward without Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain).