Danny Carey Says Tool Will “Be Hitting The Studio Again Very Soon”

Danny Carey was recently interviewed by Overdrive.ie, and said that Tool will “be hitting the studio again very soon,” and that he hopes they can finish their new album before their upcoming shows in May. This news comes after he previously said the album will be out this year, and that it will have really long songs.

Carey said the following:

“It’s all coming together really well. We’ll be hitting the studio again very soon and have a couple of gigs in May, so hopefully, we’ll have the album out before that. It’s wishful thinking at this point. I actually think I said that this time last year (laughing).”

He also added the following when asked if they have a lot of material for the effort:

“Yes, there’s a lot of material that’s already done so, we’re looking to go into the studio pretty quickly here and off we go! Things are just rollin’ along. We don’t just hang about here in Hollywood, we are pretty much working all the time.”


Danny Carey On New Tool Music: “The Tracks Are Long…Too Long! Definitely Too Long For The Radio”

Danny Carey was recently interviewed by Kerrang! and offered a little bit of insight into Tool’s new music. He didn’t say much, but did mention that the tacks are “definitely too long for the radio.”

Carey said the following:

“Well, whatever those guys play is how they express themselves. Adam and Justin aren’t musically educated, so they just come up with the weirdest shit. I just try to anchor it down and make it simple. The cool thing is every time I think I’ve simplified it as much as I can, we’ll give it to Maynard and he’ll do something even more simplified – to the point where practically anyone can sing it! It’s simple shit and it’s coming out, man. The tracks are long…too long! Definitely too long for the radio (laughs)!”

He was then pressed for more information, such as song titles, and he responded with the following:

“It’s all still a work in progress. We don’t even go there until the record is done. It needs to have a voice of its own – just like this new Legend Of The Seagullmen record. You don’t think about that until the project’s finished and it all comes together and connects. Everything has its own voice. It’s funny how people understand it all when it comes to concepts. I know from Pink Floyd, Yes, all these bands – there was no fucking concept. Those guys would just go in there and do it until it was done…and that’s when it takes shape. At that point, it will tell you what to do, just like any piece of art ever made.”

Carey previously said the album should be out this year.

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Danny Carey Once Again Says Tool’s New Album Will “Definetly” Be Released In 2018

Tool’s Danny Carey previously said the band’s new album will be released in 2018, and he has now repeated his comments once again. While discussing Legend Of The Seagullmen with musicradar.com, he said the following about Tool’s new album:

“All I can say is it’s still something in progress… Definitely this year.”

Tool Invited Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Prophets Of Rage) To Listen To Some Of Their New Music

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Prophets Of Rage) was invited to listen to some of Tool’s new music. He made the below Instagram post about the tracks, which are still instrumental at the moment. Morello and the members of Tool have a history together, especially Adam Jones who played with him in Electric Sheep, while they were in high school.

This news comes after Danny Carey previously said the new Tool album will be released next year. Despite this, it is worth noting that Maynard James Keenan was a bit cryptic, when a fan asked him about Carey’s statements:

Danny Carey Says New Tool Album Will Arrive In 2018

According to Tool drummer Danny Carey, the band will finally release their new album in 2018. He was recently interviewed by Loudwire and Metal Sucks about Legend Of The Seagullmen and confirmed the news to both sites.

When Loudwire asked if Tool’s new album will be out next year, he said the following:

“Yes. I’m saying definitely. We’ll probably have it done in the first half [of the year] if things go as planned. There’s setup times and manufacturing – I can never predict all that, it seems like it’s constantly evolving. [What time of year it will be out] I can’t tell you.”

This little exchange happened on the Metal Sucks podcast as well:

“Metal Sucks: My co-host Brandon talked to Justin Chancellor earlier this year. Justin made us feel like Tool would have a new album out in 2018. On a scale of 1-10, how much did Justin lie to us?

Carey: “He did not lie to you. On scale of how much he lied, it would be zero. It’ll be out. It’ll be out in 2018.”

Tool Recorded A New Version “Opiate”

Tool have recorded a new version of the title track of their 1992 EP “Opiate.” Guitarist Adam Jones confirmed the news in the below Instagram post, and also revealed that a video was made for it as well.

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Maynard James Keenan Discusses New Tool Album Delay

Tool’s Maynard James Keenan recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” and discussed the band’s writing process, as well as their new album delay. You can watch the full interview, and read some excerpts below:

Keenan on his bandmates’ process:

“Their writing process is so drawn out. And I’m sure there’s a lot of reasons why the delay has been long. Their process is very analytical, and I think, at some point, maybe because so much time has gone by from the last album, there has to be a little bit of fear in here. [You think to yourself] ‘Is this record gonna be as good as the last one?’ The anticipation now is… Now the pressure is huge, so I’m sure there’s some of that [that] goes into play.”

“As far as the way that Danny and Justin and Adam write, it’s a very tedious, long process. And they’re always going back over things and questioning what they did and stepping back and going back farther and going forward and, in a way, they’re laying a foundation, they’re putting in the footings for a house. So I can’t write melodies until the footings are in place. I can’t write words until the melodies are in place.

I can’t build walls and then start decorating this place until the foundation is in place. ‘Cause if they keep changing the foundation, changing the footings, the melodies change, and then the story, of course, isn’t getting written. So that’s where we are. There’s a lot of footings that keep shifting — lots of awesome footings, but they keep changing. And they keep changing their minds. So I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing; it’s just their process.”

He also added:

“When you have a lot of very strong-willed, stubborn, opinionated people that have had success—myself included—when you give somebody some success, they’re pretty convinced they’re right. So it’s hard to talk to me, or it’s hard to talk to them, it’s hard to talk to people that are in that position, because they’ve been successful and so you think that the reason you got there is because of whatever position it is you’re taking today. Which is fine. But our process has evolved over the years, and that stubborn nature, you try [to] take a step back and not take any of these things personally.”

“My desire to move forward—go, go, go—and get things done… I’m always butting heads with the guys in Tool to get those things done, and it’s just not their process. It took a while for me to go, ‘This is not personal. This is just the way that they have to do it, and I have to respect it, and I have to take my time and let them take their time.’ And I just check in. I come and see what’s going on.

‘Hey, Justin, send me the track, see where we’re at. Is this thing done?’ If this thing is done-done-done and I can start writing words and music on it, great. But I’ve had instances where I’ve started to write stuff, and by the time I actually got it around and back and we were actually listening and whatever, the song had gone in a completely different direction, so everything that was written, melody-wise or lyric-wise, was completely irrelevant now, and I have to start over…”

He went on to say that him living in Arizona does not factor into the delay:

“I mean, I can sit there in that room and be with them in that room, but their process is so tedious and so ‘Rain Man’ that I just can’t… I just start fucking folding in on myself. But it’s a great thing. What they’re doing is a wonderful… I completely back what they’re doing. There’s no other way for them to do it. For me, I can move much more quickly if you let me help you.

But I think this is what they need to do, and I’m okay with it. You’ve gotta get a little friction in there, so I had to come in and puff my chest out a little bit and be aggressive and, ‘Let’s move it, guys. Let’s move it.’ And that works for a minute, and we definitely make traction. But if I were to do that every day, it would just become a part of the friction—more friction rather than actually getting anything done.”

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