Paul Bostaph (Slayer) Working On New Project

Paul Bostaph (Slayer) has revealed that he is working on a new project with a “friend” who is “very familiar.” He didn’t provide too many details, but a comment from Jason Bittner (Overkill, etc.) seemed to suggest that Bostaph and two other members of Slayer’s final lineup, Kerry King and Gary Holt (Exodus), are working on something with Phil Anselmo (Pantera, etc.). However, this is just an unconfirmed rumor and Holt previously said that he was planning to focus on Exodus after Slayer’s final tour, so his inclusion seems a bit unlikely.

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En Minor (Pantera, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist In Europe

En Minor, the “depression core” project featuring Phil Anselmo (Pantera, etc.), have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist for European territories. Anselmo commented:

“As it pertains to En Minor, I’m happy to announce we are partnering with Season Of Mist in Europe and Ward in Japan. This is excellent, and on behalf of En Minor, I’d like to thank them both.”

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Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of @officialenminor , the new 'Depression Core' project of Philip Anselmo. The band will release their debut full-length via Season of Mist (in Europe) later this year. EN MINOR comment on the signing: "As it pertains to En Minor, I’m happy to announce we are partnering with Season of Mist in Europe and Ward in Japan. This is excellent, and on behalf of En Minor, I’d like to thank them both." For a glimpse of what's to come, check out EN MINOR's music video, which was filmed at Anselmo's home and barn-studio, on YouTube Stay Tuned! . . . . . #enminor #philipanselmo #depressioncore #depressiverock #seasonofmist #newmetal #newsigning

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Rex Brown On Hypothetical Pantera Tribute Tour

It looks like Rex Brown is open to doing a Pantera tribute tour with frontman Phil Anselmo and guest guitarist Zakk Wylde. The bassist said “I’m in!!” while responding to a Loudwire story in which Rita Haney, the longtime girlfriend of the late Dimebag Darrell, said that she would be okay with a hypothetical tour.

Haney said the following:

“As far as trying to put Pantera back together? No, that’s distasteful without those other guys. But I think as a tribute, it would be a really great thing because I know, from a fan’s point, if I hadn’t been able to see them play or hear those songs – I can imagine other people as well, I think it’s great that they could at least see it performed, and by people that truly love ’em. So, yeah, I think it would be a really cool thing.”

Brown responded:

“I wanna make sure that ppl understand what I’m about to tweet.. It’s not up to Rita to say what will happen, only what Philip & I say…I’m in!! Dig?!?!?”

Watch Phil Anselmo Perform Pantera’s “We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time” Live For The First Time

Phil Anselmo recently played Pantera’s “We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time” live for the first time. The performance took place during The Illegals’ January 30 show at the Umeda Club Quattro in Osaka, Japan. Anselmo told the audience the following:

“These songs always, always, always are a tribute and love to Vinnie Paul and Dime. Pantera never played this song that we’re about to play — we never played it live. This is the first time we’re performing it live ever. Hey, this is special. This is one for the hardcore Pantera fans.”

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En Minor (Pantera, Etc.) To Perform In New Orleans, LA Tomorrow

Phil Anselmo’s En Minor project will be taking the stage at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, LA tomorrow night (December 20). This will be the band’s third live show.

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#Repost @earsplitcompound with @get_repost ・・・ “It’s the melancholy, minor-key, heart-wrenching songs that always stick out and really intrigue me.” — Philip H. Anselmo Philip H. Anselmo’s EN MINOR will play a special hometown show this Friday, December 20th at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans. The intimate performance serves as the band’s third time ever playing live. EN MINOR’s live lineup will feature Anselmo alongside Stephen Taylor (Superjoint, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Woven Hand, 16 Horse Power), Kevin Bond (Superjoint, Christ Inversion, Artimus Pyledriver et al), Paul Webb (The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight, Mountain Of Wizard), Jose Manuel “Blue” Gonzalez (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Superjoint, Warbeast), Calvin and Joiner Dover (The Dover Brothers), and Steve Bernal (former first cellist in the Temple Symphony Orchestra). A project inadvertently in the making since Anselmo’s earliest days as a child in the French Quarter, EN MINOR is an experimental and eclectic musical endeavor that finds the legendary frontman exploring a softer, graver vocal style, delivering brooding tales of pain, remorse, and sorrow. The band released a self-titled seven-inch EP this summer via Housecore Records with a proper full-length to see official unveiling in the new year. Details TBA. In the meantime, view EN MINOR’s previously released video for “On The Floor.” Directed by Jimmy Hubbard as part of Revolver Magazine’s “No Distortion” series, the clip was filmed at Anselmo’s home and barn studio, Nödferatu’s Lair, just outside of New Orleans. @housecorerecords @thehousecorestore @philiphanselmo @eyekategod #enminor #housecorerecords #philipanselmo #melancholic

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Zakk Wylde Says He Is Still Open To Doing A Pantera Tribute Tour With Phil Anselmo & Rex Brown

Prior to Vinnie Paul’s tragic death, there was some talk about the possibility of doing a Pantera tribute tour with Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, etc.) filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell. Now, during a recent interview on The Cassius Morris Show, Wylde said he is still open to the possibility of doing something with surviving Pantera members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown.

Wylde said the following:

“When Saint Vinnie was still around, they were talking about it then. I mean, the way I always looked at it is it’s a Pantera celebration and an honor. I mean, every night I’m playing with Ozz, we honor Saint Rhoads. I’m playing the Randy stuff every night, and I’m blessed and it’s an honor to do it. Basically, we’re paying tribute to Randy every night — keeping his music alive.

If we got together and we ended up doing it, it would be like… I just look at it like if Eric Clapton went out and was with Mitch and Noel and singing and playing Jimi’s songs, and he’s honoring Jimi, ’cause that was his buddy.

No one’s replacing anybody. No one’s replacing Randy Rhoads — he was a one-off. Just like no one’s replacing Jimi Hendrix and no one’s replacing Dime or Vinnie.

If Zeppelin was going out, and if Jason’s playing drums, no one’s replacing his father. What they’re doing is celebrating his father’s greatness and what he achieved and all the mountains he conquered with Zeppelin.

It’s more of a tribute and a celebration than it is… You can’t replace any of these people I’m talking about — they’re all legendary guys. But, yeah, you’re just celebrating all their achievements — that’s all.”

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