Korn’s Jonathan Davis Presented With The Key To The City Of Miami, FL

Mayor Francis Suarez honored Korn’s Jonathan Davis by presenting him with the key to the city of Miami, FL earlier today (November 15). The frontman shared the below photo of that:

Jonathan Davis Discusses Korn’s New Album Title “The Nothing”

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Jonathan Davis opened up about the title of Korn’s new album “The Nothing“ (out September 13). The singer seemed to suggest that the title was partly inspired by “The NeverEnding Story.”

Davis said the following:

“I was struggling with the thing that’s chasing me – that’s always fucking with me. I tried to give it a name and it just fit. I know it’s from ‘The NeverEnding Story‘ – The Nothing was coming to destroy the fairytale land with ‘Atreyu‘. I love that movie, but it was somewhere in-between.

The Nothing’s not necessarily evil evil – it’s a mixture, and I’m all about balance. In my house I’ve got crosses of Jesus everywhere and Baphomets everywhere – I’m in the middle, I’m Switzerland. I always thought there are two things I know for sure in the universe – there’s a positive and a negative.

I tend to be intrigued more by the dark side – I’ve collected a lot of dark things, seen some crazy shit – but when all that shit went down with Deven and my son, it seemed like the powers that be were keeping me from making the record.

I sound crazy when I talk about it, but one thing after another would happen – my mics would break, stuff at the studio would break, things would happen at home… Whatever it was, it was keeping me from doing what I was doing. It’s always been the case with me.”

Jonathan Davis Recording Vocals For New Korn Album

Korn’s new album isn’t expected to be released until fall 2019, but it appears frontman Jonathan Davis is already tracking vocals for the effort. He confirmed the news in the below post, while also thanking fans for their support following the death of his wife Deven.

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Appears In New Video For Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak” Show

Korn’s Jonathan Davis is featured in a new video for Criss Angel’s new “Mindfreak” production. The clip, which is set to Davis’ solo track “Basic Needs”, will be used to introduce the magician’s alter ego Xristos during shows at Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The production is set to open on December 19 and it will also feature Davis’ “What It Is.” You can check out the video over at Variety.

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Says The Band’s New Material Is “Very Groove-Oriented”

During a recent interview with DOMKcast, Jonathan Davis talked a bit about Korn’s upcoming album. He said the following:

“It’s going great. We’re recording in Nashville, and I’m gonna start working on some stuff when I get home. And when it’s done, it’s done. We’re taking our time on this one. And the stuff that I’ve heard that we’re recording is very groove-oriented. It’s gonna be a good record. I’m really excited to get home and start singing on it.”


[via Blabbermouth]

Jonathan Davis (Korn) Premieres “Basic Needs” Music Video

Korn‘s Jonathan Davis has premiered a new video for his song “Basic Needs.” This track is from his solo album “Black Labyrinth.” Davis commented:

“Basic Needs is essentially as close as I get to writing a love song. It also gave me a chance to explore different instruments and styles of world music, and step outside of what may be considered ‘the norm.’ The two other videos I’ve released for this record have been telling a story in reverse. This video continues that pattern.”

DevilDriver & Wednesday 13 Added To 2018 New Year’s Eve Ozzfest

DevilDriver and Wednesday 13 have been added to the special New Year’s Eve edition of Ozzfest. They will be joining Zakk Sabbath on the outdoor second stage. The event will take place at The Forum in Inglewood, CA on December 31 and the main stage will feature Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis (Korn), and Body Count.

Korn’s Jonathan Davis On Returning To The Stage Shortly After His Wife’s Death: “Playing For People Is My Therapy”

On September 12 at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA, Korn took the stage for the first time since the tragic death of Jonathan Davis’ estranged wife Deven and the singer broke down while performing her favorite song “4 U.” Now, during an interview with Two Doods Reviews, he was asked about the emotional moment and if returning to the stage was therapeutic. He responded with the following:

“It’s what I do, man. It’s how I deal with things that go on in my life. Out here is my therapy — playing for people is my therapy.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Etc. Set For 2018 New Year’s Eve Ozzfest

Ozzy Osbourne has announced a special New Year’s Eve edition of Ozzfest. The event will take place at The Forum in Inglewood, CA on December 31 and it will feature Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis (Korn), and Body Count. According to Rolling Stone, there will also be a second stage featuring Zakk Sabbath and more to be announced. Osbourne commented:

“I asked Sharon what we’re doing this New Year’s Eve and she said ‘WE’RE DOING FUCK ALL! So I thought ‘we didn’t do Ozzfest in 2018, so let’s do a New Year’s Eve Ozzfest.’”

Sharon Osbourne added:

“What better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than with some of the greatest performers in this genre and our longtime friends Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis and Ice-T“

Members Of Korn, Godsmack, Deftones, Etc. Pay Tribute To Vinnie Paul During Special Set At Aftershock Festival

A number of musicians took part in a special tribute for the late Vinnie Paul Abbott (Pantera, HELLYEAH) during the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA yesterday (October 13). You can see some fan-filmed footage from the set below. Among those who perfomed were Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Godsmack‘s Sully Erna and Tony Rombola, HELLYEAH‘s Kyle Sanders, Deftones‘ Stephen Carpenter, Act Of Defiance‘s Chris Broderick (ex-Megadeth), Sevendust‘s Clint Lowery and John Connolly, Shinedown‘s Zach Myers, GWAR‘s Blothar and Pustulus Maximus, Kyng‘s Pepe Clarke and Eddie Veliz, Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri, Hyro The Hero and more. It’s also worth noting that Abbott’s drum set was used for the set.