David Draiman On Disturbed’s Upcoming EP: “It’s Sounding Somewhere Between ‘The Sickness’ And ‘Ten Thousand Fists’”

During a recent interview with Revolver, Disturbed’s David Draiman discussed the band’s upcoming EP. According to him, the new material is “sounding somewhere between ‘The Sickness‘ and ‘Ten Thousand Fists‘.”

Draiman said the following:

“We’ve come up with some unbelievable new material that is just pummeling and rhythmic and aggressive and anthemic and poly-syncopated — Disturbed 101, everything people fell in love with us for in the first place. It has really been a wonderful past couple of weeks, especially after two years of being apart, not being able to really create. You can create over Zoom or some shit like that but it’s not the same, that inspiration in the moment in front of each other — the magic, energy and electricity that occurs — nothing really compares to it. It was a welcome rush back into the system. Fucking amazing. It’s sounding somewhere between ‘The Sickness‘ and ‘Ten Thousand Fists‘, for sure.”

He later continued:

“I missed the old-school stuff. We had this amazing breakthrough with ‘The Sound Of Silence.’ We tried delving a little bit deeper into that pool of water with ‘Evolution‘ for half the record. I enjoyed the hell out of all the balladry. I dug my teeth into it. It was nice to be able to use different textures and take my voice to different places and to have a different dynamic to the [live] set where there’s highs and lows.

At one moment we had a sea of people in a mosh pit, and the next moment people are bawling their eyes out. It became a necessary addition to our repertoire. But given the tumult of the past couple of years and everything all of us have been feeling, when the guys asked me where I wanted to go, I didn’t hesitate for a minute: We gotta go old school. We’ve got to go back to where we came from.”

He also added the following about choosing to release an EP instead of an album:

“…I’m determined to not put a full album out. We put all of our heart and soul into every single song we create. And to write 10 songs for three of them to get worked at radio and recognized and remembered by the fans, and then for the other seven to sit on a shelf collecting dust — why? There’s no point in that anymore. So for the next couple, it’ll be about five or six tracks at a time.

We live in a society and environment now where people consume things bit by bit. You can’t fight it. And as much as I selfishly appreciate the concept album or telling an entire story, I can’t force that on people who don’t want to accept it. I’m okay with each individual song telling its own story at this point, and just accepting things as they are.”

Nita Strauss Becomes First Lead Solo Female Artist To Hit The Top 10 On Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay Chart Since 1995

According to Billboard, Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) is the first lead solo female artist to hit the top 10 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay chart since 1995. The guitarist achieved the feat with her latest single “Dead Inside.” That track features Disturbed frontman David Draiman and it can be found below:

David Draiman Says Disturbed Are “Probably Gonna Be Doing Two Separate Releases” Instead Of A “Traditional Full-Length” Album

During a recent interview with Lou Brutus of HardDrive Radio, Disturbed’s David Draiman further discussed the band’s new material. According to him, the group are “probably gonna be doing two separate releases” instead of a “traditional full-length” album.

Draiman said the following:

“It’s on in a big, big, big fucking way. It really, really is. I mean, we are so genuinely excited.

They asked me going in, ‘Where do you wanna go with this?’ And I’m, like, ‘I wanna go back. I wanna go back to our meat and potatoes. I wanna go back to where we came from.’

The week in between the Indiana shows and the [Welcome To Rockville] show was amazing. We pumped out six new DISTURBED songs. They are rhythmic, they are anthemic, they are polysyncopated, they are meat-and-potatoes DISTURBED. It’s somewhere between ‘The Sickness’ and ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ as far as vibe. And it’s can’t-stop-but-bob-your-head kind of thing. I couldn’t be more happy. And we’re so genuinely excited that we don’t wanna wait. We’re gonna track it after the New Year. We’re guns blazing right now.”

He continued when asked if the band have chosen a producer yet:

“We’re still trying to suss all that out. We’ve written with a couple of guys. We’re trying to just kind of go wherever we’re gonna be able to find a little spark of inspiration here and there. So we’re still trying to suss everything out.

The way that I see it happening is we’re probably not gonna put out something in the traditional full-length; we’re probably gonna be doing two separate releases. So we’ll probably have one geared for release — if everything works as planned — by the fall, and then maybe something the following year as well.”

Draiman also added the following when asked if the new releases will be EPs:

“Define it what you want, but it would like five or six songs at a pop — something like that. We live in an environment right now and in an age where people’s consumption of music has been very soundbitish and very track-driven and very single-driven. And there’s definitely some beauty towards continuing to try and [make] things like concept records and telling a long story over the duration of a series of songs — there’s huge merit to that — but I think that when you write 10 songs and three of them actually get worked at radio and maybe, if you’re lucky, the fans are really familiar with half the record and the rest ends up sitting on a shelf, and if you do end up pulling it out one day, it’s like an obscure, weird moment during the set, and it’s almost like gratuitous for yourself. I don’t wanna do that anymore. I wanna make everything count. I wanna make sure that we get the biggest bang for everything we’re putting out there. I think that that should be easily attainable. It seems to be where the environment is going, and it seems to be — whether we like it or not — what the digital age has funneled us into.”

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Watch Nita Strauss Perform “Dead Inside” Live With Disturbed’s David Draiman In West Hollywood, CA

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) was joined onstage by David Draiman (Disturbed) during her November 18 show at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. You can see footage of the duo performing their collaborative track, “Dead Inside,” below:

Disturbed Singer David Draiman On Mastodon Guitarist Brent Hinds’ Negative Comments: “It Was Surprising, To Say The Least”

As previously reported, Mastodon guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds recently made headlines after using homophobic language while discussing his disdain for touring with Disturbed. Now, Disturbed frontman David Draiman has shared his thoughts on the situation, saying that the comments were “surprising, to say the least.”

Draiman told Loudwire Nights the following:

“You know, I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for the Mastodon guys. I have been a fan since day one, I continue to be a fan. I think that there’s just too much mutual respect and admiration. And they knew it — they knew we liked them. We were cool with each other throughout our touring times together. We’re genuine fans.”

He also added:

“It was surprising, to say the least. And you know what Brent? I hope that — just know from my end — I bare no ill will, and if at any given point in time those guys are somewhere and we can break bread or have a drink together, I’m always down. I don’t hold it against them or him or anything. Too often, these things are made more of than they really should be. Everything is trying to pit one musician against another musician. Who knows? Maybe he was having a bad day and maybe it is like what the Mastodon guys said. Who knows? God knows I haven’t had all glorious moments in my past in the press, so everybody’s human and I don’t begrudge anyone. It’s all good.”

David Draiman Says Disturbed Are Working On “Amazing New Material”

During a recent interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF, David Draiman offered an update on the new music that the band are currently working on. According to him, the new material is “pretty amazing.”

Draiman said the following:

“We spent the past week [or] two coming up with some pretty amazing new DISTURBED material that we are very, very excited about. There’s nothing like playing live to inspire you, and it definitely seemed like it broke the seal. And now we’re all guns blazing. We’re very, very excited.”

“We have about six to eight skeletal song structures and ideas. So, like progressions and melodies. No actual definitive lyrics finalized yet. It’s very much in infancy. But we can already tell from the combination of riffs and melodies and rhythms that a bunch of these ideas are just as good [as] or better than anything we’ve done. It’s right in the zone of traditional DISTURBED — it’s rhythmic, powerful, syncopated, anthemic. It’s exactly what we were kind of thirsting for.”

The frontman also explained why the band chose not to work on new music during their coronavirus downtime:

“Everybody had their own basket of wonderful stuff to deal with during the past couple of years. I think that we needed to spend more time focusing on our families for ourselves during that particular period of time. We didn’t have a whole lot of ability to come together as a band to create; there was just too much going on in everybody’s respective situation. So now that the smoke is clearing and things are starting to crawl back toward some sense of normalcy together with, again, re-embracing the live experience, it’s very refreshing. And we couldn’t be more inspired.”

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Disturbed’s David Draiman To Join Nita Strauss Onstage During West Hollywood, CA Show

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc ) has revealed that David Draiman (Disturbed) will be joining her onstage during her November 18 show at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. The two will be performing their recently released collaborative track “Dead Inside.” If you have yet to hear that song, you can find a video for it below. You can also find the dates for Strauss’ solo tour HERE.

Disturbed To Begin Writing New Material

David Draiman has confirmed that Disturbed are planning to start writing new material in the near future. The frontman told Rock 95.5 the following:

“I’m very, very much looking forward to this next run because in between the Hard Rock dates and our festival [‘Welcome To Rockville‘] that we’re playing in Daytona Beach, we plan to kind of start writing again. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been dying — as I’ve been saying in the press on numerous occasions — I’ve been dying to write more new Disturbed material. And I think now everybody is finally in the headspace to do it. And I can’t wait.”

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Disturbed’s David Draiman Says He Is “Very Much Looking Forward” To Working On New Music

During a recent interview on the DW Presents Twitch channel, Disturbed’s David Draiman offered an update on the band’s plans for new music. The frontman says he is “very much looking forward to writing with the guys.”

Draiman said the following:

“I’m very much looking forward to writing with the guys during the downtime in between [gigs]. We have plans to do so. I’m itching — I’ve been itching to do it for a very long time, to get back with the guys that are my writing partners for life.”

He continued when asked if the group have to be in the same room to work on new material:

“No, but it’s always best. I mean, you can do it remotely, [but] it’s not recommended for anybody. You’ve gotta have vibe and energy and be in front of the person at some point… It’s always preferred to be in person.”

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Nita Strauss Premieres Music Video For New Song “Dead Inside” Featuring Disturbed’s David Draiman

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) has premiered a new video for her new song “Dead Inside.” This track features Disturbed’s David Draiman and it is expected to appear on the guitarist’s upcoming solo album.

Strauss commented:

“This is my first time releasing my own music with a vocalist, and I am so honored to take this step alongside a legend like David Draiman. David’s voice and powerful lyrics took this song to a level I could never have imagined! And we are so excited to unleash this song on the world.”

Draiman added:

“Serendipity can be really cool. We’ve been friends for years. Nita sent me the track… I didn’t have time to work on it right away… then, in literally a couple of days, while killing time in Santa Monica, the whole thing just came together. Incredibly proud of how it turned out and honored to be a part of it.”