French Olympic Figure Skaters Perform To Disturbed’s Cover Of “The Sound Of Silence”

During their February 14 routine at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea, French figure skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres performed along to Disturbed‘s cover of Simon And Garfunkel‘s “The Sound Of Silence.” You can see footage of that below:


New Studio Video Seems To Confirm That Disturbed Are Working On Their Promised Acoustic EP

Disturbed have shared a new studio video from their recent sessions with producer Kevin Churko. You can check that out below. The clip seems to confirm that the band are working on their promised acoustic EP.

Disturbed Reveal Producer For New Album

Disturbed have confirmed that they working with producer Kevin Churko on their new album. The band have been recording the effort at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

#disturbedones Photos by @chopemdownfilms

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Disturbed Appear To Be Back In The Studio

It looks like Disturbed are back in the studio. The band shared the below photo with the with the caption: “Getting started… #disturbedones.”

Getting started… #disturbedones Photo by @chopemdownfilms

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Disturbed’s Cover Of “The Sound Of Silence” Featured In New NASA Video

Disturbed‘s cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s “The Sound Of Silence” has been used for a new NASA video featuring footage filmed from the International Space Station during Expedition 53. The track has become quite popular since its release in 2015, and has even gone double platinum in the United States.


Disturbed’s New Acoustic EP Will Feature New Material

It looks like Disturbed’s new acoustic EP will include some new material. David Draiman revealed the news during a press conference before the band’s show in Moscow.

Draiman said the following:

“Well, we’re still working on it. We haven’t really set a timeframe in stone. We’d like to kind of have as much time as we need to get it to the point that we’re as confident in it as we can possibly be, that we see the songs through to their fruition. And the answer to your question, yes, there will be new original material — original acoustic pieces — as well as acoustic versions of existing songs within the catalog.”


Disturbed Working On An Acoustic EP

It looks like Disturbed are working on a new acoustic EP. David Draiman revealed the news in a recent interview with


He said the following:

“Well, the plan at this particular point in time is to take a little bit of time off, spend some time with our families, get some personal stuff done. We have an acoustic EP that we’re working on. That’s something we’ve wanted to do for years that we just never had the time or the opportunity to. So that we’ll be working on in between our LP releases. And then probably 2018 we will head back into the studio to record the next record and hopefully have a release sometime in late 2018 and hit the road 2019 again.”