Disturbed Team Up With Puck Hcky For New Merch Collection

Disturbed have teamed up with hockey-themed brand Puck Hcky for a new merch collection. You can see what they have to offer HERE. Matt Marini, CEO of Puck Hcky, said the following about the collaboration:

“Disturbed has been absolutely crushing it with fans for years and have been a huge part of people’s musical lives with such great songs. Whenever you hear a Disturbed song or record, you get sucked in because they have such a knack for writing such powerful tunes that stick with you. They also hail from a true hockey city… Chicago! We here at Puck Hcky could not be more fired-up to be releasing this collection with them, and there is more to come! Should you ever get to the Puck Hcky store, be prepared to hear Disturbed playing while you shop!”

Disturbed Announce November Shows With Staind & Pop Evil

Disturbed have announced some November headlining shows with Staind and Pop Evil. Here’s the dates:

11/04 Gary, IN – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (feat. Pop Evil)
11/06 Evansville, IN – Ford Center (feat. Pop Evil)
11/10 Charlotte, NC – Spectrum Center (feat. Staind & Pop Evil)

Disturbed Team Up With Incendium And Heavy Metal Entertainment For New Comic Book Series

Disturbed have teamed up with Incendium and Heavy Metal Entertainment to create a new comic book series based on their mascot “The Guy.” The five-part series will be called “Dark Messiah” and its first issue will be released in July.

More details were shared in a press release:

“Disturbed, Incendium, and Heavy Metal Entertainment announce the launch of Dark Messiah, a five-part comic book series. Published under Heavy Metal Entertainment and Incendium’s music-focused OPUS imprint, the story was conceptualized by Incendium CEO Llexi Leon and Tim Seeley (Nightwing, Hack/Slash) and written by Seeley, with illustrations by Ángel Hernández (Arrow, Star Trek), and cover artwork by Ryan Christensen.

Dark Messiah takes place in the not so distant future, as firefighter Griffin DeSanto finds himself a man out of time, stumbling into a harsh world of poverty, automation, and subjugation. Technology rules and a tech empire built on suffering keeps the population in check through surveillance and mechanized policing. Though lost, Griffin is never alone. He was brought here for a reason, and The Vengeful One is his guide.

The iconic character and beloved mascot “The Guy” has been the faceless “face” of Disturbed for over 20 years. This will be the first dive into The Guy‘s power’s, history and lore, as we see him as The Vengeful One. “The Guy” has been featured in multiple Disturbed music videos, including starring in Todd McFarlane’s Disturbed: Land of Confusion animated music video, and in cover artwork for the band.

The Guy’s origin was in album artwork for Disturbed’s 2000’s The Sickness, shown as a creepy smile with big teeth. After that, his first full-blown appearance was in the album artwork for Ten Thousand Fists, where he was shown as a character with the same creepy, smiling face, cloaked by a hood, with an outfit made up of torn cloak and multiple chains, pumping his fist into the sky.

“Ever since ‘The Guy’ made his debut 20 years ago his evolution and transformation has only grown. We are excited to take ‘The Guy’ to the next level and bring his story to the forefront via both the comic book series and action figures. We can’t wait to share this next chapter with all of you,” the band Disturbed said in a statement about their Disturbed: Dark Messiah series.

Writer Tim Seeley, who is also the editor-in-chief of Heavy Metal Magazine, added: “the guys in Disturbed have a lot of the same influences I do…horror movies, 90s superhero comics, punk music, and an interest in humanity and the fight against oppression. So, we’ve teamed up to give a story to ‘The Guy’, and it’s going to be a savage horror epic about heroism, hope and a whole lot of teeth and chains.”

“Disturbed’s powerhouse of a mascot was destined for comics and we’re thrilled to be developing the dystopian world of their immortal anti-hero, exploring the roots of his power, and digging into the rich history that’s been teased to date through the bands iconic album artwork and music videos. With flames and chains in abundance, ‘The Guy’ action figure was also a must have, so we’re realizing that out of the gate alongside issue one!” said Llexi Leon, CEO Incendium.

Dark Messiah begins as a 5-issue comic series; the first print edition of each issue will be released as a prestige-format limited edition collectible comic book, featuring cardstock covers, specialty foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering https://incendium.online/collections/disturbed. The first issue is available to order now and ships in July 2021.

Disturbed’s Dark Messiah will extend beyond the printed page into toys, apparel, and collectibles, including an action figure of “The Guy”.

The Vengeful One, The Dark Messiah, The Guy! A cosmic demon born of ancient magic, his spirit was bound to our world and buried deep beneath the sands, awaiting a suitable host with a righteous cause. Soon his vengeance will be unleashed, swift retribution is coming for the corrupt and powerful that plague our society.

FigBiz officially licensed action figures are the perfect addition to any collection, inspired by the ultimate era of Saturday morning cartoons!

Accessories Include:
•12 points of articulation.
•Ancient Chains of imprisonment
•Chain Whip
•Rune Base
•Second set of hands

Ages 15 and up.

Please note this item is for pre-order and will ship October 2021!”

Disturbed Officially Cancel “The Sickness” 20th Anniversary Tour With Staind & Bad Wolves

Disturbed have officially cancelled their “The Sickness” 20th anniversary tour with Staind and Bad Wolves due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band commented:

“Disturbed Ones – It is with great disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of The Sickness 20th Anniversary Tour dates that were rescheduled for this summer. We, like all of you, were very much looking forward to rocking out together again, after a year’s delay. We’ve waited to see if we could play the shows and by now, we had hoped there would be more clarity and a clearer direction as how to make this possible. Unfortunately, as the tour takes us to different cities and states with a variety of unclear restrictions, it becomes unfeasible to move forward. We felt waiting any longer and canceling last minute, especially after you all have waited this long, would be unfair. For those who purchased tickets, there is nothing further you need to do – refunds will automatically be issued at your point of purchase. We want to thank all our fans for your wonderful support, and we look forward to the time when we can all be together.”

Disturbed’s Music Publishing Catalog And Master Royalty Stream Acquired By Primary Wave Music Publishing

Primary Wave Music Publishing has officially acquired Disturbed’s music publishing catalog and master royalty stream. The deal will also include access to the publishing firm’s marketing team and publishing infrastructure. Robert Dippold, partner and president, digital strategy for Primary Wave Music Publishing, said the following about that:

“Over the past twenty years, Disturbed’s genre-defining music has broken down barriers with their iconic sound, instantly-recognizable melodies and uncanny ability to reimagine songs with an aggressive swagger all their own. The band has done a tremendous job building a rabid community and brand around their music, as evidenced by their five consecutive number one albums and sold out world tours. We are thrilled to welcome them to our family and cannot wait to jump in and do what we do best — build upon their legacy and continue to position Disturbed as one of the premiere hard rock acts.”

Disturbed Release “Down With The Sickness” Gin In Germany

Disturbed have released their own “Down With The Sickness” gin in Germany. The spirit is limited to 666 bottles and it can be purchased HERE. A description of the drink can be found below:

“Strictly limited and super strong, that’s the Down With The Sickness Gin from Disturbed. It is characterized by a fresh note of juniper, lemon balm and cardamom, combined with angelkika root and gentian, as well as subtle fruity touches of lemon and bitter orange. Like Disturbed itself, the gin is characterized by its strength of 66.6%. We only recommend it for die-hard fans.”

David Draiman Says Disturbed’s New Music Will Be “Blisteringly Angry”

During a recent interview with Loudwire, David Draiman talked a bit about his plans for new Disturbed music. The frontman said the following: “I can pretty much guarantee you it’s going to be blisteringly angry. It’s coming, don’t worry.” He then went on to discuss their recently released cover of Sting‘s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You“:

“It was fun, I love doing that kind of stuff. And we’ll do it again at some point, but I’ll tell you — the thing I am dying to do is not a cover. I’m dying to sink my teeth into some new, original, angry, ferocious, brutal material. I’ve had enough.”

Disturbed Premiere Video For Their Cover Of Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”

Disturbed have premiered a new video for their cover of Sting‘s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.” The band said the following about the track:

“We have loved this song for a long time, and even though it was released in 1993, it seems strangely applicable to today’s world. The song is about losing faith, and might initially sound pessimistic, but it’s about the importance and power of personal relationships, and how they can save you and provide solace in an increasingly confusing world.”

Disturbed To Release Cover Of Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” This Week

Disturbed will be releasing a cover of Sting‘s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” this Friday (September 11). The track will be accompanied by a new video directed by Matt Mahurin.

My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Tool, Guns N’ Roses, Etc. Received Pandemic Assistance Loans

Earlier this year, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Treasury launched the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to give loans to businesses to help them pay their employees amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to a new report, $660 billion was given out to 600,000 companies including ones owned by Slipknot, Green Day, Tool, My Chemical Romance, Guns N’ Roses, Disturbed, Eagles, Nickelback, Papa Roach, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Cheap Trick, and more. One of the aforementioned artists, My Chemical Romance, told Rolling Stone the following about their decision to take a PPP loan:

“Like most tours that were happening this year, My Chemical Romance’s world tour was cancelled. MCR received PPP money to ensure their crew is funded in these times of uncertainty until we are able to be out on the road again. We are so grateful to these skilled, dedicated people – some of them are parents, others caretakers, still others who simply have rent to pay – and this money helps them take care of themselves and their families.”