Disturbed’s Dan Donegan On Upcoming Collaboration With Heart’s Ann Wilson: “It Just Came Together Great”

During an interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF, Disturbed’s Dan Donegan discussed the band’s new song “Don’t Tell Me.” The track, which features Heart’s Ann Wilson, is from the band’s new album “Divisive” (out November 18) and Donegan says it “came together great.”

Donegan said the following:

“Early in our career, we wanted to really establish ourselves without having any guests. We didn’t really talk about it much, but just [felt], ‘This is the band.’ Not that we were ever against it, but this far along in our career… We’re always pushing ourselves, trying to do stuff that’s different musically. And there’s so much talent out there and so many people we would love to do collaborations with now or later in our career.

Ann Wilson had mentioned before — she tweeted about us before. A few years back, somebody asked her in an interview or whatever if there’s anything new out there, or newer, musically that she’s heard that she’s fan of, and she mentioned she really loved our version of [SIMON & GARFUNKEL’s] ‘The Sound Of Silence’. And that kind of opened the door to a social media friendship between her and David [Draiman] a bit. And then when we wrote this song, it just seemed like it would lend itself to Ann’s voice and then trying to see that merge between her and David’s voices together. She jumped on the opportunity. Immediately she responded, and we were, like, ‘Holy shit. She just said yes to this.'”

He also added:

“I can’t give it away, but their voices, it’s like Fergie and Jesus — a little ‘Step Brothers’ [2008 movie] quote there… It was a pretty magical moment to be in the room and to hear the two of them harmonize together.

We tracked David’s vocals in Nashville, and we wanted to make it easy and convenient for her, ’cause we were, like, she said yes, she’s gonna do it. Let’s make it as easy as possible on her.’ We flew out to California to meet with her. We went into a studio out there for just a couple of hours, and she sang against David’s tracks. And he was there kind of going over the harmonies with her and stuff too. So it was kind of a really magical moment to see the two of them working on those harmonies together. It was pretty impressive. And she’s such a pro, and she’s so damn good. She’s a legend. So it was pretty exciting. And it’s not like she sits there and jumps on people’s albums either, so we take that as a badge of honor to think that there’s not many times where somebody as big a legend as she is that she would jump on any album. She doesn’t have to, and she chose to be on this one. And she loves the track. And it just came together great.”

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Watch Disturbed Perform “Unstoppable” Live For The First Time

During their September 24 set at the Riff Fest in Clarkston, MI, Disturbed performed their latest single, “Unstoppable,“ live for the first time. You can find some fan-filmed footage of that below. The track will appear on the band’s new album “Divisive,” which is set to be released on November 18.

Disturbed To Release New Album “Divisive” In November, Premiere New Song “Unstoppable”

Disturbed will be releasing their new album, “Divisive,” on November 18. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“Divisive” Track Listing:

01. “Hey You”
02. “Bad Man”
03. “Divisive”
04. “Unstoppable”
05. “Love To Hate”
06. “Feeding The Fire”
07. “Don’t Tell Me” (feat. Heart’s Ann Wilson)
08. “Take Back Your Life”
09. “Part Of Me”
10. “Won’t Back Down”

Singer David Draiman said the following about the album:

“Partisan tribal warfare has become a part of our regular existence nowadays. It’s one big battle of the cliques. The whole idea of the record is to be a wakeup call for everyone. Our society has become addicted to outrage. Music is the best cure for what ails us though. If only everyone reached out and used it. There’s no better environment to forget about all of this shit than live music. We can be together and realize we have more in common than not. Recognize what’s happening and let’s make a change for the better.”

Guitarist Dan Donegan continued:

“Whatever it takes, we’ve got to pull it together. We’ve always tried to take negative topics and spin them in a positive light. From touring around the world, we’ve seen the power of music as the universal language to bring everyone together from all walks of life. We can still play songs to unite people, and it’s a pretty powerful feeling.”

The effort’s latest single, “Unstoppable,” can be found below. Draiman had the following to say about that track:

“‘Unstoppable’ is definitely one of the heavier tracks on the record. The groove builds into a bombastic animal. It’s truly the fight song.”

Donegan added:

“We always have a big rock anthem on every album,” Donegan commented. “We love to write empowering songs for motivation. We’re avid sports fans, and that’s definitely part of it. It’s an in-your-face track, for sure.”

Disturbed Premiere “Hey You” Music Video

Disturbed have premiered a new video for their new song “Hey You.” This track serves as the first single from the band’s upcoming album, which is expected to be released in November. David Draiman commented:

“It’s a wake up call. We’ve become our own worst enemies. Civil discourse has become the exception instead of the norm. People have lost themselves in outrage addiction.”

Disturbed Tease “Hey You” Music Video

Disturbed have shared a teaser for their new song/video “Hey You.” The full video will be released on July 14. The track will serve as the first single from the band’s upcoming album, which is expected to be released in November.

Disturbed To Release New Song “Hey You” Next Week

Disturbed will be releasing a new song titled “Hey You” on July 14. The track will serve as the first single from the band’s upcoming album, which is currently expected to be released in November.

Disturbed Teasing New Music

Disturbed have started teasing new music from their upcoming album. That effort is expected to be released in November with a single set to arrive later this month.

Disturbed Film New Music Video

Disturbed recently filmed a music video for one of the new songs from their upcoming album. Members of the band shared the below photos from the shoot:

David Draiman On Disturbed’s New Album: “It’s About 90 Percent Heavy As Fuck”

During Disturbed’s May 21 show in Camden, NJ, frontman David Draiman talked a bit about the band’s upcoming album. He said the following:

“We have a new record that will soon be released. And it’s about 90 percent heavy as fuck. Now there’s still 10 percent of caring, loving goodness [laughs] — 10 percent. Hey, for everybody that fell in love with ‘The Sound Of Silence’ [SIMON & GARFUNKEL] cover, I figured, you know… But the rest of it? ‘Sickness’-, ‘Ten Thousand Fists’-era DISTURBED, for sure. You excited about that? ‘Cause I’ll tell you we’re really fucking excited about it.”

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Disturbed, Lamb Of God, Chevelle, & New Medicine Set For 2022 Summerfest

Disturbed, Lamb Of God, Chevelle, and New Medicine will be performing at American Family Insurance Amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI on June 30 as part of this year’s Summerfest. Tickets will be available on May 13 at 10:00am CDT.