Corey Taylor On Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington: “Calling Them ‘Cowards’ Is A Very Immature Way Of Looking At It”

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) was recently interviewed by Loudwire, and opened up about the tragic suicides of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, etc.) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park). During the chat, he made a point to call out people who are referring to the two as “cowards,”saying it is an “immature way of looking at it.”

Taylor said the following:

“Calling them ‘cowards’ is a very immature way of looking at it. Obviously they’re hurt, which is why they’re lashing out and saying that. It’s the easy way to look at something like that because it makes you not have to face what a serious issue it is.

It’s easy for someone to label it like that so they can turn their back on it and pretend that it was something that didn’t happen to them, when inside they’re hurting. People who fight depression are almost in a constant state of hurting. it comes and goes, the tide rises, the tide ebbs. It’s hard to get past that break. I think people need to realize that not only is that immature, but it’s cop out. And it’s needlessly, needlessly simplifying a very real issue…”

He also added the following, after discussing his own depression:

“It is a goddamn tragedy. That does not make them cowards. I’ve even heard people recently say something to the fact of, ’It was bound to happen. This was always going to happen.’

And I’ve gotten so angry hearing that that I’ve gone on record saying, ‘You are absolutely wrong for saying that.’ No one… Suicide should not be a foregone conclusion. That means you’re not listening. You say you care about that person, that means you’re not listening.”

Taylor also offered some resources for those who are struggling:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Chris Cornell Statue To Be Erected In Seattle, WA

Chris Cornell’s (Soundgarden) widow Vicky Cornell has decided to memorialize her husband with a new statue in Seattle, WA. “He is Seattle’s son,” Vicky told The Seattle Times, “and we will be bringing him home and honoring him, I hope, with all of you, your love and support.” Wayne Toth, who previously made a memorial statue of Johnny Ramone, has been recruited to craft this one.


Listen To SOiL’s Cover Of Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage”

SOiL are streaming their cover of Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage”. The track, which was previously only available on MySpace in 2007, will be featured on the band’s greatest hits collection “Scream: The Essentials,” which will be released on September 15. This effort will come with the band’s essential songs, as well as various bonus tracks.

Childhaven Establish Music Therapy Program In Honor Of Chris Cornell

Nonprofit organization Childhaven have announced that they have established a new “Chris Cornell Therapy Music Program”, with $100,000 donated by Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell. The program, which focuses on therapeutic early learning for children who faced trauma, was announced today on what would have been the late vocalist’s 53rd birthday.


Vicky said the following:

“The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation is excited to join Childhaven to support its extraordinary work impacting the lives of those in need. Chris and I always shared a strong belief in the healing and inspiring power of music, and through Childhaven’s establishment of this program, we are able to keep the promise for Chris by continuing to protect the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Musician Brian Vogan, who runs music therapy at Childhaven, added:

“Because of what they’ve experienced, a lot of children come to Childhaven struggling with anger and other overwhelming emotions. Being able to beat on drums is really helpful for them. Other kids are very shy, and music helps to bring them out of their shell.”

Childhaven CEO Jon Botten also commented:

“We’re honored to preserve Chris Cornell’s memory with this program. Music has the power to engage, to delight, and to heal. Thanks to the Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation, more of our most vulnerable children will be able to use music to build the resilience they need to reach their full potential.”

In other news, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard (also of Temple Of The Dog) has shared a new tribute:

“I keep waking up in the middle of the night and remember, fresh again, that you are gone. An absence grows in my stomach and slowly turns circles like a far off galaxy on a grainy tv.
The same questions follow and my heart races…searching for reasons and what ifs..
I’m so selfishly sad that I’ll never get to see you again, never play with you again, never feel the bask of your approval or be part of your life.
We all miss you so much…it was always a given in my mind we would all spend more time together when we got older, we would play more music and love and be loved like we dreamed…this was your time and you shared it with us…thank you.
You were too much…
Your talent was jaw dropping…your songs, lyrics, your voice…how could you have all 3…
And then, the not so obvious…your wicked sense of humor and your playfulness…
all of us are heartsick and we will never get over losing you.
We hope you’re in peace and that your particles are mutating and transforming in harmony with nature. We wish your family our utmost condolences and sympathies.

We love you Chris,
Happy Birthday”

Chris Cornell’s Widow Vicky Says That He “Was Not A Depressed Man”

Chris Cornell‘s (Soundgarden, etc.) widow Vicky Cornell was recently interviewed by People about her husband’s death. During the chat, she reiterated the fact that the prescription drugs in his system likely led to his suicide, due to impaired judgement. She also said the following : “My Chris was happy, loving, caring and warm. This was not a depressed man—it wasn’t like I missed that. What I missed were the signs of addiction.” She further said: “He didn’t want to die. If he was of sound mind, I know he wouldn’t have done this,” and that “Addiction is a disease” that “can take over you and has full power.” You can read the full interview at People.


Watch Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) Sing Soundgarden & Temple Of The Dog Songs At Chris Cornell Tribute Concert

Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) teamed up with Amos Heller (Taylor Swift), Bryan Wickmann (ex-Seether), Christopher Williams (Accept), Meta Dead (The Dead Deads), Brandon Bruce (Time Trap), etc. at the special “Say Hello 2 Heaven” Chris Cornell tribute concert on June 23 at The Basement East in Nashville, TN. You can see footage of Hale singing Temple Of The Dog’s “Hunger Strike” and Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” at the event below:

The Late Chris Cornell To Be Featured On New Musical Album Of Johnny Cash’s Poems

Johnny Cash’s son John Carter Cash has revealed to Rolling Stone that he is putting together a new album featuring his late father’s poems backed by music. That effort, titled “Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music“, will feature a number of guests including the late Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, etc.)