Listen To Previously Unreleased Chris Cornell Song “When Bad Does Good” From New Career Retrospective

The late Chris Cornell’s previously unreleased song “When Bad Does Good” has officially been released. The track will appear on his posthumous career retrospective, which will be available on November 16. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Cornell‘s widow, Vicky said the following about the new release:

“Since Chris’ sudden passing I have put all my efforts and energy into sharing his music and legacy with his fans from all over the world. I felt we needed to create a special collection to represent all of him – the friend, husband and father, the risk taker and innovator, the poet and artist. His soaring vocals found their way into the hearts and souls of so many. His voice was his vision and his words were his peace. This album is for his fans.”

There will be a few different formats, including a super deluxe edition, which will feature all of the following:

– 4 CDs, 1 DVD, 7 x 180g Audiophile black LPs
– 88 total tracks / 64 audio tracks (11 unreleased) / 24 videos (2 unreleased)
– 66-page hard cover photo book wrapped in linen with red foil signature
– Liner notes by Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Tom Morello, Mike McCready and Brendan O’Brien
– Creative direction by Jeff Ament
– 3 x 12”x12” Artist lithos
– 3 x 12”x12” Photochromatic lithos – under direct sunlight the ink is activated and the complete image will appear. **Depending on your location and UV index intensity actual results may vary**
– Vinyl turntable mat
– Microfiber vinyl cleaning cloth
– 36”x48” Wall poster

Here’s the track listing for the super deluxe version:

CD 1:

01 – “Hunted Down” (Soundgarden)
02 – “Kingdom Of Come” (Soundgarden)
03 – “Flower” (Soundgarden)
04 – “All Your Lies” (Soundgarden)
05 – “Loud Love” (Soundgarden)
06 – “Hands All Over” (Soundgarden)
07 – “Say Hello 2 Heaven” (Temple Of The Dog)
08 – “Hunger Strike” (Temple Of The Dog)
09 – “Outshined” (Soundgarden)
10 – “Rusty Cage” (Soundgarden)
11 – “Seasons”
12 – “Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)” (M.A.C.C.)
13 – “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden)
14 – “Spoonman” (Soundgarden)
15 – “Dusty” (Soundgarden)
16 – “Burden In My Hand” (Soundgarden)

CD 2:

01 – “Sunshower”
02 – “Sweet Euphoria”
03 – “Can’t Change Me”
04 – “Like A Stone” (Audioslave)
05 – “Cochise” (Audioslave)
06 – “Be Yourself” (Audioslave)
07 – “Doesn’t Remind Me” (Audioslave)
08 – “Revelations” (Audioslave)
09 – “Shape Of Things To Come” (Audioslave)
10 – “You Know My Name”
11 – “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson cover)
12 – “Long Gone” (Rock Version)
13 – “Scream”
14 – “Part Of Me” (Steve Aoki remix)
15 – “Ave Maria” (with Eleven)

CD 3:

01 – “Promise” (Slash feat. Chris Cornell)
02 – “Whole Lotta Love” (Santana feat. Chris Cornell)
03 – “Call Me A Dog” (Live Acoustic)
04 – “Imagine” (Live Acoustic)
05 – “I Am The Highway” (Live Acoustic)
06 – “The Keeper”
07 – “Been Away Too Long” (Soundgarden)
08 – “Live To Rise” (Soundgarden)
09 – “Lies” (Gabin feat. Chris Cornell & Ace)
10 – “Misery Chain” (feat. Joy Williams)
11 – “Storm” (Soundgarden)
12 – “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”
13 – “Only These Words”
14 – “Our Time In The Universe”
15 – “’Til The Sun Comes Back Around”
16 – “Stay With Me Baby”
17 – “The Promise”
18 – “When Bad Does Good” (previously unreleased)

CD 4:

01 – “Into The Void (Sealth)” (Live at the Paramount) (Soundgarden)
02 – “Mind Riot” (Live at the Paramount) (Soundgarden)
03 – “Nothing To Say” (Live in Seattle) (Soundgarden)
04 – “Jesus Christ Pose” (Live in Oakland) (Soundgarden)
05 – “Show Me How To” Live (Live in Cuba) (Audioslave) (previously unreleased)
06 – “Wide Awake” (Live in Sweden) (previously unreleased)
07 – “All Night Thing” (Live in Sweden) (previously unreleased)
08 – “Nothing Compares 2 U” (Live at SiriusXM) (previously unreleased)
09 – “One” (U2/Metallica cover) (Live at Beacon Theatre) (previously unreleased)
10 – “Reach Down” (Live at the Paramount) (Temple Of The Dog) (previously unreleased)
11 – “Stargazer” (Live at the Paramount) (Temple Of The Dog) (previously unreleased)
12 – “Wild World” (Live at Pantages Theatre) (Yusuf/Cat Stevens feat. Chris Cornell) (previously unreleased)
13 – “A Day In The Life” (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) (previously unreleased)
14 – “Redemption Song” (Live at Beacon Theatre) (feat. Toni Cornell) (previously unreleased)
15 – “Thank You” (Live in Sweden)

DVD (music videos):

01 – “Flower” (Soundgarden)
02 – “Loud Love” (Soundgarden)
03 – “Hunger Strike” (Temple Of The Dog)
04 – “Outshined” (Soundgarden)
05 – “Jesus Christ Pose” (Soundgarden)
06 – “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden)
07 – “Fell On Black Days” (Soundgarden)
08 – “Burden In My Hand” (Soundgarden)
09 – “Can’t Change Me”
10 – “Preaching The End Of The World”
11 – “Like A Stone” (Audioslave)
12 – “Cochise” (Audioslave)
13 – “Show Me How To Live” (Audioslave)
14 – “Be Yourself” (Audioslave)
15 – “Original Fire” (Audioslave)
16 – “Arms Around Your Love”
17 – “No Such Thing”
18 – “Part Of Me” (feat. Timbaland)
19 – “Long Gone” (Rock Version)
20 – “Scream” (Acoustic) (previously unreleased)
21 – “Live To Rise” (Soundgarden) (previously unreleased)
22 – “By Crooked Steps” (Soundgarden)
23 – “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” (Lyric Video)
24 – “The Promise”

LP 1:

A1 – “Hunted Down” (Soundgarden)
A2 – “Kingdom Of Come” (Soundgarden)
A3 – “Flower” (Soundgarden)
A4 – “All Your Lies” (Soundgarden)
A5 – “Loud Love” (Soundgarden)
A6 – “Hands All Over” (Soundgarden)

B1 – “Say Hello 2 Heaven” (Temple Of The Dog)
B2 – “Hunger Strike” (Temple Of The Dog)
B3 – “Outshined” (Soundgarden)
B4 – “Rusty Cage” (Soundgarden)

LP 2:

C1 – “Seasons”
C2 – “Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)” (M.A.C.C.)
C3. – “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden)
C4 – “Spoonman” (Soundgarden)

D1 – “Dusty” (Soundgarden)
D2 – “Burden In My Hand” (Soundgarden)
D3 – “Sunshower”
D4 – “Sweet Euphoria”

LP 3:

E1 – “Can’t Change Me”
E2 – “Like A Stone” (Audioslave)
E3 – “Cochise” (Audioslave)
E4 – “Be Yourself” (Audioslave)
E5 – “Doesn’t Remind Me” (Audioslave)

F1 – “Revelations” (Audioslave)
F2 – “Shape Of Things To Come” (Audioslave)
F3 – “You Know My Name”
F4 – “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson cover)
F5. – “Long Gone” (Rock Version)

LP 4:

G1 – “Scream”
G2 – “Part Of Me” (Steve Aoki Remix)
G3 – “Ave Maria” (with Eleven)
G4 – “Promise” (Slash feat. Chris Cornell)

H1 – “Whole Lotta Love” (Santana feat. Chris Cornell)
H2 – “Call Me A Dog” (Live Acoustic)
H3 – “Imagine” (Live Acoustic)
H4 – “I Am The Highway” (Live Acoustic)
H5 – “The Keeper”

LP 5:

I1 – “Been Away Too Long ” (Soundgarden)
I2 – “Live To Rise” (Soundgarden)
I3 – “Lies” (Gabin feat. Chris Cornell & Ace)
I4 – “Misery Chain” (feat. Joy Williams)
I5 – “Storm” (Soundgarden)

J1 – “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”
J2 – “Only These Words”
J3 – “Our Time In The Universe”
J4 – “Til The Sun Comes Back Around”
J5 – “Stay With Me Baby”

LP 6:

K1 – “The Promise”
K2 – “When Bad Does Good” (previously unreleased)
K3 – “Into The Void (Sealth)” (Live at the Paramount) (Soundgarden)
K4 – “Mind Riot” (Live at the Paramount) (Soundgarden)

L1 – “Nothing To Say” (Live in Seattle) (Soundgarden)
L2 – “Jesus Christ Pose” (Live in Oakland) (Soundgarden)
L3 – “Show Me How To Live” (Live in Cuba) (Audioslave) (previously unreleased)
L4 – “Wide Awake” (Live in Sweden) (previously unreleased)
L5 – “All Night Thing” (Live in Sweden) (previously unreleased)

LP 7:

M1 – “Nothing Compares 2 U” (Live at SiriusXM) (previously unreleased)
M2 – “One” (U2/Metallica cover) (Live at Beacon Theatre) (previously unreleased)
M3 – “Reach Down” (Live at the Paramount) (Temple Of The Dog) (previously unreleased)

N1 – “Stargazer” (Live at the Paramount) (Temple Of The Dog) (previously unreleased)
N2 – “Wild World” (Live at Pantages Theatre) (Yusuf/Cat Stevens with Chris Cornell) (previously unreleased)
N3 – “A Day In The Life” (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) (previously unreleased)
N4 – “Redemption Song” (Live at Beacon Theatre) (feat. Toni Cornell) (previously unreleased)
N5 – “Thank You” (Live in Sweden)


Previously Unreleased Chris Cornell Single Expected To Be Released This Month

It looks like a previously unreleased song from the late Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, etc.) will be released on September 21. A teaser image for the track, apparently titled “When Bad Does Good,” was posted on his social media accounts. According to The PRP, the song is rumored to appear on an upcoming 2-CD career retrospective, which is expected to feature music from Cornell’s various projects, as well as solo tracks, acoustic performances, covers, etc.

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Etc.) Statue Unveiling Pushed Back To October

Vicky Cornell and the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) have announced that the new commemorative statue of the late Chris Cornell will now be unveiled on October 7. After the unveiling, there will be a screening of “Live From The Artist’s Den: Soundgarden,” which was filmed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA, inside MoPOP’s Sky Church. The decision to push things back was made to accommodate crowds, since so many people expressed a desire to attend.

The life-size bronze statue was sculpted by artist Nick Marras and it was commissioned and donated to MoPOP by Vicky Cornell. She had the following to say:

“As an artist, my husband was not only one of the greatest voices in rock history but also one of the greatest and most prolific poets of his time- his contribution to music birthed a movement that would leave an indelible mark on popular music forever. It only makes sense that I donate this statue to MoPop with their dedication to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture,” said Vicky Cornell. “Like my husband and his music, MoPop reaches multigenerational audiences, and this is the perfect place where people near and far can come together to not only support the museum and its programs, but also celebrate the legacy that my husband left behind, not only in Seattle but around the world.”

Jasen Emmons, artistic director of MoPOP added:

“MoPOP is honored to receive this gift from Vicky Cornell and pay tribute to one of the most powerful and important voices in popular music. MoPOP serves to celebrate the Seattle music scene and the luminaries who have emerged from the Northwest and Chris was a key figure who has made a lasting impact on generations worldwide.”

Members of the community are invited to attend the statue unveiling and can also RSVP to attend the screening. Here’s the details:

Sunday, October 7, 2018
5:30 p.m.: Public Statue Unveiling
Speakers will include representatives from Cornell family, MoPOP and special guests

6 p.m.: Members of SOUNDGARDEN host special screening of “Live From The Artist’s Den: Soundgarden” filmed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California.

RSVP Required

Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)
Statue unveiling will take place on the northwest corner of 5th Avenue N and Thomas Street
Screening will take place in MoPOP’s Sky Church

The event is free and open to the public.
RSVP is required to attend the screening:
All ages. 21+ to drink.

[via Blabbermouth]

Chris Cornell Episode Of “Autopsy” To Premiere In August

Reelz have announced that “Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Chris Cornell” will premiere on the network on August 12. The documentary-style show will investigate the singer’s tragic death. Earlier this year, producers recreated Soundgarden’s last show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit at Shepherd’s Bush Hall in England for the episode. Paul Ayres played Cornell, while the rest of the cast featured Andrew Shire as bassist Ben Shepherd, Patrick Holly as drummer Matt Cameron, and Ben Sura as guitarist Kim Thayil.

[via Blabbermouth]

Statue Of The Late Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Etc.) To Be Erected At Seattle’s Museum Of Pop Culture

On what would have been the late Chris Cornell’s 54th birthday (July 20), Vicky Cornell has announced that a new life-size statue of Chris will be erected in Seattle, Washington. The statue, which is being sculpted by Nick Marras, will be raised during a public ceremony on August 29 and it will feature him in one of his “iconic poses with his signature boots, dog tag, layers and long locks.” Vicky plans to donate the figure to Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture.

Vicky commented:

“Even though Chris’ music touched the lives of millions around the world, there is no better place than Seattle to honor and celebrate both his contribution to music history, as well as Seattle’s unique place in popular music, with an enduring symbol of a beloved artist, father, and husband. Our children and I are deeply moved by the continued outpouring of love, compassion, and support, and this is our gift to the Museum of Pop Culture and to Seattle – our gift back to the tight-knit community that gave him his start.”

MoPOP Artistic Director, Jasen Emmons added:

“MoPOP is honored to receive this gift from the Cornell family and pay tribute to one of the most powerful and important voices in popular music. MoPOP serves to celebrate the Seattle music scene and the luminaries who have emerged from the Northwest and Chris was a key figure who has made a lasting impact on generations worldwide.”

Some photos of the statue can be found over at TMZ.

Chris Cornell’s Daughter Toni Shares “Nothing Compares 2 U” Duet She Recorded With Her Late Father

In honor of Father’s Day yesterday (June 17), Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni shared a cover version of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which she recorded with her late father a few months before his death. You can check that out below:

Toni also shared a written tribute:


I love you and miss you so much. You were the best father anyone could ask for. Our relationship was so special, and you were always there for me. You gave me courage when I didn’t have any. You believed in me when I didn’t. I miss your love everyday. Recording this song with you was a special and amazing experience I wish I could repeat 100 times over and I know you would too. Happy Father’s Day daddy, nothing compares to you.

– Toni”

Chris’ widow Vicky Cornell also tweeted:

Vicky Cornell Says Her Family Is “Still Looking For Answers” On Chris Cornell’s Death After “Botched Investigation”

Chris Cornell’s (Soundgarden) widow Vicky Cornell has further opened up about her disapproval with the investigation surrounding her husband’s death. She told The Detroit News that it was “botched” and that the medical examiner’s ruling that “drugs did not contribute to the cause of death” has resulted in “all sorts of false accusations and [has] subjected [her] to constant online attacks.” She added: “This has left me and my family still looking for answers, but at the same time, set off this whirlwind of conspiracies. Some of the people are just fans looking for answers, but some of them are conspiracy theorists who have said the most vile things to my children and me.” She also said that when the medical examiner said that drugs didn’t play a part in Chris’ death it was a “poor choice of phrasing” that “has misled the public to believing he was of sound mind and body.” Vicky continued: “Some conspiracy people think if Chris wasn’t impaired, he would never have killed himself, and so he must have been killed — and then they start getting into the rest of the holes.” She went on to say the conspiracy theories, which also included some that claimed she wanted to have her husband killed, and hateful comments have had a negative effect on her family: “We’re human beings. This is real life. We’re not characters in some film. I lost my husband. My children lost their father. We’re in a lot of pain, and we have to deal with these people coming after us. If the autopsy report was thorough, I believe some of this could have been avoided.” Chris passed away on May 18, 2017, and a public vigil will be held for him on the one year anniversary of his death.