Eighteen Visions Have Been In The Studio Recently

It looks like Eighteen Visions have been in the studio working on new material as of late. The band shared the below photo:


Will Haven Working On New Music

It looks like Will Haven are working on new music. The band shared a post to reflect on their recent shows and they had the following to say regarding new material:

“…As for us we are looking to 2020, we have some stuff in the works, until then we are going to be working on new music, it will be our best yet…so thank you everyone for the support on the Muerte touring cycle, it was one of the best years of our lives, cant wait to see whats coming up…til then WHVN singing off…”

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Within Temptation Planning To Work On New Music In The Fall

It looks like Within Temptation are planning to start working on new music in the fall. Sharon Den Adel confirmed the news in the below interview with Kaaos TV:

The singer said the following:

“We’re gonna be touring maybe next year again. But after the summer [of playing shows], which will end for us in September — we will start to write again. Because we want to maintain that, because we are on a new path and we still have to develop ourselves in direction more than we are doing already.

I love touring, but I’ve been on tour already now almost for a year again. And so it’s, for me, very important to be in the studio back and to work on new ideas,” she continued. “And — I don’t know — I just wanna make music also. I wanna combine it better than being on tour for four years again and then start a new album; I wanna start now already.”

She went on to say the band are considering different options to release new music, including possibly releasing various singles before finishing an album:

“The people are not really waiting for an album anymore — people are actually waiting for a new song. So we want to give people maybe sooner some songs already — new songs — and then eventually release an album… Do it more like DJs — they come up with new songs here and there sooner, and then they drop an album later on. But you still have, of course, the way you have to do your promotion — you still have to have the promotional moment to build something up for. So, we’re still figuring out how to do that.”

She also added the following when asked about the possibility of releasing an EP:

“No, because EPs don’t get the attention of journalists or anything. It’s too small — people don’t pay attention enough to it, and you give away a lot of new songs, which you worked very hard [on]. So you want to combine it all on a new album.”

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Slash Says Work On New Guns N’ Roses Music Is “Just Getting Started”

Slash recently seemed to suggest that there was probably enough songs for a new Guns N’ Roses album, but now it seems that isn’t necessarily the case. During an interview with Rock Cellar, the guitarist was asked if what he said was true and he responded by saying his comments got “morphed into something more than what [he] directly said” and that things are “really just getting started.”

Slash said the following:

“You know, by the time it gets to the place where anybody’s read it, it’s morphed into something more than what I directly said. There is material that Axl’s been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together.

The whole thing of Guns N’ Roses getting in the studio and getting this record done — with myself and with Duff and all that — it’s really just getting started. So it’s really hard to say.

Everybody’s got demos, and everybody’s got material, and this that and the other, for whatever it could be. It’s just a matter of us focusing on it.

So it’s really hard to answer questions on the next Guns thing.”

Incubus Have Been “Writing And Recording Lots Of New Music”

It looks like Incubus have been working on new material as of late. Brandon Boyd confirmed the news via Instagram and also seemed to suggest that a new single and video are coming soon.

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Slash Confirms New Guns N’ Roses Music Is On The Way

Slash has confirmed that Guns N’ Roses are planning to work on new music this fall. The guitarist told Meltdown of 101 WRIF that the group have “already started working on stuff,” but did caution that it is still in preliminary stages.

Slash said the following when asked why he has been reluctant to talk about the new material:

“The thing is, we haven’t really done anything yet, and I don’t like to say anything. You know how people used to promote shit and lie through their teeth? So I just wanted to be honest about it, and so there was really no telling what we were gonna do at that point. But at this point, I do know that we are gonna do this run [of shows in the fall], and we’ve already started working on stuff. So, there you go.”

He also added the following about the deleted post from Kruse Kontrol Amplification that suggested that he was going to Axl Rose’s house in April to work on new music:

“There was a rumor that I was over there, and it was before I had even been there. So, I was, like, ‘Jesus Christ.’ And that’s just a pain in the ass and annoying.’ But I am excited about what we’ve got going on and everything, so it’s gonna be cool.”

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Like Moths To Flames Part Ways With Rise Records

During a chat on the BREWtally Speaking Podcast, Like Moths To Flames vocalist Chris Roetter confirmed that the band are no longer on Rise Records. Despite this, the group have been demoing new material lately.

Roetter said the following:

“This is actually the first time that the band’s been doing adequate demos. Like we would do ‘oh, man, check out this riff with these shitty drums.’ We actually paid our own money, went and did some demos.

So we’re actually taking the writing very seriously this time. We’re actually not on Rise anymore. This is the first time we are gonna be doing… not something on our own, we’re just kinda in-between right now.

…What I’d said about ‘Dying Things‘, about how we feel about the last few releases was just an extension of that, unfortunately, where… I’m not trying to blow up anybodies spot, but I personally feel like we were backburnered a little bit.

We’re an easy band to please, cause we do a lot of things ourselves. So it’s like when we ask for minimal things, that was us getting help. Instead of it helping the band, it was like ‘welp here’s us giving you aid and that’s it.’

So I think for us it’s kinda lit a fire to be the best that we can be. Having new members definitely makes it easier. People would be like Moths has had 7-8 members, is it hard? It’s like no, because people keep leaving that made it hard.

Then we bring in people who are ambitious about the band, who want to grind and write… It’s almost like let me prove my worth type of thing. The dudes have gone way beyond that.”

He continued:

“So this time around, we’re not even planned on doing a record, and we already got 7-8 songs written, and 3 of them are professionally recorded.

They’ve got production, they’ve got ear candy, they’re properly engineered. Not just us doing them in our garage.

So it’s just like kind of us making sure we got the ammunition for when we do start to figure out where the bands gonna go, what we’re gonna do after this tour.”

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