Rammstein Are Reportedly Back In The Studio

Rammstein have reportedly been working on new material at La Fabrique studios. According to Rammstein World, members of the band have been spotted near the studio in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and others that work with them have also mentioned a trip to France on social media. This news comes after drummer Christoph Schneider previously said that new music was in the works.

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Dino Cazares Offers More Info On Fear Factory’s Return

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has shared some more details regarding Fear Factory’s new music via Twitter. In addition to Cazares, the material will feature vocalist Burton C. Bell and drummer Mike Heller. Tony Campos will not be involved due to his commitments to Static-X, so Cazares will also be handling bass duties. The band are also expected to use the same production team that they used for “Genexus.” “Some new characters” will also take part as well. Cazares went on to say that he still needs some financial assistance to complete the music.

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Metallica’s James Hetfield Says He Has Written “Tons Of Material” During His Coronavirus Downtime

During a recent SiriusXM town hall, Metallica’s James Hetfield discussed what he has been doing during his COVID-19 downtime. Notably, the frontman confirmed that he has “written tons of material” for the band’s next album.

Hetfield said the following about his quarantine life:

“For me, and I don’t wanna sound ungrateful, ’cause I know there’s a lot of people out there that are struggling because of this COVID… Where I live, it’s all service industry. And, obviously, the music industry, it’s tough — it’s taken a big hit. For us, we’re road dogs — we’ve been out on the road forever — so you’re either on the road or you’re writing. So the obvious thing is, ‘Well, we’re not on the road. Start writing.’ So, [I’ve written] tons of material. And I’m sure there’s lots of musicians out there that are just, like, ‘Okay, what can I do? I’m gonna write and just get into that,’ which I love doing.

I’d say the other huge thing that’s come out of this is getting to stay home in my hometown here [in Colorado], so [I’ve been] building community with friends, doing outdoor stuff. We’re pretty fortunate here up in the mountains that COVID hasn’t really locked us down as much as some other places. And I feel for the people that live in the big cities. But out here, you can still get out, bike ride, raft, fishing, shooting, hunting — whatever it is.

I’ve got lots of friends here that I couldn’t have before, so [I’ve been] hosting barbecues and having people over and building a community with friends that I wasn’t really able to do before. Cause, ‘Oh, I can’t do that, ’cause we’ve gotta go next week. We’ve gotta rehearse. We’ve gotta do that.’ So, [I’ve] actually [been] taking time to build true friendships. Not that I don’t have them, but locally, it’s been a huge thing for me. And getting in the garage. I love getting in the garage and just tinkering, doing some more welding. I welded a couple of things for the All Within My Hands foundation… I’ve made some bird feeders. I’m right now staring out the window at about 50 different birds that come up here and eat. That’s kind of my new TV right here. So, just enjoying nature a lot more and enjoying my life the way it is now.”

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Refused Cancel Fall European Tour, Confirm That New Music Is In The Works

Refused have officially cancelled their fall European tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, there is some good news as the band have also confirmed that new music is in the works.

Refused said the following:

“Hey everyone, unfortunately due to the ongoing restrictions imposed by COVID, we have no choice but to cancel our upcoming EU tour dates that were scheduled for Sept. Ticket holders should contact their point of purchase for refunds.

Whilst we are frustrated to have not been able to play live for you this year, it has allowed us to focus on releasing some new new music. On Sat Aug 29th, as part of Record Store Day, we will be releasing a limited edition vinyl of the session with did at Maida Vale Studios for our friends at the BBC Radio One Rock Show last year. Titled ‘Not Fit For Broadcast- Live At The BBC’, it will be available exclusively on vinyl that day and will feature all the songs we recorded for that session (including one that’s not been aired).

Additionally, we have also be working on more new music that we are incredibly excited about and will have more info on that really soon. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!”

West End Motel (Mastodon) Working On New Music

Mastodon’s Brent Hinds has been working on new music for his West End Motel project. He said the following about that:

“…We got some real bangers almost ready to mix and a mountain of music releases in progress -working in the studio most weeks now. Should be exciting end of 2020 and 2021”

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Hey everyone. Please read the whole post… From West End Motel team -We pulled our merchandise push for the last 4 months because it seemed pretty tone deaf to be pushing music product while people were fighting and dying in the street, people suffering of a horrible disease, people suffering financial and socially, and incredible growing polarity between sides of humanity growing when we all know most of us sitting down in person together over a beer or coffee brings the true connection that matters among differing opinions. -and what better than music to bridge that. So with our West End Motel "2020 Choose Awesome" shirt -which now has a totally different meaning based on where we are -we'd like to reoffer them and other vinyl, CDs and a bunch of free stuff like double skull and raven stickers with your purchase… and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to a Covid survivor charity. We have everysize in stock (Women sizes too)-no waiting ready to ship -& we preshipped a few extra shirts to Europe 2 months ago to Gethin to store in UK to be able to get shirts out fast for Europe orders. MODEL: Sexy Ass Brent doing his Blue Steel in the Choose Awesome 2020 Shirt. We also have original poster art available too -some of that will go to help @mcstevenish finally get a honeymoon once the pandemic is over Email: Westendmotelband@gmail.com for a full list of WEM related stuff & we will get it out to ya fast! And lastly we got some real bangers almost ready to mix and a mountain of music releases in progress -working in the studio most weeks now. Should be exciting end of 2020 and 2021 -stay tuned, stay positive, and give everyone a little grace during these stressful times. Pretty sure Lemmy & Strummer both said something like "kindness to others doesnt cost you anything" "Life can either suck or be awesome -i choose awesome" -the great @bubbersparties 'future President of the USA @gethiwethi @raisamrn @dicknickel @tom.w.tapley @mrbankercustom @orangeamplifiers @_pacella_ @fiend.without.a.face @richeybeckett @dogboy701 @raybird_ @cocoalexander @runeramone @ginagleasongtr @jessmargera @dustindznuts @markwijering @the_real_dr_worm @marcuskingband

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Dream Theater To Begin Working On New Music This Fall

During a recent interview with Spain’s Metal Hammer magazine, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci revealed that the band are planning to work on new music this fall. He said the following:

“There’s a lot going on musically this year. Obviously, everybody’s trying to be creative. The DREAM THEATER schedule is different now. We would have been touring in the spring, we would have been touring now, and then we probably would have been off for the fall and winter. But now that that’s all changed, we’ll go back in the studio, because nobody wants to sit around and do nothing. We’re musicians, we’re creative people, so we’re gonna make music. So, yeah, our schedule has been sort of shifted, I guess, because of the pandemic… We’re gonna do what we do, which is make music. So we’re not gonna sit around, and we’re gonna move our schedule up and start working on new music in the fall.”


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Clutch Will “Probably” Enter The Studio In The Winter

During a recent interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF, Jean-Paul Gaster confirmed that Clutch have been working on new music. He said the following:

“We’ve been writing some material. I would expect we’ll get into the studio probably sometime this winter.”

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SharpTone Records Confirm That We Came As Romans, Miss May I, & Don Broco Are In The Studio

SharpTone Records have confirmed that We Came As Romans, Miss May I, and Don Broco are in the studio working on new music. The label tweeted the following:

New Years Day’s Ash Costello In The Studio Working On New Music

New Years Day’s Ash Costello has returned to the studio to work on new music. The singer commented:

“🎙 recording in 2020 🎤 DAY 1- I have so much to say and I’ve found my voice now more than ever. Back in @exiesscott studio (masks and shields of course) the man that helped create #Unbreakable along with @mitcheymitch …. I am so ready to create more magic. 🎼 I’m not the person you think that I am 🎼 leave some 🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍 if you’re ready for new music 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻”