The Faceless Nearly Done With New Album, Plan To Release 10th Anniversary Edition Of “Planetary Duality”

The Faceless’ Michael Keene was recently interviewed by Metal Wani and and revealed that the band’s new album “In Becoming A Ghost“ is nearly complete, and that it will most likely arrive in August release date. You can listen to him discuss that, the 10th anniversary edition of “Planetary Duality,“ and more in the below video:

Keene said the following [transcribed by THE PRP]:

“The current status is this: all tracking is done. Mixing is done. Basically I’m in the mastering stage. I kind of mix and master at the same time, so it’s kind of final touches of the mix and just getting the mastering tweaked just right on the record. Which is literally like, we’re talking a couple days here. The master will be turned into Sumerian in just a few days. And I was very explicit with them that I did not want them to set a release date until I turned the masters in.

Because on previous records there were release dates set and then things ended up taking longer and of course what’s the last that happens, the last thing is the mix. So the mix is the thing that suffered. On “Planetary Duality” for instance I essentially didn’t mix the record because there was no time.

They told me that if I didn’t get the record to them in 24 hours that we were going to miss street date. And I stayed up all night, worked for 24 hours. I had listener fatigue, so I couldn’t even hear the mistakes I was making. And I turned it in as was and then come to find out it sat on their desk for 10 days before they even turned it into the press plant.

So I had 10 days I could have worked on the mix and could have gotten it great, but instead that happened and now I have to live with it forever—well I don’t have to live with it forever because I’m actually doing a re-mix of “Planetary Duality“—re-mix/remaster of “Planetary Duality“—which will be hopefully released next year as a ten year anniversary. But anyway, all that to say, that in the next few days the record will be turned in and street date will follow shortly after.”

He also added the following about “In Becoming A Ghost”:

“It’s the most diverse record that I’ve made for sure. I mean, to give you an idea there’s a flute solo in a song. You don’t have any of that in death metal too often. As a matter of fact, the same guy that played sax on the last record played the flute solo on this record.

Actually one of the things that took… held the record up a little bit was that I was actually kind of having a hard time finding uniformity in the mix, because the material was so diverse. It was really hard to find a universal mix to start from. Because generally with metal—with other styles of music if the mix is different from one song to another, that’s totally fine—with metal everyone expects there to be a certain amount of uniformity. They expect the drum sounds, the guitar tones to be the same, etc., etc.. With how different the material was from song to song, it was hard to find sort of like a base mix—a universal base mix—to start from.”

He continued:

“It still very much sounds like Faceless album, it’s just even more diverse. And I even went into the writing process with a concept in mind of writing something that had the signature sort of technical death metal sound that was created on “Planetary Duality” combined with the sound of “Autotheism“. Somewhere in-between there, but its own thing as well. So, trying to kind of lay it somewhere between there and then also have it be its own thing and push the boundaries even further of what’s acceptable and still being able to call it metal.”

The Faceless Announce 2017 European/UK Tour With Humanity’s Last Breath & Ghost Iris

The Faceless have announced a headlining European/UK tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Humanity’s Last Breath and Ghost Iris.


Tour Dates:

07/01 Haarlem, NET – Patronaat
07/02 Hamburg, GER – Hafenklang
07/03 Berlin, GER – Maze
07/04 Prague, CZE – Modra Vopice
07/05 Munich, GER – Backstage
07/06 Saarbrucken, GER – Garage
07/07 Oberhausen, GER – Kulttempel
07/08 Paris, FRA – Backstage BTM
07/09 Newark, UK – UK Tech Fest

Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) Sings On New The Faceless Album

It looks like The Faceless have officially recruited Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) as their new vocalist. The band have yet to comment, but the news was mentioned in the press release for Abigail Williams’ new label deal, which explicitly said Sorceron is “currently finishing up vocal duties on the new The Faceless album.” Stay tuned to see the release details for that effort when they become available.


The Faceless Announce 2016 Tour With The Zenith Passage

The Faceless have announced some 2016 shows with The Zenith Passage. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates:

06/19 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Bar
06/20 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
06/21 Omaha, NE – Lookout Lounge
06/22 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
06/23 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
06/24 Montebello, QC – Montebello Marina

Michael Keene Teases New The Faceless Music

Michael Keene has posted snippets of some new music from The Faceless on his Instagram. Check those out below:

The Faceless Cancel 2016 Tours

The Faceless have cancelled all their upcoming dates, including their shows with Between The Buried And Me and August Burns Red, as well as their headlining shows with Scale The Summit, Rivers Of Nihil and Native Construct. The cancellations were a result of them being short a vocalist after their fill in backed out.


The band said the following:

“The Faceless has encountered a very unfortunate situation. We have decided to be 100% honest about what has happened. It would be easy for us to come up with a false excuse to cover up the truth, which is something that people have unfortunately become accustomed to when a band cancels a tour. However, we feel like we owe it to our fans to be honest.

Two days ago, we were supposed to leave for our tour with August Burns Red and Between The Buried And Me. The day before we were supposed to leave, our fill in vocalist backed out, and told us that he would not be performing with The Faceless on this tour. His other, full time band did not feel comfortable with him touring in another group, and he wanted to respect their wishes.

With this happening on such extremely short notice, it has left us with our hands tied. We have absolutely no choice but to regretfully drop off of our tour with August Burns Red, Between The Buried And Me, and Good Tiger, as well as our headlining tour with Scale The Summit, Rivers of Nihil, and Native Construct. This is a huge disappointment to us, as we were eagerly looking forward to touring with all of these amazing bands. We ask anyone that was planning on attending the BTBAM/ABR tour to still attend.

We apologize to any fans that we have disappointed. We will do our best to have our next tour routed in a way that allows us to perform in the cities that we have missed due to the cancellation of these two tours. We are going to make the best of this unfortunate situation, and use this time to complete our new album.

–The Faceless“

The Faceless Announce 2016 Tour With Scale The Summit, Rivers Of Nihil, & Native Construct

The Faceless have announced a 2016 headlining tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Scale The Summit, Rivers Of Nihil, and Native Construct.


Tour Dates:

03/02 Columbus, OH – The Summit (The Faceless only)
03/03 Kent, OH – The Outpost (The Faceless only)
04/19 Valparaiso, IN – Big Shots
04/20 Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theater
04/21 Clarksville, TN – The Warehouse
04/22 Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub Concert Hall
04/23 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
04/24 Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans Pub & Music Hall
04/25 Chattanooga, TN – Revelry Room
04/27 Fort Worth, TX – Tomcats West
04/28 El Paso, TX – Mesa Music Hall