Dino Cazares To Relaunch Divine Heresy With Once Human’s Lauren Hart

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has announced the return of his Divine Heresy project. Once Human’s Lauren Hart has been recruited as the band’s new singer, but a bassist and drummer are still pending.

Cazares commented:

“Latest Update:

I’m almost ready to write some new material w/ singer Lauren Hart. I will be handling all guitar and bass. I currently do not have a drummer or bassist for live or possible tracking, so any professional musicians in the USA interested let me know.

Let me be clear about this: I will not be using any former members. With that being said R.I.P. Joe Payne one of the best bassist/guitarist.

We are currently record company free so all of this will be supported out of our own pockets.

Ps. This does not take away from any other things that I’m currently working on”

You can see footage of Hart covering Divine Heresy‘s “Failed Creation” below:

The Night Flight Orchestra Welcome Backing Vocalist Åsa Lundman To The Band, Premiere New Song “Black Stars And Diamonds”

The Night Flight Orchestra (Soilwork, Arch Enemy, etc.) have officially welcomed backing vocalist Åsa Lundman to the band. With this news, the group have also premiered a new song titled “Black Stars And Diamonds”:

Frontman Björn “Speed” Strid said the following about the new track:

“This song is the ultimate weekend tribute, where fallen angels, dreams of glitter and late summer twilight unite in an exploding cocktail.”

He also added the following about recruiting Lundman:

“We are very thrilled to officially welcome the amazing Åsa Lundman to the fold! This marks a new era for the band as her and Anna Brygård unite as the unstoppable back up duo The Aeromanticas. Make sure you follow them on social media! We are very thrilled to share this new single with you, which debuts this amazing back up duo. The future looks so damn bright you ought to use the bottom of champagne bottles as goggles! Enjoy!”

The Faceless Recruit Vocalist James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate)

The Faceless have recruited James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate) as their new vocalist. The band played their first show with Dorton in Los Angeles, CA last night (July 24). However, it’s worth noting that their set started about two hours late and when guitarist Michael Keene did take the stage he ended up rambling about his neurological disorder.

Keene said the following about his disorder on social media:

“Tonight is the night guys! Our first show in 2.5 years and 3 years in LA! This is Michael speaking and some of you may have heard about my hand issue. I have a neurological disorder and about a year and a half ago my left leg went completely paralyzed for about 12 days and a couple months ago I had my next flare up and my right hand went paralyzed!! Needless to say this was terrifying and I immediately went to the neurologist, but it’s been one long and difficult recovery and I relearned holding a pick and redeveloped my coordination JUST to play this show for you guys. So I hope to see you here and that you help me feel like the hard work was worth it!”

He also added the following about recruiting Dorton:

“We are thrilled to announce the one and only, James Dorton as our new permanent frontman! You may know him from his previous band, Black Crown Initiate. I think I speak for all of us when I say that James is a monster and master of what he does and we are thrilled to have him in the band.”

[via The PRP]

Enterprise Earth Officially Welcome Vocalist Travis Worland To The Band

Enterprise Earth have officially welcomed Travis Worland (Aethere, etc.) to the band as their new vocalist. He will be replacing Dan Watson, who exited the band earlier this year.

Guitarist Gabe Mangold commented:

“We’re very stoked to officially announce Travis Worland as the new singer of Enterprise Earth. His vocal style, performance, personality, and work ethic are a perfect fit for us and we cannot wait for everyone to hear the first song that we’ve created together, ‘Psalm Of Agony’ (coming June 17th). Prepare for the best incarnation of Enterprise Earth yet.”

Worland added:

“After months of touring with the band, I am happy to assimilate into the entity that is Enterprise Earth. ‘Psalm Of Agony’ is the first step in a culmination of efforts only just beginning.”

Bleed The Sky Recruit Rudy Flores As Their New Vocalist, Premiere “Rot In Flesh” Music Video

Bleed The Sky have officially welcomed Rudy Flores (So This Is Suffering) to the band as their new vocalist. He will be replacing Noah Robinson, who recently exited the group. With this news, the band have also shared an official video for their new song “Rot In Flesh.” They said the following about that:

“The lyrics of ‘Rot In Flesh‘ represent the choice to overcome negativity from one’s own toxic thoughts and others trying to bring you down. Sonically, this song hints at Bleed The Sky‘s new direction and what people can expect from our upcoming releases. This is just the beginning. We are very excited to show you what else this new line-up has to offer.”

Skid Row Part Ways With Vocalist ZP Theart, Recruit Ex-H.E.A.T. Singer Erik Grönwall

Skid Row have parted ways with vocalist ZP Theart (ex-DragonForce). Erik Grönwall (ex-H.E.A.T.) will now be taking his place. The group’s first album with Grönwall, “The Gang’s All Here,” will be released on October 14. The title track recently debuted on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” and it will receive an official release on March 25. The group issued the following statement:

“It’s a new era for Skid Row. With a new album, a new single and a world tour, we’ve added a new voice. Welcome powerhouse vocalist Erik Grönwall, formerly from the band H.E.A.T. from Sweden.”

Grönwall added:

“Ladies and gents. I hereby declare the circle of all fucking circles complete. You’re looking at the new singer of @officialskidrow #skidrow #erikgronwall”

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Travis Neal (Ex-Divine Heresy) Joins Dark Shift, Band Premiere New Song “Wishing Well”

Travis Neal (ex-Divine Heresy) has officially joined Dark Shift as their new singer. With this news, the band have also released a new song titled “Wishing Well”:

Producer Joel Wanasek commented:

“Dark Shift released 2 albums back in the early 2000s, but we were never able to find the right vocalist to do the music justice so we went on hiatus in 2007. At the end of 2021, I decided to revive this project. When we heard Travis’s audition we knew he was the voice we’d been searching for. I’m so excited to take the massive guitar energy of Dark Shift and put it behind the incredible voice of Travis.”

Neal added:

“When Joel approached me about his new project I was very pumped. We always had great synergy in the studio when I recorded with him in The Bloodline. I’m very excited about the new music we are working on together.”

Decrepit Birth Recruit Vocalist Mac Smith As Bill Robinson Takes “Extended Hiatus” From The Band

Decrepit Birth have revealed that vocalist Bill Robinson will be taking an “extended hiatus” from the band. During his absence, Mac Smith (Krosis, Alterbeast, etc.) will be taking his place.

Decrepit Birth commented:

“We have some big news today. Our vocalist Bill Robinson has decided to take an extended hiatus from the band. Due to personal reasons, Bill will be sitting out for a while; and in his place, vocalist Mac Smith will be stepping in to help us out! Mac is an amazing vocalist and we are very stoked to bring him in! You may know him from his work in Krosis , Alterbeast and Hammer Of Dawn.”

Smith added:

“Having an opportunity to work with Decrepit Birth is nothing short of surreal. Before I began pursuing metal vocals as an aspiring drummer, this was the first death metal band that I ever watched and emulated. To play a role in this project over a decade later leaves me astonished beyond words. I am looking forward to many new experiences with the guys and paying tribute to the legendary Bill Robinson’s legacy.

I’d like to give a special thanks to bassist Sean Martinez for being my strongest supporter personally this past year and being the key party that brought me into this role. He really brought me out of the worst slump in my career to this point, I owe everything to him.

Additionally, I’d like to thank guitarist and founder Matt Sotelo for extending this opportunity and entrusting me with this position. Whether it be just for a singular tour, or more endeavors in the future, I will be forever grateful for being able to work with one of my favorite bands of all time. Thank you to my friends, family, and anyone else who has supported and listened to the band and my own musical projects in these past 5 years; I intend to make you proud! Decrepit Birth for life!”

The band continued:

“We are currently working on our next album and planning tours for 2022 and beyond! We can’t wait to get back onstage, it’s been since 2019 since we last played live, and we’re very eager to get back out there and perform for you guys!

Here is a taste of Mac‘s vocals on our song “Hieroglyphic” off of our 2017 album “Axis Mundi” He did an killer job on this. So please, let’s give him a warm welcome!”

Betraying The Martyrs Recruit Rui Martins As Their New Vocalist, Premiere “Black Hole” Music Video

Betraying The Martyrs have officially welcomed Rui Martins to the band as their new vocalist. With this news, the group have also premiered a new video for their new song “Black Hole.“ You can check that out below:

The band said the following about recruiting Martins:

“We DEFINITELY upgraded to BTM 2.0! Of course it’s still BTM, but totally an upgraded version of our band! Most of us are pretty perfectionists about our own art, and we would have never allowed a downgrade! We’re super stoked and excited to have people’s opinion and reactions about this new track, we’re well aware that changing the frontman can be a little tricky sometimes (even if bands like Northlane, Chelsea Grin, and Lorna Shore showed us that it could be very successful!) but we’re very confident Rui‘s the perfect fit, and we hope people will welcome our new recruit with open arms and show him the support he deserves! Rui‘s abilities will definitely take things to a whole new level, as he has a great approach for both the heavy side and the more melodic part of our songwriting.

Rui knows perfectly what BTM was and also is now in 2021. He helped so much to make this new version of BTM the best it can be. He has a great vision of what BTM fans expect and also where we want to go. Rui is bringing a lot of great ideas for his vocals, lyric-wise, melody-wise…and his vocal range is incredible: he can go from super heavy guttural screams to high pitched beautiful clean vocals; it’s a real pleasure to be able to work with someone so talented, and we’re definitely planning on using his range to the maximum of its potential to serve BTM’s upcoming music!”

The following was also added about the new song in a press release:

“This brand-new song depicts how a toxic relationship can imprison and deceive someone and goes through all the phases that one usually has to go through to realize what is wrong and finally be set free. It doesn’t matter how hard one tries if the other person is unwilling to improve themselves and their mutual relationship. To suffer is to learn but also to kill a part of us. The protagonist is reborn at the end, but he paid a high price, and the scars are visible.”

As previously reported, Betraying The Martyrs will be playing their first show with Martins at the Omega Sound Fest in Mûrs-Erigné, France on October 16.

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Recruit Vocalist Joel Peters For Upcoming UK Tour

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons have recruited vocalist Joel Peters for their upcoming UK tour. He will be replacing Neil Starr, who exited the band earlier this year.

The band commented:

“Joel stood out from the very start. Rehearsals have gone well and we were extremely happy with Joel’s performance at Headbanger’s Balls Fest in Belgium last weekend, so we’ve decided to give him the role for the upcoming UK tour in November.”

“The band would like to thank everyone who sent in audition tapes and give an extra special thank you to Andrew Hunt for doing such a great job filling in on their festival and headline shows this past summer.”

Peters added:

“I’m stoked that the guys have asked me along to do the Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons UK tour this November. It’s an honour to have been given the opportunity to play alongside these absolute legends whose music I’ve loved listening to over the last few years. Can’t wait to do the band and fans proud. See you all out on the road this November!”

Tour Dates:

11/04 Buckley, UK – Tivoli
11/05 Great Yarmouth, UK – HRH Festival
11/06 Manchester, UK – Academy 3
11/08 Aberdeen, UK – Unit 51
11/09 Glasgow, UK – The Garage
11/10 Carlisle, UK – The Brickyard
11/12 Birmingham, UK – O2 Institute 2
11/13 Bradford, UK – Nightrain
11/14 Sunderland, UK – Independent
11/15 Milton Keynes, UK – The Craufurd Arms
11/17 Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
11/18 Bristol, UK – Thekla
11/19 Bournemouth, UK – Old Fire Station
11/20 Swansea, UK – Patti Pavilion