Thrown Into Exile Reunite With Original Vocalist Evan Seidlitz

Thrown Into Exile have reunited with vocalist Evan Seidlitz. He will be replacing Edwin Haroutonian, who officially exited the band last month.

Thrown Into Exile Premiere “Send Me Below” Music Video

Thrown Into Exile have premiered a new video for their new song “Send Me Below.” Guitarist Mario Rubio commented:

“This is the next logical progression for Thrown Into Exile, writing heavier material than our previous efforts felt natural while still maintaining a melancholic aurora to the band.”

Thrown Into Exile Premiere New Song “Lower Self”

Thrown Into Exile have premiered a new song titled “Lower Self.” This track is from the band’s new album “Illusion Of Control,” which will be released on November 20. Guitarist Mario Rubio commented:

“Lyrically this song deals with the reflection of oneself and what was once there and being in touch with your Lower Self (pun intended). ‘Illusion of Control’ is a more focused and aggressive album that covers the mindset that we were in as a band and as individuals during the writing and recording process of this record. While it’s heavy there is a somber atmosphere lyrically throughout this album.”

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Thrown Into Exile Premiere “The Mourning” Music Video

Thrown Into Exile have premiered a new video for their new single “The Mourning.” Mario Rubio says the track is “a step in a more aggressive direction for Thrown Into Exile” and that it has a “very somber atmosphere musically and lyrically, that anyone can relate to at any point.” He also added that the song “sets the mood for what’s to come.”

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Thrown Into Exile Premiere “No Words” Music Video

Thrown Into Exile have premiered a new video for their song “No Words,” via Revolver. This song is from the band’s new album “Safe Inside,” which will be released on October 21.

Mario Rubio said the following:

“The track, ‘No Words,’ as a whole sets in the tone and aurora of what Thrown Into Exile is all about delivering tight rhythm sections with big choruses. Lyrically, people will ultimately connect with the song’s message of dealing with everyday dilemmas and the bullshit everyone faces on a daily basis. We are all somehow literally exiled in some form or fashion at some point in life, but the goal is to push even harder to preserve when the going gets tough. This new album is a testament to that fact and so is this band’s existence. Never give up on your dreams and you are the master of your own destiny.”

Thrown Into Exile Sign With Urban Yeti Records/Premiere New Song “Declination”

Thrown Into Exile have premiered a new song titled “Declination.” This song is from the band’s new album, which will be released later this year on Urban Yeti Records.

Henry Derek Bonner Releases Statement About Recent Car Crash

On January 11, Henry Derek Bonner (ex-Scar The Martyr, Thrown Into Exile) was in horrific car crash and luckily he made it out alive. Now the vocalist has issued his first statement since the wreck.


He said the following yo Blabbermouth:

“As most of you may know, I was involved in a serious car accident on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles. This happened around 11 p.m. on Sunday night. I was traveling southbound, heading home from a recording session.

“I am still waiting on the official police report. All I know for certain at this time is that the suspected drunk driver that hit me took off on foot, as his/her car was completely totaled. It’s also possible that the vehicle was stolen, however, not confirmed.

“Needless to say, it was a traumatic experience and the scene itself was unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of.

“The impact of the crash propelled me into the left 3 lanes of oncoming traffic. There was another vehicle from a previous accident in the middle of the freeway, completely stalling the flow of traffic. I, of course, stopped, using my turn signal and waited to get over into the other lane.

“Anyway, you get the picture.

“It’s no small miracle that I am still alive. Hell, I even crawled back into the wreckage to retrieve my lyric book and my D’Angelo CD.

“How fucking METAL is that?

“As far as some are concerned, I should’ve just rolled over and died, then and there. To those I kindly ask: Eat a dick. The truth is: I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

“I’d like to thank all of the wonderful people that have offered support, encouraging words and who have donated to the cause.”

At least he made it out okay. In other news, Bonner has also been working on another band with former Megadeth members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover. Expect to hear more about that project in the near future.

Henry Derek Bonner Involved In Serious Car Wreck

Henry Derek Bonner (ex-Scar The Martyr, Thrown Into Exile etc.) was recently involved in a “horrific” car crash. Luckily, “he is ok and in one piece.”


Mario Rubio posted the following statement on Thrown Into Exile’s Facebook:

“We are in shock to report that our vocalist Henry Derek was just in a horrific car crash on his way home, the accident took place on the 101 freeway where a suspected drunk driver hit Henry causing his car to roll over 3 times and the driver leaving the scene, I just got off the phone with him and thankfully he is ok and in one piece. As of right now we will not be able to perform tomorrow night at the viper room for you, we never back down from shows but given the situation it is for the best because we want to give you our best and nothing less on stage, we will reschedule the show and make it up to you. Our apologies and please keep Henry in your thoughts, I will keep you in the loop as soon as I get updates.

Thank you for understanding my friends.

– Mario R.”

Hopefully he’ll make a full and speedy recovery.