Cro-Mags Announce U.S. Tour With Ringworm, No/Más, And Brat

Cro-Mags have announced a headlining U.S. tour. Ringworm, No/Más, and Brat will serve as support.

Tour Dates:

02/24 Washington, DC – Comet Ping Pong (no Ringworm and Brat)
02/25 Richmond, VA – Cobra Cabana (no Brat)
02/26 Knoxville, TN – Brickyard (no Brat)
02/27 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero (no Ringworm)
02/28 Charleston, SC, – Trolley Pub
03/01 Melbourne, Fl – Pineapples
03/02 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
03/03 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
03/04 New Orleans, LA – Siberia
03/05 Dallas, TX – Three Links
03/06 Houston, TX – The End
03/07 Austin, TX – Lost Well
03/08 San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
03/09 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street
03/10 Lincoln, NE – 1867
03/11 Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s
03/12 St. Louis, MO – Red Flag (no Ringworm)
03/13 Memphis, TN – Growlers
03/14 Evansville, IN – Stage Two
03/15 Indianapolis, IN – Black Circle Brewing
03/16 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
03/17 Covington, KY – Madison Live
03/18 Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground

Cro-Mags Announce December U.S. Tour

Cro-Mags have announced a headlining U.S. tour. The trek will take place this December.

Tour Dates:

12/06 Manchester, NH – Shaskeen
12/07 Newark, NJ – QXTs
12/08 Hamden, CT – Space Ballroom
12/09 Brockton, MA – VFW Hall
12/10 Portland, ME – Genos
12/11 Amityville, NY – AMH
12/12 Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant Street
12/13 Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme
12/14 Chicago, IL – Reggies
12/15 Cleveland, OH – No Class
12/16 Detroit, MI – Smalls
12/17 Rochester, NY – Bug Jar
12/18 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts

Harley Flanagan commented:

“In December we will be playing songs spanning the entire Cro-Mags catalog, from the first album all the way to the most recent releases 2020 and In the Beginning. I am really looking forward to playing in some of these places I haven’t played in in over 20 years.”

Harley Flanagan Awarded Full Control Over The Cro-Mags Trademark

Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan has officially gained full control over the band’s name. This news comes after Flanagan filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against his former bandmate John Joseph McGowan earlier this year and after a previous settlement resulted in two versions of the band in 2019. Flanagan issued the following statement:

“As you may have guessed Cro-Mags “JM” is no more… “Someone” would like you to think this was a decision they made, but in fact it was the result of them breaching the terms of the settlement which permitted them to use that name. Now…. There can be only one. The charade and confusion is over, it is done. Thank you to all of those who helped make it so.”

Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against John Joseph

According to the New York Post, Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against his former bandmate John Joseph McGowan through his company Savoia NYC Inc. Flanagan decided to seek legal action against McGowan after he used the phrase “Cro-Mags Jam” to promote an April 23 benefit concert in the East Village’s Tompkins Square Park.

The following was said in the complaint:

“The impermissible phrase Cro-Mags JAM suggests that Mr. Flanagan, the original member of Cro-Mags, would be conducting a jam session with other musicians—which is obviously not the case.

This clearly constitutes unfair competition, trademark infringement, and a material breach of the Settlement Agreement, as it is an impermissible use of Plaintiff’s CROMAGS Mark.”

Flanagan also commented on social media:

“When you have fought for something that is yours as hard as I have and spent the kind of money that I have you have to protect what you own you can’t just walk away from it when people decide to violate the terms. I have no problem fighting for what’s mine anybody who knows me knows that. I’m not afraid to do what’s right and I’m not afraid of anyone. So until you’ve had to fight for something that is yours as hard as I have you should shut the fuck up. And the New York post in particular has always taken every opportunity they can to shit on me and twist the truth. I wonder if it’s because the NY posts editor used to have a crush on my wife. Sorry buddy fuck you and your rag of a paper 😆”

Flanagan is currently seeking a permanent injunction to keep McGowan from using the band’s trademark.

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Cro-Mags Announce European/UK Tour

Harley Flanagan’s Cro-Mags have announced a European/UK tour. Street Soldier and Cage Fight will open on the UK leg.

Tour Dates:

With Street Soldier & Cage Fight:

06/21 Glasgow, UK – Broadcast
06/22 Edinburgh, UK – La Belle Angele
06/23 Limerick, IRE – Dolans (Cro-Mags only)
06/24 Dublin, IRE – Grand Social (Cro-Mags only)
06/25 Belfast, IRE – Voodoo (Cro-Mags only)
06/26 Wigan, UK – Boulevard
06/27 Newcastle, UK – CLUNY
06/28 Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
06/29 Southampton, UK – Joiners
06/30 London, UK – Underworld

Cro-Mags only:

07/05 Wiesbaden, GER – Schlachthof
07/06 Hannover, GER – Chez Heinz
07/07 Munchen, GER – Backstage
07/08 Ubach-Palenberg, GER – Rockfabrik
07/09 Dortmund, GER – Junkyard

Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan On “The Age Of Quarrel” Reissue: “If We Can Come To Some Sort Of An Agreement And Get The Band Paid, I Would Be Very Happy To Get The Record Out Again”

Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan has once again addressed the vinyl reissue of “The Age Of Quarrel,” which will be released on July 17 as part of Record Store Day. The frontman previously blasted the reissue due to the group not being paid or consulted about it and has since said that “if [they] can come to some sort of an agreement and get the band paid, [he] would be very happy to get the record out again.”

Flanagan said the following during a recent interview with Goldmine:

“Not only are we not getting anything, and have never gotten anything off the record, not even ‘Best Wishes’ for that matter, but we found out about this release the same way as everybody else. I found out from a friend of mine at a record store, which is even more outrageous as far as I’m concerned. I mean, all of us are very much alive and present and all over social media and I’ve been trying for years to get those records reissued.”

“I’m in the process right now of trying to sort this out, and if it gets sorted out, if it gets resolved, I can let you know that I will make that announcement the same way I made this announcement. I will make it very known.

The CRO-MAGS were never asked if the record could come out again, and no one asked or called us about it. It is also important that people understand what we were dealing with when we signed our contract. I was 18 years old and I was living for the most part in squats and stuff like that. I had no money or people looking out for my best interests. I was not represented by an attorney. We did not have counsel, so you’re talking about a bunch of young kids who, basically, were surviving hand to mouth, day to day. We literally were stealing food from stores and shit like that. I was just excited. I was actually going to have a record out. Something I could actually hold in my hands and look at and say, Wow, look, mom. I have an album out.'”

“The fact is we never got paid shit and we never got any accounting for anything and were not even represented by counsel. The whole thing is fucking criminal, but the way I see it is right now what they’re doing is wrong. But if we can come to some sort of an agreement and get the band paid, I would be very happy to get the record out again, whether with Rock Hotel or anybody. I would be thrilled if they came out. We’re talking about two records that are pretty much — arguably some people would say — classic game-changing, even historic records. I remember seeing them up online for sale for close to $1,000 and shit like that.

We were just starving artists. I mean, there was literally times during those 35 years from when the record first came out where I was starving. Where I literally was on the street living like a hustler and, you know, all of us went through hard times over those 35 years at different points and the fact that these records were not even available and that people wanted them that badly, that they would pay a thousand dollars for a hardcore record. The whole thing is pretty fucking mind-boggling, and then I was literally on the street when I learned that it was coming out. I literally picked that up at a record store. The sales guy tells me that it sounds like the greatest hardcore record in history is coming out again. I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ I am not just fighting for myself. I am fighting for the band.

If things go as planned, or as I hope it, my goal that everybody in the band should be paid for their participation. If everything works out like I hope it does, in the not-too-distant future, everybody will get paid for those records and that chapter of the ‘Quarrel’ will finally be resolved. In the meantime, I’m still very busy. I put out two records in 2020. Unfortunately, I had a lot of shows booked all over Europe and Japan and while were trying to reschedule them, no one is sure of the status moving forward and what is actually going to be happening. I have recorded 16 new songs as of now. My point is I am always staying busy.

If we were able to get ‘The Age Of Quarrel’ out, I would personally be overjoyed. If I was able to wrangle all those idiots up onstage, just honor that and give the fans one show or even a few shows just to honor it and really put the bullshit behind, and then just kind of reward all of us the way we should have gotten. I’m not trying to live in a time bubble either. What I have been doing is very much alive and moving forward, but I would do something with open arms and be happy, just because that version of the band never got rewarded for there work in that era, and that was a game-changing era, as far as I’m concerned, for music.”

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Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan Blasts Record Store Day Reissue Of “The Age Of Quarrel”

As previously reported, a new vinyl pressing of Cro-Mags’ “The Age Of Quarrel” is set to be released on July 17 as part of Record Store Day. However, frontman Harley Flanagan has now taken to social media to voice his displeasure with the reissue.

Flanagan said the following:

“The Age of Quarrel re-release that has been announced is being issued by Rock Hotel.

The band members who played on these records will not be paid and have not been consulted about this release and have never been paid a dime since its original release on September 1986 or its re-release by Another Planet in 1994.The rights are contested and the players will not see anything from this.

We have been working for months to try to re-release AoQ and Best Wishes and to have each person who played on the two albums paid equally for their contribution; something that has never happened before.

Nobody has ever been paid, been given an accounting, or even given a copy of the contract, we were not even represented by counsel when we signed.

We are still working to resolve this so all the players are finally paid for their work on these historic albums. It is not over yet, but If these albums are re-released without a resolution the Cro-Mags and those who played on these albums will be fucked over once again by the same people who robbed us in the beginning. My legal team and I are working hard to resolve this so that there can eventually be a proper reissue where me and John, Parris, Doug, Mackie and Pete Hines are all finally paid for our work.”

Ex-Cro-Mags Frontman John Joseph Defends “Wonder Woman 1984” Director Over Use Of “Age Of Quarrel” T-Shirt In The Film

“Wonder Woman 1984” was officially released on Christmas Day (December 25) and a number of Cro-Mags fans took issue with an extra wearing an “Age Of Quarrel” shirt in one scene, due to the belief that the album didn’t come out until 1986. However, the band’s former frontman John Joseph has since defended director Patty Jenkins saying that the record was actually available on tape in 1984.

Joseph said the following:

“Had about twenty people tell me about this. Patty Jenkins Director/Writer (Monster – Wonder Woman etc.) is a good friend since the 80’s – she asked me to send her a Cro-Mag shirt for the new “Wonder Woman 1984” released today. I sent her this “Age of Quarrel” tee-shirt. The original album (black cassette) was recorded in 1984. Me and Parris (guitarist) paid for the recording. His father owned a pressing plant in Nashville and pressed up the tapes. Here’s some trivia too. – I got Patty her first directing gig. It was for the band Leeway – Three Wishes video. She went to film school in NYC but grew up in DC – is a huge @badbrainsofficial fan too! #wonderwoman1984”

That being said, there was still another music-related historical inaccuracy involving a poster for a Minor Threat show, even though they broke up in 1983. To be fair, it could have been an old ad that was never taken down, but considering the concert in question was reportedly held at the Roach Motel in Gainesville, Florida, it doesn’t make since for it to be in Washington D.C.

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