Carnifex Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Lie To My Face” Featuring Oceano’s Adam Warren

Carnifex have teamed up with Oceano’s Adam Warren for a re-recorded version of “Lie To My Face.“ You can check that out below. This news comes shortly after the band announced the dates for their “Dead In My Arms“ 15th anniversary tour. Scott Ian Lewis commented:

“We couldn’t be happier to be celebrating 15 years of ‘Dead In My Arms‘ with a special version of LTMF featuring our good friend Adam Warren of Oceano. This new version is a thank you to the best fans in the world for keeping us alive all these years. Enjoy the song, see you on the DIMA 15-year anniversary tour!”

Eighteen Visions Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Vanity”

Eighteen Visions have released a re-recorded version of their 2002 album “Vanity.” Fans can find the effort on Spotify and pre-order vinyl copies HERE. Several tracks were left off the updated album including: “Gorgeous,“ “There Is Always,” and “Love In Autumn.“

The group commented:

“In celebration and support of our Vanity 20 year anniversary tour, we decided to fuck around and re-record the album from the ground up, in the way we’ve always pictured them sounding. Each song completely re-tracked and dropped from B to A.

Vanity 2.0 is available now on Spotify (Apple fools and other streaming platforms are being wankers so should be up soon).

You can pre-order the limited Double LP that will feature both the new and original recordings along with some exclusive Merch that will only be available through our webstore.

Engineered and mixed, by our own Keith Barney and mastered with a pristine bow on top by Will Putney.

We hope you enjoy these new recordings as much as we do!”

If you missed them, the dates for the band’s “Vanity” 20th anniversary tour can be found HERE.

Darkest Hour Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Payphones & Pills” Through Patreon

Darkest Hour have released a re-recorded version of their song “Payphones & Pills.” The track is available as a flexi disc through the band’s Patreon. The group commented:

“While working on album ten we thought it would be fun to record a classic jam of ours and press it on something wild, just our way of saying, thank you for your Patreon subscriptions. Out of nowhere, Travis Orbin surprised us with these killer drum tracks and this idea took flight! We were so excited about the energy on the tracks that we had to finish the song. Of course, it is hard to go back and retrace your steps creatively so to speak, but we are happy to say almost 20 years later this song still holds up in all its glory.”

Vitriol To Release Partially Re-Recorded Version Of Their “Antichrist” Demo

Vitriol will be digitally releasing a partially re-recorded version of their demo EP “Antichrist” on August 13. The effort, which has also been remixed and remastered, will also be available on vinyl and cassette at a later date. Vcalist Kyle Rasmussen commented:

“Vitriol‘s first introduction to the public was in 2012 by way of a three song digital release entitled Antichrist EP. Nearly a decade later we have decided to reach back and offer our most formative material with a proper look and sound. Remixed, remastered, and featuring newly recorded vocals, our goal was to let our fans see what we were through the lens of what we are now.”

Five Finger Death Punch Preview Re-Recorded Version Of “The Bleeding”

In addition to recording a new album, Five Finger Death Punch are also working on a re-recorded version of their 2007 debut album “The Way Of The Fist.” You can find a preview of “The Bleeding” from the latter effort below. Both records are expected to be released in 2022.

Ingested Share Studio Video For Re-Recorded Version Of “This Disgusting Revelation”

Ingested have shared a studio video for a re-recorded version of their song “This Disgusting Revelation.” The updated take on the track is from the re-recorded version of the group’s 2011 album “The Surreption.“ That effort, which is titled “The Surreption II,“ will be available on July 30.

Amon Amarth Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Masters Of War”

Amon Amarth have released a re-recorded version of their song “Masters Of War.” You can check that out below and purchase some new merch HERE. Johan Hegg commented:

“Celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘The Crusher’ album, we felt we wanted to re-record one of the main songs from the album and put a bit of a modern Amon Amarth touch on it. Enjoy!”

Ingested To Release Re-Recorded Version Of “The Surreption” In July, Premiere “Manifesting Obscenity” Video

Ingested will be releasing a re-recorded version of their 2011 album “The Surreption” on July 30. You can find a video for the re-recorded version of “Manifesting Obscenity” from the effort below:

Vocalist Jason Evans commented:

“As some of you may know, the 10th anniversary of our second album ‘The Surreption‘ is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than to unleash this beast upon the world once more? That’s right, we have been holed up in the Ingested lockdown bunker hard at work to bring to you our second album the way we always wanted it to be.

This isn’t a remix, or a remaster, this is a complete re-recording, a reimagining of an important, but often forgotten step in the path of Ingested. We never got to do a music video for the original release of ‘The Surreption‘ and we think that’s a shame, so feast your eyes and ears on our video for ‘Manifesting Obscenity‘, and fire up the pre-orders for ‘The Surreption II‘, because this bad motherfucker is available July 30th on Unique Leader Records.”

Five Finger Death Punch Planning New Album And Re-Recorded Version Of “The Way Of The Fist”

It looks like Five Finger Death Punch are planning to hit the studio to work on a new record and a re-recorded version of their 2007 debut album “The Way Of The Fist.” Guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently revealed the news on Facebook:

“…We are heading to the studio to begin recording our new album (due in 2022) – and later this summer we are also planning to re-record our 1st album – The Way Of The Fist – (which turns 15 years old next year) It was a truly self produced DIY album, mostly recorded in my living room, so we thought it would be really interesting to hear it with a proper big production🤘”

[via The PRP]

The Convalescence Release Re-Recorded Version Of “The Human Disease”

The Convalescence have shared a re-recorded version of their song “The Human Disease.” The track, which is called “The Human Disease 2.0,“ was released as part of the band’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Vocalist Keith Wampler commented:

“We wanted to do something special to celebrate The Convalescence being a band for 10 years. We have the tour coming up later this Summer but we wanted something more than that. We decided to go back and re-record ‘The Human Disease‘ from our 2014 release ‘The Process‘ with the current band members.

We picked this song because it was the first single released that got some real attention and started drawing in a whole new fan base, To us it represents a crucial turning point in this band’s history. People have been asking us to play it again live, some asked us to remake it, and this seemed like the perfect time to do so.

We recorded the song with producer John Burke. John was the producer who recorded the song the first time around as well as a lot of our other music so it was the obvious choice to go back and work with him on this track. Christian Donaldson mixed and mastered this version, and we chose the release date of May 14th because it is the 10 Year Anniversary of our 1st ever live performance.”