Atreyu Premiere New Video For “Super Hero” Feat. Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows & Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie

Atreyu have premiered a new video for their song “Super Hero.” The track, which features Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows and Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie, appears on the band’s 2018 album “In Our Wake.” Atreyu commented:

“Our song ‘Super Hero’ was written about what it’s like to be a parent and the vast amount of time, effort, energy, and hard work it takes to be a real-life superhero for your children. The song also has a broader meaning, especially given the current situation the entire world is dealing with. There are many superheroes out there who appear in many forms — namely the first responders, medical personnel, and health care workers who are putting others first as they work to fight COVID-19 and to save lives. We dedicate this song to them.”

Atreyu’s Alex Varkatzas On Upcoming Album: “It’s Just Depressing Sounding, Rocking Shit”

During a recent appearance on the Scars And Guitars podcast, Atreyu’s Alex Varkatzas talked a bit about the band’s upcoming album. According to the frontman, the new music will be “depressing sounding, rocking shit.’

Varkatzas said the following when asked about pre-production:

“There is zero pre-production. We’re fucking ballers, man. We’ve been doing this for so long. I write lyrics in my sleep. Literally, I wake up and I have a line and I write them down. And there’s two songs from this record — if they make the record, of course — that is literally me waking up in the middle of the night, and I have to write down lyrics or something. But that’s the way it goes, man.

“We’ve been doing this — it’s 20 years. We’re not good at a whole bunch, but we’re okay at this. And John Feldmann, our producer — he did ‘Lead Sails’ — he has crazy energy. He has more energy than us, and he’s a few years older than us. And so when we get around him, it pumps us up. And no matter what, we write one song a day. Every now and then, we crank out two songs a day. So, I think in three weeks — realistically, we work on the weekdays; we don’t work on the weekend — I think we had 18 or 19 songs. And that’s just in our first block. So we’ll come back and we’ll probably write at least another dozen songs.”

He went on to say the effort will be their “next step in maturity.” He continued:

“To me, in a way — and this is a fucking weird way to sell a record, because it doesn’t sound like this — it has some very dark ’80s gothic pop elements. And I don’t mean ‘pop’ as in happy[-sounding music]. It’s just depressing sounding, rocking shit.”

Varkatzas also talked about the lyrical themes in the group’s new material:

“It’s cool, because especially right now, there’s so much… If you’re a comedian and a musician, there’s lots of good inspiration every day — especially in America, unfortunately. Actually, all over the world, but in American especially, it’s ripe with things that make you feel something, whatever it is. Maybe you’re happy about it, maybe you’re sad about it — it’s not my place to speak for people. But you feel some shit right now. And I think comedians handle it by making fun of it, and I handle it by making music and words about it. So, it’s a good time to be inspired.”

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Atreyu Tentatively Planning To Work On New Album In January

Atreyu are tentatively planning to work on their new album in January with producer John Feldmann. Alex Varkatzas confirmed the news during a recent interview with KCAL 96.7‘s RadioActive Mike Z.

Varkatzas said the following:

“We’re going to start on a new record tentatively in January. Things move a lot faster these days with the way technology is and with our work ethic as seasoned vets at this point, we’ll probably have a new record out summer or end of year, something like that, but we’ll start recording in January.”

He also added:

“We’re gonna reunite with John Feldmann who did the Lead Sails and the latest record and we’re gonna rock and roll. We get along with him really well. We have the same hyperactive mindset and work ethic when it comes to our music. He puts a lot in and we put a lot in and we have a good time, make a lot of coffee, it’s good.”

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Atreyu Share One Shot Live Video For “The Time Is Now”

Atreyu have shared a one shot live video for their song “The Time Is Now.“ The footage was captured during the band’s October 28 show at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, PA. The track appears on their latest album “In Our Wake.“

Deluxe Edition Of Atreyu’s “In Our Wake” To Receive New Vinyl Release In November

The deluxe edition of Atreyu’s latest album “In Our Wake” will be receiving a new vinyl release on November 22. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“In Our Wake” Track Listing:

01. “In Our Wake”
02. “House Of Gold”
03. “The Time Is Now”
04. “Nothing Will Ever Change”
05. “Blind Deaf & Dumb”
06. “Terrified”
07. “Safety Pin”
08. “Into the Open”
09. “Paper Castle”
10. “No Control”
11. “Anger Left Behind”
12. “Super Hero”
13. “In Our Wake” (Acoustic version)
14. “The Time Is Now” (Alternate version)
15. “Generation”
16. “Straight To Hell”
17. “So Others May Live”
18. “Stronger Than Me”
19. “When The Day Is Done”