Korn’s Jonathan Davis Shares Episode Two Of “Black Labyrinth” Documentary Series

Korn’s Jonathan Davis has shared the second episode of the documentary series on his recently released solo album “Black Labyrinth.“ This clip focuses on “Medicate.“

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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Shares Episode One Of “Black Labyrinth” Documentary Series

Korn’s Jonathan Davis has shared the first episode of the documentary series on his newly released solo album “Black Labyrinth.“ This clip focuses on “Basic Needs.“ A new video will be shared for each track on the effort in the near future.

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Korn’s Jonathan Davis To Lead Fans Through The Ganzfeld Experiment

Korn’s Jonathan Davis has announced that he will be hosting a special event where fans will be able to go through the Ganzfeld Experiment. 20 fans that pre-order Davis’ new album “Black Labyrinth” will be chosen to take part in the event, which will take place on release day (May 25) in Seal Beach, CA. Davis recently talked about these plans during an interview with Ticketmaster UK:

“I’m doing these pop-up things too with the Ganzfield Experience. That’s something that’s been going on for a long time, if you deprive yourself of visual and audible stimulus you’ll start to hallucinate. You cut a ping-pong ball in half and put these white globes over your eyes, and you listen to white noise, after twenty minutes you start to hallucinate. Every experience is different, but the brain can’t handle not hearing or seeing anything.I’m doing these pop up things where I grab a couple of kids and pull them through the experience. It’s just the whole thing, it’s meant to be entertaining and not to be taken overly seriously. But it’s a really dope concept. I wanted something different, and to be more immersive. I think I’ve pretty much pulled that off now.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Wants To Write A “Dark Metal Musical”, Says He Has “All Sorts Of Ideas” For His Second Solo Album

Korn’s Jonathan Davis will release his solo album “Black Labyrinth” on May 25, but it seems he still has more projects he wants to pursue. Among them are a “dark metal musical” and another solo album.

He told Kerrang! the following about the musical:

“A long time ago, I was talking to Clive Barker about doing a dark, fucked-up musical, but people get busy and it didn’t happen. It’s definitely on my bucket list to do a really dark, metal musical – not some stupid-ass one.”

In a separate interview with Ticketmaster UK, Davis said the following about his plans for a second solo album:

“I’ve got all sorts of ideas. I’ve got ones I’ve already put together. As soon as I’m finished with the Korn record I’m going to start pulling this together. I’m going to do the cycle with Korn, and once that’s done I’ll do a Jonathan Davis record. I’m just going to keep flip-flopping. It’s so much fun. I’ve got a lot to give the world. I know I’ve been doing it for a long time, but I’ve still got a lot inside me.”

He also added the following in another interview with NME:

“After the European tour I’m gonna come back, go into the studio with [Korn], and start working on a new record. Then I’m back out on [a solo] tour until the fall, and then we’ll do more work on the [Korn] record – I’m gonna flip-flop ‘em! The two work well together.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Announces Two UK Shows

Korn’s Jonathan Davis has added two UK shows to his world tour in support of his new album “Black Labyrinth“ (out May 25). Here’s the dates for those:

06/06 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
06/07 London, UK – Islington Academy

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Covers Neil Diamond At Solo Tour Kickoff Show

On April 6, Korn’s Jonathan Davis kicked off a solo tour in support of his new album “Black Labyrinth” (out May 25) in Portland, OR. The show featured multiple tracks from the effort, as well as a cover of Neil Diamond‘s “Love On The Rocks.“ You can see footage from that concert below:

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