Dave Grohl Shares New Theme Song He Wrote For Nandi Bushell

Dave Grohl’s drum battle against 10-year-old Nandi Bushell has officially entered the next round. As previously reported, the young musician recently bested the Foo Fighters frontman after accepting his challenge to perform a cover of Them Crooked Vultures’ “Dead End Friends.” Now, Grohl has responded by sharing a special theme song that he wrote Bushell. You can check that out below:

10-Year-Old Musician Nandi Bushell Responds To Dave Grohl’s Drum-Off Challenge With Cover Of Them Crooked Vultures’ “Dead End Friends”

As previously reported, Dave Grohl recently agreed to take on 10-year-old musician Nandi Bushell in a drum battle. While responding to Bushell, the Foo Fighters frontman challenged her to perform a cover of Them Crooked Vultures’ “Dead End Friends”, which she has since done. Bushell said the following about that:

“It was an honour to be part of the most #EPIC #ROCK in battle in history! With the most awesome, fun, kind and legendary Dave Grohl! Thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity. I am extremely grateful. The Rock Gods of old are happy!”

Dave Grohl Accepts 10-Year-Old Musician Nandi Bushell’s Drum-Off Challenge

10-year-old musician Nandi Bushell recently expressed a desire to take on Dave Grohl in a drum-off. Now, the Foo Fighters frontman has officially accepted her challenge.

Bushell said the following while sharing a cover of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”:

“My dream is to one day jam with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and all the @Foo Fighters! Mr Grohl I would love to have a drum battle with you! I LOVE Everlong it’s really hard to play as it’s so fast but so much FUN!!! #davegrohl #taylorhawkins #foofighters Thank you for supporting me @ludwigdrumshq @zildjiancompany @vicfirth #zildjian #vicfirth #zildjiancovers #ludwigdrums #ludwig”

Grohl has since responded with the following:

“I haven’t played that song since the day I recorded it in 1997. Our drummer Taylor Hawkins plays ‘Everlong’ for us every single night. But Nandi, in the last week, I’ve gotten at least 100 texts from people all over the world saying, ‘This girl is challenging you to a drum-off, what are you gonna do?’ Now look I’ve seen all your videos, I’ve seen you on TV. You’re an incredible drummer. I’m really flattered that you’ve picked some of my songs to do for your videos and you’ve done them all perfectly.”

“Today, I’m going to give you something you may not have heard before. This is a song called ‘Dead End Friends’ from a band called Dead Crooked Vultures, which is me playing drums, Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age playing guitar and singing, and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin playing bass. This is my response to your challenge. So now the ball is in your court.”

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Pays Tribute To Trini Lopez

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) has paid tribute to Trini Lopez, who sadly passed away at the age of 83 following a battle with COVID-19. The frontman said the following:

“Today [August 11] the world sadly lost yet another legend, Trini Lopez. Trini not only left a beautiful musical legacy of his own, but also unknowingly helped shape the sound of the Foo Fighters from day one. Every album we have ever made, from the first to the latest, was recorded with my red 1967 Trini Lopez signature guitar. It is the sound of our band, and my most prized possession from the day I bought it in 1992. Thank you, Trini for all of your contributions. You will be missed by many, remembered by all. RIP Trini Lopez”

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl On Reopening Schools Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic: “It Would Be Foolish To Do So At The Expense Of Our Students, Teachers And School”

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has shared a special audio edition of his “True Stories” series in which discusses the topic of reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic. The frontman, whose mother served as a teacher for years, says “it would be foolish to [open up] at the expense of our students, teachers and school.”

Here’s an excerpt from Grohl’s discussion:

“Teachers are also confronted with a whole new set of dilemmas that most people would not consider. There’s so much more to be addressed than just opening the doors and sending [children] back home, my mother tells me on the phone. Now 82 and retired, she runs down a list of concerns based on her 35 years of experience: Masks and distancing, temperature checks, crowded bussing, crowded hallways, sports, air-conditioning systems, lunchrooms, public restrooms, janitorial staff. Most schools already struggle from a lack of resources. How can they possibly afford the mountain of safety measures that will need to be in place?”

He also added:

“Remote learning is an inconvenient and hopefully temporary solution, but as much as Donald Trump’s conductor-less orchestra would love to see the country reopen schools in the name of rosy optics, ask a science teacher what they think about White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s comment that ‘Science should not stand in the way.’ It would be foolish to do so at the expense of our students, teachers and school.”

You can listen to Grohl’s full piece below:

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Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Says He Will “Absolutely” Write A Memoir One Day

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) was asked if he would ever consider writing a memoir. The frontman responded by saying he will “absolutely” write a book one day.

Grohl said the following:

“Oh absolutely. You know years ago I was at a barbecue and I met a book agent, and he said, “Have you ever considered writing a book?” and I said, “Well, of course, someday.” And he said, “It’s really easy — you’ll do four or five hours of interviews and someone else will write it in your voice and it will be great.” And I thought, “F— that!”

I come from a family of writers, and granted I’m a black sheep but I’m not that bad, my God. So I figured you know if I were to ever write a book, it would be in my hand. I’ve considered it for f—in’ years but A, I never had the time, and B, I never felt like I was ready because every day something happens that I’d love to write about, and I’d hate to write sort of a typical autobiography. So years ago I thought, “Well maybe it will just a collection of anecdotes — maybe instead of it just being my life in 300 pages it could be just funny stories.”

I mean listen, most rock musicians are great storytellers, this is true. Because most rock musicians have spent more than a few hours in the back lounge of a bus spinning yarns, swapping stories about all the different people they’ve gotten wasted with or jammed with. So there aren’t too many rock musicians that are short on great stories.”

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Launches Instagram Account To Share “True Short Stories That Will Make People Smile”

With virtually everyone stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has decided to launch an Instagram account to share “true short stories that will make people smile.” His first post outlined his plans:

Watch Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Perform “Here We Go” On “Sesame Street”

Awhile back, it was revealed that Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl would be guesting on the 50th anniversary season of “Sesame Street” and now footage of his appearance has been shared online. You can watch the frontman perform “Here We Go” with Big Bird and Elmo below:

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Says He Won’t Appear On The New Queens Of The Stone Age Album

Back in June, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons claimed that him and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) were both taking part in the new Queens Of The Stone Age album. However, Grohl has now denied his involvement during an interview with NME:

“I’m not on the new Queens record. You know what Josh and I have been doing together? Riding motorcycles and eating waffles. That’s it. Let me tell you, it’s a fun morning. We’ve done it more than a few times and it’s pretty fucking great. I wish I was on the new Queens album. I fucking love playing with Josh. He’s one of my best friends, but at the moment, it’s just motorcycles and waffles.”

Watch Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Perform Motörhead & Thin Lizzy Covers At 2019 “Ride For Ronnie” Concert

During this year’s Ride For Ronnie concert in Glendale, CA, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl joined Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy), Keith Nelson (ex-Buckcherry), and Robbie Crane (Black Star Riders) onstage for some covers of Motörhead‘s “Bomber” and Thin Lizzy‘s “Jailbreak.“ You can see footage of that below: