Judge Dismisses Copyright Suit Against Nirvana Over Dante’s “Inferno” Illustration

As previously reported, Jocelyn Susan Bundy, the granddaughter of artist C.W. Scott-Giles, recently filed a lawsuit against Nirvana after an illustration that her grandfather created for a translation of Dante’s “Inferno” was used on various pieces of merchandise. Now, according to Reuters, the complaint has officially been dismissed. U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer made the decision, saying that it would make more sense to take the case to the United Kingdom. However, he went on to say that the dismissal is contingent on Nirvana agreeing to U.K. jurisdiction if Bundy files a suit there.

Dave Grohl’s “The Storyteller” Tops The New York Times Best Sellers List

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s new book, “The Storyteller – Tales Of Life And Music,” has topped The New York Times Best Sellers List in the Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction category. He said the following about that:

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would someday be a number one bestselling author, but it’s those same wildest dreams that I’ve followed since the day I picked up a guitar. Honored.”

Nirvana Stream Live Version Of “Lithium” From 1992 Triple J Performance In Melbourne, Australia

Nirvana have shared a live recording of “Lithium” from a 1992 performance they did for Triple J in Melbourne, Australia. The track will appear on the 30th anniversary edition of the band’s 1991 album “Nevermind,“ which is set to be released on November 12. More details on that effort can be found HERE.

Nirvana’s Dave Grohl On “Nevermind” Album Artwork: “I Have Many Ideas Of How We Should Alter That Cover”

Nirvana’s Dave Grohl has revealed that he has “many ideas” for an alternate “Nevermind” cover. His comments come after Spencer Elden, the man who appeared on the record as a baby, demanded to have the artwork changed.

As previously reported, Elden filed a lawsuit against the surviving members of the band, the estate of the late Kurt Cobain, photographer Kirk Weddle, DGC Records, and more due to child sexual exploitation and violations of federal child pornography statutes. His lawyer, Maggie Mabie, also demanded to have Universal remove his genitalia from all future releases of the album, including the upcoming 30th anniversary edition (out November 12).

Considering the current controversy, Grohl told The Sunday Times the following:

“I have many ideas of how we should alter that cover, but we’ll see what happens. We’ll let you know. I’m sure we’ll come up with something good.”

He continued when asked about the lawsuit:

“I think that there’s much more to look forward to and much more to life than getting bogged down in those kinds of things. And, fortunately, I don’t have to do the paperwork.”

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Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Says He Almost Joined GWAR When He Was A Teenager

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that he almost joined GWAR when he was a teenager. However, he ultimately passed on the offer and later went on to drum for Nirvana.

Grohl said the following:

“GWAR were looking for a drummer. And I talked to their guitar player Dewey [Rowell, aka ‘Flattus Maximus’] about it. And he’s, like, ‘It’s great, and you get to design your own costume.’ As drummer, you don’t want something that covers your face fully. You want your arms to be free. So I was, like, ‘’Cool.’ So I started kind of drawing this thing. At the time GWAR was a band that would draw like 700 people, right? Which is huge. And then the more I thought about it, am I really gonna invite my uncle to see me play when there’s like fake blood and cum shooting all over the place?”

GWAR’s Mike Bishop has since confirmed the news to Rolling Stone as well:

“Our guitar player Dewey was booking shows in Richmond at the time and we had all seen Dave play with his bands Dain Bramage and later on in Scream. He was already one of the greatest, hardest-hitting drummers I had ever seen. He still is. Dewey called and started the conversation with him about joining GWAR.”

“I was stoked, because I played bass at the time, and I would have loved to jam with him. Just think, he could have been working his ass off playing drums in a rubber monster suit all these years. Boy, did he make the wrong choice.”

Bishop also added the following on social media as his character Blöthar The Berserker:

“He used to hang around the track with all the other young punks jacked on gak. This is back before he lost all his teeth. We hired him and then called him back immediately and fired him. He was in the band for around 7.5 min. He was holding us back.”

Baby On Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Demands To Have His Genitalia Removed From The 30th Anniversary Edition Of The Album

As previously reported, Spencer Elden, the man who appeared on the cover art for Nirvana’s “Nevermind” as a baby, recently filed a lawsuit against the surviving members of the band, the estate of the late Kurt Cobain, photographer Kirk Weddle, DGC Records, and more due to child sexual exploitation and violations of federal child pornography statutes. Now, according to TMZ, Elden‘s lawyer Maggie Mabie is demanding to have Universal remove his genitalia from all future releases of the album. This includes the upcoming 30th anniversary edition of the effort (out November 12). She says that it is time to “end this child exploitation and violation of privacy.”

Nirvana To Release 30th Anniversary Edition Of “Nevermind” In November

Nirvana will be releasing a remastered 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Nevermind” on November 12. The effort will include live concerts from the album’s touring cycle, a Blu-ray featuring a November 25, 1991 show in Amsterdam, NET and a 40-page hardcover book featuring previously unreleased photos.

“Nevermind” (30th Anniversary Edition) Track Listing:


01. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
02. “In Bloom”
03. “Come As You Are”
04. “Breed”
05. “Lithium”
06. “Polly”
07. “Territorial Pissings”
08. “Drain You”
09. “Lounge Act”
10. “Stay Away”
11. “On A Plain”
12. “Something In The Way”

Live In Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso, November 25, 1991):

01. “Drain You”
02. “Aneurysm”
03. “School”
04. “Floyd The Barber”
05. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
06. “About A Girl”
07. “Polly”
08. “Lithium”
09. “Sliver”
10. “Breed”
11. “Come As You Are”
12. “Been A Son”
13. “Negative Creep”
14. “On A Plain”
15. “Blew”
16. “Love Buzz*”
17. “Territorial Pissings”

Live In Del Mar, California (Pat O’Brien Pavilion, Del Mar Fairgrounds, December 28, 1991):

01. “Drain You”
02. “Aneurysm”
03. “School”
04. “Floyd The Barber”
05. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
06. “About A Girl”
07. “Polly”
08. “Sliver”
09. “Breed”
10. “Come As You Are”
11. “Lithium”
12. “Territorial Pissings”

Live In Melbourne, Australia for Triple J (The Palace, St. Kilda, February 1, 1992):

01. “Aneurysm”
02. “Drain You”
03. “School”
04. “Sliver”
05. “About A Girl”
06. “Come As You Are”
07. “Lithium”
08. “Breed”
09. “Polly”
10. “Lounge Act”
11. “In Bloom”
12. “Love Buzz”
13. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
14. “Feedback Jam”
15. “Negative Creep”
16. “On A Plain”
17. “Blew”

Live In Tokyo, Japan (Nakano Sunplaza, February 19, 1992):

01. “Negative Creep”
02. “Been A Son”
03. “On A Plain”
04. “Blew”
05. “Come As You Are”
06. “Lithium”
07. “Breed”
08. “Sliver”
09. “Drain You”
10. “About A Girl”
11. “School”
12. “Aneurysm”
13. “Love Buzz”
14. “Polly”
15. “Territorial Pissings”
16. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Blu-ray: Live In Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso, November 25, 1991):

01. “Drain You”
02. “Aneurysm”
03. “School”
04. “Floyd The Barber”
05. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
06. “About A Girl”
07. “Polly”
08. “Lithium”
09. “Sliver”
10. “Breed”
11. “Come As You Are”
12. “Been A Son”
13. “Negative Creep”
14. “On A Plain”
15. “Blew”
16. “Love Buzz”
17. “Territorial Pissings”

7″ (vinyl edition):

01. “Endless, Nameless”
02. “Even In His Youth”
03. “Aneurysm”

Pre-orders can be found HERE and a live video for “Breed” can be found below:

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Discusses Upcoming Book “The Storyteller” In New Video

As previously reported, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) will be releasing a new book titled “The Storyteller – Tales Of Life And Music” on October 5 via Dey Street Books. Now, the frontman has shared a new video in which he discusses the effort. You can check that out below. The book will feature various stories from the musician’s life and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

Baby On Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Album Cover Sues The Band For “Child Pornography”

Spencer Elden, the man who appeared on the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” as a baby, has filed a lawsuit against the surviving members of the band and the estate of the late Kurt Cobain. Elden says the naked photo on the record is child sexual exploitation and that it violates federal child pornography statutes. Photographer Kirk Weddle, DGC Records, and more were also named in that suit

Elden claims that his “identity and legal name are forever tied to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor which has been distributed and sold worldwide from the time he was a baby to the present day.” The suit also added:

“[The defendants] knowingly produced, possessed, and advertised commercial child pornography depicting Spencer, and they knowingly received value in exchange for doing so. … Despite this knowledge, defendants failed to take reasonable steps to protect Spencer and prevent his widespread sexual exploitation and image trafficking.”

Elden also says that his parents never signed a release form to authorize the use of the photo. He also added that the band promised to cover his genitals with a sticker, but they never followed through. The complaint continued:

“To ensure the album cover would trigger a visceral sexual response from the viewer, Weddle activated Spencer’s ‘gag reflex’ before throwing him underwater in poses highlighting and emphasizing Spencer’s exposed genitals.”

It also added:

“[The defendants] used child pornography depicting Spencer as an essential element of a record promotion scheme commonly utilized in the music industry to get attention, wherein album covers posed children in a sexually provocative manner to gain notoriety, drive sales, and garner media attention, and critical reviews.”

Elden is currently seeking damages of $150,000 from each defendant. He is also demanding a trial by jury. The suit goes on to say:

“The permanent harm he has proximately suffered includes but is not limited to extreme and permanent emotional distress with physical manifestations, interference with his normal development and educational progress, lifelong loss of income earning capacity, loss of past and future wages, past and future expenses for medical and psychological treatment, loss of enjoyment of life, and other losses to be described and proven at trial of this matter.”

The photos of Elden were taken at a Pasadena aquatic center in 1990 and his parents were reportedly paid $200 for the images. In 2016, he recreated the cover for the album’s 25th anniversary. He told The New York Post the following about that:

“The anniversary means something to me. It’s strange that I did this for five minutes when I was 4 months old and it became this really iconic image. It’s cool but weird to be part of something so important that I don’t even remember.”

He also added the following in a separate interview with Time magazine:

“It’s a trip. Everyone involved in the album has tons and tons of money. I feel like I’m the last little bit of grunge rock. I’m living in my mom’s house and driving a Honda Civic.

It’s hard not to get upset when you hear how much money was involved. I go to a baseball game and think about it: ‘Man, everybody at this baseball game has probably seen my little baby penis,’ I feel like I got part of my human rights revoked.”

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Eighteen Visions Release New Covers Album “1996”

Eighteen Visions have released a new album titled “1996.” The effort features the new title track and nine cover songs.

“1996” Track Listing:

Side A (Hardcore):

01. “1996”
02. “D.T.O.” (Vision Of Disorder cover)
03. “The Hangedman” (Damnation A.D. cover)
04. “Born From Pain” (Earth Crisis cover)
05. “Blanket” (Unbroken cover)

Side B (Hard Rock):

01. “Them Bones” (Alice In Chains cover)
02. “Scentless Apprentice” (Nirvana cover)
03. “Sad But True” (Metallica cover)
04. “Terrible Lie” (Nine Inch Nails cover)
05. “Down” (Stone Temple Pilots cover)

James Hart commented:

“Today we dropped our covers album titled ‘1996‘ A collection of 90s hardcore and hard rock songs from bands that helped shape Eighteen Visions and our style. I had such an amazing time tracking my vocals and putting our own little spin on these jams. These bands will always be so important to me. Hope you love them as much is I do.”