Mudvayne’s Chad Gray & Ra’s Sahaj Ticotin To Guest On New A Killer’s Confession Song “Tell Your Soul”

Mudvayne’s Chad Gray and Ra’s Sahaj Ticotin will be guesting on a new A Killer’s Confession song titled “Tell Your Soul.” The track will debut on Sirius XM’s Octane on August 5. A music video will also premiere on August 6.

A Killer’s Confession frontman Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead) commented:

“This song was an amazing collaboration between Sahaj Ticotin, Chad Gray, and myself. It was an honor to work with such true professional artists on such a powerful song. I hope everyone can feel the raw emotion and are moved just like I am when they listen. This song is about forgiveness and acceptance of one’s own shortcomings. I want to thank Chad and Sahaj for being such great friends and recording this song with me. Wombat absolutely crushed this video. Amazing talent all the way around!”

Gray added:

“Waylon has wanted to do a song with me for a very long time, and earlier this year, we tried, but the song just didn’t fit either one of us. So we went back to the drawing board with Sahaj Ticotin. The song really spoke to me, so we went for it. Everything just seems to fall into place. I’m really excited about this release. My boy Wombat absolutely killed the video. I’m stoked for this song to drop. It’s a nice prelude to some more solo stuff I have on the way. I can’t wait for you all to hear this. Enjoy.”

A Killer’s Confession Premiere “Between Your Eyes” Video

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a new video for their new song “Between Your Eyes.” This track is expected to appear on the group’s upcoming album.

A Killer’s Confession (Ex-Mushroomhead) Premiere “Trapped Inside” Video, Announce May Tour

A Killer’s Confession (ex-Mushroomhead) have premiered a new video for their new song “Trapped Inside.“ You can check that out below:

In other news, the group have also announced a May tour:

05/07 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
05/08 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
05/09 Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans
05/12 Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s
05/13 Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theater
05/14 W Chicago, IL – WC Social Club
05/15 Janesville, WI – The Back Bar
05/16 Pekin, IL – Twisted Spoke
05/18 St. Louis, MO – Red Flag
05/19 Little Rock, AR – Stickyz
05/20 Oklahoma City, OK – Kendall’s
05/21 Ft Worth, TX – The Rail Club
05/22 Houston, TX – BFE
05/23 San Antonio, TX – Fitzgeralds
05/2 Austin, TX – Come And Take It

A Killer’s Confession Premiere “Light To Darkness” Video

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a new video for their new song “Light To Darkness.” This track is expected to appear on the group’s upcoming album.

A Killer’s Confession Premiere “Remember” Video

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a new video for their new song “Remember.” The track, which was co-produced by Ra vocalist Sahaj Ticotin, is expected to appear on the group’s upcoming album.

Reavis commented:

“Sometimes in life people are quick to forget the good and the bad. We all need to be reminded from time to time where the line in the sand is truly drawn.”

He also added the following about the video, which stars his wife Julie:

“It is a post-apocalyptic Snow White. I gave full reigns to [director] Wombat Fire to create what he wanted for this video. He did an absolutely amazing job. I always love seeing an interpretation of what I have set forth with my art with someone else’s art.”

[via Loudwire]

Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession, Ex-Mushroomhead) Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession, ex-Mushroomhead) has revealed that he is currently battling colon cancer. The frontman says he was diagnosed with the disease two months ago.

Reavis discussed his diagnosis during a recent virtual “Headbangers Con” event:

“My heart crashed. My father passed away from this at 58 years old, and my mother passed at 39 from breast cancer. I was just waiting for my time. Luckily, they caught it early, and they were able to cut it all out. I have had four removed, but they keep growing fast. I have changed my entire diet, thanks to my wife and taking medications. I may have to battle this the rest of my life, but I am going to live my life happy and fight.”

He later added that his cancer battle and his father’s death have also influenced some of the material on the new A Killer’s Confession album:

“A couple of songs are about my cancer and about my father. Those songs mean a lot to me. I cannot wait for everyone to hear them. I’m really excited about this one. Every album I write is different and will never be the same as the others. This one is both heavy and melodic. I took myself back to my roots. It’s what the fans want, so I always like to give them what they have been waiting to hear.”

The record’s first single, “Remember,” is set to be released on January 27.

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A Killer’s Confession Premiere “Angel On The Outside” Video

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a new video for their song “Angel On The Outside,” via Loudwire. Reavis commented:

“This song is about a transition I went through in my life. Out from the last phase and into this exciting new phase! This video shows how decisions can change the course of your life forever – sometimes for good and sometimes bad. Sometimes we have to live with things we have done and we are stuck remembering what you’ve done and wishing you could change it and how we can learn from our actions and make better choices every day.”

In other news, the group have also added guitarist Rocky Sobon and drummer Morgan Bauer to their lineup.

A Killer’s Confession (Ex-Mushroomhead) Book December 2017 Tour

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have booked a December tour with Awake At Last and You Are A Toy. Check out the dates below.

Tour Dates:

12/08 Chesterfield, MI – Diesel
12/09 Braidwood, IL – Top Fuel Saloon
12/13 Beckley, WV – Muncheez Live
12/14 Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
12/16 Providence, RI – Fete Music Hall
12/17 Brooklyn, NY – The Kingsland
12/20 Fayetteville, NC – The Drunk Horse Pub (no Awake At Last)
12/21 Knoxville, TN – Open Chord (no Awake At Last)
12/22 Akron, OH – The Empire
12/23 Columbus, OH – Alrosa Villa

A Killer’s Confession (Ex-Mushroomhead) Release Two New Songs “I Wish” & “Angel On The Outside“

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring ex-Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis, have released two new songs titled “I Wish” and “Angel On The Outside.“ You can find an official lyric video for “Angel On The Outside“ and an unofficial stream of “I Wish” below:

Reavis told Loudwire the following about “Angel On The Outside”:

“‘Angel On The Outside‘ is a song about rejection and finding your place after losing everything. It is exactly where I was two years ago. This is also the first time that A Killer’s Confession has had the privilege to work with a producer outside of my own company.

I am proud to say that this song was produced and recorded by Sahaj Ticotin. ‘Angel On The Outside‘ is one of two songs that are being simultaneously release today (Nov. 17th), both produced by Sahaj. This is also our first time releasing music independently.”

A Killer’s Confession Premiere “Rebirth” Music Video

A Killer’s Confession, the band featuring Waylon Reavis (ex-Mushroomhead), have premiered a new video for their song “Rebirth,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s debut album “Unbroken,“ which is available now.

Reavis commented:

“The meaning behind “Rebirth” is understanding that harboring hate towards oneself or others always turns around and bites you in the ass. This song is about reflecting on that and letting it go.

With the video we wanted to portray myself being resentful and somewhat mean to the band because I was projecting my own inner anger towards myself onto them. During the climax of the video where I am singing to myself in the mirror – I am reminding myself of what that anger was going to get me… Which is nothing good.

The video was shot in three different places: We had a Cleveland crew consisting of Joseph Shaw and Andrew Sgambati – they both did a very good job with the mirror seen. Then we shot with Mr. Evil Robb in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire and Providence Rhode Island. Mr. Evil Robb shot all the outside footage and live performances. Everyone directed in their own way, but really we did not have a “set” director. I had a vision for the song and given the time and budget that I had to make it, I’m thankful that everyone was able to work together and make it happen.

When it came to editing I sent the song to my home state of North Carolina to let one of my old friends, Peredy (that’s the only name he’ll go by) piece it together. So I’m thrilled to have this go through so many hands and still turn out to be the vision I originally wanted.”