Former Ghost Guitarist Martin Persner On Tobias Forge: “He’s A Songwriting Genius”

During a recent appearance on the “Heavy Demons” radio show, former Ghost guitarist Martin Persner opened up about his time in the band. He also shared some praise for the band’s frontman Tobias Forge, who he referred to as “a songwriting genius.”

Persner said the following:

“I’m very proud and happy to have been a part of GHOST. It was wonderful, because we had so much fun. We learned so much, we did so many tours, we got to see so much. Apart from that… I feel kind of happy about it, because if it wasn’t for GHOST, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing right now. And I’m happy doing what I’m doing right now. So, yeah, I feel proud and humbled that I was a part of it for a long time. That’s what I feel.”

He continued when asked about his “huge” contributions to the band:

“Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call my contributions huge, because Tobias is a pop genius; he’s a songwriting genius. And I think he would have done just fine without me as well. But of course, I did have some contributions but it’s not like… I don’t wanna compare myself to him in terms of what made GHOST, GHOST. But, of course, I did have some influence.”

He also added the following when asked if he is still talks to Forge:

“None of your business. [Laughs]”

[via Blabbermouth]

Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV Throws Out First Pitch During Chicago White Sox Vs. Cleveland Guardians Game

Earlier today (September 22), Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV threw out the ceremonial first pitch during the Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Guardians game at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, IL. You can see footage of that below:

Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV To Throw First Pitch At Cleveland Guardians Vs. Chicago White Sox Game

Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus IV will be throwing out the first pitch during tomorrow’s (September 22) Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Guardians game. That event will be held at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, IL.

Ghost’s Tobias Forge: “I Have An Album In My Head Right Now That I Think Is Going To Be Different From The One I Just Made”

During a recent interview with Consequence, Ghost’s Tobias Forge confirmed that he already has plans for the band’s next album. The frontman says the effort will “be different from” the group’s latest album “Impera.”

Forge said the following:

“I have an album in my head right now that I think is going to be different from the one I just made. Both ‘Prequelle’ and ‘Impera’ were ideas that I had since six, seven years back. They were so different from each other in the sense that the ‘plague album,’ as I call it, was about the little person’s annihilation on almost more of like a carnal or a God’s wrath point of view, whereas the ‘imperial record’ was more of a structural demise of the mechanics of society. So they felt like two different things and the idea that I have for the next record is also a different thing from that. It’s just a way for me to compartmentalize the ideas of finding new ways to inspire me lyrically and conceptually.

At the end of the day, it’s just rock ‘n’ roll records, 40 minutes of rock music, so it’s just a way to make it interesting for me to work with, and then as a result of that, luckily for a few times now, we’ve been able to put that together and compile it in a way that has a lot of our fans also finding it interesting to dive into. I think that it was just luck that we just happened to release it in a matter where it seems a little clairvoyant. But these are old subjects … everything’s cyclical, that’s the thing, everything just goes in circles so it’s not very hard to be clairvoyant, you can just look back on time and sort of alter it a little, draw on, or shave off a mustache and you have a future asshole who will do something similar to something else a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, three hundred years ago. It’s always the same; it’s very repetitive.”

Ghost Cut Hellfest Performance Short After Tobias Forge Loses His Voice

Last night (June 18), Ghost ended up cutting their set short at France’s Hellfest after Tobias Forge lost his voice. As a result, the group were unable to perform their fan-favorite track “Square Hammer.” Forge told the crowd the following:

“My voice is completely fucked. I cannot take one other song.”

You can see footage of that below. On another note, the show also featured the live debut of “Griftwood” from the band’s latest album “Impera.”

[via Metal Hammer]

Ghost’s Tobias Forge Calls Out Bands For Using COVID-19 As An Excuse To Cancel Unprofitable Tours

During an appearance on Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ‘s “Drinks With Johnny” podcast, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge called out bands for using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to cancel unprofitable tours. He says “if you’re not going out because you’re not making the nut that you want, then come out and say it.”

Forge said the following:

“Well, the problem now is that a lot of these bands find the bottom line not to be satisfactory. They don’t go out and say, ‘Look, we’re not making as much money as we wish, so we’re going to cancel or we’re going to postpone till the stars are aligned and the marketplace looks better.’

They go out and tell the crowd, ‘Oh, because of safety concerns we’re not touring,’ and that is a fucking horrible message to the crowd, to the rest of the business to everyone that we’re all relying on – as in all the promoters and everyone working at the venues, everybody working as vendors, all the crew members, all the bussing companies, all the truck companies, all these people who just had their tour cancelled just because these three, four or five dudes/girls just decided that the money wasn’t great.

And then they go out and tell ‘Oh, by the way, don’t even go to shows because it’s not safe.’”

He continued when asked if he knows of any bands who told their fans not to attend shows:

“No, it becomes that. That is what becomes. If one band decides to go and say like, ‘No, [it’s] because of safety, it’s not safe to tour because of COVID.’ Of course, you’re sending a message to the crowd that ‘Oh, maybe it’s not [safe]. And remember, we have cultivated this agoraphobia and this germaphobia now that is a big problem.

And it takes a lot of courage for a lot of people to go out. It takes a lot of courage for people to go to a show. And when one band goes out and says, ‘Oh, we’re not going to tour because of safety concerns, because the world is not a safe place because of COVID.’ It does say to the fan that ‘Oh, maybe that’s right. I shouldn’t even go out now.’ That is detrimental.”

Forge also added:

“If you’re not going out because you’re not making the nut that you want, then come out and say it. No one’s going to judge you anymore.”

[via Metal Hammer]

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Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) Releases Soundtrack For Netflix’s “Clark”, Tobias Forge (Ghost) & Myrkur Appear In The Series

Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) has created the soundtrack for Netflix’s “Clark.” That six-episode series was directed by Jonas Åkerlund (“Lords Of Chaos”, etc.) and it stars Bill Skarsgård (“It”, “Castle Rock”) as Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson. Fans can watch the show now and stream the soundtrack on the service of their choice HERE. Physical copies will also be available on July 22.

Åkerfeldt commented:

“Writing the music for ‘Clark‘ is probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve done musically. It was so fun. Challenging but fun. I wanted to do a good job, of course, and provide music that would fit with the rather bizarre tale of Clark Olofsson. I had to conjure up a sound for him. His sound. It’s all in my head, I guess, but it felt like I was on to something after having finished the first track. The immediate feedback from Jonas Åkerlund was almost overly positive. So I just took it from there.

During the pandemic, I wrote so much music for this project, but I like to think I didn’t stray too much from the ‘original sound of Clark.’ The finished soundtrack record is a downright wish-mash of musical styles. Some sounds I’m familiar with. Other sounds were brand new to me. Or old, depending on how you see it. Brand ‘old’?

The album doesn’t really make musical sense at all, and that’s pretty much the purpose. Writing music to portray the multi-faceted story of a man like Clark Olofsson was bound to generate some type of musical insanity. It (the music) is just all over the place. Oddly enough, so is my own personal taste in music.

Even if many would deem Clark ‘a man insane,’ it really helped me in my work. No boundaries (let’s cross them). No rules (let’s break them). Anything goes…”

Notably, several metal musicians also appear in the series including Åkerfeldt, Tobias Forge (Ghost) and Myrkur. You can find a trailer and some footage of Forge and Myrkur’s parts below:

Ghost’s Tobias Forge Says The Nameless Ghouls’ Latest Costumes Are Partially Inspired By “Star Wars”

During a recent interview with Revolver, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge revealed the inspiration behind the latest costumes for his backing band, The Nameless Ghouls. He said the following:

“I wanted a sort of militant look, but any time you have people in uniform and in plural, you end up with a slight military vibe. But I wanted to progress that from cult members to more like an army. So you have a little bit of Thirties European there, and also old air-pilot helmets. As a ‘Star Wars’ fan, I’ve always been into the Tusken Raiders and their sort of lifeless look, so that was also part of it.”

Tobias Forge Already Has Plans For Ghost’s Next Album

During a recent interview with, Ghost’s Tobias Forge revealed that he already has plans for the band’s next album. The frontman says he already knows how the effort will sound and that he even has a title for it.

Forge said the following when asked if he has a final destination in mind for Ghost:

“We’re still in the position where a new record [will inform] the overall impression of the band. If they didn’t want to, the Rolling Stones wouldn’t have released a new record in the last 50 years. People would still worship them. We’re still at a point where the record means something and that’s not going to be forever. At some point, you’ll turn into a nostalgia band and that’s fine.

Right now, we have a plan up until 2025. I already know what I want to do, what I want to make and how I want the next record to sound. I know the title of the next record. I know what the cover’s gonna be. I know what we’re gonna change and what we’re gonna do live. I have a plan but it’s not the endgame.”

For now, Ghost are focusing on their latest album “Impera.” In a separate interview with Viktor Wilt of Idaho’s KCVI, Forge revealed that the group are working on a music video trilogy for that record. He said the following about those plans after being asked if he has chosen the next single from the effort [via Blabbermouth]:

“Short answer: yes. I just don’t know exactly… Sometimes there’s a difference between — obviously, you in radio know that — the songs that we release as singles and the ones that are singles that we push with a video and all that stuff. Right now I know what we’re hoping to do a little bit later in the year. Long story short, we’re making sort of a trilogy of videos for ‘Call Me Little Sunshine’, ‘Twenties’ [and] ‘Watcher In The Sky’. And that is sort of in the making. So it might be that that is sort of a different piece; that might be a different thing that comes out sort of separate to a radio campaign, whereas obviously we have our eye on what we’re gonna do towards the fall in terms of what song we’re making a video for right now and so forth.”

Opeth Guitarist Fredrik Åkesson Played On Ghost’s New Album “Impera”

During a recent interview with Loudwire, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge revealed that Opeth‘s Fredrik Åkesson contributed guitars to the band’s new album “Impera.” As previously reported, that effort will be released on March 11.

Forge said the following:

“…I’m a little bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to actual playing. I’m an able drummer, a bass player, an able guitar player, but I’m not a virtuoso.

This time around, I actually had another guitar player coming in, mounting the massive work of actually redoing everything. I’ve played guitar all my life, but, unlike most guitar players who are in successful bands, they play as they tour. I am doing a whole slew of other things, so, it almost feels like every time I saw start writing again, and demoing and doing pre-production, I quickly have to go up to par again.

On, tour for example, I mostly play drums, actually, in a rehearsal room in the back that we usually do as a warm up. Part of my daily exercises, I play drums for an hour, but I tend to forget to play guitar. When making this record, the demos dictates what to play — you can always figure that out and there’s always ways to redo, undo and piece things together.

But when it came to actually performing, I had a friend of mine, Fredrik Åkesson, the guitar player from Opeth. He’s the sort of person who plays five hours every day. He’s so amazingly talented. He can play circles around anything that I put on tape and he can do it with flair.”