There’s A Line Of Corpse Painted Soaps Inspired By Mayhem, King Diamond, Cradle Of Filth, Etc.

An Etsy shop called CorpsePaintSoaps are selling a line of various soaps featuring corpse paint. The products, which are inspired by Mayhem, Abbath, King Diamond, Cradle Of Filth, Ghost, and more, can be found HERE.

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Super7 Release New Action Figure Of Ghost’s Papa Nihil

Super7 have released a new action figure of Ghost’s Papa Nihil. The toy can be purchased HERE and a description of it can be found below:

“The First Papa of the Dark Ministry makes his action figure debut as a 3.75″ ReAction Figure! Relive all the excitement from Ghost’s A Pale Tour Named Death as Papa Emeritus Nihil comes equipped with his signature sunglasses and saxophone, and packaged on a gold-foil stamped Grucifix cardback.”

Ghost Vodka Makers Fire Back At Ghost’s Tobias Forge: “We Aren’t Willing To Be Bullied Or Compromised”

As previously reported, the makers of Ghost Vodka were recently hit with a lawsuit from the band Ghost due to their name. After the company went public with the news, the group’s attorney Ann-Charlotte Söderlund Björk responded by saying that the case was “about trademark rights that grant ownership for any and all alcoholic beverages.” Now, Ghost Vodka have fired back saying that they “aren’t willing to be bullied or compromised.”

Here’s Ghost Vodka’s new statement:

“Following our recent posts, speculation has been rife around the authenticity and origin of our statement and, on a more serious note, we would like to make things clear. We do have a court summons from GHOST the band regarding an alleged trademark infringement and we have formally responded to all correspondence via our own legal counsel.

“GHOST the band have had huge and sustained international success across their admirable and well acclaimed career. This we sincerely applaud them for, even if we aren’t personal fans of their music.

“We’re a small vodka brand that launched in 2015 with a cool concept and a few awesome bottles of vodka. Over the last five years we’ve built ourselves to the point of distributing in 36 countries worldwide. This has been done through hard work and belief in our brand, not big industry budget or backing. Our ethos and intention is to not follow any typical marketing
practices or industry gimmicks and to do things in our own organic way. We wanted an edgy, non conventional, stand out product and one of the world’s cleanest and most palatable vodkas.

“We’ve got that! We don’t follow, imitate or attempt to mislead anyone. You cannot mistake our bottle for anyone else’s and GHOST the band’s enormous fan base certainly wouldn’t confuse our product as having any affiliation with them. Our logos are totally different and our vodka and their gin are completely unequivocal in all departments. We sincerely do not believe there is a conflict or risk of confusion to consumers.

“We were completely unaware of GHOST the band upon launch. We were approached by their management to do a collaboration with the vodka back in 2016, among other projects, but decided not to pursue these any further. Four years later in 2020 we now have a court date in Stockholm for June. If there was some genuine concern about us why wasn’t it raised in 2016? Why have they waited for us to continue to build for another four years?

“It’s no secret that music in these days of streaming is not as lucrative as it was in the days of physical record sales and most of the income will be from live shows, sponsorship and merchandise. This is how artists deservedly monetise their craft. This is why in our opinion it looks like an opportunist swipe from the band to get a pay out!

“The main basis for the legal argument from the band’s side is that they hold a trademark for their figurative in Class 33 (alcoholic beverages excluding beer). They have a gin which launched many years after our vodka and say that we cannot trade as consumers will mistake our vodka for their gin and it has caused them to lose revenue.

“There are many products and brands using Ghost across a variety of sectors and industries. Ghost is an ancient internationally used and understood word. There are dozens of cases of co-existence that show the word can be used in harmony and widely by a multitude of people, brands and products.

“We aren’t using a logo with any similarity or attempting to trick consumers into thinking we are endorsed by GHOST the band. In fact our demographics are very different.

“Upon receiving this legal correspondence we have conducted research into the band and Tobias Forge. We have seen that Tobias is no stranger to litigation and is suing people with an alarming degree of regularity. It also seems there are many questions over his integrity and the authenticity of the origins of the concepts his brand has been built upon in the first place.

“Our issue is that the image and brand Tobias has built over the years and his behaviour in the real world seem to be very different. This is why we’ve highlighted him rather than letting him continue to hide out on the satellite orbiting his own ego whilst sending his team of lawyers and yes men out to do his dirty work. By contrast, our approach is vastly different. What you see is what you get, immature and unprofessional but honest and unapologetic about that. We’re about good times and don’t feel the need to conduct ourselves as though we’re a Fintech company or Hedge Fund. We aren’t willing to be bullied or compromised by his corporate lawyer’s assault simply on the merit that they can afford the legal bills that we can’t. We do not believe we should sit in silence and submit to every unreasonable demand that has been made of us over the past few months.

“We will be fighting these proceedings with the same energy and fire which have fuelled us to create and drive this brand from nothing over the last five years. In the past there have been far too many instances of large corporate entities bullying small businesses into oblivion. We know that money talks but if Tobias and co think that will be enough to carry them over the line here they will need to think again.

“To all the small businesses out there and anyone who has ever been pushed around by someone in a position of power – This one’s for you!”

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Ghost’s Attorney Comments On Ghost Vodka Lawsuit

The makers of Ghost Vodka recently revealed that the band Ghost threatened to take legal action against them due to their name. The group previously released their own gin, but their attorney has since said that the “case is not about ‘gin vs. vodka,’ it’s about trademark rights.”

Ann-Charlotte Söderlund Björk, legal counsel and trademark specialist for GOZZO Advokater, issued the following statement to Loudwire:

“Svensk Drama Pop (SDP) holds an exclusive trademark registration throughout the European Union for the figurative sign ‘Ghost.’ Those rights are licensed to Global Merchandising Services Ltd, in whose interest these proceedings are brought. This case has been on-going for months now, and numerous attempts have been made throughout that period of time to reach an amicable settlement.

This case is not about ‘gin vs. vodka,’ it’s about trademark rights that grant ownership for any and all alcoholic beverages – gin, whiskey, wine, beer, ale, vodka, etc. For any other EU-based entity to use the word ‘Ghost’ as part of its alcoholic beverage brand name would be in violation of SDP’s exclusive rights. SDP is entitled to defend these rights as any other business would when their trademark rights have been infringed. That is standard procedure.”

Ghost Allegedly Threaten Legal Action Against Ghost Vodka

Ghost have allegedly threatened legal action against the makers of Ghost Vodka. The company recently revealed the news on social media.

Ghost Vodka said the following:

“Recently we were rather bemused to receive legal correspondence on behalf of @thebandghost and their lead singer, Tobias Fitta Forge, informing us of action they wish to take against us for…….making vodka 🤷‍♂️ As if 2020 wasn’t strange enough already. We will keep everyone up to date with developments on this matter as they happen because, if nothing else, we could all do with a good laugh at the moment 😆

We hope everyone is keeping safe at the current time. Our distillery will shortly begin producing our next batch of delicious vodka and we hope you can all enjoy one our Ghost cocktails again once this madness has passed. Cheers! 💀 (p.s. don’t worry Tobias Fitta, the next batch won’t be releasing any rock albums either)”

Ry Leon, the sales director for Ghost Drinks Ltd., also issued a statement to Blabbermouth:

“Small-batch British drinks brand Ghost Vodka are the subject of a legal dispute brought about by the Swedish rock band, GHOST.

“The band take umbrage to Ghost Vodka (trading since 2015) being allowed to title their brand as such, feeling they should have exclusive use of the word ‘ghost’ across a multitude of different sectors. This is despite their primary business and income deriving from music and not having a competing product in this sector.

“Ghost Vodka was conceived in 2013 and we launched in June 2015 at Fortnum & Mason in London. Hardly going for the rock metal crowd here. Since then we have nurtured our business to have a presence in 36 countries. At the time of launching we had never heard of the band or Tobias Forge.

“Since we went public with this there have been a few rumours appearing in various comment sections which we would like to put to rest.

* We are being sued purely because we are called ‘Ghost’ vodka. There are no other factors at play here.

* Prior to the meme we posted this week, at no point have we ever used an image of the band to promote our product.

* Fans of the band and fans of rock metal as a whole have never been our target market for this brand.

* Legal documents submitted by the band indicate they have known of the vodka brand since 2016, posing the question why they waited so long until finding an issue with it.

“They are trying to schedule a court case for June in Stockholm, despite the current lockdown and travel ban yet to be lifted on the UK and much of Europe. The band seems determined to take advantage of this, knowing full well that we cannot attend the hearing.

“Our thoughts on the matter? We believe Tobias Forge needs the money having recently settled another case out of court. Having observed us since 2016 he now feels that we might have the funds available to provide him with a decent sized settlement. The money made from selling their gin is negligible, the volumes just aren’t there. He should stick to what he’s good at.

“Until the end of last year we had never heard of Tobias Forge. Having looked into his background, this is all entirely within character. If he can screw over his own bandmates, he will have now qualms in coming after a small, independent business.

“We respect his success and we can understand how hard he has worked to get where he is, however, there is no excuse for this kind of shitty behaviour on his part.”

Knucklebonz To Release “Rock Iconz” Statues Of Ghost’s Papa Nihil & Nameless Ghouls

Knucklebonz will be releasing new limited edition “Rock Iconz” statues of Ghost’s Papa Nihil and Nameless Ghouls this fall. The band commented:

“We wish to inform you Knucklebonz has created Ghost Papa Nihil, Nameless Ghoul Black Guitar & Nameless Ghoul White Guitar Rock Iconz™ Ltd. Edition Statues along with Ghost ON TOUR Stage Set Collectible. These limited editions are all available for pre-order NOW: Highly exclusive each one is hand-painted, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base of the statue”

Man Dies After Allegedly Contracting COVID-19 At Ghost’s Mexico City Show

According to Mexico News Daily, a 41-year-old man has died after allegedly contracting COVID-19 during Ghost’s March 3 show at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico. The man, who also suffered from diabetes, was the country’s first coronavirus-related death. There were reportedly 50,000 fans at Ghost’s concert, including another 40-year-old man, who also tested positive for the virus. That man was also hospitalized but is said to be in stable condition. This news comes after Mexican authorities were previously criticized for reportedly allowing 110,000 people to attend the Vive Latino festival last weekend. That event notably featured Guns N’ Roses.

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Whitesnake Postpone Japanese Tour Due To Coronavirus

Whitesnake have postponed their Japanese tour due to the coronavirus. The band commented:

“We regret to announce that Whitesnake’s Japan Tour which had been scheduled for March has been unavoidably postponed due to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus. Currently, we are working on rescheduling the dates. Your purchased tickets for the original dates will be valid for the rescheduled dates. Please ensure you keep your tickets safe. For those customers who wish to receive a refund, we will announce details of the refund process once we announce the rescheduled dates. We deeply apologize to all parties concerned especially those customers who bought tickets and have been looking forward to the Whitesnake shows.”

Ghost Introduce Papa Emeritus IV At Final Show Of “Prequelle” Touring Cycle

During Ghost’s show at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico earlier tonight (March 3), Cardinal Copia was officially promoted to Papa Emeritus IV. The honor was bestowed upon Copia after Papa Nihil sadly passed away during a performance of “Miasma.“ You can see some fan-filmed footage of the promotion below. Tonight’s concert marked the end of the band’s touring cycle for “Prequelle.” Ghost’s next album is expected to be released in early 2021.

Funko To Release New Slipknot, Slayer, Ghost, Etc. Pop! Figures

Funko announced a bunch of new music-related Pop! vinyl figures earlier today (January 20) as part of this year’s London Toy Fair. They include new figures inspired by Slipknot, Slayer, Ghost, Motörhead, ZZ Top, Weezer, Eazy-E, and Willie Nelson.