Ghost’s Tobias Forge Officially “Unmasks” Himself: “My Name Is Tobias Forge And I’m The Man Behind The Mask In Ghost”

Ghost’s Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emeritus) recently took part in a 90-minute Swedish radio broadcast called “Sommar i P1” and publicly “unmasked” himself for the first time. His identity had been revealed in the past, especially after the lawsuit between him and former members came to light, but the program was still very telling nonetheless. Topics discussed included Forge’s childhood, his late brother, who sadly passed away right after the first Ghost song was uploaded, the band’s formation, and more. You can listen to the Swedish broadcast HERE, and find an English translation from Reddit user totaljunkrat below.


If feel like I’ve been part of some.. Cosmic exchange deal, like there had been some mistake. But that the compensaion now came as a form of a chance, it was if I had recived a huge gift as a comfort from the loss.
This is summer in P1 with Tobias Forge, the music in the pod is shortened due to legal reasons –
Almost all my memories from my childhood I associate with either music, TV or movies. I remember almost everyhing as a accompaniment of pop culture. I remember a huge part of my childhood.
Maybe not exact details of it, but places and moments. People and meetings. I can still remember a great amount of details how it looked in the apartement we moved from when I was at the age of 4.
I have living memories from almost the entire ’80s – Barnjournalen, Bagen, Carola won Melodifestivalen, Solstollarna, Tillbaka till framtiden (Back to the future), Samanta Fox, Kim Wild, Ghost Busters, Vetenskapens värld, Ett med Naturen, Moonlight Shadow, Fragglarna, The Riddle, and Kiss was interviewed in the music program Norrsken.
I was always watching the news. There were many conflicts in the world which was very hard to grasp the idea of as a child, but I was very interested. I watched Rapport and Aktuellt. Lokala östnytt where the news contained everything from Thather, Regan, Arafat and Gorbatjov – to bankruptcy of Gusums bruk in Valdemarsvik. I remember small and large, as I said. Continue reading

Ghost Perform “Monstrance Clock” With A Youth Choir At 2017 Bloodstock Open Air Festival

Ghost were joined onstage by the Belper Junior Musical Theatre choir and some sisters of sin for a performance of “Monstrance Clock” during their set at the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air festival. Check out footage of that below:

Concert Review: Iron Maiden & Ghost In Oakland, CA

On July 5, I attended the Iron Maiden and Ghost concert at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA, and it was an epic show.


Ghost kicked off the night with their brand of satanic themed metal. Tobias Forge aka Papa Emeritus was great at commanding the crowd and the Nameless Ghouls were definitely a solid musical unit, which is pretty impressive considering the drastic lineup changes the band has faced. Highlights from their set included: “Square Hammer,” “Cirice,” “Mummy Dust,” and “Monstrance Clock.”

Then it was time for heavy metal legends Iron Maiden. The audience went crazy as soon as they heard UFO’s “Doctor Doctor” blasting through the speakers, followed by a cool video game looking intro video. After the clip the curtain fell to reveal a elaborate stage setup that looked like an ancient Mayan temple, complete with flaming pillars and a smoking podium, where frontman Bruce Dickinson appeared to sing the first part of “If Eternity Should Fail.”

From there, the show just exploded with energy. Dickinson’s all powerful voice, Steve Harris’ bass lines, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers’s guitar harmonies, and Nicko McBrain’s thundering drums only helped prove how much they deserve their icon status. The show didn’t stop at musicianship either.

The visuals were just as great, and ranged from simple things like Dickinson wearing a monkey mask for “Death or Glory” to spectacles such as the vocalist battling the group’s mascot Eddie, only to rip his heart out and toss it into the crowd. There was even things like a huge Eddie for a performance of their eponymous track “Iron Maiden” and a giant goat creature for “The Number Of The Beast.”

The show pretty much had it all, aesthetics, great music, and even things like a nice speech from Dickinson about diversity and equality. As far as song highlights go, I would say the following: The Number Of The Beast,” “Children of the Damned,” “Blood Brothers,” “The Trooper,” the title track of their latest album “The Book Of Souls,” and their finale “Wasted Years.” If you have a chance, you should hit one of the remaining dates, especially since the band are planning to retire “The Book Of Souls” stage setup very soon.

Ghost’s Tobias Forge Says He Is Already “Thinking About Album No. 5”

Ghost’s Tobias Forge, who performs as Papa Emeritus and dresses as a Nameless Ghoul for interviews, recently talked with the Albuquerque Journal about the band’s upcoming fourth album. During the chat, he also revealed that he is already thinking ahead about ideas for their fifth album as well.


Forge said the following:

“I usually write a lot. I don’t make an album and don’t write for two years and then end up with a blank paper starting over.”

“I constantly work with material that could be two years old, five years old, ten years old, as well as new things. It’s a pick and mix of a lot of different ideas and stuff laying around, a lot of new stuff being added to the pile. Yeah, it’s a constant thinking ahead, and now, already now, I’m thinking about album No. 5, because there are songs coming out now or coming up being written that I feel like that won’t fit into the new album, so I’ll put that one on to the next one instead.”

He also said the following about Ghost’s next album:

“Having in mind that the previous record was about the absence of God or the absence of deities, this new one is going to be about the return of God. You know God’s wrath cast upon the suffering humans, so it will be a little bit more biblical in that sense, which in turn makes it darker, a little bit more apocalyptic, I think. That’s basically what I can tell you about it right now.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Ghost’s Tobias Forge To Publicly “Unmask” Himself For Upcoming Radio Show Appearance

Ghost’s Tobias Forge’s (aka Papa Emeritus) identity was officially revealed due to the lawsuit former members of the group filed against him, but now he is taking it one step further by publicly appearing as himself on the August 17 episode of Sweden’s “Sommar i P1” radio show. He is expected “to talk about [his] background and about how things never quite turn out the way you think they will.”


Ghost Set Studio Date To Begin Recording New Album

A Nameless Ghoul, assumed to be frontman Tobias Forge aka Papa Emeritus, was interviewed by and confirmed the group will start recording their new album on August 14. He said the following:

“Obviously we’re doing this tour for another six weeks I think and come August 14th, it’s not gonna be a big day for mankind but it’s going to be a big week for myself because I’m going into the studio and we’re going to start recording the new album. The rest of the fall is going to be recording. While it’s not going to be a big event for all y’all, it’s going to be a big event for us.”

Tobias Forge Files Official Response To Ghost Lawsuit

It was previously reported that four former members of Ghost, who were identified as Simon Söderberg, Mauro Rubino, Henrik Palm, and Martin Hjertstedt, were filing a lawsuit against frontman Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emertius) due to them not receiving proper payment for their musical contributions and tours, and the fact that they were not allowed to see any of the financial records from 2011-2016. hey also claimed the band was a partnership despite the fact that Forge has denied those claims repeatedly. Now, Forge and his legal team have officially filed a response to the lawsuit, which you can read below (translated from Swedish by Reddit user Joppe777). On another note, he also revealed the identities of most of the band’s former members: Gustaf Lindström (2010 – 2011), Simon Söderberg (2010 – 2016), Aksel Holmgren (2010 – 2014), Martin Persner (2010 – 2016), Mauro Rubino (2011 – 2016), Rikard Ottoson (2011 – 2014), Linton Rubino (2014 – 2015), Henrik Palm (2015 – 2016), Marin Hjertstedt (2015 – 2016), and Megan Thomas (2016).


(TF Reply) Main Document – part 1
Gothenburg, June 7, 2017

Case T 1213-17

Martin Hjertstedt et al. Vs. Tobias Forge

Tobias Forge will here explain the grounds for contesting the case.

The operations of GHOST BEGAN in 2006-2008. None of the plaintiffs were present at the time of the formation of the operations, but received tasks as musician much later (Simon Soderberg at the end of summer 2010, Mauro Rubino early 2011, Martin Hjertstedt and Henrik Palm in January 2015). There has been no common commercial purpose. The plaintiffs have neither participated in the decicions of GHOST’s business purposes nor committed to working for the common commercial purpose.

The plaintiffs have neither contributed capital investments in the GHOST business nor been responsible to losses in the business. Tobias Forge has exclusively held decisions and control of the operations of GHOST.

The plaintiffs have only had the task of performing – executing – the musical works and the image in GHOST that Tobias Forge has created, produced and decided, all according to Tobias instructions. For their assignment, the candidates have received a fixed fees / salary.

Thus there is no legal partnership existing between Tobias Forge and the plaintiffs regarding the activities of GHOST. As no legal partnership exists, Tobias Forge is not required to report revenue, costs or assets in the GHOST business.

II. Facts
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