KnuckleBonz To Release 3D Vinyl Statue Featuring The Cover Art For Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven”

KnuckleBonz have announced that they will be releasing a 3D vinyl statue featuring the cover art for Pantera‘s “Far Beyond Driven.” Only 1,994 hand-painted pieces will be available and you can pre-order one HERE.

“Pantera Golden Ale” Beer To Be Released In March

Pantera have joined forces with Texas Ale Project to create “Pantera Golden Ale” beer. The 5.4 percent ABV beverage is set to be released in March 2021.

Brent Thompson, founder and brewmaster of Texas Ale Project, commented:

“We love creating fine ales and enjoy all kinds of music. We’re very excited to unite these two passions together under our roof, this time in partnership with the almighty Pantera. I couldn’t be more pumped about this project.”

The following was also said about the beer:

“Pantera Golden Ale will be crushable with a clean finish and brewed with Cascade and Citra hops. The scheduled release is March 1, 2021 (from Dallas) and will be available at fine retailers across Texas as well as through Tavour for direct-to-consumer shipping in the United States. More information on release events and product availability will be published in January.”

Listen To 2020 Mix Of Pantera’s “Goddamn Electric”

Pantera are streaming Terry Date’s new mix of their song “Goddamn Electric.” This version of the track is from the new 20th anniversary edition of “Reinventing The Steel.“ That effort will be available in digital outlets and as a three CD set on October 30. A vinyl pressing will also be released on January 8.

Pantera Stream Remastered Version Of “Immortally Insane”

Pantera are streaming a remastered version of their song “Immortally Insane.” The original version of the track appeared on the soundtrack for “Heavy Metal 2000.” The remastered version will be featured on the 20th anniversary of “Reinventing The Steel.“ That effort will be available in digital outlets and as a three CD set on October 30. A vinyl pressing will also be released on January 8.

GoFundMe Launched To Restore The Late Vinnie Paul’s Limo

SirusXM’s Jose Mangin was recently gifted a white 1997 Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine that was owned by the late Vinnie Paul Abbott. After receiving the vehicle from the legendary drummer’s estate, Mangin launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to restore it. Those that donate $33 will get their names engraved in the trunk.

Mangin commented:

“I recently inherited Vinnie Paul’s 1997 Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine.


I know right.

That’s exactly what went through my head when I got the call telling me that Vinnie’s estate decided that I would be the honorable recipient to take on this legendary vehicle. They knew that I would love it, care for it, respect it as a “Pantera museum on wheels,” and bring it roaring back to life.

So many celebrities, family, friends, strippers, politicians and more have been inside this limo. Marilyn Manson famously did donuts outside Vinnie’s “Clubhouse” one time. Vinnie used to drive it to go shopping, drive-through restaurants, and of course to party ALL THE TIME.

I had the honor of partying in it back in 2008 in Dallas, and Vinnie played me some HELLYEAH demos out of his monstrous sound system. I remember my insides were vibrating so hard from the intense volume and kick from those speakers, goddamn!?

Now all these years later, I find myself in a very extraordinary situation, one that I would never imagine. Being the proud new owner of Vinnie Paul’s limousine?!

Vinnie wanted to restore this limo while he was alive, but it cost way too much. He even contacted a known TV show to help him pimp it out, but they wanted a ton of money to fix it up. It needs a SHIT TON of work.

Getting the limo to California from Vegas has burned a hole through my wallet, along with other expenses that barely got this beast rolling. It’s gonna take a lot to get this on the road again.

I need to pay for engine work, body work, paint, transmission, power window/trunk motors, stereo/visual equipment (super important!), tires, wheels, brakes, lights, interior seats/carpet, vinyl roofing, front windshield, sun roof, detailing, registration, insurance, storage, and more costs that I have no idea that will undoubtedly happen.

I need your help please. Here’s where YOU come in.

Every dollar donated will go to complete the restoration of the limo that I inherited from my idol Vinnie Paul.

If you donate $33 or up you’ll get your name engraved on the inside of the trunk. It could be your name, your band name, your organization, your company, your pet’s name, or anything you want. Whatever it is, it’ll be forever immortalized on this iconic piece of rock history.

Throughout the limo pimping out process we’ll be updating this page and our socials with cool videos and exclusive content.

I can’t do ANY of this without your help.

Massive THANX to my brother Sonny Guillen for this great idea after hearing me stress out about how I was going to pay for this stuff. He convinced me to do this, and I appreciate his assistance in helping me to run and manage this.

We know that this is an extremely difficult time, and we’re not asking you to hurt your bank account, or not pay a bill because of this. But if you can donate to help get this piece of Heavy Metal history back on the road again, AND get your name engraved inside the “Pantera limo,” well then, it’s a win-win for ALL!

Hope you are healthy and safe, and THANK YOU for considering, maybe for donating, but mostly for loving Heavy Metal, and the music Vinnie left behind!

Peace in a celebrated cloud of music…

Jose “Metal Ambassador” Mangin”

Former Pantera Vocalist Terry Glaze Hopes The Band’s Early Albums Will Be Reissued Someday

During an appearance on “Drag The Waters: The Pantera Podcast,” ex-Pantera vocalist Terry Glaze was asked about the possibility of the band reissuing their early albums “Metal Magic,” “Projects In The Jungle,” and “I Am the Night.” He said it’s not up to him whether or not those records will be re-released, but did say that he hopes it will happen someday.

Glaze said the following:

“It would be amazing to share that music with the rest of the world. I think everybody would really be interested in listening — especially listening to Darrell’s [‘Dimebag’ Abbott] guitar playing. With with the loss of Darrell and Vince [Paul Abbott, drums], I guess it would come down to their father [Jerry Abbott] and Rex [Brown, bass]. I don’t have possession of the master tapes, and with Vince gone… It’d be a great thing for the fans — I’d love to be part of that — but as of right now, I haven’t spoken to Jerry Abbott or Rex about it.”

He also added that he thinks it would be cool to release a box set featuring the three albums plus “Power Metal,” which served as the band’s first record with Phil Anselmo:

“Put all four together in a box. The rhythm section and the guitars — bass, drums and the guitars — are consistent through the whole project. And you could see the growth through them. It’d be really cool. I would love to help out in that in any way I could. But we’ll see. Hopefully someday.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Pantera Reveal Details For 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Reinventing The Steel”

Pantera have officially revealed the details for the 20th anniversary edition of “Reinventing The Steel.” The effort will be available in digital outlets and as a three CD set on October 30. A limited edition vinyl pressing will also be released on January 8.

Track Listing:

Disc One: New Terry Date Mix:

01. “Hellbound”
02. “Goddamn Electric”
03. “Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit”
04. “You’ve Got To Belong To It”
05. “Revolution Is My Name”
06. “Death Rattle”
07. “We’ll Grind That Axe for a Long Time”
08. “Uplift”
09. “It Makes Them Disappear”
10. “I’ll Cast a Shadow”

Disc Two: Original Album Remastered:

01. “Hellbound”
02. “Goddamn Electric”
03. “Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit”
04. “You’ve Got To Belong To It”
05. “Revolution Is My Name”
06. “Death Rattle”
07. “We’ll Grind That Axe for a Long Time”
08. “Uplift”
09. “It Makes Them Disappear”
10. “I’ll Cast a Shadow”

Bonus Tracks:

11. “Goddamn Electric” (Radio Mix)
12. “Revolution Is My Name” (Radio Edit)
13. “I’ll Cast A Shadow” (Radio Edit)
14. “Goddamn Electric” (Radio Edit)

Disc Three: Bonus Tracks:

Non-Album Tracks & Covers:

01. “Avoid The Light”
02. “Immortally Insane
03. “Cat Scratch Fever” (Ted Nugent cover)
04. “Hole In The Sky” (Black Sabbath cover)
05. “Electric Funeral” (Black Sabbath cover)

Instrumental Rough Mixes:

06. “Hellbound”
07. “Goddamn Electric”
08. “Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit”
09. “You’ve Got To Belong To It”
10. “Revolution Is My Name”
11. “Death Rattle”
12. “We’ll Grind That Axe for a Long Time”
13. “Uplift”
14. “It Makes Them Disappear”
15. “I’ll Cast a Shadow”

Pre-orders can be found HERE. You can also stream Terry Date’s new mixes of “Revolution Is My Name,” “Death Rattle,” and “We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time” below:

Cutout Of The Late Vinnie Paul (Pantera, HELLYEAH) Featured In The Stands Of Texas Rangers Games

A cutout of the late Vinnie Paul (Pantera, HELLYEAH) can be seen in the stands during the Texas Rangers’ home games at Globe Live Park in Arlington, TX . You can watch a video report on the cool tribute below:

Pantera To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Reinventing The Steel” In September

It looks like Pantera are planning to release a 20th anniversary edition of “Reinventing The Steel” on September 18. Rex Brown confirmed the news during a recent appearance on SiriusXM‘s “Debatable”:

“We do have another record coming out this year, in September. It’s ‘Reinventing The Steel‘, which was our last record. We just finished re-mixing and remastering that… ‘Reinventing The Steel‘ comes out on September the 18th, and the vinyl of that [will come out on] Black Friday, which is a three-vinyl set of all kinds of stuff that hasn’t been out before, from the ‘Reinventing The Steel‘ [era].”

[via Blabbermouth]

Pantera Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of “Cowboys From Hell” With New Merch Capsule

Today (July 24), marks the 30th anniversary of Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” and to celebrate the band have launched a new merch capsule. You can check out the full collection HERE. In related news, frontman Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown also recently reflected on the record during an interview with Revolver.