Vinnie Paul (Pantera, HELLYEAH) Was Left Out Of The Grammy Awards’ “In Memoriam” Segment

Sadly, the legendary Vinnie Paul Abbott was left out of the Grammy Awards‘ televised “in memoriam” segment last night (February 10). The drummer is just the latest metal icon to get excluded following Slayer‘s Jeff Hanneman, GWAR‘s Oderus Urungus, etc. However, Abbott was mentioned on, along with Oli Herbert (All That Remains), Kyle Pavone (We Came As Romans), Jill Janus (Huntress), etc., who were all snubbed on TV as well. Several members of the rock/metal community took to social media to voice their frustrations:

Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale:

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It was a whirlwind of a Grammy Week. It was so wonderful to be nominated, and I’m honored to have lost that Grammy to one of my influences, Chris Cornell. His children got up on stage and filled my heart with such love as they paid tribute to their father. But I am disappointed and disheartened that Vinnie Paul of Pantera/ Hell Yeah,All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert and Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans were not acknowledged in the Annual Memoriam list this year. There's a committee at The Recording Academy and, in December, they put together a list that goes into the hundreds, 300 to 400 people. They go through that list and this committee votes. And from that, they cut it down to a reasonable number for television. I get it. But that is not an excuse for not including my friend Vinnie Paul of Pantera/ Hell Yeah, who has in fact…been nominated for 4 Grammy awards. I am very much aware that our genre is still not given the respect that it deserves. This is why I’m involved. That’s why I was there, in my leather jacket and horns raised, representing my genre Presenting Awards at the Pre Televised ceremony. That is why I was present at the televised show, sitting next to the cool kids. Like anything in this world, if you want change, you must take action. If I threw in the towel the first or hundredth time someone didn’t take me seriously or told me I couldn’t make it cuz I was a girl… then all the hard work and passion I bear for my love of music would be wasted. So, with the same passion, I will not waste my time in the light. I will continue to be an ambassador for Rock and to fight for the respect that it deserves. -Lzzy Hale #RaiseYourHorns #TheGrammys #RockNeverDies

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Fozzy’s Chris Jericho:

Trivium’s Matt Heafy:

Eddie Trunk:

Lou Brutus:


Phil Anselmo Pays Tribute To Dimebag Darrell & Vinnie Paul With Full Set Of Pantera Songs

During his show at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA last night (November 16), Phil Anselmo and his band The Illegals paid tribute to Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul with a full set of Pantera songs. The performance was streamed on Facebook and can be seen HERE. You can also find some fan-filmed footage along with the setlist below:


01. “Use My Third Arm”
02. “Mouth For War”
03. “Becoming”
04. “Walk”
05. “Death Rattle”
06. “I’m Broken” (feat. Child Bite’s Shawn Knight)
07. “This Love”
08. “Fucking Hostile”
09. “Hellbound”
10. “Domination” / “Hollow”
11. “A New Level”

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Official Vinnie Paul Merch Store Launched

An official metch store has been launched for the late great Vinnie Paul Abbott (Pantera, HELLYEAH). The legendary drummer started working on the store himself in the summer of 2017 and you can check it out at Abbott passed away on June 22 as a result of dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease. He was 54.

Vinnie Paul’s Official Cause Of Death Revealed

Vinnie Paul Abbott’s (Pantera, HELLYEAH) official cause of death has been confirmed. The Clark County Coroner has told TMZ that the legendary drummer passed away as a result of “dilated cardiomyopathy — an enlarged heart — as well as severe coronary artery disease — a heart condition.”

The following statement was shared on Pantera’s Facebook page:

“This is the official statement on behalf of the passing of Vincent Paul Abbott.

Vincent Paul Abbott died from natural causes, specifically, dilated cardiomyopathy. Severe coronary artery disease was identified as a significant condition to the cause of death according to the official report submitted by the Clark County Coroner’s office.

We ask that you please continue to respect the privacy of the family and friends of Vinnie Paul.

No further statement will be issued.

Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott
March 11, 1964 – June 22, 2018″

Vinnie Paul passed away on June 22 at the age of 54. He was buried at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, TX, near his late brother and bandmate Dimebag Darrell Abbott, and their late mother.

Rita Haney Breaks Silence On Vinnie Paul’s Death

Rita Haney, longtime girlfriend of the late Dimebag Darrell, has officially commented on Vinnie Paul’s (Pantera, HELLYEAH) death. You can read what she had to say in the below Instagram post. Vinnie Paul passed away on June 22 at the age of 54. An official cause of a death has yet to be revealed, but early reports have suggested his death was the result of a “major heart attack.”

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It has taken me a while to reach out and thank everyone for all of their love and support.. for just thinking of me.. means the world.. my apologies for being so tardy.. Thank you all❣️ I wish I could put into words what Dime and Vinnie mean to me.. but the emotions are so much more powerful than anything that I could ever say… I love you two so differently but yet both so dearly.. you both carried me through your lives and gave me your all.. I will always love you both and I will always fly your flag strong and proud.. Darrell has always been my heart through thick and thin even when I didn’t know, even when I made mistakes, he forgave me 100%.. Vinnie has always been my “big bro Riggs” for 43 yrs. through thick and thin even when I wasn’t sure.. and to know in the end here in this world, that Riggs still felt the same.. The last time we saw each other in Tampa, back in April, I told you that I knew you loved me because Darrell loved me, but that sometimes you just loved me” You gave me a big ol’ Vinnie Paul style hug and said “your right.. I do love you” We hugged again..❣️ I can never thank you two enough for the beautiful life you both have given me.. and still made sure to give me.. I miss you so.. My Abbott brothers.. Always Stronger Than All ♥️🌹

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Watch Bill Ward (Ex-Black Sabbath) Read Poem He Wrote For The Late Vinnie Paul (Pantera, HELLYEAH)

A public memorial was held for the late Vinnie Paul Abbott (Pantera, HELLYEAH) at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX on July 1 and during the event a number of friends and family paid their respects to the drummer in person and via video. One of the pre-recorded videos came from legendary Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who read a poem he wrote for Abbott. You can watch that below. Abbott was laid to rest at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, TX, alongside his late brother and bandmate Dimebag Darrell Abbott, and their late mother. An official cause of a death has yet to be revealed, but early reports have suggested his death was the result of a “major heart attack.”

Filter’s Richard Patrick Says Phil Anselmo & Rex Brown Should Reunite Pantera With Friends Of Dimebag & Vinnie Paul

Filter’s Richard Patrick recently took to social media to express a desire to see surviving Pantera members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown reunite with friends of the late Abbott brothers. Up until his death, Vinnie Paul never liked the idea of the band returning without Dimebag Darrell, so it probably wouldn’t be right to do it now. Regardless, you can read Patrick’s thoughts on the subject below.

Here’s Patrick’s statement (spelling mistakes included):

“Statement!! For some reason… I just feel the need to say this!! Phil Anselmo!! Is the greatest singer in metal. He’s the sweetest dude ever. I love that guy!! I really hope he knows how much we all love him. He’s been vilified! He’s been misunderstood!! But I absolutely just need and want to say this!!!

Coming from my punk Industrial past when I heard and saw Phil I was completely blown away. I was not into metal at the time but… when I saw a shaved headed punk fronting Pantera I thought to myself thats one of mine… a punk, mean as fuck, super voiced, crushing mother fucker who is speaking to me. Trent Reznor Played me A Vulgar Display of Power and I was awe struck. I was never the same!!!

HAVING SAID THAT… (I know I’m stepping in it and it’s none of my business no one put me up top this) IT WOULD BE A CRIME AGAINST MUSIC TO NOT PUT PANTERA BACK TOGTHER WITH TRUSTED FRIENDS OF VIENIE PAUL, DIME BAG!!! Off the top of my head.. I would think guys like Zack Wylde and Ray Luizer. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED VINNIE AND DARREL!!