HELLYEAH Frontman Chad Gray Says The Band Still Have About “Two Or Three” Songs Featuring Late Drummer Vinnie Paul

During a recent appearance on Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ’s “Drinks With Johnny,” HELLYEAH frontman Chad Gray discussed the possibility of releasing new music with the band. Notably, the group still have about “two or three songs” featuring the late Vinnie Paul’s drumming.

Gray said the following:

“When we lost Vinnie, I was just thinking about, ‘We have to do the same thing that we did for Dime for Vinnie now. We have to keep going to keep carrying the flag for Vince.’ It’s been tough. And I’ve talked to Tom [Maxwell] a little bit, I’ve talked to members and shit like that, and we’ve talked about to keep writing some music. We don’t know what the touring plans would be ever — maybe ever again — but we could still release music. And there’s actually — I think there are, like, two or three songs that Vinnie actually tracked drums to that we didn’t end up [finishing] for whatever reason. So there is a potential for us to write maybe a couple of more songs with Vinnie’s drums added on.”

He also commented on recruiting drummer Roy Mayorga:

“HELLYEAH was obviously an emotional situation, although I don’t think we could have gotten a better drummer to fill in than Roy Mayorga. He’s fucking phenomenal and he’s just such a genuinely kind and sweet person. And anybody who knew Vinnie, he was very warm, very giving, very loving, very just fucking cool and fun. And that was what Roy was. So Roy, for us, was a round peg, round hole. But it was still emotional… But you feel like you’ve gotta embrace your brothers and continue on for yourselves and for your fans. That’s what I felt like we had to do, because Vinnie was so much of a supporter or music — all levels of music.”

Gray also added that he thinks about Vinnie Paul all the time:

“I think about him and Dime. And it’s kind of what sucked about just everything being pulled back with HELLYEAH. And that’s kind of where the MUDVAYNE [reunion] came from too — we just kind of felt like everybody was emotionally exhausted from going out and trying to carry the flag for Vin and doing the ‘Celebration Of Life’ tours. We did two legs of that. But it was highly fucking emotional, man.”

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Christian Brady On HELLYEAH: “I Know That We’re Not Done”

During a recent interview with Todd Kerns (Slash, etc.), Christian Brady offered an update on HELLYEAH. According to him, the band are “not done.”

Brady said the following:

“Chad’s doing MUDVAYNE. I’m assuming that’ll keep him probably busy for a minute, at least through the next year, doing touring stuff. I don’t know what their plans are as far as if they’re gonna do an album or anything like that; I don’t know.

Chad actually lives here in Vegas now; he moved out here recently. We talk often, but we just don’t necessarily talk [about his plans for MUDVAYNE]. But we do talk HELLYEAH sometimes, and we’re all in contact. And Tom’s [Maxwell, HELLYEAH guitarist] actually been writing a bunch, man. He sent some ideas out and they’re really cool. It’s kind of sparking that in me again, and [in] Chad. So we’re talking about doing some writing. I don’t know yet what it’ll turn into, but I know that we’re not done.

None of us have said, ‘Yeah, HELLYEAH’s done.’ A lot of people probably assume that — ‘Yeah, Chad’s back with MUDVAYNE. HELLYEAH’s done’ — but we’ve never said that to each other or publicly at all. HELLYEAH’s not done. We’re just not sure what HELLYEAH’s going to be moving forward.

Right now, we have no label. We have no management. We cleaned house. We’re free and clear. It’s actually very exciting, because now we hold all the cards; we’re in control. So we can write whatever we want. We can release a couple of songs at a time. If there’s a demand for us to tour and it financially makes sense, then I’m sure at some point we’ll find a way to do that.”

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HELLYEAH Guitarist Tom Maxwell Launches New Lifestyle Brand BlackGoatWear

HELLYEAH guitarist Tom Maxwell and his friends Tim Buchenroth and Luke Fletcher have launched a new lifestyle brand called BlackGoatWear. The company sells a number of items including clothing, shadow boxes, self-care items, gourmet spice rubs, hot sauces, comic prints, and more.

Here’s an official press release:

“The pandemic that has gripped and enveloped the world for the past year-plus has actually birthed lots of creativity and allowed artists to further execute their unique visions in other spaces. The time in quarantine has not been for naught. It has fostered ideas and encouraged art. New lifestyle company Blackgoatwear is one such positive product of the pandemic.

During the lockdown, Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell and his friends, Tim Buchenroth and Luke Fletcher, came up with an idea for a boutique-style merch company that leaned into the darker side of life — in terms of its imagery and aesthetics. The trio wanted to create not only wearables but also one-a-kind pieces, like shadow boxes and self-care items like handmade, all-natural soaps, as well as gourmet spice rubs and hot sauces, along with original comic prints, custom glass pieces, and more. There truly is something for everyone when it comes to Blackgoatwear’s carefully curated and highly edited offerings.

Imagine if Etsy and Deviant Art procreated, without the constraints of typical e-commerce and with a passion for the mysterious, the mystical, the paranormal, the occult, and the “What Ifs” that define life as we know it. That’s Blackgoatwear. It’s truly a creepy and cool endeavor, one that is bound to connect with hard rock, metal, industrial, and goth music fans — and more.

If you can never quite find what you are looking for and have an appreciation for this style and aesthetic, then Blackgoatwear will be your new favorite brand. If you love being asked, “Oh my god, where did you get that?” when people visit your home or when sizing up your attire, or if you simply have a hankering for custom, one-a-kind, and totally different decor and that you can’t get at the local big box retailer, then Blackgoatwear is decidedly for you.

The company’s focus will be on craftsmanship as much as it will be about customer service, with the goal of offering shoppers unique pieces of art that they will be proud to wear, display, and use at their dark dinner parties.

Blackgoatwear will officially launch on Monday, September 6. To celebrate the kickoff and a, well, bright future, the brand will be offering its new fans and followers the chance to win one free Dean Guitar, along with a bottle of custom Forbidden Fruit Spicy Gourmet sauce, and a t-shirt. To enter the sweepstakes, simply submit your email address here. No purchase necessary.”

Chad Gray (Mudvayne) Teams Up With Violent Idols For Cover Of Beck’s “Loser”

Chad Gray (Mudvayne, HELLYEAH) and Violent Idols have joined forces for a cover of Beck’s “Loser.” You can find a video for that track below. Gray commented:

“Hey Metal Kidz so here we go again. I hooked up with my friends in Violent Idols to do a cover of ‘Loser‘ by Beck. This thing was so much fun. We have a little tempo and a little teeth and I’m super happy with it. Just one more track in my solo side shitz. I hope that you all enjoy! I can’t wait to see you back on stage sooner than later. Don’t take this too seriously as I didn’t. Just having some fun with good friends for good people! Stay Metal AF! And enjoy. Big Love- The Loser”

Roy Mayorga On HELLYEAH: “Those Guys Are On Hiatus For Right Now”

Current HELLYEAH touring drummer Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) recently offered an update on the band during an appearance on “The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live!” series. He said the following when asked if the group are still active:

“Not right now, ’cause [HELLYEAH singer] Chad [Gray] is on his way to go do [the] MUDVAYNE [reunion shows]. So those guys are on hiatus for right now.”

Late Pantera And HELLYEAH Drummer Vinnie Paul Honored With Commemorative Signature Snare Drum

ddrum have paid tribute to the late Vinnie Paul Abbott (Pantera, HELLYEAH) with a limited edition commemorative snare drum. The drum is limited to 250 pieces worldwide and it can be found at authorized ddrum dealers.

The following was said about the snare on ddrum.com:

“Large and in charge, the Vinnie Paul signature snare takes a maple wood snare to its tonal extreme. Crafted from 8 plies of North American maple, this snare delivers a thunderous punch to the chest, with a high caliber crack on top. 10 double sided turret lugs combined with the die cast hoops to add tuning stability and provide a solid rim shot sound. Available for its initial run in a special Delmar dragon wrap with chrome shell hardware to complement and enhance any finish kit to which it is added. Premium carrying case completes this heavy hitting package.”

The following product details were also shared:

  • 8×14 8 ply North American Maple shell
  • Diecast hoops
  • Special Vinnie Paul Dragon wrap made by Delmar
  • 10 double sided ddrum turret lugs
  • Special synthetic leather bag included
  • 45 degree inner and 30 degree outer bearing ege with slight round over
  • Evans drum heads included
  • Premium snare throw off

Abbott’s longtime drum tech Patrick King commented:

“I’ve spent years working on these snares for Vinnie. This snare resonates on so many levels with me. It rings in my ears (literally and figuratively) and through my core. This snare is not just a snare. It’s an extension of Vince. His sound. His heart. His legacy.”

Chad Gray (Mudvayne, HELLYEAH) Shares Video For His Cover Of “Always On My Mind”

Chad Gray (Mudvayne, HELLYEAH) has released a cover of “Always On My Mind.“ That track was made famous by Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson and a video for Gray’s version can be found below:

Gray said the following about the track, which was recorded for his wedding to SiriusXM’s Shannon Gunz:

“Planning a wedding is grueling — from flowers to location to picking the music. We initially chose ‘Dream On‘ for our first dance song. Now I’m not sure how or why I landed on ‘Always On My Mind.’ I’m assuming I heard it in passing and it stuck. I just remember, late one night, thinking about it and going online to search the lyrics and listen to the track. As it was playing, the lyrics were so emotional and compelling that it actually moved me.

So I reached out to my producer and very good friend Kevin Churko and asked if he would do a cover with me. He responded, ‘What song?’ I told him and he was like, ‘WHOA! Okay.’ So he reached out to the keyboard player for Ozzy [Alan Wakeman], who is obviously not doing anything in this shit time we’re living in, and sent us three different takes and flavors of the song.

We landed on one and started tracking it vocally. It was super cool when I started it, because I realized that this was such a different way of singing. No one has ever heard me doing anything like this. This was done for my wedding, but I thought, ‘Should I release this song to the public?’ I always talk about how I look at my fans as more than fans. They’re family, and I wanted to share this moment with them.”

Chad Gray (HELLYEAH, Mudvayne) Launches New Solo Website

Chad Gray (HELLYEAH, Mudvayne) has launched a new solo website called Chadness.com. The site currently features merch, virtual meet and greets, and more. The singer also teased that new music and video content will be arriving soon.

Gray commented:

“Hello Metal Kids,

So I got together with my boy/bestie @Wombatfire and we put together a place that is ALL things Mad Man Chad man.

Merch, virtual M&G’s etc. and I’m stoked! Just want to take a second and say thank you to all my Metal kids that have booked meet n greets. I was able to make a donation to music cares and to make sure my guys got some loot! I surprised them all with a little green and they were all super stoked and it helped them so much! So from all them and myself thank you, thank you, thank you! I’d still like to give them more so keep on booking! It’s so nice to be able to catch up with everyone and see how your doing through these very difficult times.

I miss my Metal family so this has helped me very much. I’ve decided to change the charity to something that I believe in as much as music cares and that is @nokidhungry Every month for years I’ve been making a donation to them and @stjude children’s cancer research Because FUCK CANCER!!! and FUCK CHILDREN BEING HUNGRY!!! No kid hungry is very close to my heart because there was a time in my life when I was that hungry kid. The one meal that I could count on was was my school lunch. And now with kids being out of school they may be missing that meal and that bothers me.

So I want to make a donation to them in the name of all the metal kids in my life. This organization is pretty amazing. $1 can feed 10 KIDS! So awesome. So if you wanna do a meet n greet with me some of that money will go to them. And even if you don’t want to do a meet n greet please go to their website and make a donation. No matter how small. Every little bit helps. Also I’ve been working on some new stuff that’s just me (no band) a cover that no one is gonna see coming (that I actually did for my wedding) the song and video are coming very soon so stay tuned to me, my website and my YouTube page.

Chadnesss.com – if you wanna go poke around feel free. I miss you all and I CANNOT WAIT! To be back in front of you all again. I miss my Metal family very much. So buy some shit if ya want or…don’t. Either way it’s all good…just wanted to let you know this is up so check it out.”

This news comes as unconfirmed rumors of a Mudvayne reunion have continued to circulate.