Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret Thanks Fans For Their Support Following Recent Surgery

Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret previously revealed that he was in remission following a battle with cancer, but now it looks like he had to undergo another surgery due to an infection. The frontman said the following about that:

“I just had a surgery done, and I’ll feel better really, really soon. I should feel better soon ’cause I had an infection. I was running a fever for two weeks straight. So, no need to worry, no one. We’re staying positive. And really, I’m so grateful of each and every one of you for just your love and support and everything you’ve all come together for. It’s been heartfelt.”

You can help Miret with his medical bills by donating HERE.

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Ozzy Osbourne To Undergo Neck And Spinal Surgery

During a recent interview with Daily Mail, Sharon Osbourne revealed that Ozzy Osbourne will be undergoing major surgery to help correct neck and spinal issues related to a past fall. For those unaware, the singer fell in his Los Angeles home while dealing with a bout of pneumonia in 2019 and ended up aggravating previous injuries he sustained in a 2003 ATV accident. He already underwent surgery following the initial incident, but will have to undergo another operation “soon.” Aside from that, Sharon also offered an update on his battle with PRKN 2, saying that he is “fine” and that the disease is “under control”.

Exodus Drummer Tom Hunting Undergoes Successful Gastrectomy

Earlier today (July 12), Exodus’ Tom Hunting underwent a full gastrectomy amid his battle with cancer. His bandmate Gary Holt shared the following update on Instagram:

“GREAT NEWS!!So Tom came out of surgery about 45 minutes ago, he’s still heavily sedated but everything went according to plan. Gastrectomy complete, heavily sedated but all cancer and mesothelioma nodules removed . He’s a warrior. I’ll give updates later as I get them, been a stress filled day, thank you to everyone for all the positive vibes . Much metal love🤘🏻❤️”

He also shared a video message from Hunting that was recorded before the operation:

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The Offspring’s Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman Undergoes Second Eye Surgery

The Offspring’s Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman recently underwent his second eye surgery. The guitarist tweeted the following about that:

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster’s Dallas Taylor Undergoes Eye Surgery

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster frontman Dallas Taylor, who is still suffering from a serious ATV accident that occurred in 2016, recently underwent eye surgery. His mother Dorothy said the following about that:

“Update on Dallas: Dallas had his eye surgery yesterday. They stitched both eyes but they stitched his left eye which he is blind in, half way across his eye. They stitched the right one not as much. This is suppose to let him have more moisture in his eyes because he doesn’t make tears, and the dryness could possibly make him to go blind in years to come. Please keep him in your thoughts, and prayers. Thank you for all the support it really means a lot to him, and us.”

You can help Taylor out with medical bills by donating to his GoFundMe.

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Rage Against The Machine’s Brad Wilk Undergoes Knee Surgery

Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk was scheduled to undergo knee surgery earlier today (May 26). He said the following about that:

“Torn meniscus knee surgery going down today. Got a lot of hard notes outa this knee. 😵‍💫🥴”

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Recently Underwent Hip Replacement Surgery

During a recent interview with Download Festival host Kylie Olsson, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson revealed that he recently underwent hip replacement surgery. The frontman says the operation took place “several months ago.”

Dickinson said the following:

“I had a new hip installed several months ago. So I got five and a half inches of titanium hammered into my leg. ‘Cause I run around on stage and jump, and [after] 40 years of fencing left-handed, it was just worn out. I mean, the last tour was really quite painful.

And I put it down to the fact that during the last tour, just shortly before the last tour, I also broke my Achilles as well — my Achilles tendon snapped… It’s horrible. That was two years ago, basically. So I got that stitched back together and went out on tour three and a half months later.

So I couldn’t actually walk properly or run. So I modified what I did on stage, and nobody figured it out. I was amazed. I did the whole tour — South America, the whole lot — and I ran around. But my hip was giving me so much shit. And I put it down to the fact that people were telling me, ‘You’re compensating for the other leg,’ and everything else, and I thought, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s it then.’”

He also added:

“So then I get back and I start training again seriously — doing my fencing, doing some competitions — and it’s just seizing up. And then lockdown happens. I was in Paris in lockdown — locked down properly; you have to get a piece of paper and sign it to go outside and the rest of it.

So I was running up six flights of stairs as my exercise, doing that. We had a little balcony, and I set up a fencing target on the balcony. But it was giving me so much shit. So I went to the hip doctor and said, ‘Have a look at this.’ He went, ‘Oh, yeah. It’s stuffed, mate. [You have] osteoarthritis [of the hip].’ ‘Oh, no.’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ So I was getting addicted to Ibuprofen and all the rest of it, and it pissed me off so much.

I was just, like, ‘Look, it’s not gonna get any better, is it?’ And he went, ‘No.’ So I said, ‘It’s October. When the safety car comes out, Hamilton goes in for fresh tires. So let’s do it now in October. ‘Cause I might have a tour next year.’ Little did I know. But being an eternal optimist, it was the best thing I’ve done. So now, with my new hip, I’m back to fencing again. It’s absolutely incredible.

I’ve been doing physio and doing weights that I haven’t done since I was 16 or 17 years old. I’m squatting a hundred kilos. It’s mental what your body can do.”

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Queen’s Brian May Undergoes Eye Surgery

Queen guitarist Brian May recently underwent eye surgery. He said the following about that:

“And …. all done !! I really didn’t feel a thing. It was all done with local anaesthetic and a tiny bit of sedation – So I was conscious throughout the whole thing – and fascinated by this amazing procedure. Only about 20 mins. The patch stays on until tomorrow morning. It’s an iPatch ! So obviously I’ll soon have to take it off and put it back on again. 😜 ! Big thanks to my eye surgeon the brilliant Robin Hamilton, and my anaesthetist Con, and all the lovely folks at the London Clinic who have taken care of me so kindly. Bri 😎”

Possessed’s Jeff Becerra Recovering From Flap Surgery

Possessed’s Jeff Becerra has revealed that he is currently recovering from flap surgery. The frontman said the following about that on Instagram:

“Week six after surgery. Had a skin flap reconstructive surgery which essentially is cutting out a large spot of flesh from my tailbone all the way down to the bone, grinding down the bone 🦴 and removing all the dead bone. After that, a horseshoe shaped incision is cut all the way around my buttocks and filleted, then a slash up the side towards my back to allow the entire piece to pivot over to cover the wound. The entire thing is then stitched 🧵 together from the inside, again stitched mid flesh, and stapled together all the way around. Special thanks to my plastic surgeon Dr Charles P Virden MD Reno Nevada (much# respect). This surgery may have just saved my life.”

Floor Jansen (Nightwish) Recovering From Gallbladder Surgery

Floor Jansen (Nightwish) has revealed that she is currently recovering from gallbladder surgery. The singer underwent the operation after suffering pain from gallstones and pancreatitis.

Jansen said the following:

“I had a case of Murphy’s Law hitting me….😢

even though the picture might suggest it’s all peachy. That’s to keep a positive spirit, sun on my face, life is good! 🤗 But challenging at times….

I was in the hospital last week. In Finland, where I went to rehearse with my dear brothers in Nightwish for our virtual shows next month. So incredibly great to see them after all that time (over a year!)

After the first rehearsal day I woke up to severe stomach pains and decided this was not normal. Once at the hospital I got what you call a gallstone attack. Turned out I had pains because of a huge amount of gallstones, and pancreatitis. I needed my gallbladder removed but because of the pancreatitis they couldn’t do it at once. The day after they took a scarred gallbladder out, with 15 stones in it! Emppu calls me stone henge from now on 🪨😂🪨

It turned my trip into something quite different. But I am most grateful for the amazing care I received at the hospital in Joensuu! And for all the love and support from my band and friends and family! And grateful for my own body. For taking this so well, I made a promise to take extra good care of it! 👊🏻

I’ll need to recover for a few more weeks but look forward to the virtual shows! And for spring, that is right at our doorstep 🌷☀️ 🙏🏻”