Mudvayne Add New Guitarist To Their Lineup

It appears Mudvayne have recruited Marcus Rafferty (Fall Of Humanity, etc.) as a second guitarist. The musician, who previously worked as a guitar tech for Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, etc., played his first show with the band during the October 9 date of this year’s Aftershock festival in Sacramento, CA. However, it is still unclear if he will become a permanent member of the group.

Watch Footage From Mudvayne’s Set At 2021 Aftershock Festival

Yesterday (October 9), Mudvayne played their second reunion show at the Aftershock festival in Sacramento, CA. You can find some fan-filmed footage from their set below. This news comes after the band were previously forced to cancel their performance at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, KY due to frontman Chad Gray and several staff members testing positive for COVID-19.

Mudvayne Drop Off Louder Than Life Festival After Chad Gray & Staff Members Test Positive For COVID-19

Mudvayne have dropped off the 2021 Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, KY due to frontman Chad Gray and several staff members testing positive for COVID-19. Breaking Benjamin will now be taking their place.

Mudvayne issued the following statement:

“After taking every precaution to follow CDC Covid protocols during rehearsals and recent performance Chad Gray and a few staff members have unfortunately tested positive for Covid-19. The safety of our organization, fans and festival partners must come first. We are left no choice but to cancel our performance at Louder Than Life this weekend. Apologies to all the fans attending the festival this weekend. We look forward to getting everyone healthy and ready for our Aftershock and Welcome To Rockville performances later this year. We appreciate your love & support throughout these unprecedented times.

Here’s the updated daily lineups for Louder Than Life:

September 23: Korn, Staind, Cypress Hill, Anthrax, Beartooth, Sevendust, Knocked Loose, Wage War, Memphis May Fire, Escape The Fate, Zero 9:36, Avoid, Currents, Jeris Johnson, Another Day Dawns, and Blame My Youth.

September 24: Metallica, Jane’s Addiction, Rise Against, Gojira, Killswitch Engage, Starset, Avatar, Fever 333, Turnstile, Cleopatrick, Dead Sara, ’68, The Violent, South Of Eden, Tallah, Joyous Wolf, and Contracult Collective.

September 25: Disturbed, Machine Gun Kelly, Volbeat, Falling In Reverse, Suicidal Tendencies, Asking Alexandria, Atreyu, Grandson, Code Orange, Ice Nine Kills, Spiritbox, Red, Butcher Babies, Bones UK, Diamante, Siiickbrain, UnityTX, Dana Dentata, and The Messenger Birds.

September 26: Metallica, Judas Priest, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Pennywise, Skillet, Sabaton, The Hu, Badflower, Tremonti, Fozzy, Every Time I Die, Ayron Jones, From Ashes To New, Teenage Wrist, Tempt, Dead Poet Society, and Like Machines.

Mudvayne Share Video Recap Of Inkcarceration Festival Performance

As previously reported, Mudvayne played their first live show in 12 years on September 11 at the Inkcarceration Festival in Mansfield, OH. You can find an official video recap of that performance below:

Watch Footage From Mudvayne’s First Show In 12 Years

Earlier tonight (September 11), Mudvayne played their first live show in 12 years at the Inkcarceration Festival at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH. You can check out some fan-filmed footage from the set below:

Mudvayne Share Footage From Rehearsal Sessions For Upcoming Shows

Mudvayne have shared some footage from the rehearsal sessions for their upcoming reunion shows. You can check that out below. Here’s the band’s current dates:

09/11 Mansfield, OH – Inkcarceration
09/26 Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life
10/09 Sacramento, CA – Aftershock Festival
11/14 Daytona Beach, FL – Welcome To Rockville

Mudvayne Officially Announce 2021 Reunion Shows

Mudvayne have officially reunited. The band are scheduled to perform at four festivals later this year.

Here’s the events that the group are booked for:

  • Inkcarceration Festival (September 10th – 12th in Mansfield, OH)
  • Louder Than Life (September 23rd – 26th in Louisville, KY)
  • Aftershock Festival (October 07th – 10th in Sacramento, CA)
  • Welcome To Rockville (November 11th – 14th in Daytona Beach, FL)

The band commented:

“These symptoms suggested that our evolution, I suppose, from the animal kingdom into human kingdom itself was catalyzed or triggered by our encounter with these hallucinogenics, and… Yes, we are an ape with a symbiotic relationship to a mushroom, and that has given us self reflection, language, religion, and all the spectrum of effects that flow from these things And one can only wonder how these hallucinogens might effect our future evolution as well They have brought us to this point and as we make our relationship to them conscious, we may be able to take control of our future evolutionary path
~~ MudDvAyNe 2021 ~~”

Mudvayne Rumored To Be Planning Reunion Tour

According to Wolverinekills, there are rumors circulating that seem to suggest that Mudvayne may be planning a reunion tour. The aforementioned source didn’t provide any evidence to support this claim, but it’s worth noting that they have been right about numerous other rumors in the past. However, the news should be taken with a grain of salt until an official confirmation is made. Wolverinekills said the following:

“Hearing A LOT Of Mudvayne Reuniting For Some Touring RUMORS…”


[via MetalSucks]

Chad Gray Says He Has “No Idea” If Mudvayne Will Do Anything To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of “L.D. 50”

Mudvayne‘s “L.D. 50“ will be turning 20 next year, but it looks like the band don’t have anything planned to celebrate the anniversary. During a recent appearance on the “Everblack” podcast, Chad Gray was asked if the group were planning something and he responded by saying that he has “no idea.”

Gray said the following:

“I have no idea. I know it’s a big deal for a lot of people, man. The band is probably bigger now than it’s ever been — honestly. So I know that it’s a big moment.

“Me and the guys [in Mudvayne] still talk. Everybody is cool. But every single one of ’em understand that I’m doing what I’m doing and I’m doing it for a fucking reason.”

The frontman went on to say that he is currently focusing on HELLYEAH and honoring Vinnie Paul:

“I’m on a mission right now to carry the torch for not only my brother, my drummer, one of my best friends, childhood hero but a mentor of mine.”

“I’m here to carry his torch — for him, for his brother, for Jeff Hanneman, for Paul Gray, for Layne Staley, for fucking Chester Bennington, for fucking Chris Cornell — for all of ’em. Lemmy, Ronnie James [Dio]… I mean, you name it.

I think that they were all so gracious and selfless that they left us all behind their music to be able to get through the rest of our lives with. Their music helped us get as far as we are now, and they left it for us.

And I think we need to embrace that. And I’m going to carry this torch with my band and my metal family that is worldwide. And we’re gonna do it together, man. And it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Chad Gray On Possible Mudvayne Reunion: “HELLYEAH Is Where I Have To Be Right Now”

During a recent interview with WRIF‘s Meltdown, Chad Gray was asked about a possible Mudvayne reunion once again. The frontman responded by saying he still talks to the other guys, but HELLYEAH is his main priority at the moment.

Gray said the following:

“We’re all good. We all talk. We’re cool. Whatever. It just is what it is, man. This [HELLYEAH] is where I have to be right now. This is so monumentally important to not only me personally, but to us as a band and I think to us as a metal community, a metal family, just to carry this on and fucking run it till the fucking wheels fall off.

I’m in. I’ll do it for as long as I can do it. I love my guys; I love my band; I love our fans. They’re not even fans — they’re family. And it’s worldwide. And it’s a fucking beautiful thing.”

His comments aren’t too surprising considering HELLYEAH are continuing to tour and pay tribute to late drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. The band’s final album with Abbott, “Welcome Home,” will be released on September 27.

[via Blabbermouth]