Stone Sour Share Early Demo Of “Take A Number”

Stone Sour have shared an early demo version of their song “Take A Number.” The final version of that track appeared on the band’s 2002 self-titled debut album. Guitarist Josh Rand said the following:

“When we were trying to figure out what songs to put on the self titled album, ‘Take a Number‘ kept coming up. This is the original recording from 1996 with Shawn playing the guitar solo.”

Stone Sour Share Early Demo Of “Tumult”

Stone Sour have shared an early demo version of their song “Tumult.” The final version of that track appeared on the band’s 2002 self-titled debut album.

Josh Rand commented:

“When Corey and I finished up recording the Project X demos, we knew that we had to put a band together to be able to play out. First, we asked Danny Spain (who tracked drums on the Project X demo) to join, but was formerly in the band ‘Down The Sun‘, so he was out.

I suggested Joel to Corey because the two of us had jammed around a little the year prior. Corey made the call and Joel was back behind the drum kit once again. One day Shawn stopped by Corey‘s place and listened to the Project X demos and said “It’s pretty cool.. I guess I’ll play bass.”

The 2nd guitar player spot was offered to Josh Brainard, the original Slipknot guitarist that James replaced. He turned down the offer to focus on his own new project. So the four of us started rehearsing for the first show.

About a week out from the show, James told Shawn he wanted to play with us and he joined the band. We knew we needed a great closing song for the live set, so we went back to the Stone Sour vault and grabbed Tumult. This is the original recording from 1996.”

Stone Sour Release Demo Version Of “Idle Hands”

Stone Sour have released a demo version of their song “Idle Hands.” The final version of that track appeared on their 2002 self-titled debut album. Josh Rand commented:

“‘Idle Hands‘ was the 1st song I wrote when I picked up the guitar again. Recorded in 2000 for Project X demos, and it later became known as Corey‘s best interpretive dance.”

Stone Sour Release Demo Version Of “Inside The Cynic”

Stone Sour have released a demo version of their song “Inside The Cynic.” Josh Rand commented:

“This is the second song from the four that we recorded in 2000. It would end up on the ‘Freddy vs Jason‘ movie soundtrack, and as a bonus track for the Japanese release of the self-titled album.”

Sepultura Share Footage Of “Roots Bloody Roots” From “Dimebash” All-Star Jam

Sepultura have shared official footage of “Roots Bloody Roots” from the 2020 “Dimebash” all-star jam. That performance found Sepultura’s Derrick Green performing with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour), Art Cruz (Lamb Of God), Gene Hoglan (Testament), Tanya O’Callaghan, Ola Englund (The Haunted), and more.

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Slipknot’s Corey Taylor: “I Haven’t Got A Problem With Streaming. I Have Got A Problem With How These Streaming Services Rip Off The Artist”

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) has been very outspoken about the ridiculously low payouts that artists receive from streaming services and he recently discussed the topic again during an interview with The Irish Times. The frontman says he doesn’t necessarily have a problem with streaming itself, but he does take issue with the fact that these services “rip off the artist.”

Taylor said the following when asked if bands like Slipknot could survive on streaming alone:

“You could if the streaming system wasn’t set up the way it is. You are being paid less than pennies. In the United States they have passed the legislation [the Music Modernisation Act 2018] but it is being appealed. I am hoping that it will be struck down. If the streaming systems paid more online with how publishing in radio pays – people could make a living.

I have had friends of mine who have had to retire and they are popular bands because they can’t make a living. Mid-card bands and lower, it is hard for them. It almost pays better to play the local pub and do the door deal. You make more money doing that than making an album. Labels don’t take the same chances but they are taking the lion’s share of the money because of the way it is set up.

Until the artist is paid fairly, it is going to be a constant fucking battle. I saw this coming years ago. I haven’t got a problem with streaming. I have got a problem with how these streaming services rip off the artist and I’ll say that until the day I die.”

He also added the following when asked about the going rate for a million streams:

“The lowest rate is YouTube. A million streams on YouTube is 0.04 per cent of a penny. On a million streams you get $400 and that’s just me doing shitty math in my head. People can’t live on that and there’s not a lot of people who get these numbers. The majority of this goes to the record label anyway.

The streaming services are not willing to pay the talents who write the songs and makes the music and yet they are sitting on billions of dollars. They are buying whole blocks of buildings and then taking over floors in there and yet they don’t want to pay the people who made the money for them. It’s insane. It’s tough all over in a lot of ways. Something has to change. I don’t know what that will be.”

Watch Footage Of Foo Fighters, Anthrax, Testament, Etc. Members Performing At 2020 Dimebash

The 2020 Dimebash was held at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA on January 16 and it included an all-star jam featuring members of Foo Fighters, Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Crowbar, Stone Sour, Testament, Act Of Defiance, Prong, Static-X, Vio-lence, Sepultura, and tons more. You can see some footage from the concert below: