Halestorm Planning To Release Two New EPs

During a recent interview with Bionic Buzz at the She Rocks awards, Lzzy Hale revealed that Halestorm are planning to release two new EPs. On top of that, the band have also been writing and demoing new material for their next album.

Hale said the following when asked if the group are working on a new album:

“We’ve just been writing for it — we’re demoing and all that stuff. We have a couple of projects coming out during the year that we’ve been recording. I have a couple of collaborations that are gonna be trickled out; you guys are gonna find out about that probably in about a week or so. And we’ve got ShipRocked [cruise] coming up and a small run in April. But other than that, we’re hunkering down and getting some new tunes.”

She also added the following when asked if they are planning to release another covers EP:

“We do have two EPs coming out. Whether or not they are fully covers or whether they’re something even more ridiculous, I cannot say.”

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Ihsahn To Release First Of Two New EPs In February

Ihsahn (Emperor) has revealed that he is planning to release two new EPs. The first one, “Telemark” (out February 14), will focus on the heavy side of the frontman’s music, while a follow up EP will focus on the progressive side of his music.

Ihsahn told Prog the following:

“Having released full-length records nearly every second year since I was 16, I felt it might be time to try something else. Also, I wanted to approach what I do in a way that felt natural but also to try to adapt it to the way that music is now performed and experienced.”

“I have seven solo albums out now, so the first EP is like a small recap, in a way. I did touch on some of the same thematics with Arktis but this time it’s closer to home, both musically and, dare I say, culturally.”

“The plan is to then follow up this EP with its aesthetic and musical counterpart, wherein I can distil all those more progressive, experimental and mellow elements of my music. Ultimately, it’s all a means for me to get some of those ideas out of my system, giving myself space before I delve into the next album!”

“The title of the EP is Telemark – it’s the county I grew up in and still live in, so the whole thing is situated there and very much inspired by that. So you could say it’s a roots-orientated album. I decided early on that I wanted this to be very purely related to black metal aesthetics.”

“I wanted to distil the basic, bare bones black metal influences of my musical roots, given the overall concept, writing something for and from Telemark. I decided to do Norwegian lyrics for the first time, too. It feels very much closer to home in many ways.”

Former Mushroomhead Members Launch New Bands Church & Doom Candy

Former members of Mushroomhead have reunited in two new bands. The two groups include Church, which features Thomas Church and Waylon Reavis, and Doom Candy, which features Thomas Church and Jeffrey Nothing. Church’s new EP “UnHUMAN Beings” will be released on August 16 and the first single “Become The Enemy” can be found below. Doom Candy’s new EP “Suicide Effects” will be released on September 27 and the first single “Cry Fire” can be found below as well.

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At The Gates To Release “The Mirror Black” 7″ & “With The Pantheons Blind” Digital EP

At The Gates will be releasing two new EPs on January 11. They include a limited seven-inch EP titled “The Mirror Black” and a digital EP titled “With The Pantheons Blind.”

The seven-inch will feature the title tack and “Daggers Of Black Haze,” both of which include guest vocals by Rob Miller (Amebix, Tau Cross). Here’s the available options:

  • Black vinyl (limited to 400 copies, CM Distro Europe wholesale & online shop)
  • Golden vinyl (limited to 100 copies, CM Europe online shop)
  • Clear vinyl (limited to 300 copies, CM Distro Europe wholesale & online shop)
  • Transparent Red vinyl (limited to 200 copies, exclusively from the band on tour).

Tomas Lindberg said the following about the seven-inch:

“The idea of getting guest vocalists on board for the bonus tracks for the album was us trying something new again… This time we wanted to get other artists involved in our music, getting their takes on our new songs. It was a pleasure working with everybody and all songs grew immensely in the process. The songs we did with Rob Miller was for me personally something extra. Of course, people who know me know that I am a massive Amebix fan. And I love the more recent stuff with Tau Cross too. I had no idea what to expect. But the songs grew so goddamn much together with Rob’s powerful voice. We decided early on that these versions were worthy of their own release. This is for me personally one of the greatest achievements of my career, to share the vocal space with one of my favorite vocalists of all time. I am so proud of this release. Hope everyone else gets as much joy out of it as I do.”

As for the digital EP, it will come with six bonus songs from the “To Drink From The Night Itself” sessions. Here’s the track listing:

01. “Daggers Of Black Haze” (Featuring Amebix’s Rob Miller)
02. “The Chasm” (Featuring God Macabre’s Per Boder)
03. “A Labyrinth Of Tombs (Featuring Craft’s Mikael Nox Pettersson)
04. “Raped By The Light Of Christ” (2018)
05. “The Chasm” (Demo Version)
06. “The Mirror Black” (Featuring Amebix’s Rob Miller)

Thou Reveal Release Details For New EPs & Album

Thou recently released an EP titled “The House Primordial” and said that it was the first in a series of EPs leading up to their new album. Now, the group have confirmed the release details for the other efforts. They include “Inconsolable,” which will be released on June 29, “Rhea Sylvia,” which will be released on July 27. and the album “Magus,“ which will be released on August 31. You can pre-order “Inconsolable” HERE, “Rhea Sylvia” HERE and “Magus” HERE. You can also find some new songs below, courtesy of NPR

Harley Flanagan Announces “Cro-Mags Demos” & “Hard Core Dr. Know” Releases

Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan has announced two new releases including the “Cro-Mags Demos” and the “Hard Core Dr. Know” EP. “Hard Core Dr. Know” is available now and proceeds will go towards Bad Brains’ Dr. Know to help him out with medical expenses from his 2015 health issues. The “Cro-Mags Demos” will be available on July 6 and it will include Flanagan’s solo recordings from 1982-1983.

“Hard Core Dr. Know” EP Track Listing:

01. “Life Has No Mercy”
02. “Sometimes You’re The Hammer (Sometimes You’re The Nail)”
03. “Discipline Equals Freedom”
04. “I Love My Life”
05. “Friends Like You”
06. “It’s All Good (When It’s All Good)”

“Cro-Mag Demos” Track Listing:

01. “Don’t Tread On Me”
02. “Wake Up (Do Unto Others)”
03. “Dead End Kids”
04. “Why Don’t You”

Billie Joe Armstrong’s The Longshot Drop Three New EPs

After surprise releasing their new album and announcing a tour, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and his new band The Longshot have now dropped three new EPs on SoundCloud. According to Armstrong, the releases feature “originals, some covers [he] did in [his] garage and a couple songs from these paper bullets.” On top of that, the group have also shared official audio of “Devil’s Kind.” You can check out all that below:

Billy Corgan On His New Solo Material: “I’m Heavily Leaning Towards Releasing 4 EPs That Would Later Be Collected Together”

In addition to the new Smashing Pumpkins EPs, Billy Corgan has 16 songs in consideration for his next solo release, including some covers. According to him, the tracks will probably be released as four EPs that will then get compiled into a double album later on.

Failure To Release “In The Future” EP In This Month

Failure have announced that they will release a new EP titled “In The Future” on March 30. That effort will be the first in a series of three new EPs. A new full-length album will follow the series in the fall.

“In The Future” Track Listing:

01. “Dark Speed”
02. “Paralytic Flow”
03. “Pennies”
04. “Segue 10“

Bassist Greg Edwards commented:

“Living inside a screen seems like absolute freedom sometimes, but It’s more like a kind of psychic decapitation. We have made aliens of our bodies. We exist in an era where the most primitive structures in our brains are being rewarded and controlled, almost constantly, by extremely sophisticated, interconnected, and self-perpetuating technologies.

There seems to be no imaginable way, or real desire, to moderate this. Artificial Intelligence may be creating itself right beneath our noses and using our bodies as unaware hosts. Everything is talking to everything else but there’s no communication anymore. Only divisions and their promotion.

The surrogate reality of the internet sucks us out of our own bodies and puts us in a space where we can imagine we have less and less resemblance to the creatures we actually are. The forthcoming three eps and full-length album, explore the ambivalence inspired by this dislocation.”

Smashing Pumpkins Are Almost Done With Two New EPs

Billy Corgan has confirmed that Smashing Pumpkins are almost done with two new EPs and that the first single should arrive in May. Eight songs, including “Alienation,” “Travels,” “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts),” “Solara,” “With Sympathy,” “Marchin’ On,” “Knights of Malta” and “Seek and You Shall Destroy,” will be divided among the two releases. Corgan posted the following about that: