Stone Sour’s Josh Rand Discusses His Addiction Issues In Recent Interview

Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand was recently interviewed by Lazer 103.3, and further opened up about his past struggles with Xanax and alcohol addiction. During the chat, he revealed that he was originally prescribed Xanax years ago for flying anxiety, but he ended up getting addicted without letting his bandmates and family know. He also talked about how he started drinking “over the course of the last couple years.” You can listen to the full chat and read an excerpt below:

Rand said the following about his issues [transcribed by The PRP]:

“I just had decided that I needed some help dealing with stuff. Really it’s been stuff that I’ve been dealing with—well one thing for a very long time, which surprised people. Nobody had any idea about it. I was basically… been on Xanax for like eight years and nobody knew at all.

And then over the course of the last couple years I started drinking and when we started touring, I was basically day-drinking. But not drinking to get messed up, but just to maintain, I guess. Or to be able to cope, to have this buzz.

And all that stuff started spiraling for me as we were touring. I just felt horrible and miserable and it really all came to a head for me on ‘ShipRocked‘.

We were flying from Florida back up to Canada and basically we were in the airport and I just had the made the decision that I had to come home.

Luckily I had the support of the other guys and my family to make that decision. I had hit a wall and knew that I needed to regroup and deal with my stuff. So that’s what I did. Seeked out help and it will probably always be a little bit of a battle for me on some days, but I have a great support group within the band, family, friends all that. It was just important…”

On another note, he also talked a bit about Stone Sour’s future plans, which include another Record Store Day release next spring and a new video for “Mercy” which might not surface until next year. However, the band are not expected to tour much in 2019, since Corey Taylor will be busy with Slipknot.


Stone Sour’s Josh Rand Opens Up About Addressing His Alcohol And Xanax Issues

After previously checking into a treatment center, Stone Sour’s Josh Rand has issued a new statement regarding his decision to address his alcohol and xanax issues. You can read what he had to say below.


“As many of you may already know, in January of this year I made the difficult decision to step away from the Canadian leg of the Stone Sour tour. I hit a personal breaking point and it was imperative that I address it.

My high anxiety and desire to feel comfortable in my own skin over the years led to an alcohol and Xanax dependency. That along with aggression issues made me feel miserable and I just could not continue to live that way. Thankfully, with the support of my band, family, and friends I was able to come home and seek help.

Now (three months later) I’m doing well, but still a work in progress. I want to sincerely thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and positive words. It means a lot to me.

Much love,
Josh Rand“

Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor Says Josh Rand Will Be “Ready To Go For The Next Tour”

Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (also of Slipknot) has offered another update on guitarist Josh Rand, who entered a treatment center for unspecified issues. He told Musik Universe the band members talk to Rand “every day” and that he is “doing great.” He also added:

“We actually have a two-month break coming up after this tour, so he’s actually been able to work through the things that he’s going through right now, and, yeah, he’ll be ready to go for the next tour, which is… I think April [27th] is the first show.”

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Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor Says Josh Rand “Seems To Be Doing Really, Really Well” After Entering Treatment Center

Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (also of Slipknot) has offered an update on guitarist Josh Rand, who recently entered a treatment center for unspecified issues. He told Dalby of the Regina rock radio station 104.9 The Wolf the following:

“We talk to him every day, and he seems to be doing really, really well, so that’s really good. And this is not just somebody who I’ve been in a band with for a while; we’ve been best friends since we were 15 years old — I mean, we go way back. For me, it’s not just the worry of my cohort, my partner, my songwriting guy, my lead guitarist, it’s about worrying about my friend, my brother, somebody who let me sleep on his floor when I was homeless. So, for me, that’s the biggest thing — worrying about him. But he seems to be doing really, really well. And, like I said, we talk every day, he’s letting us know how he’s doing. And we just support him as much as we absolutely can. And when it comes to being a friend, that’s all you really can do — just be there for them. The best way to be a friend is just to stay right where you are and just let somebody lean against you if they need it, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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Josh Rand Drops Out Of Stone Sour’s North American Tour, Checks Into A Treatment Center

Stone Sour have revealed that Josh Rand has checked into a treatment center and will not be joining them on their North American tour. The band said the following:

“Unfortunately, Josh Rand has checked into a treatment center and will not be joining Stone Sour for the Canada/US tour. Though he will be back as soon as possible, we ask you all to keep him in your thoughts. Until then, the rest of Stone Sour will see you all on tour in Jan/Feb. Thank you.”

Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) To Guest On New Stone Sour EP

Stone Sour are expected to release their second of three covers EPs, Straight Outta Burbank, later this year. It has now been revealed that one of the covers on the effort will be The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” which will feature guest vocals from Lzzy Hale (Halestorm).

Josh Rand posted the following on Instagram: