Of Mice & Men Mixing New Album

It looks like Of Mice & Men are officially mixing their new album with Chris Lord-Alge. The band tweeted the following:


Valentino Arteaga Says Of Mice & Men “Have Over An Album’s Worth Of Material Written”

Of Mice & Men’s Valentino Arteaga was recently interviewed by Kerrang! Radio, and talked a bit about the new music the band have been working on. According to him, they “have over an album’s worth of material written.”

Arteaga on new music:

“Right now, truth be told, we have over an album’s worth of material written. We’re feeling very inspired out here. We’ve already started on a new song yesterday. Inspiration strikes and it hits, and we kind of, like… It doesn’t matter where we’re at — at an airport or in our bunk on the bus — and so for us, these that we’ve just put out, we wanted to give the audiences at these festivals a demonstration of what the band can do. And, honestly, we just wanted to put them out there. And, unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s hard — and it sounds stupid — but it’s hard for bands to put music — there’s labels, there’s publishing… there’s so much stuff that goes into it. And I won’t bury you with all the stuff, but we’re just happy that we have a label behind us, Rise Records, that believes in our vision and trusts us when we say, ‘Hey, we have some songs that we really need to get recorded. Can we make this happen?’ And sure enough, they put us with freakin’ Howard Benson and Chris Lord-Alge. I don’t know if there’s a bigger dream team in rock and metal. Those people created… Dude, P.O.D., one of my favorite bands from my hometown, Chula Vista, he created those records with them, and in a lot of ways, we’re able to work with people that we never dreamed of doing that with and continue to make music.”

He continued:

“Music is our therapy — it’s how we got through this, it’s how OF MICE & MEN has been a band for almost ten years is with the music and how we love and devote ourselves to this. And the fact that we can put out music and work on new music and there’s tons more of all that stuff coming — more shows, more festivals, more music, more everything — and we just feel so fortunate to be able to continue to do that and have such a wonderfully passionate fanbase that’s still growing.”

He also added the following about Austin Carlile’s departure:

“He had to leave the band because of the strain that it was putting on his body. What it comes down to is this is like an entertainment. And it’s very difficult, and for him it was very hard, and he, basically, rocked it till the wheels fell off. In a lot of ways, we use that to inspire us to really… The four of us had to step up, because he always stepped up. And in a lot of ways, it wasn’t about a replacement, it wasn’t about… None of that felt right. We felt like the right thing to do is for OF MICE & MEN to continue and for all of us to step up. And Aaron [Pauley, bass/vocals] has done it so amazingly. Alan’s [Ashby, guitar] doing vocals now too. I have, like, twelve microphones back there on my kit, and I’m screaming my head off back there too. [Laughs]”

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Five Finger Death Punch, In Flames & Of Mice & Men Announce 2017 European/UK Tour

Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames have announced European/UK tour together. Of Mice & Men will also perform on most dates. This news comes after Five Finger Death Punch’s disastrous performance last night, which Ivan Moody claimed was his last show.

Tour Dates:

11/14 Helsinki, FIN – Hartwall Arena
11/16 Gothenburg, SWE – Scandinavium
11/17 Stockholm, SWE – Ericsson Globe
11/18 Oslo, NOR – Oslo Spektrum
11/20 Copenhagen, DEN – Royal Arena
11/21 Hamburg, GER – Sportshalle
11/22 Berlin, GER – Velodrome
11/24 Oberhausen, GER – KP Arena
11/26 Prague, CZE – Forum Karlin (feat. Of Mice & Men)
11/28 Zurich, SWI – Hallenstadion (feat. Of Mice & Men)
11/29 Munich, GER – Olympiahalle
11/30 Padova, ITA – Geox Theatre (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/02 Stuttgart, GER – HMH Schleyerhalle
12/04 Paris, FRA – Olympia (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/05 Luxembourg, LUX – Rockhal (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/06 Frankfurt, GER – Festhalle
12/08 Vienna, AUT – Stadthalle (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/11 Madrid, SPA – Wizink Centre
12/12 Barcelona, SPA – St. Jordi Club
12/14 Antwerp, BEL – Lotto (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/15 Amsterdam, NET – AFAS Live (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/17 Birmingham, UK – BCA (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/18 Glasgow, UK – Hydro (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/20 Leeds, UK – Leeds Arena (feat. Of Mice & Men)
12/21 London, UK – Wembley Arena (feat. Of Mice & Men)

Aaron Pauley Says Of Mice & Men Are Working On “A Lot Of Heavy Songs”

Aron Pauley recently spoke with Metal Hammer and talked a little bit about the new music Of Mice & Men have been working on. According to him, the band are working on “a lot of heavy songs.”

Pauley said the follwoing

“There’s a lot of heavy songs that we’re working on that are either already written and demoed or that we’re in the process of writing. I think what we’re doing right now, which is the most important thing that we can, is really just honing in on the elements of what makes our music sound like our music.”

He also added the following about moving on after Austin Carlile left the group:

“A lot of bands don’t get a second lease on life when they lose somebody as impactful as Austin. We’ve got a new lease on life. You can spend so much time thinking about the future and then you’re finally there, and you don’t remember how you got there. We’re just taking a conscious approach to enjoying the here and now more than where we hope to be.”

Of Mice & Men Premiere “Back To Me” Music Video

Of Mice & Men have premiered a new video for their new song “Back To Me.” This is the band’s second track without frontman Austin Carlile, who recently exited the group. With him gone, bassist/vocalist Aaron Pauley has stepped forward to take on all the vocals.

Pauley commented:

“‘Back to Me’ is a very meaningful song for us. When going through major life changes, whether it’s loss or growth, it’s incredibly easy to feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself — and like you’ll never be yourself again. I’ve come to believe that we can never truly lose ourselves. I believe we persist through these changes, and that if you can discover, tap into, and ignite your true passions, you’ll always be able light the way back to you. We really wanted to put out ‘Back to Me’ as the follow up to ‘Unbreakable,’ because we wanted to reassure and encourage ourselves and others to press on when times get tough. ‘Let hope be everything that you need…’”

“Back To Me” and “Unbreakable” will be released on a 7″ on June 30