Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley And In Flames’ Anders Fridén Guest On New Night Fiends Song “Lost Without A Trace”

Night Fiends, the band featuring Tanner Wayne (In Flames) and pro skater Elliot Sloan, have premiered a new song titled “Lost Without A Trace.” The track, which features Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley and In Flames’ Anders Fridén, can be streamed below:

Former Of Mice & Men Frontman Austin Carlile Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

As previously reported, Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men/Attack Attack!) was recently accused of rape and sexual assault, while Alternative Press were accused of burying the story. Now, Carlile has issued his own statement denying the allegations.

Carlile said the following:

“In my younger years, I absolutely was not the best person, but I have never physically abused, preyed upon, forced myself upon, or drugged any woman. These accusations are false and defamatory.

I am not a perfect person: I smoked marijuana daily, drank often, got into fights and acted like a jerk more times than I can count. I did things and acted in ways that I am not proud of, but never have I violated anyone. These ‘accusations’ being thrown around on social media, in our current ‘cancel culture’ climate, are extremely heinous and completely without merit.

My wife is a molestation and rape survivor, and I have personally seen the deep, long-standing pain that she battles with every day. I have spent years surrendering my flesh over to God, allowing Him to constantly improve who I am as a man, husband, and father. During this past week, I have even had the joy of seeing the heartbeat of my new child for the very first time. Today, I am focused on supporting my pregnant wife, our daughter, this new blessing in our lives, my health, my wife’s health, and striving to be a better person every day.

These accusations have been investigated by the appropriate authorities as well as independent journalists and were determined to be unfounded. I apologize to the Marfan Foundation, I Am Second, my former bandmates and any of our dedicated fans who have been unjustly brought into this controversy and wish them all nothing but the best.

All women deserve to feel safe, supported, and heard, but these unjust attacks upon my family and accusations against me, are decades-old claims that are unfounded.“

Former Of Mice & Men Frontman Austin Carlile Accused Of Sexual Assault, Victim Calls Out Alternative Press For Burying The Story

Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men/Attack Attack!) has been accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women. A number of the alleged victims opened up to Alternative Press about the disturbing incidents, but the publication apparently decided to halt the story due to “legal purposes.”

One of the victims, Caitlyn Stiffler, issued the below statement via Facebook:

“Dear Alternative Press,

Remember when over 15 girls shared their stories with you about this serial rapist? Because I do. I was one of them. Now you want to not only share HIS nonsense, but you want to put his name next to Jesus? No, just, no. It’s not okay.

The alternative community has followed you for YEARS. I followed your stories so closely all through high school and watched my artist friends be featured by your magazine. To be contacted by you to share my story, in hopes that it wouldn’t keep happening to other girls, felt like a dream. Finally there was something I could do, considering I was told by law enforcement that there was nothing else I could hope for with no physical evidence. I never thought anyone would believe me or take this seriously, then there was your magazine asking us to share.

He not only raped girls, probably more than anyone even knows about, he was a predator seeking out underage girls by using his position in the music industry to do so. He threatened you with a lawsuit and you backed down. I get it, who would want to be involved in that when you could just… not. That was your choice, a choice none of us had. We can’t just let it go and forget. I for one had hoped that you would at the very least stop featuring him. Guess I was wrong to hope that.

He needs CANCELLED. Get him out of these kids’ faces who believe he’s a good person deserving of recognition. #cancelaustincarlile #austincarlile”

Caitlyn’s husband, Jonathan Stiffler also tweeted about the situation:

Alternative Press have since responded:

Of Mice & Men also issued a statement:

“Yesterday we heard for the first time of an alleged article that was written, and apparently subsequently shelved, regarding a former member of our band.

This individual has not been a member of Of Mice & Men for almost four years and neither the band, nor the team around us, has had any part in suppressing any such article.

We absolutely condemn sexual violence and harassment in any form.

–Aaron, Alan, Tino, Phil“

UPDATE: Alternative Press founder/president Mike Shea has now issued a new statement:

“First, I want to sincerely apologize to the survivors who have felt silenced by us in regard to the allegations made against Austin Carlile.

I wish I could say something to make the pain from abuse go away. And while I realize that my words might come up short for some, it is my hope that you and the survivors can take comfort in the actions we are taking to enact change.

Also, I think it’s time for a change. In light of recent events, and in the current state of culture, we’re going to introduce some new faces to the world. Effective immediately, I’m pleased to announce our new Editor in Chief, Paige Owens, and her counterpart Content Director, Rachel Campbell, who both will bring a new approach to our editorial objectives and policies. The two of them are going to be spearheading the ongoing direction of our content and the initiatives we’ll cover below.

Finally, allow me to sincerely apologize on behalf of Alternative Press for not explaining ourselves before now. To those individuals who have shared their stories with us, we do not condone violence or sexual misconduct in any form, and your story deserves to be told. We understand the potential depth of the hurt, and that it resonates, and we apologize.

We would also like to tell our readers that we are not protecting anybody from legal repercussions. What we are following is the obligation of journalistic due diligence, ethics and integrity. Social media allows us to react quickly and impulsively with great conviction. What it doesn’t do is provide context or the full story.

The Austin Carlile story was never kept “under wraps.” It was not published because we could not check all the boxes we, as journalists, must check. During the period that the allegations surfaced and an investigation began, accusations and scenarios came to light. From the information that we have been able to review, these claims were not verifiable by sources or through official legal documentation (formal complaints, police reports, witnesses, etc).

In addition, some of the individuals we spoke to had changed their position on the story or involvement for a variety of reasons. At several points during the investigations, additional sources who were willing to go on record to corroborate events went silent, canceled interviews, and stopped responding to our follow-ups. There were also people who refused to talk to us at the time who are now saying online they were never approached.

Ultimately, we realize now that perhaps reliving the situation could cause painful feelings for survivors and that’s why they could no longer participate.

We must navigate the “old” world of traditional media and also the “new” world of social media. The former is the time-tested world of journalistic due diligence, where things are investigated and vetted thoroughly. In the latter, social media, where media companies can be thrust into having to make an instantaneous judgment in the span of a URL.

That’s how it works on Twitter, but not in journalism. We chose to not be one of those sites, regardless if it didn’t give immediate satisfaction to our online community and opened ourselves to charges of not caring, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

It doesn’t mean that allegations shouldn’t be taken seriously or that they are not true or that survivors should not be heard. When investigating serious criminal allegations, things such as police reports, documentation, witnesses who will go on the record to corroborate the accusations of others, and industry people who go silent to protect their reputations, can make the process difficult. Despite what we all wish were simply open and closed cases, there are many times a lot of grey areas.

It doesn’t mean the allegations against Austin Carlile are not true. Simply put, we didn’t know all the truth, so we couldn’t tell all the truth. We couldn’t get full cooperation from enough witnesses at the time to get to the truth. We cannot run an allegation without proper and complete vetting as it could open the company to lawsuits.

As a result of our own lessons that we’ve learned over the past 48 hours and current events, we’ve been re-evaluating and acknowledging that our roles as editors and journalists have now changed in this quickly evolving cultural landscape.

We promise to dedicate the necessary resources and time to more in-depth coverage of these serious issues. Yesterday, we created a new editorial committee that will be responsible for the thorough vetting and investigation into future stories such as these. We are also re-evaluating previously posted stories to ensure they are in line with the practices we are adhering to moving forward.

Alongside investigating new allegations, the committee has begun evaluating other previous stories under a new lens.

We are doing all of this to assure survivors that may continue to come forward with accusations, that we will commit resources to report their stories, if possible, and give them the voice that they so deserve.

Again, regarding the Austin Carlile story, we felt we didn’t have enough to go any further. Leading with so much speculation without substantial proof would have compromised the integrity of any information which all of you depend on.

We encourage all of our peers and competitors to take note of these and any future allegations. We hope our sincere apology and advocacy allows all music media outlets to stand up. We all can do better.

We made a mistake, not the survivors. For that, we sincerely apologize.

Please continue to advocate for change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope to continue to learn and grow alongside all of you to build a safe and accepting music community.

Mike Shea“

Austin Carlile (Ex-Of Mice & Men) Offers His Thoughts On The Current State Of The World, Says Jesus Is “Coming Back Soon”

Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men) has taken to social media to share his thoughts on the current state of the world. He tweeted the following:

[via The PRP]

Ex-Of Mice & Men Frontman Austin Carlile Opens Up About The Struggles He Faced During The Band’s “Cold World” Sessions

Former Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile, who has faced addiction issues and numerous health issues related to Marfan syndrome, recently opened up about the struggles he went through during the sessions for the band’s 2016 album “Cold World.“ He tweeted the following:

[via The PRP]

Of Mice & Men And As I Lay Dying Members Guest On New Night Fiends Song “Into The Night”

Night Fiends, the band that was launched by Tanner Wayne (In Flames) and pro skater Elliot Sloan, have premiered a new song titled “Into The Night.” The track, which features Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley and As I Lay Dying’s Nick Hipa, can be streamed below:

Of Mice & Men Cancel European Tour

Of Mice & Men have cancelled their European tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band are hoping to return when it’s safe to do so.

The group commented:

“Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, our European tour in June will be no longer be going ahead. As most of you will know, the Coronavirus outbreak has affected many shows, venues and Festivals with many being postponed until 2021. This is very much the case with a large number of the shows/festivals we were due to perform at in June.

As such, it’s just not feasible for the tour to continue as planned. Anyone with tickets to Festivals/shows on the run should seek advice from their point of purchase. We’re obviously incredibly sad to not be coming to Europe this Summer but everyone’s health and well being has to come first always. We promise we’ll be back as soon as it is safe and possible to do so. In the meantime, please stay safe and isolated.”

Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley Guests On New Elyne Song “Light It Up”

Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley is featured on a new Elyne song titled “Light It Up.” You can find an official video for that below. Elyne‘s new album “Art Of Being Human” will be released on March 6. Vocalist Danny Metal commented:

“When we started writing this new album we didn’t have something like this in mind. I remember just being in my studio writing on a piano this song and immediately felt like his voice would have been such a crazy thing. We met Aaron in Italy when we shared the stage together with Of Mice & Men so we had him listen to the song and asked if he’d be up to collaborate and he came up with these amazing vocal lines and lyrics that were 100% perfect for the song. It’s been an easy process and I am so proud to have him on such a special song.”

Of Mice & Men Announce European/UK Tour

Of Mice & Men have announced a European/UK tour. The trek will feature multiple festivals and a number of club shows with various artists.

Tour Dates:

06/02 Łódź, POL – Impact Festival
06/05 Hamburg, GER – Markthalle (feat. August Burns Red, Solence & SHVPES)
06/05-07 Nurnberg, GER – Rock im Park
06/05-07 Nurburg, GER – Rock am Ring
06/09 Dornbirn, AUT – Conrad Sohm (feat. August Burns Red & Creeper)
06/10 Segrate, MI – ITA – Infest
06/11 Zurich, SWI – Greenfield Festival
06/14 Donington, UK – Download Festival
06/15 Southsea, UK – Wedgewood Rooms (feat. SHVPES)
06/17 Paris, FRA – Le Trabendo (feat. Betraying The Martyrs, Loathe & SHVPES)
06/18 Hannover, GER – Capitol (feat. August Burns Red, Bleed From Within, Loathe & SHVPES)
06/19 Kobenhavn, DEN – Copenhell
06/20 Dessel, BEL – Graspop
06/23 Karlsruhe, GER – Substage (feat. Bury Tomorrow & Bleed From Within)
06/24 Mulhouse, FRA – Noumatrouff (feat. For The Fallen Dreams & Fall Of Death)
06/26 Ysselsteyn, NET – Jera On Air
06/27 Munster, GER – Vainstream Rockfest
06/28 Gräfenhainichen, GER – Full Force Festival
07/01 Toulouse, FRA – Connextion Live (feat. Resolve)
07/02 Viveiro, SPA – Resurrection Fest

Alter Bridge, Mastodon, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Etc. Added To UK Download Festival

Over 40 more bands have been added to the UK Download Festival. That event will take place at Donington Park on June 12-14 and the updated daily stage lineups can be found below.

June 12:

Main Stage:

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes
Black Veil Brides
Motionless In White
Theory Of A Deadman
Wayward Sons

Second Stage:

The Offspring
The Distillers
Lacuna Coil
The Glorious Sons

The Avalanche Stage:

The Menzingers
Tiny Moving Parts
Sleep Token
Gender Roles
Press Club

The Dogtooth Stage:

Electric Wizard
Blues Pills
British Lion
Will Haven
Cellar Door Moon Crow
JJ Wilde

June 13:

Main Stage:

Iron Maiden
Alter Bridge
The Pretty Reckless
The Raven Age

Second Stage:

Killswitch Engage
3 Doors Down
The Wildhearts
Stone Broken

The Avalanche Stage:

Funeral For A Friend
Employed To Serve
Holding Absence
Blackout Problems

The Dogtooth Stage:

Dying Fetus
Chelsea Grin
Fire From The Gods
Bleed From Within
Higher Power
Lotus Eater
Dead Label

June 14:

Main Stage:

System Of A Down
Thy Art Is Murder
Wage War

Second Stage:

The Darkness
Of Mice & Men
Wednesday 13
The Laste Internationale

The Avalanche Stage:

Bowling For Soup
The Skints
Marianas Trench
Milk Teeth
The Hara
Cemetery Sun
Dead Posey

The Dogtooth Stage:

Twin Temple
Kill The Lights
Heavy Lungs
Modern Error