Rotting Christ Surprise Release Two EPs Of Rarities

Rotting Christ have surprise released two new EPs titled “The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. I” and “The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. II.” Those compilations feature various rarities and they can be found HERE and HERE.

“The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. I” Track Listing:

01. “Astral Embodiment”
02. “Moonlight”
03. “Phobia”
04. “Tormentor” (Kreator cover)
05. “Flag Of Hate/Pleasure To Kill” (Kreator cover)

“The Apocryphal Spells, Vol. II” Track Listing:

01. “Spiritus Sancti”
02. “I Am The Moonchild”
03. “Noctis Era” (remixed)
04. “I Will Not Serve”
05. “Black Sabbath” (Black Sabbath cover)

Sakis Tolis commented:

“My dear friends, I can proudly announce a compilation of rare Rotting Christ tracks that have never been released on digital platforms before. We have now the opportunity to release them via the first part of a compilation: ‘The Apocryphal Spells‘. Thanks for your attention, and I hope you will enjoy them, as we also did, recording them back in the days. Spirit Up!”

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