Shock Narcotic (Ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan/The Black Dahlia Murder, Etc.) Stream Debut Album “I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn’t Work”

Shock Narcotic, the band featuring Shawn Knight (Child Bite), Jeff Tuttle (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan), Don Slater (Battlecross), and Zach Gibson (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder, etc.), are streaming their debut album “I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn’t Work“ in full via Brooklyn Vegan. You can check that out HERE. The effort will officially be released on August 16.


Abbath Streams New Album “Outstrider”

Abbath (ex-Immortal) is streaming his new album “Outstrider” in full. That effort will be released on July 5.

Abbath commented:

“Abbath, honed sharp by trial and terror, proudly present ‘Outstrider‘ – our latest catharsis wrung from the guts of darkness. Forged in fiery furnace of adversity, hammered on an anvil of rage, this album is conjured from conflagration coughed from rift of Chaos, rising like a Phoenix from the Pit, to infect our Spitegeist with shamaniacal reflections sheathed in metal compositions, hooked and riffed by razor wire licks impaling bass-lines pulsed on drumbeats dredged from thunderous abyss, by a hive-mind wed to one whole emission: To boldly go where no band has gone before and one step further!”

Baroness Stream New Album “Gold & Grey”

Baroness are streaming their new album “Gold & Grey” in full via NPR. You can check that out HERE. The effort will officially be released on Friday (June 14). John Dyer Baizley said the following about the record:

“This is the most clear representation of the artistic vision I have for the band that we’ve ever done. Where ‘Purple‘ was me lyrically trying to work out how to adjust to a new normal, I think ‘Gold & Grey‘ is a more grown-up and more subtle collection of words that reflect how I am trying to deal with the longer term effects of having experienced so many terrible things. I choose to use the band as a place where I can take all of this stress, pain, anxiety, all these realities, and make them something good.”