All Out War Stream New Album “Celestial Rot”

All Out War are streaming their new album, “Celestial Rot,” in full. That effort will officially be released on February 3. Frontman Mike Score commented:

“‘Celestial Rot‘ is a representation of all our influences coming together to create the most extreme version of All Out War while at the same time holding on to our identity. We went down a darker path with this one, expanded our sound, and moved a bit out of our comfort zone. The album represents a new chapter in our creative journey.”

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The Sawtooth Grin Release New Album “Good.”

The Sawtooth Grin have released a new album titled “Good.” The effort serves as the band’s first in 20 years.

“Good.” Track Listing:

01. “Grand Sultan Summer”
02. “The Shining Wire”
03. “Afterlife Kids”
04. “I Don’t Need This”
05. “Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel”
06. “Bedtime”
07. “What’s Cremation?”
08. “That’s Just Swell”
09. “So Long, Dear Bellows”

The group commented:

“As the saying goes:

“Anything can happen on Halloween.”

I don’t know if you had “The Sawtooth Grin Releases a new album” in your rolodex of Tricks or Treats, but here we are.

“Good.” was written and arranged over long distances and timelines, in sickness and in health, by The Sawtooth Grin.

It was recorded at Backroom Studios By Kevin Antreassian.

You can buy the album digitally (By paying whatever you want) at:

Preorders for “Good.” on vinyl are live at:

There’s a collectors edition (That may be gone by the time you read this) and an unlimited, standard edition that’ll be on sale for 2 weeks!
But wait, there’s Incredible merch too!

Thanks to the Vessels, Wax and Merch, for taking such “GOOD” care of us.

Thank you for your patience and time.

“Honestly, I’m at a total loss for words. I think I spent them all writing this album. I’d like to say “Thank you, I love you.” to my Bandmates-In-Crime, and to anyone reading this. You all played a much larger role in making this happen than you realize.”


“The path to this album existing and being shared with the world has been incredibly long and difficult. I no more understand its actuality than I understand my own actuality. I’m instead filled with a sense of wonder by the two. The gratitude I feel for the opportunity to create this thing with people that are dear to me is beyond my capacity to articulate. We’ve made something that we feel is sincere and my sitting here typing my feelings about that is a reality I never thought likely, or possible, or deserved.”


“…It was weak and deformed, it felt like baby bird freshly mauled by twelve inch bicycle tires. It gazed upward to fix its crooked gaze on our stupefied mugs, and whispered hoarsely, “love you, too.”

Sprinkle gave Good a heart so it could be wounded. I gave it a brain so it could ponder its solitude. Rich gave it a voice so it could wrap itself around your throat. Dj gave it fists so it could smash. Kevin painted its portrait, so it could know itself.
It’s Good.”


Petbrick (Ex-Sepultura, Etc.) Streaming New Album “Liminal”

Petbrick, the project featuring Iggor Cavalera (ex-Sepultura) and Wayne Adams (Big Lad), are streaming their new album, “Liminal,” in its entirety via Metal Injection. The effort will officially be released on September 23. Adams commented:

“The word liminal means: Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. This sums up making the record over the last two years during isolation and attempting to return to normal life. We were experiencing so many different feelings simultaneously, having so many conflicting thoughts and I was definitely fighting internally to make sense out of the happenings and what comes next. It also gives an insight into the sonic world held within; it exists at a point where different worlds collide.”

Psycroptic Streaming New Album “Divine Council”

Psycroptic are streaming their new album “Divine Council” in its entirety. That effort will officially be released on August 5. Bassist Todd Stern commented:

“‘Divine Council‘ is an extremely proud moment for Psycroptic. I believe that it accurately represents the intensity and maturation of the band. We always seem to evolve in a healthy way, and this record is a testament to that evolution. There is an art to picking up where you left off, maintaining the specific flavour that has built up such a strong, loyal, & long-lasting rapport with the fans; yet still managing to successfully level up the quality of songwriting while also taking risks. The making of this record has been deeply fulfilling for us. We hope you enjoy jamming on it as much as we enjoyed creating it in the first place. LET IT RIP.”

[via Metal Injection]

Rings Of Saturn Digitally Release New Self-Titled Album

Rings Of Saturn have digitally released a new self-titled album. You can stream that effort below:

The group said the following:

“‼️ The Rings of Saturn Self Titled Full Length Album will be released tomorrow on all digital platforms just in time for our Cyber Shred Tour 2022! We will be playing most of the new album live on this tour along with some older fan favorite tracks as well! ‼️

Having just finished our new album this week, and unfortunately due to international vinyl shortages and other delays on physical media production in general, we will not have vinyl or CD’s of our new album on this tour. It was our priority to release this album before the tour for our fans digitally, and we plan on pressing vinyl and CD’s at a later date for everyone which will be available on IndieMerchstore in the future!

For now the best way to support the band is to come out to the Cyber Shred Tour 2022, and buy all of the new merch we just dropped for this tour and on Indiemerchstore! We are also restocking many of our older designs this week as well on our store! Tickets and store link below!



Artificial Brain Streaming New Self-Titled Album In Full, Announce July European Tour

Artificial Brain are streaming their new self-titled album in its entirety. That effort will be released on June 3 and it will serve as the group’s final record with vocalist Will Smith.

In other news, the band have also announced a July European tour:

07/12 Copenhagen, DEN – Pumpehuset
07/13 Goteburg, SWE – Skjulet
07/14 TBA – TBA
07/15 Aalborg, DEN – 1000 Fryd
07/17 Szczecin, POL – Krzywy Gryf
07/18 Katowice, POL – Katofonia
07/19 Kosice, SLO – Collosseum
07/20 Vienna, AUT – Escape
07/21 Prague, CZE – Modra Vopice
07/22 Krand, SLO – Trainstation Subart
07/23 Milano, ITA – Barrio’s Cafe
07/24 Roma, ITA – Traffic Club
07/25 Bologna, ITA – Freakout Club
07/27 TBA – TBA
07/28 Frankfurt, GER – Stadelschule
07/29 Tilburg, NET – Little DEvil
07/30 Lille, FRA – Brat Cave
07/31 Koln, GER – MTC